Install RLCraft

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (RLCraft) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select RLCraft from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

RLCraft Version 2.9.3

created by Shivaxi on Minecraft 1.12.2
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how do i download the game?
UwUTheJolleyBoyUwU 2 years ago
I don´t know if my computer can run it. Anyone knows the requirements?
anabia1202 2 years ago
Why does it force me back into the technic launcher after loading into a world?
Terralo3 2 years ago
how to play with friends (free) ?
letsgomucx 2 years ago
Can you update the modpack to include dragonbone steel?
The_Free_Mann 2 years ago
Do you have any plans to add Weather, Storms and Tornadoes mod? I think it'd add a good, realistic danger and would be really fun
Midnyte18 2 years ago
Shivaxi can you add OptiFine to this? I'm thinking about starting a series on your game but for me it only works on Technic Launcher and I can't add Optifine myself.
vyevd 2 years ago
So i installed it but when i try to run the pack, it closes minecraft and then brings me back to the technic launcher screen
boyyang02 2 years ago
Launch RLCraft again, it usually happens to me.
Posted by vyevd 2 years ago
how does one add shaders to the mod pack and which one is good????
Rezorox 2 years ago
How do I install this
08lillyon 2 years ago
your mod pack is broken
steamliam1 2 years ago
when I mine a tree it disappears
steamliam1 2 years ago
the point of this game is realism - you gotta have the right tools to break blocks. Maybe watch the video?
Posted by treehousecity 2 years ago
your game got a bug
steamliam1 2 years ago
put the same amount of mods in this modpack!!!
steamliam1 3 years ago
fix mod pack it crashed on me when I was opening my backpack
steamliam1 3 years ago
every time i load a world (even on the lowest settings possible) it crashes the game. straight to the technic platform home menu. it does't give a crash report or anything. does anyone know what could cause this (also i've never played this pack before so i don't know if it worked before now)
shrexy_boy 3 years ago
did you upgrade the memory in game for your 64 bit java to 2 gig?
Posted by Hiakun 3 years ago
it crashes every time
ArasKoç 3 years ago
Update to 1.14.2
steamliam1 3 years ago
Posted by The_Free_Mann 2 years ago
not me
warning_demolisher 3 years ago
hey can somebody help? I can't download the rlcraft on technic launcher it says "Failed to download" can somebody please help?
Eniupl42 3 years ago
i'm having the same problem!
Posted by CaiomdcBr 3 years ago
same issues here
Posted by VIgavolt 3 years ago
i know the reason of the problem I go to and 404 error So This modpack is just a troll for me
Posted by YanyanYTB 3 years ago
I have the exact same problem like @yanyanytb the website doesn't exist try it out
Posted by Marco090408 3 years ago
i'm having the same issue, has anyone figured it out yet?
Posted by StefanReimann 3 years ago
No, but I've been experiencing the same problem around 2 hours ago.
Posted by blastmasterism 3 years ago
i got it to start working, but i'm not sure how i downloaded a x64 bit version of java, and set my tekkit launcher to use 6 GB of ram instead of just 1. however, i'm not sure if that's the reason why it's working now, because it didn't start working immediately after that change.
Posted by StefanReimann 3 years ago
Sorry for the downtime there was, I was migrating my servers and totally forgot about this, woops. It should be all resolved since a week or two now though, since there hasn't been any recent responses.
Posted by comfymaxee 3 years ago

Latest Update

RLCraft was updated to version 2.9.3