Install Hack Slash Mine

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Hack Slash Mine) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Hack Slash Mine from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Hack Slash Mine Version

created by sct on Minecraft 1.2.3 using Technic Solder
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Is there a server for this modpack? :)
Schattenfrost 7 years ago
hack/mine crashes no play :(
Zsomnitrix101 8 years ago
I fixed the mod! Get the modpack Hack Slash Mine +
Posted by LeviTheOtaku 7 years ago
Looks like this mod still CAN work, here's what to do: Install the mod, go into the mod settings and choose ""; that's the latest version that still seems to be working. Thanks for letting me know guys!!! posting this because BUMP
Connorses 8 years ago
Thank you!
Posted by Meyling 6 years ago
The monster spawning algorithm is F***ed. Massive lag spikes are a common occurrence as the game spawns literally 60-100 of the same enemy in the same place on the edge of your loaded chunks. I've had to resort to frequently dropping to Peaceful for a moment simply to get my framerate back. And of course, because the focus of this mod is enemies spawning all the time, that's kind of a bad thing to have to do.
tustin2121 8 years ago work if you want play
Roxidiouss 8 years ago
Change to version 0.6.0 then it will stop crashing
Rukui 8 years ago
Rukui 8 years ago
Cant play
Rukui 8 years ago
I remember when this was a Official Modpack... #NostalgiaBoner
SanukeGames 8 years ago
Are we supposed to use this one or Hack Slash Mine +? I'm only unsure because Hack Slash Mine + was updated more recently.
Orangie 8 years ago
Your supposed to use Hack Slash Mine + if you want it to work
Posted by LeviTheOtaku 7 years ago
always crashes so i cant play please fix
Kingkai9 8 years ago
I cant start it because it always crashes when I wanna play it plz fix ;_;
BitReaver 8 years ago
Frizzle is working on updating this to 1.7 but has health issues. Anyone calling him lazy for not updating should go get cancer, go thru chemo and update it themselves. Lots of us have been waiting and he still working on it in live streams when he can.
reverett_Ten 8 years ago
oh,i was gonna say i just came here because the modpack wasn't launching on the launcher
Posted by axel_rawr 8 years ago
sct, go here: for an easy way to make Hack/Mine Java 1.8 compatible. It's not fair no one can play your mod just because you're to lazy to update it. This may work for individuals who can't to run this mod, but I haven't tried it, or you can get Java 1.7 from here: to make it work.
Zomberino 8 years ago
the modpack wont load up
xXLight__AngelXx 8 years ago
I used to play this modpack all the time and when i got a new computer i completely forgot about it. so when i found it again, i found that it wasn't working. I fixed mine though. All you need to do is go to the modpack options when the modpack is selected in your list of modpacks, check the box that says "A Specific Version" and choose Ive tried all of them and this is the latest update out of all of them that actually work.
DiamondPro_MC 8 years ago
Posted by insanemonkey78 8 years ago
Thanks a ton, I'm playing that version now.
Posted by Connorses 8 years ago
thank you
Posted by nardocreeper 7 years ago
Please can somebody help me? I had Hack / Mine on my other computer a year ago and i wanted it on this one because it was great. I downloaded it and every time I try to play it, the tab closes after a second. It never works! Can somebody help me?
hzlink 8 years ago
ok install it go to settings click custom version (or whatever it is) then click the lowest version and click reinstall then exit out of the settings and click install
Posted by AtoZgamer 8 years ago
So I love playing this pack, because its an amazing pack. How ever recently it has been crashing every time i launch it. Are other people having this problem, and if so how do i fix it?
Helllobster 8 years ago
To those saying it closes instantly on launch try changing your Java version to Java 7 - fixed it for me. Can't work on Java 8 as there are no fixes for Java 8 compatibility with modpacks this old, though there is an experimental fix available that may or may not work here:
BurntValentine 8 years ago
Though on testing the 'fix' it's not very reliable, causes crashes whenever I try and use my second mage ability. Either way the only issues with this modpack are the Java version you run it on, runs fine on Java 7.
Posted by BurntValentine 8 years ago
Hack/Link is an rpg xD and a anime/manga
Raicaro 8 years ago