Install Monorisu: AoW IV

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Monorisu: AoW IV) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Monorisu: AoW IV from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Monorisu: AoW IV Version AoW 4.6

created by LabJac on Minecraft 1.7.10
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it wont let me join the offical server
Badco2350 2 months ago
I can't download this mods package
switek77 7 months ago
this modpack is a mess
tewaer 8 months ago
Hello! Enjoying your modpack as always, With the lastest two updates, I have been having some issues with switching items in my main inventory with keys 1-9 please fix this. Keep up the good work!
Kalashnikov1947 1 year ago
WHY I CANT PLAY MY WORLD WITH FRIENDS???!!! please add it back )-:
BlockBrouser7654 1 year ago
Why I cant ride the car in the survival mode? Fix it please.
BlockBrouser7654 1 year ago
Labjac can you tell me how you set up the toolbox to make the models in? I'm pretty good at modifying the vehicle configs and setting up 'variants' of vehicles as well as designing tank models in blender but I can never get the toolbox to work and thus am never able to add any of my own tanks to flansmod.
red134x 1 year ago
I can't enter game. I'm downloaded modpack in technic laucher, laucheed it, loading... After that, modpack not responding. I'm wait about 10 min but game not responding again!
Krasapan 1 year ago
I want to know what are the separate Flans mod content packs where you can see the hand models of Steve
subterror227 1 year ago
you're really useless aren't you
Posted by subterror227 1 year ago
qual ip do serv
Acdrybones 1 year ago
qual ip do serv
nicolasfoda 3 years ago
monorisumk2 is not found lol
meepmeep90 4 years ago
ok the download is still not working
meepmeep90 4 years ago
This modpack is epic millitary ,,zajebistość" (yes, zajebistość is Polish word)
KyloJedi 4 years ago
OK Labjac, your gunna like this one. And you can only do this with html. Make a google folder and then go to advanced in the bottom-right then click on the Private tab under who can see this and then make it "public on web" and then make a html file that will have a download link and make it download whatever your modpack is called and dont forget to add .zip with the name so that the downloader knows what type of file it's supposed to download. Then upload your modpack to the folder that the you made sharable on web. Now to get the link, take the folder name then do https://googledrive/host/(folder link name) Your folder link name should look something like this: 0B2OHluqkDkfWRXcwQTFuclZBZXc ... How doi I get that? When you open your google folder the link up top should look like this: and you copy all the text after the last slash. and once your on the https://googledrive/host/(your modpack link here) you should click on the html file and the web browser will run it like it's a website and you right click on the download button or underlined text and click copy address. Here is an example video of how to host a website with googledrive: and here is a html code for your modpack download: Download Save this code in notepad or notepad++ as " Index.html " Of course there is a cache. :/ When you start to download the pack on the launcher It will start counting negative up to like -27,000,000% really fast but it still downloads without any errors. The reason it does this is because the download code in the html doesn't estimate how long it takes to download the file, it just downloads until it's done. In this case, technic has no estimate time when downloading so the download bar doesn't know where to go so it just starts going backward untill it hits like somewhere near 25,000,000% or something like that and then the bar just freezes until the pack fully downloads.
jamesbail 4 years ago
cant download says to consult modpack author some thing
jukeboxheaven 4 years ago
invalid url stuff
Posted by jukeboxheaven 4 years ago
how to download it ??? its dosent downloaded
os4maxg4merksa 4 years ago
I have an actual solution to your problem (not mediafire or dropbox) called All you have to do is translate the page (chrome autotranslates) and copy the link to the slow download. It works fine and doesn't have a bunch of bs like dropbox
27_Stop_it_TJ 4 years ago
u have download it ?? how ??
Posted by os4maxg4merksa 4 years ago
I saw that file uploader, I think I might give it a try.
Posted by jamesbail 4 years ago
The problem is about is that they only support up 100 mb's per file. Which is not a lot but if you had a very compact modpack maybe would work for you.
Posted by jamesbail 4 years ago
LABJAC!!!!!!!, I have a solution for the direct file downloaded. Use MediaFire. I know technic says not to but they dont know shit. So when you go to download your uploaded file, the green button that says download (blabla mb), instead of left clicking it, right click it and copy link address. If you vertify your mediafire account, you will have infinite downloads because the link is stationary and doesnt change like googles direct download links.
jamesbail 4 years ago
Oh and LabJac, how do u make a text box to say stuff without having to make it an update.
Posted by jamesbail 4 years ago
I used that originally to share my own modpack on technic however that doesn't seem to work anymore if you upload a new file.
Posted by 27_Stop_it_TJ 4 years ago
The install tutorial doesn't work..... Any other ideas on how to get it setup?
volderman 4 years ago

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