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hey is anyone else having a problem withe discord chat saying "The instant invite was invalid or has expired"?
AtoZgamer 6 years ago
why the fuck do i keep getting "atemted to download (modpack).zip but it did not exist" i know i got the link right so WHAT THE FUCK TECHNIC!
AtoZgamer 7 years ago
Hey, this is for the big dig modpack creators, my single player world is stuck on loading world building terrain,and this is just 1 of the 5 worlds that i have had to delete because of this problem, so figure out a way to fix it!
AtoZgamer 7 years ago
how do i use the 2.0 technic ???????????????
AtoZgamer 7 years ago
AtoZgamer liked the modpack Official Crafting Dead 7 years ago