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Type in the modpack name (Planar Exodus 2) or paste the following url into the search box.

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Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Planar Exodus 2 from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Planar Exodus 2 Version 1.7.3

created by Ozzatron on Minecraft 1.7.10
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.

Planar Exodus 2 updated to version 1.7.0a

Planar Exodus 2 version 1.7: Expansion Alpha. Also blood moons.

(!) THE WORLD HEIGHT CAN NOW EXTEND BEYOND 256. Yes, that's right. It's in alpha though.

(+) Added Cosmetic Armor Reworked! You wanted social slots? You got social slots. Beautiful.

(+) At a 50% chance every full moon, a dark red chat message signifies the rise of the Blood Moon. The moon's light becomes red, mobs spawn rates multiply by five, and Leader Zombies are able to spawn.
(-) Villager zombies no longer normally spawn. They have been repurposed as Leader Zombies.
(*) Leader Zombies have increased health, spawn a whole horde of zombies upon detecting a player, and have an extremely high rate of spawning reinforcements.

(!) Fixed some client crashes involving Dryads.
(+) Plexmetals now work with TCon ranged weaponry. Additionally, PlexTweaks can now define custom bowstrings and fletching (not that we use this).
(+) PlexTweaks now lets Mushroom Stew stack to 64 like other food items.
(+) Signs now stack to 64.
(*) Potion effects now properly display their levels in the inventory again, up to level 4000.
(+) Added a command to rename dimensions to anything you choose. You can do this to dimensions you don't own (e.g. The Nether) so don't abuse it.
(+) All dropped items of Exceptional rarity or higher are invincible. They cannot be destroyed by lava, cacti or explosions. If you want to delete these items, use the NEI trash can or an in-game Trash Can.
(+) Bonus Chests can now be edited by PlexTweaks' Loot module.
(*) Improved the files of Axiom, PlexTweaks, Theia and Planar Armory.
(*) Refactored all Axiom-based mods to avoid overhead lag during startup.
(+) Added debug log methods to better diagnose the causes of server lag.
(+) Ereb can now edit biomes, including changing what types each biome is.
(+) CustomExplosions now handles far more block properties than just explosion resistance.
(+) Item names can now be up to 64 characters long when renamed in the Anvil.
(*) Any shaders used by Theia are now compiled once right at the end of loading instead of upon connecting to a server or starting a single player game.

(-) Golden Dimensional Doors disabled because they do not always properly chunk load their dimensions. If you want a dimension to be chunk loaded, please make a normal chunk loader. Golden Doors are still available.
(-) Personal Dimensional Doors disabled due to strange chunk loading shenanigans and also being a frustrating gameplay mechanic. Quartz Doors are still available.

(-) You can no longer craft Pulverized Steel by hand. This was way too useful and powerful early game.
(*) Fixed several errors involving in-world transmutation recipes.
(-) Removed ProjectE's original recipe for the portable Transmutation Tablet. Whoops.
(*) The Hyperkinetic Lens now requires Red Matter (just like the Destruction Catalyst).

(*) Turned off moss spreading to avoid massive block tick lag. Thanks ProjectRed.
(+) Revamped Blood Magic with over 250 new textures, backported from newer releases of the mod by Jiffy.
(-) Removed Ender IO's "Herobrine was here" easter egg by making the overlay texture blank. Thanks Klunk!
(*) Fixed Blood Magic demon invasions getting stuck becuase they built too many buildings instead of roads.
(+) Massively buffed demon invasions. They now spread much faster and can spawn double the demons. Their maximum possible radius has been increased to 240x240 blocks.
(-) Removed unnecessary number printing from the Thaumic Tinkerer XP Drain Focus.
(*) Carpenter's Safes won't cause crashes if you destroy them in unusual ways.
(+) You can craft 9 Ichorium Nuggets back into Ichorium now.
(-) Oil no longer catches fire or slows entities down. Both features were disabled as they are suspects for lag.
(+) Added some splashes and edited several others.
Ozzatron posted a changelog update for Planar Exodus 2 3 years ago


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Version 1.7.3 released. Chopped caves are finally off the chopping block.