by TeamAMPZ | Created on 2018-02-17 | Last Updated 4 months ago

Experience realistic and cohesive tech in Minecraft with AMPZ REBORN Legacy pack. Utilizing a standardized electrical system, explore endless possibilities with various tech mods.

7K Installs
20K Runs


by TeamAMPZ | Created on 2018-04-25 | Last Updated 4 months ago

Experience the ultimate in high-tech warfare and heavy machinery with AMPZ REBORN, a modpack that introduces a standardized electrical system to Minecraft.

2K Installs
6K Runs


by TeamAMPZ | Created on 2018-05-06 | Last Updated 8 months ago

Explore WarLords, a Magic/Tech modpack where you unleash godly powers and command armies of magic, might, or machines to dominate. Play your own hand of god and assert dominance. Enter now to make foes tremble.

1K Installs
4K Runs

Attack of The Ender

by TeamAMPZ | Created on 2018-09-05 | Last Updated 8 months ago

Proudly sponsored by BisectHosting. Attack of the Ender was designed with one thing in mind, crazy mad science! This pack is coming back soon.

685 Installs
1K Runs

Colony: Lost in Deep Space

by TeamAMPZ | Created on 2019-12-19 | Last Updated 4 months ago

Welcome to Colony: Lost in Deep Space, an exciting modpack that puts your skills to the test. Build a base, gather resources, and construct a spaceship to return home in this thrilling journey through the stars. Are you up for the challenge?

5K Installs
9K Runs


by TeamAMPZ | Created on 2020-02-20 | Last Updated 3 months ago

Welcome to Fossilized, the ultimate Minecraft modpack for dinosaur lovers and adventurers. Explore a prehistoric world filled with wonder and danger, create and customize your own creatures, and join our friendly community today!

15K Installs
32K Runs

All The Forge 6

by TeamAMPZ | Created on 2021-01-09 | Last Updated 4 months ago

All The Forge 6 revolves around Minecraft 1.16.5, fostering community unity by eliminating the need for multiple modpack downloads. Now, you can effortlessly enjoy your desired mods, creating a seamless gaming experience for all!

671 Installs
1K Runs

Kingdoms Of The Valley

by TeamAMPZ | Created on 2021-06-27 | Last Updated 7 months ago

Kingdoms of the Valley is an exciting modpack that combines Create, Minecolonies, and Twilight Forest to create a world full of castles, keeps, and thriving villages. Collaborate with fellow villagers to build a stronger community.

1K Installs
4K Runs


by TeamAMPZ | Created on 2021-08-14 | Last Updated 8 months ago

"3RD LIFE" is a challenging Minecraft modpack based on "One Life" YouTube series. Survive in Hardcore mode with 3 lives and no regeneration. Unique mobs, biomes, and items add to gameplay. Die 3 times and enter spectator mode.

67 Installs
99 Runs

AMPZ Dimensional Rift

by TeamAMPZ | Created on 2021-11-13 | Last Updated 8 months ago

AMPZ Dimensional Rift, the thrilling spin-off modpack from AMPZ REBORN. With a range of exciting new mods and content, this pack offers players the chance to explore new dimensions, engage with powerful creatures, and more.

23 Installs
19 Runs

All The Forge 8

by TeamAMPZ | Created on 2021-12-01 | Last Updated 4 months ago

All The Forge 8 is a top-tier modpack specifically designed for Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2. It features an extensive range of mods, including Applied Energistics 2, Extreme Reactors 2, JourneyMap, Create and much more..

376 Installs
1K Runs

Dead Light Z

by TeamAMPZ | Created on 2022-02-02 | Last Updated 8 months ago

Enter the post-apocalyptic world of Dead Light Z, a modpack inspired by "7 Days to Die". As the only known survivor in a world overrun by zombies, do you have what it takes to stay alive? Test your survival skills in this thrilling and immersive modpack.

76 Installs
91 Runs

All The Forge 9

by TeamAMPZ | Created on 2022-06-09 | Last Updated 4 months ago

Welcome to All The Forge 9, a Minecraft modpack that offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience for all players. The modpack features popular mods such as Mekanism, Applied Energistics 2, and much more.

1K Installs
3K Runs

All The Fabric 4

by TeamAMPZ | Created on 2022-07-14 | Last Updated 8 months ago

All The Fabric 4 prioritizes performance using Fabric Loader API and integrates select mods from ATF9, making it a versatile choice for Minecraft. Continuously updated with popular mods like Tech Reborn and Applied Energistics 2 and much more.

473 Installs
848 Runs

All The Forge 10

by TeamAMPZ | Created on 2023-03-04 | Last Updated 4 months ago

All The Forge 10 modpack delivers an exceptional and thrilling gaming adventure designed to captivate all players. It showcases beloved mods like Applied Energistics 2, Create, and a plethora of others, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

661 Installs
2K Runs