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1.6+ Support is Now Available

Tekkit Classic is now fixed! Due to the way we resolved the issue it also fixed compatibility for Hack/Mine and YogBox so both of these modpacks will be returning to the launcher. We apologize for the time you were unable to play your favorite modpacks today. Thank you for being patient and letting us get everything working!

Today we are happy to announce that 1.6 support is now live and pushed to the recommended launcher stream. What does this mean for you? Next time you start up your launcher it will update itself and provide full 1.6+ support. Olloth has worked very hard on this new version of the launcher and made sure to get it working and out to you guys before he heads off to Amazon.

Even though it may not look like it, 90% of the launcher has been completely rewritten from scratch. You will notice large improvements in speed. As an example, extracting modpacks should be much faster and no longer grind your computer to a halt. There were also some changes to the way pack information is stored, so when you first start the new launcher your old information will be migrated into the new storage system. As always, if you have any issues with the new launcher please do not hesistate to file a bug report on our forums.

With this update we are also going to be retiring two modpacks from our official lineup. Those packs are YogBox and Hack/Mine. Neither of these packs are compatible with the new launcher. In order to provide support for 1.6 and future versions of Minecraft we had to remove these packs from the launcher. It's possible Hack/Mine may return in the future.


We have resolved the issue with Tekkit Classic and the new launcher. YogBox and Hack/Mine have also returned. Any issues that remain should be minor but will be taken care of. As it stands now however, your Tekkit Classic games should be A-OK. 


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