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Planar Exodus 2 Version 1.7.6

created by Ozzatron on Minecraft 1.7.10
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.

Planar Exodus 2 updated to version 1.4.0

Planar Exodus 1.4.0 -- Most of this was meant to be in 1.3.0, but wasn't.

IT'S HAPPENING! CHISEL IS IN PLANAR EXODUS 2! Chisel works with all of the following:
(*) Carpenter's Blocks
(*) Forge Multipart (Microblocks)
(*) AE2 Cable Facades
(*) Thermal Dynamics Duct Covers
(*) Ender IO Conduit Facades

oh also I added nuclear reactors

====== Mod Changes ======

(-) Removed Looking Glass. While it's cool eye candy, it lets Myst books cripple server performance.
(-) Removed ComputerCraft; OpenComputers is objectively better.
(+) Added Big Reactors version 0.4.3A.
(+) Added Chisel version
(+) Added OpenComputers version

(+) Updated Antique Atlas: 4.2.10 --> 4.4.4
(+) Updated BiblioCraft: 1.11.5 --> 1.11.7
(+) Updated Decocraft: 2.4.1 --> 2.4.2
(+) Updated ExtraCells: 2.3.14b197 --> 2.3.14b200
(+) Updated Mystcraft: -->
(+) Updated OpenModularTurrets: 2.2.4-225 --> 2.2.11-238
(+) Updated Planar Armory: 1.3.0 --> 1.3.1
(+) Updated PlexTweaks: 3.3.0 --> 3.3.1
(+) Updated Railcraft: -->
(+) Updated Spice of Life: 1.3.8 --> 1.3.11
(+) Updated Thaumic Energistics: --> bugfix 3
(+) Updated Theia: 1.1.2 --> 1.1.3

====== Critical Bugs ======

(+) Re-enabled the Thaumic Energistics Arcane Crafting Terminal, since its duplication bug was fixed.

====== PlexTweaks, Theia, Planar Armory ======

(*) Krios' daylight-changing ASM won't make Forge complain anymore.
(-) Removed a very rare Krios crash with a ConcurrentModificationException.
(+) CustomFurnace now works properly with the Ore Dictionary.
(*) Planar Armory Decorative Beacon beams are now much fancier.

====== Mystcraft ======

(!) A bunch of pages (mostly ores) were accidentally disabled last version. This has been rectified.
(-) Removed PlexTweaks' Mystcraft ASM, because the new Mystcraft version fixes itself.
(+) Updated Mystcraft profiling to match all the mod list changes.
(*) Slightly changed the behavior of Mystcraft profiling on servers.

====== Big Reactors ======

(-) Disabled "comedy". I will decide what is and isn't allowed as "silly coolant".
(*) Adjusted almost all Big Reactors recipes. Most Big Reactors parts now require steel instead of iron.
(-) Yellorium Ore is now quite a bit rarer.
(-) Disabled use of Metallurgy metals in turbines; Metallurgy is not installed.
(*) Disabled the default Big Reactors Yellorium to Cyanite recipe. PlexTweaks adds a slightly different one.
(*) Disabled the default recipes for Graphite Bars. PlexTweaks adds more sensible Graphite recipes.

====== Chisel ======

(*) Adjusted chisel (the item) stats. All chisels are far more durable.
(*) Reworked many Chisel decorative block recipes.
(*) Concrete is now craftable from sand and gravel instead of being cooked gravel (because that makes no sense).
(*) Concrete is a full block and does not give a speed boost.

(+) The iron chisel can change its chiseling mode. As such, all three chisels are functionally identical.
(-) Disabled "Anti Blocks"; use Extra Utilities Lapis Caelestis for a "green screen".
(-) Disabled the Auto Chisel, because chisels have durability. This may be changed in the future.
(-) Disabled "Nation" and "Rebel" blocks. No politics (even fake politics) in Plex please.
(-) Disabled the "Smashing Rocks" for being silly and useless.
(-) Disabled uranium blocks. There is no uranium.
(-) Disabled Valentine blocks. Some people don't need the encouraging.

====== OpenComputers ======

(-) Reduced hologram flickering rate.
(*) Colorless screens now use a light green text color instead of white.
(-) Disabled robot name displays; PlexTweaks entity nameplates should handle this.
(+) Significantly increased the processing speed of higher tier computers.
(*) Adjusted scheduled execution delays to prevent server abuse and/or lag.
(*) Adjusted RAM chips' capacity.
(-) Reduced the arbitrary byte cost on filesystems for every file or folder.
(-) Removed the /tmp/ filesystem that computers get for free. Add your own file storage space!
(-) Disabled giving new players the manual. Never spawn a player with a book. EVER. FOR ANY REASON.
(-) Computers no longer magically know who's using a keyboard or a mouse.
(+) Doubled the allowed external clipboard size.
(+) Slightly increased max multiblock screen height.
(-) Decreased maximum wireless range.
(-) Disabled Christmas presents.
(+) Increased number of remote terminals supported by all tiers of server.
(-) Disabled update checking.
(*) Hopefully set up power scaling to work well with RF.
(+) Robots can damage players when they try to left click. This is equivalent to walking in front of a player who is breaking a block and getting punched.
(+) Robots are significantly faster than the default.
(*) Robots, when using tools, damage them just as players would instead of only having a 10% chance to damage them.
(*) Adjusted default robot names to include a random hex identifier.
(+) Slightly increased the range of robot interactions so they will be able to use slabs properly from above.
(-) Robots no longer break things faster as they gain experience.
(-) Robots no longer get multipliers on the experience gained from breaking ores.
(-) Robots no longer consume less durability on tools as they gain experience.
(*) Experience still effects the energy storage capacity of robots.
(*) Adjusted the stats of network switches.

====== Miscellaneous ======

(+) Enabled Forestry + Chisel compatibility.
(+) Actually added Mazestone recipes this time. It was supposed to happen in 1.3.0, but didn't.
(-) ServerTools Backup is no longer included with client versions of Planar Exodus.
(-) BiblioCraft no longer checks for updates because it uselessly suggests updates for 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12.
(-) Disabled all Flim Flam effects. The enchantment still exists, but now does nothing.
(-) Disabled ProjectRed Marble from generating; Chisel Marble is just better. ProjectRed Marble still exists in already-generated chunks.
( ) NOT A CHANGE: ProjectRed Marble and Chisel Marble can be converted between each other.

(-) Removed Synthesis and Veldar splashes. When we get there...
(*) Added a few splashes.
Ozzatron posted a changelog update for Planar Exodus 2 6 years ago


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