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Planar Exodus 2 Version 1.7.6

created by Ozzatron on Minecraft 1.7.10
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.


Version 1.7.6


Planar Exodus 2 version 1.7.6: A smattering of bug fixes (some very old) and community sourced changes.

(!) Fixed the infamous resurgence of the Plex Classic potion packet dimension change disconnect bug.
(!) Hopefully fixed NetherOres' Hellfish tracking system (if you can call it a system) keeping a nearly infinite number of open weak references to dimensions even after they were unloaded.

(+) Added a new mod: Wireless Crafting Terminal! You can now staple a crafting interface to your existing AE2 wireless terminal, or craft an Infinity Card to access your ME net from anywhere in the multiverse!

(+) Added a FML in-game config button to reload PlexTweaks defined recipes.
(+) Krios' "fancy sky shader" is now an FML in-game config button.
(+) Axiom can now properly propagate rarities through Thermal Expansion recipe types.
(+) Added stairs and slabs of Empyreal Wood from the Infinite Wastes.
(+) Tinker's Construct's Crafting Station can now detect a much wider variety of adjacent chests. Note that extremely large chests will only have the first 54 slots shown.

(*) Fixed Division Sigils never working. They now work for around 30 seconds around midnight, every night.
(*) Fixed a bug where Grappling Hooks could linger indefinitely, causing numerous oddities.
(*) Fix Dryad Spell projectiles floating around forever on unloaded chunk boundaries.
(*) Optimized the code used for Infinite Wastes teleports.
(*) Fix a rendering crash in creative tabs caused by poorly defined config-generated PlexTweaks content.
(*) Fixed the colored block outline option not working correctly in all cases.
(*) Fixed numerous issues where Damage Source configuration did not show all config comments.
(*) Muted / suppressed very large amounts of console spam from various sources.
(*) Fixed a nearly seven year old ASM framework bug. Somehow things worked in the meantime. We are not sure how.
(*) Fixed a bug where allowing Mushroom Stew to stack caused the entire stack to vaporize when you drank one.

(+) The Twilight Cloak now actually makes you invisible when worn in a Baubles Cloak slot.
(+) The Witherless Rose now actually makes you completely immune to the Wither damage type.
(+) The Pyromancer Staff, Salamander's Eye and Infernal Chalice now make you completely immune to taking damage from fire tiles. This does not apply to other sources of fire damage (e.g. the Thaumcraft Fire wand aspect).

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Version 1.7.5


Planar Exodus 2 version 1.7.5: hellish bacon rage. No further commentary.

(*) Fixed a world update packet in MineFactory Reloaded rubber tree mechanics which wasn't correctly adjusted for 512 height.
(+) Properly added the Infinite Wastes dimension. This is an infinite sized dimension featuring End terrain in horrifically distorted shapes. Also features natural lakes of Resonant Ender, Ender Lily plants, and custom trees.
(+) Added the /krios blood series of subcommands to allow for control over blood moons.
(*) Fixed multiple packet errors involving blood moons.
(+) Added a display for the number of players on the server currently sleeping. This display appears when you yourself are in bed.
(+) Added a config options to decide a percentage (default 60%) of players that must sleep for time to begin advancing faster.
(*) Fixed multiple packet errors involving Krios calendar syncing.
(*) Axiom modules now have a spam control to reduce excessive logging.

(-) Removed Zombie Pigmen being angered by mining Nether Ores with a silk touch pickaxe. I thought this was already the case, but it was not.
(-) Removed Zombie Pigmen being angered by Nether Ores exploding.
(-) Disabled Thaumcraft "Champion" mobs, which were minibosses with disgustingly high stats. The config warns that they will still appear in certain circumstances. If you see them, please send a report.

(*) Gravestones are now allowed to be "destructive": they can and will replace other blocks with themselves to ensure they spawn.
(+) Gravestones can try to spawn below Y=6 and above Y=508. Previously they would not do this.
(+) Gravestones now use special behavior to spawn if the player falls into the void. Please remember to fall straight down into the void if you cannot warp out for some reason.

(-) Removed the "thermal" impact of hang gliders. This will stop them from sometimes ascending on fake hot air currents and will make them control more simply, like they did in previous versions.

(-) Thaumcraft aspects will not show up by default in Waila if you use Planar Exodus' default options.

(+) Added one new splash: "Casually drinks warm candle wax."

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Version 1.7.4


Planar Exodus 2 version 1.7.4: Wake up and smell the roses. Tons of flowers have been added for the bees.

Oh, also, critical malware patching. Which is what forced this update out. Enjoy... whatever was forgotten.

(!) Updated EnderCore specifically and added SerializationIsBad patcher to patch the MadGadget / Deserialization RCE that has been paralyzing modpacks.

(*) Actually changed PlexTweaks' horse armor recipes. This was supposed to ship with the last update but didn't by mistake.
(*) Fixed a glitch with Grappling Hooks which would cause players to be suddenly disconnected upon seeing one.
(*) Fixed the Amulet of Magesight simply not working.
(*) Calendars finally work in singleplayer and LAN worlds now.
(*) Ore Dictionary has finally been silenced again in the logs.
(*) Fixed a small potential crash with tooltips if the keyboard driver has issues.
(+) Added /slap and /yeet.
(*) Fixed a bug where PlexTweaks was unintentionally corrupting the block data of a few vanilla blocks.
(+) Tinker's Construct Crafting Stations now can display the contents of most adjacent chests and chest-like inventories, instead of only vanilla chests. Let us know if we missed anything (excluding vanilla Ender Chests which are infeasible).
(*) Division Sigils have been modified to properly use Krios timezones. They use the day-divider celestial's Midnight as their indicator.
(+) Flint & Arbitrary Metal is now available via CustomFirestarter, which also allows for custom colored fires! Have fun!

(+) Blood Magic Life Shards and Soul Shards are now worth 8,192 EMC.
(+) Electrotine Blocks are now worth EMC (thanks Project Red for using non-standard recipe types)
(+) Ghast Tears are now worth 3,072 EMC instead of 192.
(+) All blocks that make up Overworld Slime Islands have been given small EMC values.
(+) Plexmetals now have nuggets!
(+) Reliquary's Twilight Cloak is now a Traveller's Gear Cloak - it can now be worn and still works!

(-) You can't Ore Dictionary Convert glass (of any type) anymore. This was never intended to be possible.
(*) Slightly tweaked Dark Matter Hammer and Red Matter Hammer recipes.
(+) You can now make Hardened Glass and Hardened Lumium Glass in the Ender IO Alloy Smelter.
(-) Iron Bars and Dark Steel Bars are now made 12 at a time instead of 16. This prevents Smeltery iron duplication exploits.
(-) Disabled the Thermal Expansion Trivection Chamber. ToastNet is still viable but no longer stupidly broken.
(+) Packed Ice is now made like Compressed Cobblestone: 9 Ice in a square. It can also be uncrafted.
(+) Electrotine Ore can now be meaningfully processed in Thermal Expansion and Ender IO machines.
(-) You can't craft Coal out of Pile of Ashes anymore. Pile of Ashes is still a valid furnace fuel.
(+) Manyullyn, Aluminum Brass, Red Alloy, Electrotine Alloy, Infused Silicon, Electro Silicon and Energized Silicon can now be made in the Thermal Expansion Induction Smelter and the Ender IO Alloy Smelter.
(-) Red Alloy, Electrotine Alloy, Infused Silicon, Electro Silicon and Energized Silicon are now made directly and exclusively in the Induction Smelter and Alloy Smelter. Their raw forms are now unobtainable.
(*) Openblocks' Big Metal Bar recipe now no longer conflicts with vanilla Iron Bars.
(+) Added ProjectE axes and the Railcraft Steel Axe to Treecapitator.
(+) Every single solid Biomes O' Plenty block is now manually supported by Forge Microblocks and can be cut into panels, etc.
(-) Removed Buildcraft Oil Springs. These were incredibly rare infinite oil sources.
(*) Archimedes Ships are now set to automatically decompile themselves (change back to being blocks) any time they are dismounted. This should help, but not completely eliminate, cases where airships disappear into the void.

(+) Re-added the ability to grow Applied Energistics 2 crystals from crystal seeds. You still can't make Fluix Crystals in-world; craft those on a table.
(+) Forestry bees can now use a much wider variety of plants, including vanilla Minecraft potatoes, a vast number of Pam's HarvestCraft crops, and a lot of Biomes O' Plenty flowers.

(-) Significantly nerfed the speed of the Railcraft Blast Furnace. It was never intended to be so fast, and was unbelievably broken because you could make 16 Steel Ingots with only 1 Charcoal. The Blast Furnace now makes 1 Steel Ingot every 8 seconds, which costs 1 Charcoal. Alternatively you can make 2 Steel Ingots with 1 Coal Coke.
(-) Significantly nerfed the speed of the Railcraft Coke Oven. It now cooks one Coal Coke per minute and was never intended to be faster. If you want faster production, make more ovens.
(+) Reinforced Caches now have a capacity of 640,000 items (10,000 stacks) instead of 400,000 items (6,250 stacks).

(+) Added some splashes.

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Version 1.7.3


Planar Exodus 2 version 1.7.3: Finally. Chopped Caves are no more. Oh, and Opis.

(!) "Chopped caves" fixed. Caves were generating in repetitive fashion and simply failed to exist in the western half of every chunk.
(!) Mesa biomes no longer generate bedrock in the sky in the western half of every chunk. This also fixes their layering overall.

(+) Added Opis (finally). For the unaware, this is an incredibly powerful server management tool focused on measuring lag.

(+) Ravines patched to work at any arbitrary altitude, assuming there is solid ground for them to generate in.
(*) Fixed a bug with vanilla's height-based temperature model where altitudes of above 256 were excessively cold.

(-) Dimensional Doors (the iron ones which allow for pocket dimensions) are no longer craftable. Making them require Miniature Black Holes was a short-sighted solution that ultimately backfired by making them be worth way too much EMC.
(-) Removed the EMC value of Raw Rubber.
(-) Dryad spawn rates multiplied by 0.3. Dryads can only spawn in MAGICAL biomes.
(-) Blood Moon leader zombies now spawn much less frequently to reduce the lag caused by zombie hordes.
(*) Fixed bug where polymorphic code was increasing the rarity of enchanted items by 2 instead of 1.
(*) Fixed server crashes caused by statues.
(*) Internal refactoring of the Planar Suite: CustomHazards moved to Axiom, CustomSummons moved to Planar Armory.

(+) CustomMaterials now features custom horse armor. Adamantine Horse Armor now exists.
(+) All types of vanilla and CustomMaterials horse armor now accept chestplate and boot enchants.
(+) Added a new boot enchant: Waterwalking. Level I lets you walk on water. Level II lets you walk on any liquid.
(*) Changed PlexTweaks' recipes for vanilla horse armor to match CustomMaterials' horse armor recipe.

(+) Origin Valley biomes are now MAGICAL (as a biome type).
(+) The ATG Volcano biome now uses Biomes O' Plenty Ash Blocks and Ash Stone in its generation.
(*) Non-frozen ocean and river biomes have had their temperature boosted by 0.15 to vastly decrease the chance that they will be found as ice sheets.

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Version 1.7.2


(*) Fixed config inconsistencies in PlexTweaks Materials.
(*) Fixed a bug that was causing it to snow in the End. There were actually several minor errors in Ceres' custom snow accumulation logic; they have all been corrected.
(-) You can no longer craft Golden Dimensional Doors, Transdimensional Trapdoors, Personal Dimensional Doors, Rift Signatures or Stabilized Rift Signatures.
(*) Changed the recipe for Warp Doors. They now take a Stable Fabric instead of just an Ender Pearl.
(*) Changed the recipe for Dimensional Doors. These now require a Miniature Black Hole.
(*) Changed the recipe for Unstable Doors. These now require an Unstable Ingot.
(+) Wooden and Iron Doors stack to 64.

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Version 1.7.1


Planar Exodus 2 version 1.7.1: Just a tiny patch to fix 512 height issues and a severe Blood Moon bug.

(!) Fixed the "Hydra Bug" which caused apocalyptic zombie swarms. Zombies (AND zombie pigmen!) would constantly multiply from any damage source, even environmental or sun damage.

(+) Planar Armory's Decorative Beacons work properly above height 255.
(+) Microblocks now work above height 255 instead of instantly kicking all players from the server.
(+) The Extra Utilities Builder's Wand can now be used above height 255.
(+) BuildCraft Pumps now work above height 255.
(+) Blood Magic's meteor ritual now works above height 255.

(+) Axiom now compiles a shader cache when loading the game, shortening the time it takes to load into a world or join a server.
(*) Planar Armory Radios now stop playing for all players if anyone presses the Stop button in the GUI.
(-) Disabled PlexTweaks custom TCon arrow shafts. Tinker's Construct claims to let you register custom shafts, but they do not work in the slightest.
(-) PortalGun's Ender Pearl Dust no longer spawns as chest loot as it is a functionally useless item.

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Version 1.7.0a


Planar Exodus 2 version 1.7: Expansion Alpha. Also blood moons.

(!) THE WORLD HEIGHT CAN NOW EXTEND BEYOND 256. Yes, that's right. It's in alpha though.

(+) Added Cosmetic Armor Reworked! You wanted social slots? You got social slots. Beautiful.

(+) At a 50% chance every full moon, a dark red chat message signifies the rise of the Blood Moon. The moon's light becomes red, mobs spawn rates multiply by five, and Leader Zombies are able to spawn.
(-) Villager zombies no longer normally spawn. They have been repurposed as Leader Zombies.
(*) Leader Zombies have increased health, spawn a whole horde of zombies upon detecting a player, and have an extremely high rate of spawning reinforcements.

(!) Fixed some client crashes involving Dryads.
(+) Plexmetals now work with TCon ranged weaponry. Additionally, PlexTweaks can now define custom bowstrings and fletching (not that we use this).
(+) PlexTweaks now lets Mushroom Stew stack to 64 like other food items.
(+) Signs now stack to 64.
(*) Potion effects now properly display their levels in the inventory again, up to level 4000.
(+) Added a command to rename dimensions to anything you choose. You can do this to dimensions you don't own (e.g. The Nether) so don't abuse it.
(+) All dropped items of Exceptional rarity or higher are invincible. They cannot be destroyed by lava, cacti or explosions. If you want to delete these items, use the NEI trash can or an in-game Trash Can.
(+) Bonus Chests can now be edited by PlexTweaks' Loot module.
(*) Improved the files of Axiom, PlexTweaks, Theia and Planar Armory.
(*) Refactored all Axiom-based mods to avoid overhead lag during startup.
(+) Added debug log methods to better diagnose the causes of server lag.
(+) Ereb can now edit biomes, including changing what types each biome is.
(+) CustomExplosions now handles far more block properties than just explosion resistance.
(+) Item names can now be up to 64 characters long when renamed in the Anvil.
(*) Any shaders used by Theia are now compiled once right at the end of loading instead of upon connecting to a server or starting a single player game.

(-) Golden Dimensional Doors disabled because they do not always properly chunk load their dimensions. If you want a dimension to be chunk loaded, please make a normal chunk loader. Golden Doors are still available.
(-) Personal Dimensional Doors disabled due to strange chunk loading shenanigans and also being a frustrating gameplay mechanic. Quartz Doors are still available.

(-) You can no longer craft Pulverized Steel by hand. This was way too useful and powerful early game.
(*) Fixed several errors involving in-world transmutation recipes.
(-) Removed ProjectE's original recipe for the portable Transmutation Tablet. Whoops.
(*) The Hyperkinetic Lens now requires Red Matter (just like the Destruction Catalyst).

(*) Turned off moss spreading to avoid massive block tick lag. Thanks ProjectRed.
(+) Revamped Blood Magic with over 250 new textures, backported from newer releases of the mod by Jiffy.
(-) Removed Ender IO's "Herobrine was here" easter egg by making the overlay texture blank. Thanks Klunk!
(*) Fixed Blood Magic demon invasions getting stuck becuase they built too many buildings instead of roads.
(+) Massively buffed demon invasions. They now spread much faster and can spawn double the demons. Their maximum possible radius has been increased to 240x240 blocks.
(-) Removed unnecessary number printing from the Thaumic Tinkerer XP Drain Focus.
(*) Carpenter's Safes won't cause crashes if you destroy them in unusual ways.
(+) You can craft 9 Ichorium Nuggets back into Ichorium now.
(-) Oil no longer catches fire or slows entities down. Both features were disabled as they are suspects for lag.
(+) Added some splashes and edited several others.

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Version 1.6.1


Planar Exodus 2 version 1.6.1 -- Following the usual trend of 1.X.1, it's 1.6, part 2.

====== NEI, Creative and Butterflies ======

(!) Fixed NEI's tab-based filtering system not working, which also fixed the vanilla creative menu causing crashes.

This bug is absolutely atrocious, so I'd like to talk about its history for a bit:

In the past, Forestry butterflies have caused an excessive amount of crashes while interacting with Theia. The crashes were so frequent we had to program our Discord bot to be able to restart the server on command. For version 1.6 we chose to fix this in two ways. The primary fix was to directly prevent the crashes: Theia now cannot crash when other mods try to stupidly interact with its modified space/time systems. For extra assurance, I chose to completely remove butterflies from Planar Exodus 2. I didn't disable them, I removed them. None of their code or assets were being loaded at all.

Forestry however is programmed so poorly that it couldn't handle me using ITS OWN CONFIGURATION FILES to disable the "Lepidopterology" module. In the absence of the module, Forestry still registers the "Lepidopterology" vanilla creative tab, which causes the creative menu to crash when trying to render that page of tabs. Additionally, it still attempts to register an NEI subset for "Lepidopterology", which contains butterflies and related items. NEI allows the invalid tab registration, but disables the entire tab filtering system as a safety measure to prevent crashes. It would appear this safety mechanism sabotages NEI's search and display capabilities. In singleplayer, NEI often only displays a tiny subset of items, even when the search bar is empty.

Basically, butterflies got their revenge. They went from breaking the server to breaking everyone's client at once. And unfortunately, there was only one way to fix this bug...

(!) Re-enabled butterflies and everything related to them.
(!) Prevented Theia from causing crashes when other mods interact incorrectly with its Krios module.

With that out of the way, here's the rest of the changelog.

====== Non-Mod Changes ======

(*) Planar Exodus 2 no longer contains a modified version of ProjectRed Base. Lang file edits were reimplemented with Axiom translation injection.
(*) Planar Exodus 2 no longer contains a modified version of Twilight Forest. Cicadas are now made quieter with Axiom resource injection.
(*) Planar Exodus 2 no longer contains a modified version of Xeno's Reliquary. The only edit was to disable Reliquary's "DepLoader" coremod, which presumably caused crashes in the past but no longer does.
(*) Planar Exodus 2 no longer contains a modified version of RF Windmills. In the past, RF Windmills' extremely outdated CoFH RF API was being loaded, causing numerous incompatibilities. This no longer occurs.

(+) Added a few more keybinds to the default discretionary options: ProjectE and JourneyMap now come pre-bound!

====== Planar Suite ======

(+) Axiom translation injection has been fixed. Adamantine Florbs and Plex potions are named properly.
(*) Hard smiting someone no longer sends their inventory to the shadow realm.
(+) Added brutal smite. It's even worse than hard smite. (It does not delete your items.)
(+) All types of anvils can now break, but last three times longer than they normally would.
(+) PlexTweaks now controls the maximum level allowed by the Railcraft Steel Anvil. It's set to 2,000 by default.
(-) Planar Armory no longer spams the log every time someone presses V.
(-) NEI no longer shows numeric item IDs by default. You can still enable them while playing if you for some reason want them.

(-) Dryads spawn far less frequently.
(-) Dryads can no longer turn horses, wolves, or demons.
(+) Killing a Dryad now releases any mind controlled animals.
(+) Dryads now always drop one Ball of Moss. They have a 20% chance per level of Looting to drop a second one.
(-) Dryads fire their ranged projectiles less frequently.
(-) Dryads have smaller hitboxes and hurtboxes.
(*) Dryads can't regenerate health for four seconds after taking damage.

====== EMC Changes ======

(-) Disabled EMC pregeneration while EMC issues continue to be ironed out.
(-) Cyanite is now worth half the EMC of Yellorium to prevent infinite nuclear fuel.
(+) Origin Grass is now worth 1 EMC, just like normal Grass.
(+) Silverwood Saplings are now worth 8,192 EMC.
(+) Raw Rubber is now worth the same EMC as a Rubber Bar (48).
(+) Quicksilver is now worth 384 EMC.
(+) All heads/skulls now have EMC values. This includes Wither Skeleton Skulls!
(+) Dark Soularium Ingots are now worth EMC.

====== Steel ======

(+) The Railcraft Blast Furnace now works extremely quickly and efficiently. A single charcoal can make 16 steel ingots, and a single coal can make 32!
(+) Pulverized Steel can now be crafted shapelessly.
(*) Disabled Thermal Expansion's default Steel recipes in the Induction Smelter and added easier ones.
(+) Added Steel recipes to the Ender IO Alloy Smelter.
(+) The Smeltery can now alloy together Liquefacted Coal and Molten Iron to make Molten Steel.

====== Railcraft ======

(*) See the "Steel" category; the Blast Furnace was reworked.
(*) Steel Anvils last twice as long as normal ones (total durability is 6x that of a vanilla iron anvil).
(+) The Coke Oven is no longer unbearably slow. Converting logs and coal takes 10 seconds; converting coal blocks takes 90.
(-) Disabled Railcraft's version checker. Missed this one with 1.6.
(-) Disabled the Tracking Goggles from tracking "aura", which was useless because Residual Heat was disabled.
(+) Minecarts now stack to 64. Why not?
(+) Chest carts now allow fluid container items such as Forestry cans.

====== Thermal Suite ======

(+) Buffed Leadstone Fluxducts from 200 to 800 RF/t.
(+) Buffed Hardened Fluxducts from 800 to 2,000 RF/t.
(+) Buffed Redstone Fluxducts from 8,000 to 12,000 RF/t.
(+) Buffed Leadstone Energy Cells. Storage: 800,000 -> 2,000,000 RF. Transfer: 200 -> 800 RF/t.
(+) Buffed Hardened Energy Cells. Storage: 2,000,000 -> 8,000,000 RF. Transfer: 800 -> 2,000 RF/t.
(+) Buffed Redstone Energy Cells. Storage: 20,000,000 -> 30,000,000 RF. Transfer: 8,000 -> 12,000 RF/t.
(-) Nerfed Tuberous Flux Capacitors (potato batteries). Storage: 32,000 -> 8,000 RF. Transfer: 160 -> 40 RF/t.
(+) Buffed Leadstone Flux Capacitors. Storage: 80,000 -> 400,000 RF. Transfer: 800 RF/t both ways.
(+) Buffed Hardened Flux Capacitors. Storage: 400,000 -> 2,000,000 RF. Transfer: 2,000 RF/t both ways.
(+) Buffed Redstone Flux Capacitors. Storage: 4,000,000 -> 12,000,000 RF. Transfer: 12,000 RF/t both ways.
(+) Buffed Resonant Flux Capacitors. Storage: 20,000,000 -> 25,000,000 RF. Transfer: 32,000 RF/t both ways.
(*) All Capacitor changes apply to Tinker's Construct tools if the capacitors are added as modifiers.

====== Ender IO ======

(+) Buffed Energy Conduits from 640 to 1,000 RF/t.
(+) Buffed Enhanced Energy Conduits from 5,120 to 6,000 RF/t.
(+) Buffed Ender Energy Conduits from 20,480 to 24,000 RF/t.

====== ProjectE ======

(!) The Energy Condenser can no longer eat items on its own. The Energy Condenser MK2 still can.
(!) Re-added a mess of world transmutation recipes. I said they'd return at a later date!

(+) Buffed all three tiers of Energy Collectors.
(+) Buffed all three tiers of Anti-Matter Relays. Notably, their transmit rates were massively increased.
(+) Buffed the "bonus EMC" generated by Relays per adjacent Collector. A tier N Relay will produce 20% of the EMC of a tier N Collector per adjacent Collector.
(+) Klein Stars (and by extension the Red Matter Gem armor) are significantly cheaper.
(+) As a result of being cheaper, Klein Stars now store more EMC than they are worth. They can divide like cells!
(+) Dark Matter and Red Matter Furnaces are significantly cheaper.
(*) Adjusted the recipe for the Energy Condenser. Because it can't eat items, it's significantly cheaper.
(*) Adjusted the recipe for the Energy Condenser MK2. It no longer requires a Primordial Pearl and is more costly.
(+) The Watch of Flowing Time is now cheaper.
(-) The Mercurial Eye is now significantly more expensive.
(*) The Transmutation Table looks more expensive, but is actually cheaper due to Klein Star changes.

(+) Added new textures for the Dark Matter and Red Matter Hammers, courtesy of OxenFree! They look like meaty sledgehammers instead of bricks on sticks.
(-) The Red Katar's special attack only deals 25 damage instead of 60.
(+) Added a recipe for the "Book of the Alchemist" (which is ProjectE's in-game manual).
(+) You can now craft Red Matter with Singularities.
(-) You can no longer craft Anti-Matter Relay MK1s or Energy Collector MK1s with Mobius Ingots.
(+) Added a second variant of the Catalytic Lens recipe.
(*) Slightly adjusted the recipe for the Gem of Eternal Density.

====== Miscellaneous ======

(!) The Smeltery now doubles ores again. PlexTweaks makes this also apply to the Magma Crucible.
(!) Disabled the Extra Utilities Transfer Node's ability to produce insane amounts of water and cobblestone.

(*) Dark Steel Anvils last six times as long as normal ones (total durability is 18x that of a vanilla iron anvil).
(+) Thaumcraft Elemental Infused Ores are now compatible with the vanilla furnace, the Pulverizer, the Induction Smelter and the SAG Mill.
(*) Actually changed the amount of items required for a Singularity to 309,924. This was listed on 1.6's changelog but did not actually happen.
(*) Renamed all Ender IO ingots to contain "Ingot" in the name. Also renamed inconsistently-named Dark Steel items.
(-) Disabled Buildcraft's "water springs"; just pillars of water down to bedrock. Ugly and useless.
(+) Added a new texture for the PortalGun Miniature Black Hole, courtesy of OxenFree!
(+) SANDY, OCEAN and FROZEN biomes now all generate more oil than usual.
(+) You can now right click on the vanilla crops: wheat, carrots, potatoes, and Nether Wart.
(+) Added some splashes.

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Version 1.6


Planar Exodus 2 version 1.6 -- The update that spiraled out of control.

Enjoy your force fields, simpler quarries and transmutation. It took a lot to bring all this to you!

====== Mod Additions + Removals ======

(+) Added Buildcraft. A classic, a legend. Somehow missing from Plex 2.
(+) Added ProjectE. What's that rumbling in the distance? A Destruction Catalyst.
(+) Added Modular Force Field Systems (MFFS). This is a crazy unstable 1.7.10 build but surely it's better than Calclavia, right?
(+) Added Thaumcraft Inventory Scanning. Only three years too late.
(+) Added Thaumcraft NEI Plugin. Forgot the details of your favorite infusion? No big deal.
(+) Added ComputerCraft 1.75.
(+) Added FOV Control. Because moving fast shouldn't make you nauseous.
(-) Removed Antique Atlas. Nobody ever made one of these, and it stores a lot of unnecessary data.
(-) Removed OpenComputers. After a terrible lag incident, the community chose to switch back to ComputerCraft.
(*) Apple Core updated from 1.3.9 to 3.1.1.
(*) Biomes O' Plenty updated from to
(*) OpenModularTurrets updated from 2.2.11-238 to 2.2.11-245.
(*) Thaumic Energistics updated from to
(-) Removed the MultiMine configuration file from Plex. That mod was removed in Plex 2 v1.0.

====== Exploits ======

(!) Resolved a duplication exploit involving AE2 and the Extra Utilities Ender Collector.
(!) Resolved a duplication exploit involving the Blood Magic Sigil of Magnetism.
(!) Resolved a duplication exploit involving the Portable Hole focus and BiblioCraft.
(!) Resolved a duplication exploit involving the BiblioCraft Fancy Workbench.
(!) Resolved an abusable TileEntity NBT corruption exploit involving Drawbridges.

====== Planar Suite ======

(!) Butterflies won't cause crashes. Code was added to prevent them (and other things) from crashing the game.
(!) Despite the above fix, butterflies have been completely removed from Planar Exodus 2. Can't be too sure.

(+) The Axiom framework now supports runtime configuration editing via Forge's in-game GUI! Nothing uses this yet.
(+) Theia features a new boss that can be found wandering the forests.
(+) Theia now adds a line to F3 that shows the current biome's biome types.
(+) PlexTweaks now shows all Ore Dictionary names for an item while you hold Shift. This functionality was copied from OpenComputers, which is open source.
(+) Seasons work server-side now. This will fix oceans being frozen year round.
(*) Ereb's cave digging algorithm now checks block material type instead of block ID, meaning it can dig through dirts and stones added by mods.
(-) Removed PlexTweaks "CustomBeds", which were the very glitchy "cryo pods". Their creator asked for their removal.
(+) Added the CustomFood module, which allows users to change the food values of every food in the game, or make them apply potion effects!
(+) PlexTweaks can now remove furnace recipes.
(+) Planar Armory adds Pulverized Steel -- why did nobody else do this?
(-) Silenced over 40,000 lines of useless log output from ServerTools Permissions. Faster startup!
(+) Added Radios. They can play MP3, OGG and WAV audio files from URL links!
(+) Krios now features a fancy atmosphere shader. It's disabled by default but can be enabled in the config file.
(*) Ender Pearls, Eggs and Snowballs now stack to 64.

====== Blood Magic ======

(!) Significantly adjusted demon invasion behavior. They can't spread anywhere near as far, but can now tunnel through walls and build bridges over open air. They also spread far faster.
(-) Disabled a minor, but severely annoying chat message related to hunger.
(-) Disabled the Blood Magic Ritual of Magnetism and the corresponding Sigil of Magnetism.
(-) Disabled the Blood Magic Teleposer.
(-) Removed recipes for the unused Incense Crucible and associated incense items.
(-) Removed the recipe for the Key of Binding (the item is unfinished).

====== Buildcraft ======

(-) Disabled most Buildcraft features. If there's something important missing, be sure to mention it to the devs.
(-) Disabled Buildcraft's version checker.
(*) Buildcraft blueprints moved inside the "config/buildcraft" folder.
(*) Significantly altered Buildcraft machine recipes. Notably, Tanks are more expensive.
(*) Stone and Diamond Gears are now made of purely stone and diamond respectively.
(-) Disabled all other Buildcraft gears.
(+) Enabled Buildcraft Oil and Fuel being used in the Thermal Expansion Compression Dynamo.
(+) Enabled Buildcraft integration with Applied Energistics 2.
(+) Enabled Buildcraft integration with Extra Cells 2.
(+) Enabled Buildcraft integration with Forestry.
(+) Enabled Buildcraft integration with Voltz Engine.

====== ComputerCraft + OpenComputers ======

(-) Disabled OpenPeripherals + Mystcraft integration. Good. Yes.
(+) Enabled OpenPeripherals + ComputerCraft integration.
(*) Set Applied Energistics 2 + OpenComputers integration to "auto". OpenPeripherals should cover this.
(+) Enabled ExtraCells + OpenComputers integration.
(+) Enabled Project Red + ComputerCraft integration.

(*) Redid all ComputerCraft recipes.
(+) Slightly increased floppy disk and hard disk space.
(-) Disabled ComputerCraft HTTP API. Sorry, but it's a security hole.
(*) Wireless Modems have shorter range at higher altitude, but are now immune to storms.
(-) Turtles now carry much less fuel.

====== Ender IO ======

(-) Ender IO conduits will never output MJ. This prevents conflicts now that Buildcraft is present.
(*) Machine Chassis now requires steel.
(*) Basic Gears are now made of steel and count as "gearSteel" in the Ore Dictionary.
(*) Standardized the recipes for Ender Pearl Dust and changing the dust back into an Ender Pearl.
(+) Permanently turned on durability tooltips for relevant items with durability. Normally you would need to press F3+H to see these tooltips.

(!) Rebalanced Flint and Dark Steel Balls in the SAG Mill and added over a dozen new grinding ball options.
(*) Flint provides a slight power cost reduction instead of boosting output.
(*) Dark Steel Balls' output bonuses are smaller, though still far higher than anything else.
(*) Dark Steel Balls now INCREASE power usage by 50%, but last 8x longer to compensate.

Stats of all SAG Mill grinding balls after balancing:
(*) Ball: Primary Output / Secondary Output / Power Cost / RF Durability
(*) Flint: +0% / +0% / -10% / 24,000
(*) Dark Steel Ball: +25% / +50% / +50% / 800,000
(*) Diamond: +0% / +25% / -25% / 2,000,000
(*) Ruby, Sapphire, Peridot: +0% / +25% / -25% / 500,000
(*) Obsidian Nugget: +10% / +10% / -15% / 9,600
(*) Iron Nugget: +10% / +10% / +0% / 12,000
(*) Bronze Nugget: +10% / +10% / +0% / 15,000
(*) Invar Nugget: +10% / +10% / +0% / 18,000
(*) Steel Nugget: +10% / +10% / +0% / 20,000
(*) Alumite Nugget: +12% / +12% / +0% / 24,000
(*) Cobalt Nugget: +12% / +15% / +0% / 40,000
(*) Ardite Nugget: +15% / +12% / +0% / 36,000
(*) Manyullyn Nugget: +12% / +12% / +0% / 60,000
(*) Fluxed Electrum Nugget: +10% / +10% / -50% / 50,000
(*) Semi-stable Nugget: +25% / +25% / +0% / 1,000,000
(*) Thaumium Nugget: +20% / +20% / -20% / 24,000
(*) Void Metal Nugget: +20% / +20% / -20% / 64,000
(*) Ichorium Nugget: +25% / +25% / -25% / 1,600,000
(*) Steeleaf: +15% / +20% / -20% / 60,000
(*) Armor Shard (Twilight Forest): +10% / +10% / +0% / 24,000

====== Extra Utilities ======

(+) Crafting an Unstable Ingot from Semi-stable Nuggets now nets you a Mobius Ingot.
(+) Re-enabled Bedrockium. This includes the ingot, the block, Bedrockium Drums, and the Hyper Energy Transfer Node. It cannot be used as a TCon material.
(*) Changed the recipe for Bedrockium Ingots.
(-) Bedrockium Blocks can no longer be smelted from Octuple Compressed Cobblestone. They're still craftable from the ingots.
(+) Enabled the Super Watering Can and added a recipe for it.

====== ProjectE ======

(!) Disabled the Lazy EMC Mapper, which provides all basic EMC values akin to those in EE2. We're doing it live!
(!) Manually added EMC values for thousands of items. EMC is pregenerated, which speeds up loading times.

(*) Overhauled almost every single ProjectE recipe.
(*) Dark Matter and the AE2 Singularity can be freely exchanged via shapeless crafting.
(*) Dark Matter items and a few other things are accessible without the Philosopher's Stone.

(-) Disabled Philosopher's Stone smelting. This bloats NEI and isn't really all that useful.
(-) Disabled Philosopher's Stone in-world transmutation. This will be brought back at a later date.
(-) Disabled the Ring of Arcana's ability to craft grass from dirt and ice from water.
(-) Disabled the Zero Ring's ability to craft ice from water.
(-) Disabled the Watch of Flowing Time's ability to actually change the time of day. This would break Theia.
(-) Drastically decreased the "tick speedup" effect of the Watch. Please report any weird behavior immediately.
(-) Drastically decreased the damage of the Red Katar's area of effect attack.
(*) The Red Matter Gem Chestplate can only explode ten times per second instead of theoretically infinite.
(*) All items that fire projectiles can only be fired once per tick.
(*) Adjusted the timing on almost all automatic Pedestal functions to reduce server lag.

====== Project Red + MFFS ======

(*) Renamed Project Red "Red Iron Compound" to "Raw Red Alloy".
(*) Renamed Project Red "Electrotine Iron Compound" to "Raw Electrotine Alloy".
(*) Renamed Project Red "Silicon" to "Fine Silicon".
(*) Completely redid recipes for Project Red crafting components and MFFS.
(*) Significantly rebalanced MFFS. Force fields are more expensive power-wise, but are easier to set up because you will need less machines.

====== Railcraft ======

(-) Explicitly disabled IC2 compatibility carts (BatBox, CESU, MFE, MFSU).
(*) Fixed a typo that caused Personal Anchors to be uncraftable.
(*) Adjusted recipes for the Hobbyist's Steam Engine and Industrial Steam Engine.
(-) Disabled Railcraft's "seasonal" module.
(-) Disabled Railcraft's Saltpeter recipe for Forestry Fertilizer. You'll need to use Apatite now.
(-) Disabled all Railcraft gears for being extraneous.

====== Thaumcraft + Related ======

(!) Research difficulty is now set to EASY instead of NORMAL. Every research can now be bought with research points.
(-) Runic shielding now recharges much more slowly.
(-) Runic shielding takes slightly longer before it begins recharging.
(+) Made Thaumcraft biomes more common (as recommended by the config comments) because Biomes O' Plenty is installed.
(-) Disabled the Thaumic Tinkerer "Bedrock Dimension", not to be confused with Extra Utilities' Deep Dark.
(-) The Portable Hole focus can no longer tunnel through BiblioCraft Armor Stands.

====== Xeno's Reliquary ======

(*) Reliquary's Interdiction Torch and ProjectE's Interdiction Torch can be swapped freely.
(*) Removed the recipe for Reliquary's Interdiction Torch. You can craft ProjectE's instead.
(-) Disabled Reliquary's Destruction Catalyst. Use the real one!
(-) Disabled Reliquary's Rending Gale. Use the real one!
(-) Explicitly disabled the Tome of Alkahest. Finally.
(-) Disabled the Altar of Light. ProjectE's Glowstone Collectors are where it's at.
(-) Disabled the Apothecary's Cauldron and Apothecary's Mortar. These are completely undocumented.
(-) Disabled Condensed Potions and Potion Essence, presumably made with the above Apothecary items.
(+) The Hero's Medallion can now absorb near infinite amounts of experience. Specifically, 2,000 levels.
(+) The Twilight Cloak now provides invisibility unless you are in almost direct sunlight.
(-) Nerfed the food value of Glowing Bread.

====== Version Checkers ======

(-) Disabled Applied Energistics 2's version checker.
(-) Disabled Chicken Chunks' version checker.
(-) Disabled Ender Storage's version checker.
(-) Disabled MrTJPCore's version checker.
(-) Reduced the potency of iChunUtil's version checker. For some reason you can't turn this one off.
(-) Disabled Project Red's version checker.

====== Cross-Mod Integration ======

(-) Disabled Thermal Foundation + EE3 integration. Whoops.
(-) Disabled Thermal Expansion + EE3 integration. Uhhh... yeah.
(-) Disabled Forbidden Magic + EE3 integration. I got nothing.
(-) Disabled Forestry + Magical Crops integration. We've never had Magical Crops. How did I not catch this one?
(-) Disabled Forbidden Magic + Botania integration. I count myself lucky at this point.
(-) Disabled Florbs for Mystcraft Black Ink. A little late, but it didn't cause any crashes!

====== Miscellaneous ======

(-) Stopped Minecraft from making minecart sounds for 30 seconds after you log in. This prevents your ears from being blasted apart by the sound of a thousand minecarts rolling directly into your skull.
(*) Twilight Forest Cicadas are now precisely 15 decibels quieter.

(*) The Applied Energistics 2 Singularity now requires you to condense 309,924 items instead of 256,000.
(-) Disabled CoFHCore's Christmas and April Fools behavior.
(+) You can now create Silicon from Sand in the Thermal Expansion Pulverizer.
(+) You can now place any Flux Capacitor on any TCon tool without any restrictions.
(*) Slightly changed some MFR cable rendering behavior.
(-) Reduced the MFR horizontal tree search range from 512 (absurd) to 32 (reasonable).
(+) Added all MFR RedNet components to the Archimedes Ships blacklist.
(+) Enabled OpenBlocks' "debug graves" option. This should help resolve weird gravestone issues.
(+) OpenBlocks Elevators now center you on them when you use them, preventing accidental momentary suffocation.
(*) Chicken Chunks is now much more aggressive with trying to clean up orphaned chunks.
(*) Reduced the amount of network packets sent by AppleCore's upgraded hunger bar.
(*) The amount of bytes required to store a new type of item in larger ME drives has been reduced to match 1K drives.
(+) Added all forms of Fabric of Reality to the Archimedes Ships blacklist.
(*) Fast rendering is no longer forced on BiblioCraft Potion Shelves and Fancy Signs.
(-) Disabled the BiblioCraft Fancy Workbench and disabled crafting with Recipe Books.
(*) Slightly changed some Big Reactors recipes.
(*) Set Biomes O' Plenty to "behave normally during special events". Probably more Christmas lag.
(-) Removed the level limit from anvils. Technically it's 2,000 levels now instead of 40.
(+) Right clicking HarvestCraft fruits hanging from trees now shows hearts if they are fully grown, like crops.
(-) You can't make minecarts out of bronze or steel anymore. This prevents Smeltery metal conversion.
(-) Disabled Carpenter's Block ownership. This does not affect the Carpenter's Safe.
(+) Re-enabled Forestry villagers.
(-) Reduced the durability of iron and obsidian chisels.
(-) Slightly reduced the health of Hellfish.
(+) TCon Netherrack Brick and Fancy Netherrack Brick now cook into the vanilla Nether Brick item, just like vanilla Netherrack does. That is, the brick that crafts the vanilla Nether Bricks block. This is probably the most confusing changelog entry ever.
(*) Finally changed the recipe for Green Hearts to not require Ichor. Finally...
(+) Added recipes for Moss Stone and Mossy Stone Bricks using vines. Vanilla added these in 1.8.
(+) Added a recipe for the Dragon Egg. While useless, at least it's renewable now!
(+) Saddles are now craftable.
(*) Fixed a minor mistake with the Tinker's Construct "crafting slab" recipe that resulted in infinite crafting tables. Nobody abused this!
(-) Disabled the OpenBlocks Sleeping Bag because it could trap players in crash loops.
(*) Adjusted the recipe for the PortalGun Miniature Black Hole.
(+) The Portal Gun is a bit easier to make now.
(*) Minorly adjusted the way Biomes O' Plenty Bamboo is used in crafting.
(*) Energized Glowstone fluid source blocks no longer float upwards.
(+) Changed or added over a dozen splashes.

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Version 1.5.1


Planar Exodus 1.5.1 -- Biome Proficiency!

(!) Various important fixes to networking and ASM. This affects PlexTweaks, Axiom, Theia, and Planar Armory.
(!) Disabled the ATG climate system, fixing the ages-old "Biome Deficiency" bug.

(*) Fixed PlexTweaks resource injection -- it's now Axiom resource injection. This fixes rain sounds and Nether textures.
(+) CustomMusic works again, so PlexTweaks adds custom records.
(+) PlexTweaks custom records can be MP3 files. Minecraft alone has no way to parse those.
(+) Axiom now enables all typically Creative-only music to play in Survival. Additionally, Minecraft's 4 main menu tracks can now play in-game (regardless of creative or survival).
(*) "/smite hard" now directly sets the victim's health to zero instead of dealing excessive lightning damage. This means it won't cause unnecessary armor damage anymore.
(*) The /smite command now sorts correctly with all other commands.
(*) Fixed an unnecessary empty line when viewing "/help worldlist".
(+) The rarity calculator can now parse Railcraft machine recipes.

(-) Server ops no longer have the [OP] prefix by default. This is because being an op has nearly no effect with ServerTools Permissions.
(+) Added the permission "cmd.cofh.*" to players in the Creative group. Due to poorly written code in ServerTools, this has no effect.
(-) Mining Nether Quartz no longer angers nearby Zombie Pigmen.
(-) Silk Touch pickaxes (or TCon tools with a Silky Jewel) no longer bypass Pigmen anger. Pigmen will now become angry no matter what you use to mine a Nether Ore.
(-) Ender IO machines can't be supercharged with Watering Cans anymore. Don't even ask.
(-) Applied Energistics 2's growable crystal seeds can't be crafted anymore because their growth is disabled.
(-) Disabled Railcraft Residual Heat. For those who were curious: Players periodically replace air near them with Residual Heat, which can be tracked by the Trackman's Goggles. It would let you find hidden bases and the like.
(*) Turbine Rotor Bearings now require an Enderium Gear instead of a Shiny Gear.
(+) Fabric of Reality (black) and Altered Fabric (white) can be crafted back and forth freely.
(-) Unstable Ingot Blocks are now uncraftable, as they are x-ray lenses.
(*) Changed the recipe for Nether Star Generators.
(+) Cobalt and Ardite Ore can now be smelted in normal furnaces.
(-) Maximum airship size decreased to 8,192 blocks after several horrific server-destroying incidents involving extremely large airships.
(*) Ender IO Weather Crystals now require 4 dirt in addition to one diamond. This prevents recipe collisions.
(+) Added documentation for DimDoorsWorld.cfg, even though nothing needs to be done with it.
(*) Changed the width of the ATG climate system from 256,000 blocks to 32,000 blocks. This will have no effect unless you re-enable the ATG climate system.
(+) Added Thaumcraft Taint; it can now generate in the ATG "Plains" biome group.
(*) Thaumcraft Magical Forest now generates in two ATG biome groups: "Forest" and "Boreal Forest". Previously it only geneated in Boreal Forest.
(+) Added a few splashes.

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Version 1.5


Planar Exodus 2 v1.5 -- Usually, when the minor version number disappears, there's a lot more here to see...

Not listed here is the mountain of backend work required to create Axiom and chip away at our tech debt.

(+) Added Axiom. As a mod, Axiom adds nothing. It's a common library for PlexTweaks, Theia, and Planar Armory.
(-) Removed Mystcraft. A sad departure, but it's about time we stopped lagging.
(-) Removed EE3. Stick to Satchels instead of Alchemy Bags, and Iron Chests instead of Alchemical Chests.

(+) Non-vanilla dimensions are once again flash-loaded upon server start. This should resolve chunk loader issues on server start, at the expense of servers with many dimensions taking longer to start up.
(+) Forge now has a 64,000 dormant chunk cache. This should help chunk load times to some degree.

(+) Added the "Text Projector", a customizable disk that will provide a "holographic" nameplate in any color you can dye it to! Some colors not recommended.
(*) Lightning can now only be heard at full volume from 400 blocks away instead of 160,000. Servers with many players will no longer be plagued by horrific lightning storms.
(-) Creepers no longer take PlexTweaks' extra lightning damage. This should ease difficulty with charged creepers.
(*) Calendars now only apply to dimensions Krios manages the time in. They show ??? otherwise. The latter was needed for some behind-the-scenes math.
(*) Plexmetal (aka Adamantine) Broadaxe Heads and Tough Bindings now have properly localized names.
(*) Adamantine can now be mined with diamond pickaxes again. That is, its harvest level is 3 instead of 4.
(*) As EE3 was removed, Ludicrite from Big Reactors now requires Adamantine Dust to make. This will likely be changed soon. It's a placeholder recipe.

(-) Disabled Thaumic Tinkerer's Elemental Fires. No server destroying wildfires, thank you.
(-) MFR Steam Boilers will never explode. This prevents crashes.
(+) Doubled the number of Yellorite veins.
(+) ServerTools default permissions that come with Plex servers now have a Creative role, which can use /give and /gamemode commands.
(+) ServerTools default configuration now comes with a backup policy that enables backups every six hours.
(+) AE2 Entangled Singularities can now be made; disabling it was an honest mistake. For those not in the know: Put a Singularity and Ender Pearl Dust next to each other and blow them up, you'll get 2 entangled singularities.
(-) Division Sigils no longer show up in chest loot. Kill a Wither to get one.
(-) Disabled the Extra Utilities Rain Muffler. We made rain tolerable for a reason!
(*) Changed some splashes.

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Version 1.4.0


Planar Exodus 1.4.0 -- Most of this was meant to be in 1.3.0, but wasn't.

IT'S HAPPENING! CHISEL IS IN PLANAR EXODUS 2! Chisel works with all of the following:
(*) Carpenter's Blocks
(*) Forge Multipart (Microblocks)
(*) AE2 Cable Facades
(*) Thermal Dynamics Duct Covers
(*) Ender IO Conduit Facades

oh also I added nuclear reactors

====== Mod Changes ======

(-) Removed Looking Glass. While it's cool eye candy, it lets Myst books cripple server performance.
(-) Removed ComputerCraft; OpenComputers is objectively better.
(+) Added Big Reactors version 0.4.3A.
(+) Added Chisel version
(+) Added OpenComputers version

(+) Updated Antique Atlas: 4.2.10 --> 4.4.4
(+) Updated BiblioCraft: 1.11.5 --> 1.11.7
(+) Updated Decocraft: 2.4.1 --> 2.4.2
(+) Updated ExtraCells: 2.3.14b197 --> 2.3.14b200
(+) Updated Mystcraft: -->
(+) Updated OpenModularTurrets: 2.2.4-225 --> 2.2.11-238
(+) Updated Planar Armory: 1.3.0 --> 1.3.1
(+) Updated PlexTweaks: 3.3.0 --> 3.3.1
(+) Updated Railcraft: -->
(+) Updated Spice of Life: 1.3.8 --> 1.3.11
(+) Updated Thaumic Energistics: --> bugfix 3
(+) Updated Theia: 1.1.2 --> 1.1.3

====== Critical Bugs ======

(+) Re-enabled the Thaumic Energistics Arcane Crafting Terminal, since its duplication bug was fixed.

====== PlexTweaks, Theia, Planar Armory ======

(*) Krios' daylight-changing ASM won't make Forge complain anymore.
(-) Removed a very rare Krios crash with a ConcurrentModificationException.
(+) CustomFurnace now works properly with the Ore Dictionary.
(*) Planar Armory Decorative Beacon beams are now much fancier.

====== Mystcraft ======

(!) A bunch of pages (mostly ores) were accidentally disabled last version. This has been rectified.
(-) Removed PlexTweaks' Mystcraft ASM, because the new Mystcraft version fixes itself.
(+) Updated Mystcraft profiling to match all the mod list changes.
(*) Slightly changed the behavior of Mystcraft profiling on servers.

====== Big Reactors ======

(-) Disabled "comedy". I will decide what is and isn't allowed as "silly coolant".
(*) Adjusted almost all Big Reactors recipes. Most Big Reactors parts now require steel instead of iron.
(-) Yellorium Ore is now quite a bit rarer.
(-) Disabled use of Metallurgy metals in turbines; Metallurgy is not installed.
(*) Disabled the default Big Reactors Yellorium to Cyanite recipe. PlexTweaks adds a slightly different one.
(*) Disabled the default recipes for Graphite Bars. PlexTweaks adds more sensible Graphite recipes.

====== Chisel ======

(*) Adjusted chisel (the item) stats. All chisels are far more durable.
(*) Reworked many Chisel decorative block recipes.
(*) Concrete is now craftable from sand and gravel instead of being cooked gravel (because that makes no sense).
(*) Concrete is a full block and does not give a speed boost.

(+) The iron chisel can change its chiseling mode. As such, all three chisels are functionally identical.
(-) Disabled "Anti Blocks"; use Extra Utilities Lapis Caelestis for a "green screen".
(-) Disabled the Auto Chisel, because chisels have durability. This may be changed in the future.
(-) Disabled "Nation" and "Rebel" blocks. No politics (even fake politics) in Plex please.
(-) Disabled the "Smashing Rocks" for being silly and useless.
(-) Disabled uranium blocks. There is no uranium.
(-) Disabled Valentine blocks. Some people don't need the encouraging.

====== OpenComputers ======

(-) Reduced hologram flickering rate.
(*) Colorless screens now use a light green text color instead of white.
(-) Disabled robot name displays; PlexTweaks entity nameplates should handle this.
(+) Significantly increased the processing speed of higher tier computers.
(*) Adjusted scheduled execution delays to prevent server abuse and/or lag.
(*) Adjusted RAM chips' capacity.
(-) Reduced the arbitrary byte cost on filesystems for every file or folder.
(-) Removed the /tmp/ filesystem that computers get for free. Add your own file storage space!
(-) Disabled giving new players the manual. Never spawn a player with a book. EVER. FOR ANY REASON.
(-) Computers no longer magically know who's using a keyboard or a mouse.
(+) Doubled the allowed external clipboard size.
(+) Slightly increased max multiblock screen height.
(-) Decreased maximum wireless range.
(-) Disabled Christmas presents.
(+) Increased number of remote terminals supported by all tiers of server.
(-) Disabled update checking.
(*) Hopefully set up power scaling to work well with RF.
(+) Robots can damage players when they try to left click. This is equivalent to walking in front of a player who is breaking a block and getting punched.
(+) Robots are significantly faster than the default.
(*) Robots, when using tools, damage them just as players would instead of only having a 10% chance to damage them.
(*) Adjusted default robot names to include a random hex identifier.
(+) Slightly increased the range of robot interactions so they will be able to use slabs properly from above.
(-) Robots no longer break things faster as they gain experience.
(-) Robots no longer get multipliers on the experience gained from breaking ores.
(-) Robots no longer consume less durability on tools as they gain experience.
(*) Experience still effects the energy storage capacity of robots.
(*) Adjusted the stats of network switches.

====== Miscellaneous ======

(+) Enabled Forestry + Chisel compatibility.
(+) Actually added Mazestone recipes this time. It was supposed to happen in 1.3.0, but didn't.
(-) ServerTools Backup is no longer included with client versions of Planar Exodus.
(-) BiblioCraft no longer checks for updates because it uselessly suggests updates for 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12.
(-) Disabled all Flim Flam effects. The enchantment still exists, but now does nothing.
(-) Disabled ProjectRed Marble from generating; Chisel Marble is just better. ProjectRed Marble still exists in already-generated chunks.
( ) NOT A CHANGE: ProjectRed Marble and Chisel Marble can be converted between each other.

(-) Removed Synthesis and Veldar splashes. When we get there...
(*) Added a few splashes.

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Version 1.3.0


Check it out, it's Planar Exodus 2 v1.3.0! Now with 99% less Nether portals!
Like most other giant changelogs, this one has been organized into sections.

====== Critical Bugs ======

(!) Re-fixed Nether portals. I swear. Report any further Nether portal sightings to High Command immediately.
(!) Disabled the Tome of Alkahest. It may return later, heavily modified, but for now it was just a dupe monster.
(!) The Arcane Crafting Terminal can no longer be made. It featured a horrible dupe-anything exploit.
(!) The supercharged Gravity Gun can no longer suck in blocks from a distance, removing several exploits.

====== PlexTweaks + Theia ======

(*) PlexTweaks updated to version 3.3.0. Theia updated to version 1.1.2.

(+) Added a /smite command. It does what you expect it to.
(+) Theia now non-linearizes Twilight Forest automatically on every new world or server.
(+) Halved the cost of Magma Crucible recipes that are mirrored from the Smeltery.
(*) Smeltery recipes that produce more than 10 buckets of fluid are no longer mirrored to the Magma Crucible.
(*) Fixed Copper's glitched color string.

====== ServerTools ======

(+) Warps (global points any player can teleport to) and /tpa (teleport requests to other players) now work across dimensions. This only applies to servers.
(*) Fixed the spurious generation of Nether Portals upon using interdimensional ServerTools teleportation.
(-) Disabled ServerTools' /tpdim; it is redundanat with other mods that add equivalent commands.
(+) Slightly more ServerTools settings come bundled with Planar Exodus 2 now (and even more come with the server package).
(-) ServerTools no longer flattens bedrock. CoFHCore still does this.

====== Spice of Life ======

(+) Spice of Life diminishing returns now tick down and expire while players are offline. This was intended behavior but was disabled for some reason.
(*) The internal diminishing returns formula has been tweaked so that you can eat a food 4 times before losing significant food value. The fifth eat gives exactly half, then it drops to near zero.
(+) Working with the above, the stack size allowed in Spice of Life food containers has been increased to 5.
(+) The "new player grace period" has been increased to 25 foods.
(-) Diminishing returns no longer reset on death. Otherwise everyone would get 25 free eats every death.

====== OpenModularTurrets ======

(*) Turrets no longer explode instantly when punched (and, worse, drop nothing).
(+) Server admins can now access anyone's turrets to prevent otherwise unresolvable griefing.

====== Mystcraft ======

(*) Slightly tweaked Mystcraft balance relating to fluids and ore block pages.
(-) Disabled "special" biomes' Myst pages: Storage Cell, Limbo, Pocket Dimension, and the like.
(+) Enabled the Mystcraft "spawn meteor" command.

====== Gravity & Portal Guns ======

(-) Disabled the default Portal Gun recipe. The harder (intended) recipe still exists.
(*) Replaced the Portal Spawner recipe with a slightly harder one.
(*) Changed the recipe for Long Fall Boots.
(-) The supercharged Gravity Gun won't blow up creepers when you throw them anymore.

====== Miscellaneous ======

(+) Significantly buffed Magmatic Dynamos. You now get 300,000 RF per lava bucket instead of 180,000.
(*) Archimedes Ships now uses the iterative algorithm instead of the recursive one to assemble ships. This should allow much larger ships to be constructed but might cause more severe lag when assembling them.
(-) Disabled the ExtraCells Blast Resistant ME Drive. Placing one resulted in horrific visual glitches.
(-) Disabled the Extra Utilities Kikoku (the "law sword").
(+) Admins can now bypass CoFH security locks, e.g. personal Thermal Expansion Strongboxes or Tesseracts.
(*) Forge tries to disable spawn fuzz in the overworld now.
(+) Railcraft Abyssal & Quarried Stone now both count as smooth stone in the Ore Dictionary.
(*) Added a config file for CodeChickenLib, which finally gets rid of that annoying debug "asm" folder.
(*) Manually edited the RF Windmills mod to remove a very outdated RF API. Ironic.
(*) Added some splashes.

====== Miscellaneous Recipes ======

(-) Vanilla stone slabs can now only be made with vanilla stone. This prevents weird stone conversions.
(+) Twilight Forest Mazestone and its variants can all be crafted back and forth between each other now.
(+) You can now craft ProjectRed Basalt. Previously it was unobtainable because volcanoes are disabled.
(*) Reworked many Railcraft decorative block recipes.
(*) Adjusted several OpenBlocks recipes. Notably, fans are more expensive and Sky Blocks are cheaper.
(*) The OpenBlocks Enhanced Building Guide now requires a Builder's Wand.
(+) Combining Cobalt and Ardite dusts now nets you 2 Manyullyn dust instead of 1. Whoops.
(*) Reworked TCon Heart Canister recipes because Yellow Heart Canisters took an obnoxious amount of gold to make.
(+) Thaumcraft's Obsidian Totems are now craftable. Both Obsidian Totems and Tiles can be reverted to raw obsidian.
(+) Tinker's Construct slab crafting stations can now be reverted into vanilla crafting tables.
(+) Twilight Forest Raven Feathers can now be turned into normal feathers.
(*) Changed recipe for DimDoors quartz door to use normal quartz instead of its raw ore form.
(+) The Rift Remover is now significantly cheaper.
(-) The Fluid Transposer can't make End Stone or Packed Ice anymore.

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Version 1.2.0


Version 1.2.0 -- Wait, why isn't it called 1.2? To be honest, we're not sure.

(+) Planar Exodus 2 now sports a fancy new icon to differentiate it from Planar Exodus Classic (and perhaps more importantly the Screw Attack).
(*) Planar Exodus 2 now contains a modified Forge version with injected Java arguments for improved performance. Please clear your Java Arguments field in Technic's settings before playing or your game may refuse to start.
(*) Planar Exodus 2 now uses the G1 Garbage Collector ("G1GC") instead of Aggressive Heap.
(+) Included the options README from Plex Classic. I'm not sure why this was left out.

(+) Planar Exodus 2 now includes Baubles. Traveller's Gear requires this mod. Previously, it would auto-download it successfully but now the Dropbox Apocalypse has broken the link.
(-) Removed qCraft. Nobody used it and its interactions with other mods were bound to be terrible.

(+) PlexTweaks now boasts a fully rebuilt ASM framework (for the uninformed, this lets PlexTweaks mod other mods). Further ASM tasks will be made massively easier with this framework.
(+) CustomMaterials, CustomOres and CustomPotions now support hex color codes. Finally.
(+) Plexmetal pickaxe heads are now visible in NEI. Turns out it was a simple typo with the localization.
(*) Placing Plexmetal objects into a Smeltery no longer shows you some glitchy floating ore bits and instead shows the solid block of the material in question.
(+) Plexmetal ores now behave properly in the Thermal Expansion Pulverizer & Induction Smelter. Every material can now choose its own secondary Pulverizer output and the chance of said secondary output.
(*) Using a grappling hook and dying no longer crashes your game.
(*) Grappling hooks now make their users immune to gravity to prevent severe rubberbanding. This makes them work very similarly to Terraria hooks.
(+) Decorative Beacons can now be colored by crafting them with a dye item, akin to leather armor.
(*) Giving yourself extremely high levels of Plex's custom Saturation potion effect no longer crashes the game by dividing by zero.
(+) The heart counter now unobtrusively flashes once when you heal from high saturation. Forge itself removed this from vanilla!

(!) Many fluids are now "sea banned" within Mystcraft, meaning that while their pages exist, they cannot be made into oceans. Examples include Molten Iron and Gelid Cryotheum. This prevents horrific balance problems.
(-) Some fluids with eccentric behavior, such as Railcraft Steam and Thermal Expansion "Zephyrean Aerotheum" have been blacklisted entirely from Mystcraft and don't even have pages.
(*) All PlexTweaks materials that have molten forms automatically blacklist themselves from having Myst pages.
(*) Many fluids are still fully permitted within Mystcraft, such as MineFactory Reloaded Milk and Sludge.

(!) As per usual, most of these PortalGun changes will require copying PortalGun_world.cfg into your world directory.
(-) PortalGun (the mod) no longer tries to add a maceration recipe for its Ender Pearl Dust.
(-) Moon portals disabled. These are just way too dangerous.
(-) Portal guns can no longer pick up players. They can still grab anything else.
(-) Portal Turrets cannot see through portals anymore. This may be inaccurate to their game, but it speeds up their AI considerably (and no other turrets can see through portals so it's fair).

(+) Tinker's Construct tools now have a rarity equal to the rarest material used in them. For example, a Manyullyn Pickaxe will be Epic and an Iron one will be Uncommon.
(-) Tinker's Construct tools no longer have a ยงf in their name (which forces the name coloring to white). This enables the aforementioned rarity fix.
(*) You now need a pickaxe with mining level 4 to mine Adamantine. Alumite, Manyullyn, Ardite, Cobalt, and Dark Steel will cover this.
(*) The Ender Quarry now requires 5x as much power. The "fix" to the power consumption left it consuming nowhere near enough power even though it fixed many bugs.
(*) Replaced splash about Molecular Transformers (long removed) with one about portal guns.
(-) OpenBlocks graves no longer spawn skeletons randomly, nor perform "special actions" on grave digging.
(*) At long last, Cobalt and Ardite Ore join Krichael's Blood & Wine Hotfix.
(*) To prevent serious issues, several more types of blocks (Graves, Portable Hole blocks, etc.) cannot be put on Archimedes Ships.
(-) You cannot melt down rails anymore. This is because Railcraft lets you make them out of various metals.

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Version 1.1.1


This is a quick patch to address some serious issues that were occurring in 1.1.

(!) Fixed the "Lapis Bug" where no recipes that contained more than one dye item functioned. Believe it or not, this was Planar Armory's fault. Whoops.
(!) Excessive lag and console spam due to massive numbers of Wither Skeletons has been resolved. Ender IO's "experimental" alternate Wither Skeletons are too hardcore to be allowed to exist.

(*) Using grappling hooks no longer occasionally causes other nearby players to crash.
(-) Turned off retroactive flat bedrock. Bedrock in new chunks will still be flattened.
(*) Adjusted the adjusted Thaumcraft Obsidian Tile recipe.
(+) EntityTracker "silently ignored error" spam messages now have more helpful output. This was used to debug the hordes of Wither Skeletons.

(*) Added a few splashes.

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Version 1.1


Version 1.1: On the surface, that doesn't sound like a lot.
Trust me, it's a lot. You can expect most of the quality of life recipe changes from Plex Classic.

(+) Added In-Game NBTEdit. If you use this, and you break something, don't send a crash report. It's your fault.
(!) JourneyMap was meant to be included in this version, but their modpack terms of use disallow bundling the JAR. As such, it cannot be officially included in Planar Exodus 2. If you want it anyway, you can get it here:

====== PlexTweaks + Theia ======

(+) PlexTweaks' Ore Dictionary key removal works again.
(+) MatEdit works again. As such, every single tool and armor has been balanced.
(+) MatEdit also balances all Tinker's Construct materials. Your reign is over, Plastic!
(+) Planar Armory now has a grappling hook. A what? Try it yourself, it's awesome.
(*) The default sleeping time acceleration factor in Krios has been changed from 4 to 10. Updating won't add this change to your game; you'll need to change your Krios.cfg manually.
(+) Added a few missing Netherrack-related texture updates. Krichael's Blood & Wine Hotfix is now complete.

====== General Fixes ======

(*) Fixed Spot Loader recipe removal. Whoops.
(-) Disabled Witching Gadgets transmutations to prevent stack overflow crashes.
(*) Adjusted a few splashes. Namely, the Greek one wasn't rendering correctly, so it has been replaced.
(+) OpenBlocks Elevators can now travel 255 blocks instead of 20. They can also go through an unlimited number solid and/or liquid blocks, as per previous changes.
(*) The default Extra Utilities spike recipes are now disabled using Extra Utilities itself instead of PlexTweaks.
(+) Added a real recipe for Fluix Crystals. Whoops. Forgot to do this last time.
(+) You can now put standard books on Bibliocraft Bookcases.
(-) Removed Jungle Spiders. Ugh.
(*) Fixed "Border Stone (Alternate)" instead of "Magical Wood" being labeled as "blockMagicWood" in the OD.
(-) Ender IO Fused Quartz no longer counts as hardened glass.
(*) The Ender Quarry no longer requires ludicrous amounts of power.
(-) Forestry gears are now uncraftable. Don't worry, all Forestry recipes can substitute Thermal Foundation gears.
(-) The Railcraft Iron Gear is no longer craftable to prevent collisions. Other Railcraft gears are still craftable.
(+) You can directly craft the useless Biomes O' Plenty Amber into Thaumcraft Amber.

====== Thermal Suite ======

(-) Thermal Foundation no longer generates a default Forge Lexicon whitelist.
(+) Re-enabled recipe for Reactant Dynamo because it's needed for certain jetpacks. The Reactant Dynamo still has no valid fuels with which to produce power (and only produces 1 RF/t), so it can't be used for anything else.
(*) Fixed windmills. All windmills can (and do) produce more than 1 RF/t now. Keep in mind that unless placed at high elevation they are still quite weak.
(*) Thermal Foundation gears are now a little cheaper (they no longer require a central iron ingot).

====== Tinker's Construct ======

(+) Re-enabled Tinker's Armory module because it was causing the TCon books to crash when read.
(+) Alumite now obeys conservation of matter. 5 Aluminum + 2 Iron + 2 Obsidian = 9 Alumite, not 8.
(-) Disabled TCon wooden rails. Railcraft has these. If you're going rails, you're going Railcraft.
(+) Re-added TCon heart canisters. You can now craft green hearts and green heart canisters.
(*) Changed TCon bounce pad recipe.
(-) Removed all of the TCon modular armor pieces. I really didn't want to re-enable the Armory module.
(*) Adjusted the Knapsack recipe.
(+) Some of the uncraftable Tinker's "chisel bricks" are now craftable. All "chisel bricks" can be unchiseled now.
(+) Most Smeltery components can now be crafted back into Seared Bricks.
(+) You can now craft Seared Stone (the block) from Seared Bricks (the block). It's like making stone bricks backwards.

====== HarvestCraft ======

(+) 1 water bucket now crafts into 4 HarvestCraft fresh water instead of 1 (consistent with older behavior).
(+) The HarvestCraft Market now works. You can trade 1 gold nugget for any seed, or 4 saplings for a fruit tree sapling. It should be much easier to round out your food collection now.
(*) HarvestCraft Presser and Sink recipes altered. It's worth noting here that Pam broke her non-wooden sinks extremely badly; as such their recipes were disabled.

====== Archimedes Ships ======

(+) You can now make Archimedes Ships containing 65,536 blocks (the size of an entire chunk). Any horrendous lag you encounter as a result of testing this limit is entirely your fault.
(-) Archimedes Ships can no longer carry around dimensional doors or aura nodes. It's for the best.

====== Miscellaneous ======

(*) Bedrock is now flattened by CoFHCore, including retroactively.
(*) Twilight Forest portals now require diamonds again (default behavior) instead of apples. Turns out changing things for the sake of change just causes confusion.
(+) The unique Mazebreaker pickaxe has been drastically buffed and can now be repaired using Knightmetal.
(-) Removed the "Certus Quartz + Electrotine = Charged Certus" recipe because there is a proper way to charge Certus Quartz.
(*) Changed some Extra Utilities decorative block recipes.
(*) Shuffled around what items can be put on what BiblioCraft racks.
(+) You can now uncraft the various derivative forms of Thickened Glass back into Thickened Glass.
(*) Inverting the various forms of Ethereal Glass is now free.
(*) Adjusted recipes for MFR decorative bricks (e.g. Paved Stone Bricks, Obsidian Bricks, Glowstone Bricks).
(+) Minotaur burgers are back on the menu.
(+) All Twilight Forest "Giant" blocks can be turned into 64 normal blocks.
(*) Changed the Spice of Life Lunch Box recipe.

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Version 1.0.3


Planar Exodus 2 version 1.0.3 contains a lot of tweaked recipes and a much needed facelift for the Nether.
It also contains critical crash fixes. Why were these not hotfixed? Good question. I don't know.

(+) Added Planar Armory! All the ambition starts with a decidedly nonviolent and harmless decorative beacon.
(-) Removed ServerTools permissions from the client. You can now use commands again in single player (at least, if you have cheats enabled).

(+) You can now click on either half of a Mystcraft writing desk to use it. Previously, the right half would crash the server instantly upon right clicking.
(!) Don't put multiple Mystcraft writing desks next to each other. Strange things are bound to happen.
(*) Random Dimensional Doors crash removed. Concurrent modification? Is that even possible in Minecraft? Apparently so.

(*) Applied Energistics 2 no longer generates way, way too many clustered meteor fields.
(*) Adjusted ATG settings to enable climate. North is cold, south is hot. The middle area (near Z = 0) is temperate.
(+) Significantly improved the texture of Netherrack and Nether Ores. Thanks, Cubed123!
(*) Adjusted recipes for chunk loaders to balance their respective capabilities.
(*) Improved recipes for Extra Utilities Spikes, so they aren't so incredibly expensive.
(-) Border Stone Alternate is no longer in the Ore Dictionary under "magicWood".
(+) Added recipes for horse armor.
(*) Slightly adjusted Extra Utilities drum recipe. You can use either Ender IO or OpenBlocks tanks to make it.
(-) The charged gravity gun isn't craftable anymore. You need to be hit by lightning to get it.
(*) Changed recipes for the Gravity Gun and Portal Gun.
(*) OpenBlocks Building Guide is now cheaper, but the Enhanced version is more expensive.
(*) Changed recipes for Archimedes Ships Floaters and Shore Buffers.
(-) Removed recipe for the Archimedes Ships Sticky Buffer -- it's astoundingly useless.
(+) You can now recolor air balloons.

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Version 1.0.2


Planar Exodus 2 version 1.0.2. Uh, PlexTweaks works like it's supposed to now. Notify the press!

(*) PlexTweaks updated to version 3.1.0. Changes below.
(+) PlexTweaks tweaking now actually works, and respects the Ore Dictionary wherever it can.
(+) The first PlexTweak has been... tweaked! Rotten flesh can now be smelted into leather. Just like old times!
(*) PlexTweaks now makes Applied Energistics crystal recipes less cancer. Also, you can charge Certus Quartz by adding Electrotine to it.
(-) You can no longer craft candleberries into cotton. Probably a simple typo in HarvestCraft.
(*) Thermal Foundation and Project Red sickles no longer have identical recipes. Probably for the best, given they do two entirely different things.
(+) Many, many Biomes O' Plenty blocks now have recipes they should have had. Some of the alternate dirt farmland doesn't work properly, so now you can turn it back to regular dirt and make vanilla farmland!
(*) Adjusted a few splashes. Get used to seeing this.

(+) Theia no longer randomly teleports players around. This was caused by a race condition.
(*) Theia settings no longer included with Plex servers, to prevent overwrites.
(*) Theia no longer mysteriously lowers the maximum snow height by 1 every time you restart the server.

(*) Rain is quiet now! The 1.10 rain sounds have been injected, meaning it is no longer a deafening roar.
(*) Spider hissing is now precisely 8 decibels quieter.
(*) InvTweaks, ArmorStatusHUD, NEI and Waila options are no longer overwritten every time Planar Exodus 2 updates. You can still apply the default settings at any time by copying them from the options folder.
(-) You no longer need to hold shift to use Treecapitator. Holding shift disables it instead.
(-) Applied Energistics 2 no longer adds its own silicon item and will use other mods' silicon items.
(*) Applied Energistics 2 meteors are now far rarer and are guaranteed to be farther apart. Use a Meteor Compass to find them.
(+) A slightly higher percentage of Certus Quartz Ore is charged now.
(*) The "Sharpness" modifier for TCon tools is now invisible, like in Plex Classic. No more ugly quartz breadsticks.
(-) Explicitly disabled OpenPeripherals IC2 support. This removes unnecessary errors from the console.

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Version 1.0.1


Planar Exodus 2 version 1.0.1: Now with 100% less Snowmageddon and 96% less snow overall.

Can't go five seconds into a new version without discovering a dozen new errors.

(+) Added ServerTools Permissions module. Use /listperms to find out what you have access to.
(*) ServerTools permissions come preconfigured on servers, with two groups: Admins and Players.

(*) Theia updated to version 1.1.1.
(!) Ceres no longer "snows" by dropping entire cubic meters of snow. Snowmageddon is actually fixed now. This was because Blocks.snow is FULL SNOW BLOCKS in 1.7.10, not snow cover.
(*) Significantly improved Ceres snow piling mechanics. The entire system was riddled with bugs.
(+) Theia's /spawn command now gracefully handles the case where you try to return to your spawn, but don't have one.
(*) Krios' time command defaults to /krios. Aliases are /kt, /ktime and /time. The last one might be overwritten.
(*) Theia no longer randomly teleports people around for no reason.
(+) Theia now keeps track of spawn rerolls. All players get 3 rerolls. There is no refund system at the moment.

(!) Treecapitator no longer obliterates servers when used. bspkrs and I both have a pretty poor understanding of the word "infinity".
(*) Outdated splashes updated. For example, the splash "Still 1.6.4." has been replaced.
(+) Added new splashes.
(-) All Portal Gun chest loot disabled, with the exception of Ender Pearl Dust.
(+) Ender Pearl Dust can now be found in Strongholds as well as Dungeons.
(-) Tinker's Construct no longer covers superflat worlds in ore bushes.
(*) Traveller's Gear no longer shows Tinker's Construct equipment slots that have been removed.
(-) Traveller's Gear inventory no longer has a redundant XP bar that overlaps with NEI.

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Version 1.0


Technic's formatting vomits horribly on giant changelogs, so they're now being hosted on Dropbox along with the pack:

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Version 0.2


Okay, that was about enough Soon™. Now it's actually Planar Exodus 2 with the required mods!

(!) The first pass on the config files has been made. Not all individual changes were documented. They are likely subject to change again, not to mention there were hundreds and hundreds of them.

(+) Added DecoCraft! It's like if IKEA had guillotines.
(+) Added PlexTweaks! If you're living under a rock, It Only Does Everything™.
(+) Added Theia. Nobody likes Theia.

(-) Removed Opis and Mobius Core, purely because the built-in MapWriter is so obnoxious and hard to remove.
(-) Removed Water Power. Too many additional ores for too little content.

(+) Now features an "options" folder with a default options.txt file.
(+) Right clicking HarvestCraft crops will show hearts if they are fully grown. This functionality is identical to Plex Classic, but isn't enabled by default in HarvestCraft 1.7.
(+) HarvestCraft fruit trees and gardens will now generate in the Twilight Forest.
(-) Tofu has been nerfed. You can no longer use it as a replacement for any meat or milk in your recipes. There are plenty of actual vegetarian recipes such as soups, salads, etcetera.
(-) HarvestCraft Salt Ore no longer spawns.

(*) WAILA, WAILA Harvestability, NEI, and ArmorStatusHUD are configured from the get go. These GUI options are duplicated in the options folder.

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Version 0.1.1


I was wondering why Biomes O'Plenty wasn't showing up. I had included a version for Minecraft 1.10 into the game. Astonishingly, this caused no crashes.

(+) Added a valid version of Biomes O'Plenty
(*) Shuffled biome IDs for Biomes O'Plenty to prevent conflicts

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Version 0.1


HUZZAH! You can make a world and it doesn't crash.
Note that this early version does not contain PlexTweaks or Theia. They aren't finished!

(*) Shuffled around a bunch of biome IDs to prevent clashes.
(-) Disabled the Twilight Forest Uncrafting Table prematurely. This should prevent future annoyances.

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