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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Hexxit II) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Hexxit II from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Hexxit II Version 1.4.4

created by xJon on Minecraft 1.12.2 using Technic Solder
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I'd like to drop some feedback - The Scale Armor doesn't provide fire resistance anymore - The Golden Feather must be worn in the hand to prevent fall damage - The boost of the electric staff is too low. You can't really fly with it anymore, it's just a little boost now - The magic mirror is missing? It was a great feature - Many weapons are missing (like Ender Giant Sword) - I would love some world settings to turn on/off cooldowns (like on the ninja dagger) And many more features from the first Hexxit are just missing
Ven_Root 1 month ago
Thank you for the feedback! A lot of missing features are just due to their availability from the respective mods. Hexxit II tries to contain as many features from the original release as possible, but 100% unfortunately is not possible (unless new mod developers could help!). Regarding the Scale armor, the sets did go through a re-balancing, as you can see Scale now has Absorption II which the original did not have. If you have a suggestion to rebalance all 4 sets, feel free to post it :)
Posted by xJon 1 month ago | Modpack Creator
Hello, I was wondering if there are ways to obtain chorus fruits other than going to the End in this modpack? I'm curious because popped chorus fruits are necessary to upgrade capsules and I feel like having to wait until you get there to be able to upgrade them beyond the 11 x 11 x 11 is a bit much, especially since Hexxit II really isn't about the standard goal of getting to The End.
Ssnakey-B 2 months ago
Perhaps you can ask in Technic's Discord!
Posted by xJon 1 month ago | Modpack Creator
In Hexxit 1 you were able to enchant staffs for free. In this version I can't. Is there a reason?
Chrisbrei 3 months ago
Can you provide more detail?
Posted by xJon 3 months ago | Modpack Creator
how do i make the server so that my friends can join them
Sane123 6 months ago
You can get help with this over Technic's Discord :)
Posted by xJon 6 months ago | Modpack Creator
Hi: could you please remove the pet limit? It says that I have exceeded the limit, but I have a maximum of 5 animals... I don't want to play this mod without animals.
TheRoxieS 7 months ago
Hi! Are you playing on a server? The default pet limit is 48! If you're on singleplayer, you can control it yourself over \modpacks\hexxit-ii\config\MoCreatures\MoCSettings.cfg in lines #126 & #129.
Posted by xJon 7 months ago | Modpack Creator
optifine add please!
Kiwally 7 months ago
I'm unable to due to Optifine's license, but you can always add it yourself manually!
Posted by xJon 7 months ago | Modpack Creator
i cant play bcs htttps://
bryndzy 7 months ago
Hey! Please head over to to get help :)
Posted by xJon 7 months ago | Modpack Creator
Hi, I want to ask if I can change backup time. Besides that sick modpack! love it :)
tend0 7 months ago
Yes of course! You can change it through the config file of the mod "backups.cfg" under the "config" folder :)
Posted by xJon 7 months ago | Modpack Creator
So I was playing in the first 30minutes nothing happened,but after that my game was in big delay I'm mining blocks but they dont appear and i cant fix that. I tried to increase the ram to 6gb but that didnt work so i puted it to 2.5gb but that also? Any fix?
Suffly 7 months ago
Hey! Please head over to to get help :)
Posted by xJon 7 months ago | Modpack Creator
Im happy to have hexxit 2 but I have some issues with it. We have thermal foundation but no more thermal mods? I know that hexxit is supposed to be exploration and such and less stay at home and grind, but you have the chance to expand on that with just adding a couple thermal mods and it would be an actual use for the extra ores we get from foundation, it would also give us a reason to use the holding enchant from cofhcore. Also I think adding some mods such as viescraft would be cool for exploration, make a flying ship to fly around. I think we need more mods that add a grind set to the game, because hexxit one went so fast and there wasnt much to do after you got strong, and hexxit 2 can take from that but make it last longer such as the Aether, expand it to more dimensions. I dont know I feel like hexxit 2 has so much potential and an opportunity to start reaching for it, to be better than hexxit one but still have that feel of nostalgia and love.
jukeboxheaven 8 months ago
Hey! Thermal Foundation is there for ore & ingot support for Tinkers. Please feel free to suggest any mods or other changes over!
Posted by xJon 7 months ago | Modpack Creator
No thaumcraft? thats a shame, was always my favorite method of play in these kinds of modpacks. always had a way of being useful.
Luigi1Fan 8 months ago
You can add it yourself manually :)
Posted by xJon 8 months ago | Modpack Creator
I don't know what the issue is, but I think that mobs are able to spawn on slabs in this pack, and since slabs don't have a light level on them they seem to spawn even if there is a torch right there
JCLibs 8 months ago
Can you please report this issue over
Posted by xJon 8 months ago | Modpack Creator
I quit my game and my world saved but my inventory did not. I was on diamond armour but have been set back to wooden tools, I cannot express how frustrated I am right now
Floda 8 months ago
How do I access the backups?
Posted by Floda 8 months ago
Really sorry to hear this happened! You can access backups through the singleplayer menu on the bottom.
Posted by xJon 8 months ago | Modpack Creator
Hi! Is there a way to download old version server jar? (1.0.0 specifically)
Kenyerszaporito 8 months ago
Yes, you can manually edit the download link. Why is it needed?
Posted by xJon 8 months ago | Modpack Creator
is there some activily played server i can join ?
domcanator1 9 months ago
You can find public servers over Technic's Discord :)
Posted by xJon 9 months ago | Modpack Creator
Which is the world type you guys prefer for Hexxit II and WHY?
ZanyScum 9 months ago
Hexxit has a wiki, but does Hexxit II have a wiki? I am curious of all the available dungeons to play
SilverRonald 10 months ago
Unfortunately Hexxit II does not have a wiki. You can find a list of dungeons over Technic's Discord!
Posted by xJon 9 months ago | Modpack Creator
Hey, this is recommendation for mods which you can add: AbyssalCraft, Advent of Ascension, Thaumcraft and mod with new ores. Also there is one mod which is really good to make nature more detailed where animals have more variations like cows in different colors :)
Wartezix_ 10 months ago
does anyone know which mods in this modpack affect player models bcs im trying to create a modpack adding mods to it so i can play on my own. but one of my mods dont work cuz the player model is not changing and something is altering it
MJGamer_Kessy 10 months ago
Could be Obfuscate and/or Idō, which will probably be removed in the next version of the modpack!
Posted by xJon 10 months ago | Modpack Creator
is it possible to use texture packs on hexxit or am i just stupid
advocatee_ 10 months ago
Yes! See over
Posted by xJon 10 months ago | Modpack Creator

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Hexxit II was updated to version 1.4.5