Install Enchanted Oasis•

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Enchanted Oasis•) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Enchanted Oasis• from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Enchanted Oasis• Version 2.9.23

created by mjra007 on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder
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anyone else having the problem when joining the server you load in then you crash? someone helppppppppppp
kylan_clay21 6 years ago
Go to technic and go to java settings and go and slect for 3.5 GB if possible
Posted by AlexGor 6 years ago
i can't play enchanted oasis on windows
pheonixnight5 6 years ago
i can't open the modpack
pheonixnight5 6 years ago
Not Open the ModPack!!!
ManukaaGamer123 6 years ago
i cant type in the chat :(
_MissWaffles_ 6 years ago
My son has been trying to play Enchanted Oasis for weeks. He followed the status for over a year. Each time he tries, it crashes. Any suggestions? He's tried all version of minecraft to no avail.
sageknittel 6 years ago
Have you gotten Technic Platform? If so go to Settings > Java Settings > Slect 3.5 GB or more. Hope This helps!
Posted by AlexGor 6 years ago
i tp'd to someone in the game and it crashed and i cant go on the server without crashing can u plz help
huntingfreedom 6 years ago
me toooooo
Posted by kylan_clay21 6 years ago
may i get a server download?
gameblank 6 years ago
is there a way to add tinkers' construct?
EnderAzzy 6 years ago
Baubles is messing up my download? It says everytime i try to play that baubles is missing and i can play anymore..
iruleudrule 6 years ago
If you go to our discord you can get a reply sooner. BUT I can answer your question here too (but keep in mind the discuss isnt read that often) You must download baubles from curseforge, and manually add it to our mods folder, OORRRRRRRRR reinstall ur modpack, and ensure ur on 2.7.7........ Atm we are trying to fix that, so until then these are usually the two solutions ot fix this. I'd consider adding baubles manually. Lots more simple
Posted by MysticVirgo 6 years ago
anyone know of a public server for this pack?
kylan_clay21 6 years ago
the server IP is on this page.
Posted by charlotteleeann15 6 years ago
Me and my friend were very exited about mo creatures that came with this modpack but there are almost no animals, can you put the spawning rate up please?
MissCandyApple 6 years ago
Hey, I saw you were on the server the other day, and I was wondering how to get on the server because I switched to Minecraft 1.7.10, but when I click on the server it says logging in for ages, is there anything I need to get on the server e.g., an app act? :)
Posted by nerdyplays 6 years ago
Nerdplays, i'm not sure maybe your internet connection?
Posted by MissCandyApple 6 years ago
hi im trying to play enchated oasis but whenever i press play it loaded the mods or what ever then closes the tec launcher the the tech launcher reopens please help
GamerNaTioN1 6 years ago
same with me! But mine gets stuck for about an hour then it closes
Posted by zebraqueen8 6 years ago
Same here
Posted by Bunnie_76 6 years ago
can someone please help us with this problem?
Posted by zebraqueen8 6 years ago
for me it was not having a updated driver for geforce
Posted by GamerNaTioN1 6 years ago
Same here i click play it loads then it says not responding and closes
Posted by Beebuzz2004 6 years ago
Mine Gets Stuck On 4/7 Treecapitator 96/99
Posted by IceBeamGlaceon 6 years ago
you might need to allocate more RAM: launcher options -> java settings -> memory. Hope this helps :)
Posted by charlotteleeann15 6 years ago
When I try to download the pack, It gets stuck at Loading - Initializing mods Phase 2 4/7 Initialization - Biblio Craft 23/99
zebraqueen8 6 years ago
mine gets stuck at Phase 3 5/7 and I have tried every thing :(
Posted by nerdyplays 6 years ago
Hi! I am just about to get this pack because it sounds and looks amazing. I was wondering, how do I install the texture packs and the shaders that are in the overwiew? I really want at least cupquakes texture pack. Please help (I'm a noob at this stuff)
zebraqueen8 6 years ago
Whenever I click ihascupquakes link to the texture pack it just says, "page not found" this is really what confuses me
Posted by zebraqueen8 6 years ago
Hi! I am looking to change my username, but I don't want to lose my rank. If I were to change it, could I get my rank back?
Catalle 6 years ago
yes, name wont change it.
Posted by levelawesomealex123 6 years ago
hey I remember playing this pack 1 year ago im coming back if I can join the server :3
CtrlKing 6 years ago
Remember to join up on discord, every1 chats there ^_^
Posted by MysticVirgo 6 years ago
for what version is this modpack?
TheGameLab 6 years ago
1.7.10 (sorry for long wait, everyone whom plays this pack uses discord. For help/chatting/etc...)
Posted by MysticVirgo 6 years ago
cant down load it
Hex_YT 6 years ago
Should be able to download it, try deleting / reinstalling the pack
Posted by MysticVirgo 6 years ago
can i download enchanted oasis on my ps3 minecraft?
cutelilwarrior 6 years ago
Posted by Beanaboston 6 years ago

Latest Update

2.9.20 adds foamfix which mitigates the log4j vulnerability.