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How To Install Packs


We hope that you're enjoying the new launcher and platform, but some users have been a bit confused about how to install packs now.  There's no big "Add A Pack" button in the launcher, and that's causing some confusion.  Over the next couple days, we'll be improving the way the launcher directs you to install new packs, but in the meantime, here are the three ways that you can install a modpack on the Technic Launcher.

Search For It

The search bar on the left side of the launcher can be used to find the packs your heart desires.  Just put a single term and the best packs of the platform that match will be brought to your launcher.  Don't see what you want?  Click the "Find more" link at the bottom to see more results, and use the second installation method.

Searching For Packs 

Install From the Platform

Are you already at the Platform page for the pack you want?  With your launcher open, click "Install This Modpack".  It will be added to your Launcher!  It's magic.

Install This Modpack

Or, If All Else Fails

Just about anything can be put into the search bar, and the launcher will do its absolute best to turn that into an installed pack.  Got a Platform API link?  That'll work.  Almost anything will work, and we hope you'll use this advice to try out lots of packs you haven't seen before.  Have you seen Trending Modpacks?  You can see it by selecting Browse Modpacks from the Discover menu at the top of the Platform, and it's a great way to discover cool packs you haven't heard of before.  It changes all the time!

So enjoy the new Platform and give the new launcher a spin.


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Posted by Leanna_B 5 years ago
"We hope that you're enjoying the new launcher and platform" not really the old one was more easy to use
DarkAssassin299 6 years ago
i cant figure out how to edit my pack and add the pack art back and why is the browse gone
Posted by DarkAssassin299 6 years ago
There's a pretty big edit button on the right side of the page, and browse is under Discover at the top of the page. I linked to it in the article you are responding to.
Posted by CanVox 6 years ago
yes it was so much easyer i cant play like 5 games now
Posted by bmarc 6 years ago
yes i see the edit button but where is the place to add the pack art back on the edit page
Posted by DarkAssassin299 6 years ago
You can add pack art under the "resources" tab.
Posted by CanVox 6 years ago
there should be a browse feature within the launcher ^^.
SilverDarkBlade 6 years ago
Search isn't enough? :-P
Posted by CanVox 6 years ago
mine cant even search it just said that there were no launchers under what I searched
Posted by 1coolvinny 6 years ago
This new launcher is the worst, The old one hmm what was the word? oh yea IT WORKED! Unlike this... Nothing works now...
Lachie1770 6 years ago
Could you go into further detail about the problems you're encountering?
Posted by CanVox 6 years ago
He Means The Mac Download Doesnt Work Or Wont Launcher Modpacks
Posted by chopchop15 6 years ago
the old one was way easier to navigate your way through.
Posted by zac1228 6 years ago
It would be nice if it actually worked. I've been trying for half an hour to download a pack and none of the options are working. The search can't find anything, the Install This Modpack button does nothing on the website, every time I type in the API in search it tells me it's broken. I liked the old copy and paste method better it worked and I didn't have to jump through hoops to get a new mod pack.
Murinae 6 years ago
Thats actually really helpful thanks, but would it be possible to add a way to minimise the launcher when its loading up or downloading updates because its quite annoying trying to do other things while the technic symbol is right in the middle of the screen.
whitepyros 6 years ago
Yeah, I think you're right.
Posted by CanVox 6 years ago
Love how every "upgrade" which is more like a downgrade doesn't even fix anything
Lachie1770 6 years ago
it wont let me search or install from website just go back to oldd launcher :(
desseannorwood 6 years ago
One thing I've noticed about the comment feature on these news posts is that the oldest comments, not the newest, are the ones that show up at the top. This is confusing a lot of users, and is resulting in said users posting a message multiple times in comment-heavy articles because they think their message is not getting through.
MarsJenkar 6 years ago
When i write something in the search bar, on the launcher, nothing happens, it just says "Find out more on the technic platform" i put the URL in and it says, "Broken API link"...meaning i cannot search any more Mods....What do I...I have restarted the computer, download more copies....i dont know what to do now? Help me please!!
Petery0016 5 years ago
somehow with this update you've managed to break my game again, thank you for making me waste countless hours over and over again.
AllShallBurn 6 years ago
Can't help with no information.
Posted by CanVox 6 years ago
i keep crashing if i launch my modpack and it says in the crash report that he has not enough memory but how do i fix it
SappyKing 6 years ago
You can up the memory in "launcher options" -> "java settings"
Posted by CanVox 6 years ago
JDPiz 6 years ago
How do i download the old one??????? its better
SappyKing 6 years ago
Sorry, you must use the new launcher.
Posted by AgentWho 6 years ago
How do i download the old one??????? its better
SappyKing 6 years ago
how do you log in to technic launcher, it says invalid username or password
dasherkmk0628 6 years ago
Are you sure you are using your MOJANG username and password?
Posted by AgentWho 6 years ago
For me, I had to use my e-mail and password that I used for my vanilla MC, for example: [email protected] and for the password is whatever your MC password is. Hope I helped C:
Posted by JadeHarleyHomestuckers20145 6 years ago
All works for me... I dont know about you.
It's so much easier now, thank god!
StormCrow1770 6 years ago
i want to know how to MAKE packs not down load them
isquide 6 years ago
These links should help you out a bit they did a lot for me
Posted by whitepyros 6 years ago
the search bar and all else failed.what i do?
igorogordo 6 years ago
How To Install Packs On The New Technic Launcher : Step 1 : Download and Open The Technic Launcher Step 2 : Go to the Technic Launcher's main page on the internet ( and go up the the middle top where a search bar with the text "Search The Platform..." is located Step 3 : Search for the required pack Step 4 : Click On The Name Of The required pack in the Search Query Step 5 : Go to the left of the page where it says "Install This Modpack" Step 6 : Click on the button and a text should appear stating "Platform URL copied to clipboard!" Step 7 : Return the the Technic Launcher opened in Step 1 and click on the tab "Modpacks" Step 8 : Paste The URL copied in Step 6 into the search bar found in the top left Step 9 : Click on the required modpack Step 10 : Click the "Install" button on the bottom right of the page Step 11 : Wait for mod to finish downloading Step 12 : Open Modpack and Enjoy
Arigoncraft 6 years ago
Nearly Forgot : Make Sure You Have Signed Up To The Technic Pack Page (Top Right) for those reading without accounts
Posted by Arigoncraft 6 years ago
I entered the URL in the launcher and nothing happened... is there anything i can do about that?
Posted by DemonikFallen 5 years ago
if anyone gets the api link broken message, delete all installs of java through control panel and download this one fixed it for me. don't even have to get the link from the website, the search box works.
JAG11 6 years ago
im done with technic and putting up with this crap
AllShallBurn 6 years ago
Alright. Cya! It's not like we have any other platforms like the Technic Platform yet though.... I'm working on one but it takes a lot of work and I'm inexperienced in PHP so I'll probably not be able to beat this platform even if I succeed making my own. It's worth a shot though, eh! :)
Posted by Paint_Ninja 6 years ago
hmm i think the update cannot let me change my skin back
caiuscs 6 years ago
How do you mean?
Posted by CanVox 6 years ago
i think that everyone who needs this is kinda a idiot because they should be able to use this at the of six
MCmusket 6 years ago
at the age of six i meant
Posted by MCmusket 6 years ago
if i launch it opens a different minecraft (instead of the one i purchased on minecraft) with a one that i dont know) and what do i do next do i need forge!! Also how do you run the mod?
bklug21 6 years ago
I'm not sure if I understand this, but I'll try to help you. Do you mean that it opens a launcher other than the one that Mojang gave you when you bought Minecraft? That is normal, this is a different launcher. No, you do not need to install forge, installing a modpack will also install forge. Once you install a mod on the technic launcher navigate to the modpacks tab in the launcher, select the modpack you installed, and click "Install". It will then download everything included in the modpack. Note: if you already have installed a modpack the "Install" button will change to a "Play" button.
Posted by AgentWho 6 years ago
if i launch it opens a different minecraft (instead of the one i purchased on minecraft) with a one that i dont know) and what do i do next do i need forge!! Also how do you run the mod?
bklug21 6 years ago
ye the old was better why not add the new features to the old one like the search box and all the modpacks to the sides then make a whole near launcher which doesn't work for most people
chopchop15 6 years ago
when i installed The mincraft assets part takes an eternity and stays at 2%
Themadshadow 6 years ago
Could you open an issue in the tracker to make it easier to help you?
Posted by CanVox 6 years ago
lucky blocks isn't working 4 me
raffie6 6 years ago