Install The Classic Pack

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (The Classic Pack) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select The Classic Pack from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

The Classic Pack Version 3.1.8a

created by Pulz on Minecraft Version 1.12.2 using Technic Solder
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What is the server ip?
Clanklez 3 years ago
Hey, big fan of tekkit classic here, loving this update, but does anyone own a public server? id hate for this update to go to waste to not have a shared fanbase. if theres no public server, then let me know if you want to make one, totally down for it.
Retsamthe24 3 years ago
Nice work, definitely something I've been looking for for awhile. However, it's nearly unplayable for me, as I'm having a lot of stuttering issues that gradually get worse after even a few minutes. I have to completely exit the game to get it to work. Anyone else had this issue/know how to fix it? I'm running Win10, Intel i7, NVIDIA GeForce 940M, and 16 Gb of RAM.
SniahKItteh 3 years ago
really love the modpack, it's an amazing fresh update on it! I did have an issue running it at first - had to change the technic launcher to use a 1.7 version of Java otherwise it wouldn't start the pack. other than that, all seems smooth and reliable. thanks for making this!
corfeur12 3 years ago
have the pipes and pumps from RedPower been removed? It's a bit difficult to build powerflowers without the use of an item transport system that isn't as bulky as the build craft pipes and engines. I think it was part of the bluetricity pack way back when.
zizzinator 3 years ago
World keeps crashing for some reason? Bug maybe?
Whelchey 3 years ago
My server doesnt actually work, when i try to spawn in a block like marble it says no such item exists
assassinTAC197 3 years ago
can i add thermal expansion 2 no problem?
JOLAOSO JJ 3 years ago
Is default world generation the recommended world gen to use? Because there are like 5 other world gens and idk which one to use
JOLAOSO JJ 3 years ago
I downloaded the mod pack with a LOT of enthusiasm. It went well and all, but every time I try to run it, it goes well until it gets to step 2/7, with the bottom bar displaying that it's doing something with CoFH Core. The launcher then crashes and displays an "Java(TM) platform SE binary has stopped working." message. I tried updating to the latest version of Java with no help. What info do I need to provide to possibly get some help in fixing this issue?
MortumUmbrus 3 years ago
I cant download that pack at all... It just says error and telling me consult with the modpack author.
Topevent 3 years ago
dude your drive download for the pack isnt working i sugest changing it to anuther way of downloading but all im saying is when i try to download it it say: error: failed to download, please consult the modpack author.
lee17392 3 years ago
Nice modpack but Treecapitator is not in tekkit classic so i don't think it should be here either
jazzzooo 3 years ago
Hello! Every time I try to get the pack I get the error: failed to download, please consult the modpack author. Can anyone help? Thanks :)
Senglide 3 years ago
Is there any server files for this mod pack
thegreenskinsarmy 3 years ago
Yes, its over there on the right.
Posted by Beefy_Tim 3 years ago
also im not sure if it is just me but i can't get the projectred frame motor to work
Posted by thegreenskinsarmy 3 years ago
it needs bluetricity running to it
Posted by Beefy_Tim 3 years ago
can you add ic2 classic to this mod pack
thegreenskinsarmy 3 years ago
I had to choose between the official ic2 and ic2 classic, the official had better features and didn't feel like a rehash of an old mod. So... sorry, what feature did you want from the mod?
Posted by Beefy_Tim 3 years ago
Just the old recipes
Posted by thegreenskinsarmy 3 years ago
can you add forestry for the electric engine and stuff ? btw your Discord doesnt work
SarHawk 3 years ago
Sorry, no. The pack is made to be at least 95% faithful to the original Tekkit Classic.
Posted by Beefy_Tim 3 years ago
Btw, here is a permanent code
Posted by Beefy_Tim 3 years ago
(That's what wasn't there.)
isotope 3 years ago
I looked at the mod list and all I saw that wasn't there was bluetricity.
isotope 3 years ago
Project: Red is closer to RedPower than bluetricity is...
Posted by Beefy_Tim 3 years ago
hey whats the server ip?
mysticallatios 3 years ago
We... Don't have a server...
Posted by Beefy_Tim 3 years ago
We have a discord though!
Posted by Beefy_Tim 3 years ago

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