Install Arcania Craft

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Arcania Craft) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Arcania Craft from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Arcania Craft Version 7.0.1

created by Leolele99 on Minecraft Version 1.7.10 using Technic Solder
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Can I get a server pack download so I can host my own for some friends?
endlessxaura 2 months ago
How should I go about submitting a crash report? I have the logs at handy
spycar1234 6 months ago
I seem to continuously crash recently. I've never had this problem with the mod pack! I still try to play it every now and then but it just doesn't seem to like it
Posted by HuskieEyes03 3 months ago
I was just wondering what the recommended computer specs were for the modpack.
T4rT_ 7 months ago
Hi! I really like this modpack but, I have a problem. Maybe I´m just stupid but, how do I delete the beacons that appear when I die? Like, the deathpoints. I would be very happy if somebody could help me :D
TheWatermelon135 11 months ago
Check the Journeymap menu, there's a diamond shaped icon for the waypoints menu where you can edit those.
Posted by LemADEC 8 months ago
Hello! I love your modpack and enjoyed it quite a lot in solo, and I wanted to know if we could get a server version of the modpack? So it can be supported by Aternos so we can use it on small private server to enjoy it with a few friends?
FireX4 1 year ago
There's plenty of room to play with your friend on the official server.
Posted by LemADEC 8 months ago
you should add the academy craft mod and the advenced genetics mod
steen3392 1 year ago
Academy craft is too unstable and doesn't feet the Steampunk lore of the pack.
Posted by LemADEC 8 months ago
I'm getting really tired of the BS deaths this game has to offer. Are there booby trapped explosive chests in the dungeons? Maybe some kind of explosive ore that I don't know about? Because there have been at least three separate occasions now where I've spent over an hour clearing like 5 floors of a dungeon, then when I stop to loot a chest (after making sure all spawners are gone and no mobs are left). I open the chest... BBBBOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!! No warning. Instant death. All items lost in the explosion. Basically deletes my fucking gear, along with all the best loot from the dungeon. Someone PLEASE tell me what the FUCK is causing that to happen. The explosion is too fast for it to be TNT, and I don't hear the fuse either.
dump-truck-chan 1 year ago
Infernal mobs have explosive effects. Consider playing on the official server or join our discord for support.
Posted by LemADEC 8 months ago
The Tinker's mod doesn't work to make a wooden pickaxe head. is there a different way to make a starter pick?
MN_Lightning 1 year ago
yeah. Grab some cravel and craft it into flint. You can make flint tools which are kinda your starting equipment.
Posted by dump-truck-chan 1 year ago
I've been playing in my new single player world for a few days now when all of the sudden I've encountered a glitch where all the items in my inventory including the NEI interface are invisible. It doesn't happen in any inventory that doesn't have the character portrait from what I can tell. For instance I can see my items fine in the hotbar, chest interfaces, crafting interfaces, etc. Can anybody help me with this problem? I really don't wanna give up this world. Thanks!
yuginano 1 year ago
Hi, my friend and I keep having an issue with the Chocolate quest mobs. For some reason when we kill a mob from ChocoQuest our game crashes. The wierd part is we don't even get an error message. The whole game and launcher just closes. Anyone know what could potentially be the problem?
Marker4273 1 year ago
Hi, so i was wondering, is the box of eternal closure disabled for the server? or am i missing something about evilcraft
deathsshadow1144 2 years ago
It's working as expected, nothing changed on it
Posted by LemADEC 1 year ago
Hello, i want to make a Server with this modpack on nitrado, but i dont know where i can get the Server files from? can somebody help me?
LadyFromDeath1993 2 years ago
There's an official server, IP is preloaded. You're not allowed to make your own server of this modpack.
Posted by LemADEC 2 years ago
leolele99 can you plz ad applied energistics 2
Darktiger2002 2 years ago
EZStorage is already in there.
Posted by LemADEC 2 years ago
Might I make a request for a mod to be added? I would very much like to see the Aether make it's appearance in this, if at all possible. But, A question I have is: How exactly did you make it so that the regular tools can't mine? Was it already in Tinker's Construct, or an option nobody uses/knows about?
Zestirion 2 years ago
You need to use flint pick then level up as you change tool parts, check Iguana's tinker's tweaks for details. Aether was tried but not worth the long bug list
Posted by LemADEC 2 years ago
sooo anyone know why this no longer starts?
heartlesseevee 2 years ago
Logs or it didn't happen
Posted by LemADEC 2 years ago
When i try to download this pack, an error appears after it attempts to download extratic saying that it cant download it, does anyone have a fix?
Enderbryne 2 years ago
Disable your antivirus during installation
Posted by LemADEC 2 years ago
Hey everyone! Anyone know of a Texture Pack that'll work with this mod pack?
Drachi 2 years ago
I know you're supposed to use Tinker's Construct tools, but how on earth are you supposed to mine iron if you can't ever mine above copper with the flint pickaxe? I get that you can just find random pick axes around from exploring, but isn't there some kind of progression to reach higher through crafting?
elsoqo 2 years ago
Okay, this link helped a lot since it's from Iguana's Tweaks. I didn't realize aluminum + copper could be made into smeltery plates. Both of which can be mined with the (leveled up) flint pickaxe. So from there, you'd make those plates, then cast a copper pick axe head via tinkers construct.
Posted by elsoqo 2 years ago
What the hell is this BS?! I can't mine stone with a stone pickaxe.
Samdaman95 2 years ago
what about Ars Magica 2?
EnderAzzy 2 years ago
AM2 is PvP. This modpack is PvE.
Posted by LemADEC 2 years ago

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