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Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Tekkit) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Tekkit from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Tekkit Version 1.2.9i

created by sct on Minecraft Version 1.6.4 using Technic Solder
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how to get a more recent version of minecraft on tekkit, ex. 1.13 or 1.14
andrewtanyinkit 1 year ago
I have the same question. I have 1.14.3 for minecraft. I did find sort of an answer but it stated that you can't change the version that is used unless you made the modpack. So it appears that the maker of this modpack would have to change it to the newest version of MC.
Posted by ethermyn 10 months ago
so there is no way unless you make yourself???, so that mean you can't use technic launcher for newer minecraft???
Posted by andrewtanyinkit 2 months ago
does this have a server taht i could join with a friend or do i need to make one?
Remzor 1 year ago
Does anyone know how I can get multiworld support for a server? I have tried working with Multiverse but that didn't work out too well. I am looking to mainly create a second world for resource gathering
neelin21 1 year ago
Version 1.2.9h ''Program Java(TM) Platform SE binary not responding" please help me
KokyCZE 1 year ago
For some reason with this exact version of tekkit I can't launch it. I can launch older versions, other mod packs and everything. It is just this version and I can't figure out why.
prolittle 1 year ago
Same - shuts on load almost instantly. Doesn't appear to actually be adding the Lumy Skin Patch to the files either, at least I can't see it anywhere
Posted by BurntValentine2 1 year ago
Issue fixed after the change from 1.2.10 to 1.2.9h
Posted by BurntValentine2 1 year ago
is there a version with the energy condenser (or whatever equivalent exchange mod it is)?
SlimySniper 1 year ago
Hi i'm creating a Tekkit server with beastnode and i've tried the supported plugins and manually adding plugins from neither have worked I really only want setspawn, ranks, and a way to protect areas like factions. Any Help would be appreciated
Hambruiser 1 year ago
WHY. DO. YOU. ADAMANTLY. REFUSE. TO. UPDATE. EVEN. ONE. OF. THE. DAMNED. MODS? There are versions of nearly every mod in this pack that are fixed and much less buggy AND compatible with this version of MC and Forge, that have been out for YEARS. You can't be bothered to do even one measly little update to fix things like Extra Utilities recipes simply not working at all, MFR machines losing their settings on logout, TE machines that don't take the correct input, Wireless Redstone that doesn't send the signal even though both ends are set to the right channel, and MFR machines that ignore said redstone signal even when it does get there? THIS. PACK. COULD. BE. FANTASTIC. BUT. IS. A. TOTAL. DISGRACE. You should all be ashamed that you can't lift a finger in years to fix any of this BS.
mcorrie 1 year ago
Can you replace AE with AE2
DJOS420 1 year ago
Do I use this for single player or somehing else. I am new
DJOS420 1 year ago
It can be either singleplayer or multiplayer. There is a server download on this page.
Posted by LasaBir 1 year ago
Hi i tink i have played this before. I realy need tekkit
Zondyz 1 year ago
Pack is so buggy it's literally unplayable now. I just spent 40 minutes breaking and re-placing a wireless redstone receiver thatt absolutely refuses to emit signal no matter what the transmitter on the same frequency says, where I place them, or how many times I break, reset, and re-tune them. Unbelievable there's absolutely no response to anything, including the age old "why no updates" from the flagship pack of this site and launcher. Unreal.
mcorrie 1 year ago
Sorry that that doesn't work! Sorry to say, but quite a few things in this modpack don't work. Some mods weren't finished, others are just buggy. Since the version of Minecraft for this modpack is so old, all of the mods are going to be out of date with no one maintaining them. It would be nice if some of these things were fixed, but lets be real: they aren't going to be fixed. Sad to say, but if you are trying to do something and it doesn't work because a mod is broken, you are going to have to find some other way to do it.
Posted by LasaBir 1 year ago
Caribbean tides server is awesome omg .
bonsssss 1 year ago
Hello. Nem birom elinditani szerver inditott enek mi lehet a problémája?
FoggyMercury944 1 year ago
i can not download the modpack
SpyroGamesNl 1 year ago
What version on the game is best for this modpack?
AD04 1 year ago
how to run the server?
6HL 1 year ago
Hello, I was wondering how i can add plugins to my server? Can someone help me?
gvamaral 1 year ago
Hello, I just have a problem with disappearing items from player inventory (Power fist). I have no external plugins. Can somebody help please?
Emerry 1 year ago
This modpack is amazing. Would love to see it updated to 1.7.10. I still play Tekkit 1.6.4 up to date, since it's really an amazing Tech pack, but newer mods improves the experience. Do consider. If reading this, update the mods to 1.7.10. Don't remove any mods, the pack is perfect.
TheUnknown54 1 year ago
It needs OpenBlocks and EnderIO, and could maybe-almost-kinda lose the stub of EE3 if it weren't for how greedy for Ender Pearls every other mods' recipes are. And there's no excuse for not updating the mods in 2+ years, as far as I'm concerned. Even if you kept 1.7, there are newer (less buggy, more feature-rich) versions of the existing mods in here, for that version of Minecraft. Hell, Extra Utilities alone has half a dozen important, completely non-functioning recipes that are fixed in the very next version... but this pack has been soldiering along like that with half that mod just plain broken, year after bloody year. It's depressing.
Posted by mcorrie 1 year ago
They need to add AE2
Posted by DJOS420 1 year ago

Latest Update

Version 1.2.9i disables version update checks for all the mods, which were causing some people to crash.