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Type in the modpack name (Enchanted Oasis•) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Enchanted Oasis• from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Enchanted Oasis• Version 2.9.6

created by mjra007 on Minecraft Version 1.7.10 using Technic Solder
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is something up with the server? past 2 days when I try to join it says failed to connect and the server is labeled as cant connect
Tenebric13 1 month ago
This modpack is wonderful
FabulousPotatoes 1 month ago
does anyone know how i can make a server using this modpack? technic does not officially haveone for aternos yet so i am looking for an alternative
briannafromvenus 3 months ago
when I download the modpack everything goes fine until its loading to bring it into Minecraft. it always stops at the language part. I downloaded 1.7.10 forge just in case and I have tried both recommended and recent. am I missing something? or is there a way to fix this?
WolfyLover_4444 3 months ago
Will there ever be a server download/ server files?
pedostroke 8 months ago
Ask on discord
Posted by mjra007 7 months ago | Modpack Creator
The new server IP ( doesn't work, it says it cant find host name?
Tommybuster_3 8 months ago
yeah it's not working dunno why tho
Posted by IIPandoraII 8 months ago
Hey, I've had a issue where while downloading the modpack it'd stop at around 4/7, 2/7, etc. To fix this I allocated more memory to the Technic Launcher in 'Launcher Options' with the gear widget next to it. If you can't allocate memory, update to the 64x bit version of Technic. Just wanted to add this in case anybody else suffered the same thing.
IIPandoraII 8 months ago
I don't know if this will work for every computer but it's worth a try! :)
Posted by IIPandoraII 8 months ago
:( The links to the resource packs do not work they take you to "page does not exist" or "page cannot be found" type things
Mick83Mack 8 months ago
mine stops at 2/7 everytime too
Jellobell 9 months ago
I've installed the pack, but i can't run it without the preparation installs stopping at 2/7 every time. I would appreciate it if you guys could take a look at this, as i really would love to try this modpack!
Lavendelle 9 months ago
Your staff specifically, Blue has banned me any my friend ThiccKayy heres why: We got banned with no ban appeal . Me and Thicckayy was banned from this server for "being disrespectful" We played on this server before the reset and had no problems until we got invited to a town to live in. Thicckayy did nothing but break a sign on accident the first time and replaced it. The second time on the "Community Buildboard" for EVERYONE to place a sign on ThiccKayy took down the sign and changed it into capitals and was it was called out for "overly using caps and griefing" Then we're trying to figure out why they all was getting mad as we we're trying to defend ourselves. We also got called out for "telling staff ctfu" which mean cracking tf up. They told us to leave and we left their village. eThe Admin named "BLUE" said "I could see you two are going to be a problem so i'm going to ban you now" WITH NO WARNING. Banned us with a permanent ban not even a "temp ban. " After we already left their village with no problem. On the first day of it being reset.
ThiccBaee 10 months ago
I got banned with no ban appeal available. I (ThiccKayy) and ThiccBaee were banned because somebody invited us to their town and we accepted. They were creating signs on the COMMUNITY BILLBOARD and I broke a single one, but replaced it within seconds with the same words. They said me and ThiccBaee were being disrespectful. They kept saying we were doing things that we were not. I said "ctfu" meaning cracking tf up because i found it comical that they were saying i was "griefing" without stealing anything, and they tried to tell me i was telling the admin to "stfu" which is not the case. I was in no way being disrespectful but they said to get out of their village so we left to go build our own home. A few seconds later we were both hit with a permanent ban by the admin Blue. The only warning we received was that "i can see you two are going to be a problem so I am going to ban you now". The only thing I was doing was trying to understand why they were so mad over a sign that i replaced within seconds. I have been playing on this server since before the restart and I just find it unfair that I am now permanently banned for breaking a single sign and replacing it. Perhaps a few hours or a day would have been suitable because they obviously were mad, but not a "permanent ban". We were not going to be a future problem considering we had already left without taking anything or breaking anything which we easily could have done if "griefing" was our motive, but it obviously wasn't. The staff are obviously abusing their privileges and kicking people out for both untrue reasons as well as without warning.
ThiccKayy 10 months ago
does the server still work?
shirley17490 10 months ago
Hello, once I am half done installing the pack, a error pops up: failed to download Could this please get fixed. Thank you for your time x :)
ItsSkuudra 1 year ago
Discord is the better place to ask for help! Idk if you already checked there. But thats were most of our community is. And where we help with questions like these! :D
Posted by MysticVirgo 1 year ago
I try to install the pack but every time a message pops up saying error downloading a file for the following pack:n Enchanted Oasis Invalid URL: please consult the mod pack author
iiNootmeg 1 year ago
Should be fixed by now, Discord is the better place to ask for questions like this! Feel free to join us there!
Posted by MysticVirgo 1 year ago
I try to join the server but it won't let me and i want to join so bad >-
Kdvorshock 1 year ago
I play on this modpack on like a daily basis, and it's absolutely brilliant let me tell you. I only have one problem. The fairy lights in this modpack do not work for me. I have tried multiple times over and over again to place them down but nothing happens. Everything else works perfectly fine and I can see the fairy lights in my inventory but no matter what I have done so far I can't put them down. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem or if it's just me being stupid. Can someone help me please?
FR34KSH0W_XX 1 year ago
Sorry for the late reply. This discussion page is not checked as frequent as problem requests on our Discord. So if you haven't already join us there!
Posted by MysticVirgo 1 year ago
I have fallen in absolute love with this modpack, but my only issue with it is a reaccurance of around the same four biomes (Mushroom, Desert, Dark Oak and the Magial Forest with the silverwood trees.) I get occasional different ones scatted throughout these but it’s mostly these four; I was wondering if there was a fix to this or a mod I could remove so I could at least see some of the Biomes O’ Plenty biomes??
psychFanatic 1 year ago
Glad to hear you are enjoying the pack, to get Biomes O Plenty you need to change the World Type when creating world.
Posted by mjra007 1 year ago | Modpack Creator
1. Is this an ongoing project 2. Is this the same modpack that Ihascupquake used in her Enchanted Oasis series? 3. If so, I notice that the Woodland creatures mod is not in it. Is there a reason? (I'm 75% blind, I'm pretty sure, so I wouldn't doubt that I overlooked it repeatedly)
blakmajickkat 1 year ago
1. It is an ongoing project which expanding at the moment you can find more on our discord. 2. It was in 1.6.4 but when we decided to update to 1.7.10 some mods had to be left behind because they werent up to date. One of those was woodland creatures.
Posted by mjra007 1 year ago | Modpack Creator
How can I play in the server? everytime I try it says to try and restart my game, which I have done already
Yaxxs 1 year ago
I thought it was because I deleted a few mods, so I put them back in, but still doesn't work
Posted by Yaxxs 1 year ago
Reinstalled, now can't go back into the mod pack :/
Posted by Yaxxs 1 year ago

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