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Type in the modpack name (The 1.7.10 Pack) or paste the following url into the search box.

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Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select The 1.7.10 Pack from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

The 1.7.10 Pack Version 0.9.8d

created by Hi it's me on Minecraft Version 1.7.10 using Technic Solder

The 1.7.10 Pack updated to version 0.9.8

The 700K update! Yes! We're releasing an update every 100K downloads now as a policy - so you better tell your friends.
Actually, this will probably be the last major update to the pack, although more minor updates can be expected if there are any new bugs.
A few weeks ago we asked you whether you want new mod additions to the pack, in this (probably) last opportunity for a major modpack update - and we've got your answers! So here it is - the changelog! (also there's no quote of the day today because today is not today).

- By your request in the poll from Discord: Added Modular Force Field Systems (and the VoltzEngine library mod) and Thaumic Horizons! Additionally, we've added Default Options for the new modpack players here to get better default graphic settings, Ding because loading takes time, and MAtmos (with the Rhapsodia expansion) to make things interesting - although it's disabled by default as it takes more RAM; if you're interesting in trying the new upgraded sound system, enable the MAtmos mod through the LiteLoader menu and then choose the Rhapsodia resource pack.
- Updated 25 mods. We are too shocked that some mods still update for 1.7.10, although this isn't expected to continue.
- Some configuration changes, changed the server LaunchServer.bat file to work better, and more.
Currently set to the "Latest" branch, and should be pushed to "Recommended" hopefully soon. Thank you so much for the support through donations and even just through DMs in Discord, it really helps with the motivation keeping this project up for over 3 years now. If we're lucky with no major bugs, this will be the last update of the modpack probably. But we're still in Discord!

If you want the fully detailed changelog of this version, it can be found in this link:
Enjoy! :)
Hi it's me posted a changelog update for The 1.7.10 Pack 1 year ago


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Thanks for creating this pack. It's my go-to pack for when I want to play with everything and the kitchen sink. I was curious about the full changelog but it looks like the link ( is returning a "Pack isn't solder enabled" message. Is this a temporary error or is there an issue with the Changelogger service?
Posted by vortaqthemighty 1 year ago
The Changelogger is currently not working, unfortunately, but thank you for your feedback :)
Posted by Hi it's me 1 year ago
The Changelogger service is back up again ????
Posted by Isigiel 1 year ago
Hi, could you plz consider adding a setting to disable the taint lands in the thaumcraft mod. Not disabling the entire mod, but just the taint part. It's really annoying to always have to deal with them instead of doing other stuff. Would rather want a disable setting for the taint only, but if that's not possible maybe you could set the chance of taint biomes spawning down. One more thing, in the ProjectRed mods there is an ore called electrotine wich i can't find when mining, maybe its in another dimension but if not could you maybe look into it. :)
Posted by einar4050 1 year ago
Update: I found an old post about the electrotine issue which said that the oregen was set to false and that we can turn it on manually if we want. But where do I do that(which file) and do I just set oregen to true? Ps: The taint issue still stands.
Posted by einar4050 1 year ago
Found out that I can go to config to the project red mod and thaumcraft mod and set oregen to true for electrotine and turn off or minimize the chance of taint biomes spawning. :) Thx for making customizations so easy by leaving notes and such in the files. Thx!
Posted by einar4050 1 year ago
I really love all the mods of this pack. It just makes playing everything much more fun because there is just soo much to do. But PLEASE update the Thaumcraft mod to the new Thaumcraft 6 version. The new research methods and just the new implementations make this mod very unique. Thank you for the work of this pack in general but the update of this mod would be very appreciated as well :)
Posted by kowalski34 1 year ago
Thaumcraft 6 is not available for Minecraft 1.7.10 unfortunately
Posted by Hi it's me 1 year ago
Ah ok, I see, unfortunate. Thank you for the quick reply though :)
Posted by kowalski34 1 year ago
Awesome pack! One issue I've personally noticed though is with Pam's Harvestcraft; there should be an item called a shipping crate, but it does not seem to be available. It was added in a later version of the mod, so I was wondering if the version might be outdated, and if so, would you be able to update the mod? Thanks for your work regardless!
Posted by Freponad 1 year ago
The mod is updated to its latest version for 1.7.10 unfortunately.
Posted by Hi it's me 1 year ago
Really? Dang, that sucks. Thanks for the swift response at least!
Posted by Freponad 1 year ago
Can you please add the fossil and Archeology mod
Posted by _Herbert_HD_ 1 year ago
Can you add ships mod
Posted by taistis12 1 year ago
You should make a version of this mudpack for 1.12.2
Posted by Casey110405 1 year ago
Posted by Casey110405 1 year ago
no... 1.7.10
Posted by herost3v3101 8 months ago
DefenseTech still broken, Cruise Launcher recipe uses error item, half of the mod is useless without it.
Posted by jurastw 1 year ago
Posted by Hi it's me 1 year ago
will yall make a pack like this again in a newer version of minecraft
Posted by CoolSlimeGaming 1 year ago
Tell this to mod creators!
Posted by Hi it's me 1 year ago

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The 1.12.2 Pack is officially released! After several months of research, development and testing, we're exited to say the sequel is now available through Players of The 1.7.10 Pack, welcome to the new home!