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Tekkit 1.0.5 Is Now Recommended

Tekkit 1.0.5 is now marked Recommended in the launcher, and most users will be asked to update the next time they attempt to launch Tekkit. This release contains a minor bug fix and a configuration improvement over 1.0.4, and should be the final Tekkit version before upgrading to 1.5.2.

The build includes the following changes:

  • A modpacking error which prevented Oxygen Condensers from working has been corrected.
  • Immibis Microblocks have been reconfigured not to appear in NEI.

Server owners can obtain the new server file from the following link:

Tekkit 1.0.4 Available Now

Tekkit 1.0.4 is now marked Latest in the launcher - it is possible to play it by clicking the Cogwheel under the Tekkit icon and configuring the modpack to always use the Latest build, or by manually selecting build 1.0.4.   Most users should remain on 1.0.3 until 1.0.4 is promoted to the recommended build.

This release contains a number of important bugfixes, and introduces a Technic-built fork of the mod Greg's Lighting, by Greg Ewing.  Greg's Lighting introduces a new spotlight which can be built with glowstone, iron, and gold.  Thes spotlights light a truly massive area for players who prefer clean, smooth lighting in their large rooms.  The tekkit fork has ported this excellent mod to 1.5.1 and removed the IC2 and carbide floodlights.

The build includes the following changes:

  • Corrected a configuration issue with Treecapitator, which prevented MFR Rubber trees from being treecapitated, and which prevented Galacticraft Heavy Duty Axes from treecapitating
  • Added Greg's Lighting version
  • Updated NEI Plugins to version
  • Updated Open CC Sensors to version 0.1.5e
  • Updated Applied Energistics to version 10 L
  • Updated Steve's Carts to version 2.0.0.a109
  • Updated Dimensional Doors to version
  • Updated Galacticraft to version a0.1.34.186

Server owners can obtain the new server file from the following link:

Tekkit has been released!

We have Liftoff! Tekkit has launched into a new era, and with it a new frontiers to explore! Dimensions, pockets and planets, it’s all there for you and your friends to exploit and conquer. 

Tekkit Lite Updated to 0.6.5

Tekkit Lite 0.6.5, the final Tekkit Lite update for 1.4.7, has been promoted to recommended in the launcher.  In addition to the large number of mod updates that accompanied 0.6.2, two configuration fixes were added:

  • Nether Ores will now properly spawn in the nether.
  • Applied Energistics recipes will no longer require Buildcraft chipsets.

All of these changes can be viewed in the Changelog at

The latest server is available at


EDIT: This article was previously for the release of Tekkit 0.6.4- after release, we discovered that a version inconsistency in Chicken Bones' mods was causing crashes for many users, and released 0.6.5, which rolls back several Chicken Bones mods, to remedy the issue.

Big Dig Has Been Removed From the Platform

Hello, this is your friendly reminder that Big Dig is transitioning to become an official Technic modpack.  Today, we moved along that transition by removing Big Dig from the searchable list of Platform modpacks.  Your new landing page for all things Big Dig can now be found at the following link:

For those of you who are still playing the platform version of Big Dig, I hope this will be the kick in the pants you need to transition over to the official version immediately.  All that you need to do to make that happen is copy your saves and servers.dat from your .technic\big-dig-pack folder to your .technic\bigdig folder.  A link to the Big Dig official server can be found on the official page linked above.