Install Attack of the B-Team

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Attack of the B-Team) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Attack of the B-Team from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Attack of the B-Team Version 1.0.12c

created by sct on Minecraft 1.4.7 using Technic Solder
A mod was added (Lumy Skin Patch), which brings back your super nice Minecraft skins (and if you play with other people, theirs as well!).
Pyker posted a status update for Attack of the B-Team 2 years ago


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Nice! We just noticed yesterday that our skins were showing up!
Posted by ThreadSnake 2 years ago
is it more stable as well? i have a save which is about 3 years old which is kind of dead because it crashes constantly ):
Posted by Liquidmasl 2 years ago
Pyker, I've got a question about the Lumy Skin Patch mod. Would you be able to add me on Discord so we could talk? ZippyTheDoggy#9276. I'm also on the Technic discord.
Posted by Zipper213 2 years ago
can you guys fix some of the ingame mods and make them up to date ? their exteremly outdated some of them are really wips like witchery
Posted by Aegisdragon 2 years ago
Hey, I have a problem with keeping the game going. It keeps crashing on me where I have to keep exiting out using the "x" button at the top of the window. Some times it works fine for about 30 minutes, others seem to last only 5. I have no other applications or processes open besides the game, yet seems to keep crashing on me. I am running the most current version and most updated Java as well.
Posted by Zerxox 2 years ago
-= Fix =- | Attack of B-Team -> Modpack Options -> Select Version/Specific Version -> 1.0.13d -> Reinstall Pack -> [ Exit Window ] -> Update / Play Game ( Before the change ) | It worked for me as I see no loss of progress in game and no startup crashing, Hope this works :)
Posted by [email protected] 2 years ago
Can you guys add Fossils and Archaeology to Attack Of The B-Team? I think it counts, since you have to clone dinosaurs
Posted by JackSpinorex 2 years ago
I think it counts as mad science, i mean
Posted by JackSpinorex 2 years ago
my best world won't stop crashing and i've tried everything. i'm really disappointed that it won't work and i hope that you guys will be able to fix it soon.
Posted by iwaisa 2 years ago
Can u add Chunk Loader mod please ? Because its really borring replace all my machines when I came back after mining
Posted by The_Vendo 2 years ago
I placed a draw bridge and I cant use it and every time I try to break it, it crashes my game. Can you please help me.
Posted by itbelit_ 2 years ago
My skins are not working, and it says under the mods tab the Lumy Skin Patch is not activated.
Posted by MasterBeef_ 2 years ago
why i can play
Posted by eduoto0929 1 year ago
I would love 2 see an update 2 attack on b team
Posted by ColaGuy6 1 year ago
I try to k of the b team it says i need 2 giga bites of ram for it i went to modpack settings and the only option was 1 gb i tried to customise it, anyone have suggestions, i have tried restarting but still
Posted by CheesecakeGod3 1 year ago
get 64-bit java it generally works :3
Posted by OILikeCatsO 1 year ago
so er... should this be taken as the dev abandoning the modpack? i dont mean to be rude if i seem to be, however, its been a year... could we get a new update please?
Posted by Thatwitchyplayer 1 year ago
it says that the Lumy skin patch is disabled on my device is there a way to enable it?
Posted by OILikeCatsO 1 year ago
i would love 4 this 2 be updated
Posted by ColaGuy6 1 year ago
can you update attack of the b team lumy skin and galaticcraft mod
Posted by TheSkinnyKidGamer 1 year ago
Help i cant dowload the server
Posted by matti5764 7 months ago
update the mod
Posted by J8KN2007 3 months ago

Latest Update

A mod was added (Lumy Skin Patch), which brings back your super nice Minecraft skins (and if you play with other people, theirs as well!).