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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Tekxit 3 [Official]) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Tekxit 3 [Official] from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Tekxit 3 [Official] Version 1.3

created by Slayer5934 on Minecraft 1.12.2
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More Magic mods plz
TheSick0 5 years ago
I have something similar along the lines to this comment, Id appreciate more of the bigger magic mods to apply things to, though not many would be easy to find in 1.12.2 I believe the Blood magic mod is a good contender for a larger mudpack
Posted by forbiddendawn 5 years ago
The base of this is Tekkit classic + Hexxit, Hexxit did not have many magic mods.
Posted by Slayer5934 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
what mod is allowing me to sit on slabs and stairs? I would like to disable it.
ZOMTHEGOD 5 years ago
I'm wondering... why the heck does it require an IV-transformer to create a HV-Solar panel? That must be a bug or something, right?
SqueakyNinja 5 years ago
So the question is where is the mod Buildcraft ? Are there any plans on adding it. If you ask me it is one of the best technic mods out there with all the pipes and engines.
Lärer 5 years ago
Two weeks ago, the creator of the modpack announced that buildcraft will be added. He's waiting for a new update for the new beta in buildcraft, to make sure it's stable. Then he will add it to the modpack!
Posted by SqueakyNinja 5 years ago
is Galacticraft in this mod pack?
rowpoke 5 years ago
Yes, galacticraft is included!
Posted by SqueakyNinja 5 years ago
Does anybody else get a bug that basically mutes the sounds except for the modded creatures and stuff like that?
FerisRamsay 5 years ago
I believe the next update will fix that, I think I remember one of the mods stating they fixed a bug that screwed up the sound system sometimes.
Posted by Slayer5934 4 years ago | Modpack Creator
Does the duct tape do anything? I've looked around a little bit and there are no videos on how to use it and no wiki page telling you how to use it. I'm not sure if anyone knows how to use it, or if there is a use, or even if I am just an idiot, so please tell me how.
Silverdeath152 5 years ago
Why are there no Energy Condensors and EMC in general?
parathi0n 5 years ago
Multiplayer world has no mod ores?
Miles4299 5 years ago
Hey. Which mod is causing Diamonds spawning on surface? Wanna configure it a bit, to lower the high.
Filarel 5 years ago
Hey, how can I get Steel? I don't find a way to get it
reyda 5 years ago
4 coal dust and iron in a induction smelter
Posted by EmelysDaddy 5 years ago
Glowcurrent Berries will white out the screen of players playing on a Lan world, this has happened in both past and current updates, This prevents the player from exiting the world and game requiring the player to force close their game via Alt+Tab and closing from the taskbar or task manager.
Akari_Wolf_13 5 years ago
Elytra is crashing game and even corrupting save, so be careful guys ;)
Filarel 5 years ago
i cannot get the pack to function, i can get to the main menu of minecraft, and i can create a world, but when i join the world, it only gets me into the game enough so i am actually playing, but none of the chunks are loaded, as then as soon as they load, it crashes, i thought maybe it was a bad spawnpoint at first, but ive made 12 different worlds, hoping to make it work but it doesnt
StarDustActual 5 years ago
how i can take the quest/reward book? i am NOOB help me
immortal_pvper 5 years ago
hey the uncrafting table works for uncrafting cheap items into UU matter and tome of alkahestry so you might want to disable that
ZackThePuppy1 5 years ago
theres even more uncrafting shenanigans from different mods so maybe the uncrafting table should be limited to vanilla/twilight forest stuff
Posted by ZackThePuppy1 5 years ago
Whenever I go into fullscreen in the 0.88 update, it zooms into the top left corner, and it's very annoying. Please fix.
boxtopy 5 years ago
I had this issue as well, it's related to java and seems to get fixed if you turn off the setting that allows java to set the dpi as per John Fisher here
Posted by CharleeToombs 4 years ago
where can I put crash reports? I have a bit here: "-- Entity being ticked -- Entity Type: minecraft:zombie ( Entity ID: 197 Entity Name: Zombie Entity's Exact location: -649.59, 48.00, 741.25 Entity's Block location: World: (-650,48,741), Chunk: (at 6,3,5 in -41,46; contains blocks -656,0,736 to -641,255,751), Region: (-2,1; contains chunks -64,32 to -33,63, blocks -1024,0,512 to -513,255,1023) Entity's Momentum: -0.17, -0.08, -0.06 Entity's Passengers: [] Entity's Vehicle: ~~ERROR~~ NullPointerException: null Entity NBT: {HurtByTimestamp:538,ForgeData:{InfernalMobsMod:"Regen Rust Quicksand Sprint ",cageBorn:1b},IsBaby:1b,RelativeAABB:[" but I don't want to spam with the whole doc (it also does it with normal zombies + occurred with blaze before)
huntzilla360c 5 years ago
also I have a pic of it so you can see my performance and the mob
Posted by huntzilla360c 5 years ago
I witnessed it happen, I have a farm set up and a jockey spawned, the chicken got killed and the baby-Z teleported 2 blocks out of the kill chamber, when I hit it the server crashed again with the same report info
Posted by huntzilla360c 5 years ago
I believe it has to do with the Primitive Mobs mod, many errors with modpacks are related to that mod
Posted by huntzilla360c 5 years ago
I solved the problem, when i re-read the log it said "ticking" and it happened with both Zombies and Blazes.. which i finnaly found the correlation, if you wear that mobs charm and attack them it can cause a crash.. doesnt happen all the time but for me with every blaze i struck with the charm on the whole server crashed, when i took it off i killed ~200 blaze without any crashes or errors.
Posted by huntzilla360c 5 years ago
the gist of it is that they were trying to track me but the charm said they couldn't.. which made the crash, the charms I'm talking about are from Reliquary
Posted by huntzilla360c 5 years ago
What an crappy update. Do NOT update, if you already play on previous version. You are just going to loose all your IC2, which you know, is one of the key mods in this pack and have to manually spawn them back. Not just that, you cannot go back to previous version from the launcher. If you are going to play this modpack, it seems like backup your server AND client, just to be safe in the future. Again, only disappointments.
tepafk 5 years ago
Hello, after getting the update v0.88 my addon mods started to not work, as just chilling in the mods folder without doing anything. Last update I had around 150 mods but then lost 28 mods for the new update. They are all 1.12.2 and I have many experience with downloading mods, could it be the update or?
ProfesseurSnow 5 years ago
you check the mod loader version? (idk)
Posted by huntzilla360c 5 years ago

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