Install Tekkit Legends

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Tekkit Legends) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Tekkit Legends from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Tekkit Legends Version 1.1.1

created by CanVox on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder
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So i recently dowloaded this modpack normaly but when i try to run it get backs to th launcer , so i guess help....
Jokafildes 7 years ago
I have noticed a extremely weird bug with the servers that needs to be fixed. As you can see in this screenshot: the wiring is all messed up. All the wires loose connection with machines and each other and instead are the weird square things. When I got back on the server later, the wiring reverted back to normal. Other than waiting for the wires to fix themselves the only way to fix the issue is to destroy all the wiring and machines and place them back down.
scumbag_lemon 7 years ago
Anyone have the bug where your minecraft skin turns into steve.. so anoyying..
themuffinmuncher 7 years ago
Posted by scumbag_lemon 7 years ago
Posted by Alexisfuncraft 7 years ago
When I place down a quarry, it crashes and when I place down pipes, they are invisible. Any idea I can fix this?
WilliamXDB 7 years ago
It was working, Sometimes, for me
Posted by AyScorch 7 years ago
I've been noticing that none of my map data seems to save when exiting the world. I lose most of if not all my waypoints and it doesn't save the explored area on the map...It's very annoying. Any ideas?
McBazil84 7 years ago
The FOV doesn't increase while running, which I find extremely disorienting. This is an amazing modpack, but this is stopping me from enjoying it. Does anyone have a fix?
asynartesies 7 years ago
Yeah i have the way to fix this. So go to Start and search up %appdata% and when your there you'll see a folder called .technic. Open that then click Modpacks, then click tekkit-legends, then config, then machinemuse. Then you'll see a file called numina. (It should look something like this: .technic\modpacks\tekkit-legends\config\machinemuse\numina). Click on it and edit it using Notepad or whatever application you use. then you'll see: B:"Ignore speed boosts for field of view"=true, change "true" to "false". If you need any additional help contact me on Skype. Skype Username: MinecraftSaviormc
Posted by MinecraftSaviors 7 years ago
The FOV doesn't increase while running, which I find extremely disorienting. This is an amazing modpack, but this is stopping me from enjoying it. Does anyone have a fix?
asynartesies 7 years ago
this seems like a cool modpack but for some reason when load up any of my worlds there are giant world holes that trap me in a small chunk of land, they don't go away until i reload and then they come back whenever i stay in a chunk too long or if i travel too fast
eg175 7 years ago
I get "holes" in my world all the time. It's a slight bug with vanilla code. Sometimes several chunks can appear to be not there anymore. If you log out or save/quit, then login/open the save, the holes will be gone. They also fix themselves with time, in the case of single chunks being invisible. Or in the case of the long trenches to the void, you can also just move far enough away from them that the chunks they represent unload. When you return to the same area, the holes will usually be gone. It happens for me in normal vanilla minecraft as well. But not as often. And if that doesn't work trying pressing F3+A to reload your chunks that should solve it
Posted by MinecraftSaviors 7 years ago
gibts es einen deutschen server hier für ?
Sauron2016 7 years ago
I need the following information about the item 4983 "Dog Deaggravator". How can I get it? Can I craft it? I've searched the whole internet with different keywords but couldn't even find a thing about item 4983. Greez Rumblbee
Rumblbee 7 years ago
I just got the launcher and installed it. The page for Tekkit Legends says included with launcher but when I select it, there's a install button that errors every time I click it. Something about not available and not for offline?
Phoenyx33 7 years ago
Sorry for the earlier post, I didn't know there was "faster tekkit legends" available. I have that downloaded now. Thanks!
Posted by Phoenyx33 7 years ago
I don´t have the Thermal Expansion Mod (from CoFH Core) in my Game! Can anybody help me?
M0n0p0 7 years ago
Sorry to dissappoint you but Thermal Expansion isn't in Tekkit Legends, sorry to say that, but I wish it was part of the Modpack too :/
Posted by MinecraftSaviors 7 years ago
It won't start all I see is white and a small world pan in the bottom left corner there are no buttons.
isotope 7 years ago
Add applied applied energistics 2
johnymuffin 7 years ago
Pls add OpenBlock mod
LeonaSunlight 7 years ago
I can't even download anything from Technic Launcher, I've looked EVERYWHERE and still can not find a solution. Every time i try to download it it displays a notification that says Error downloading the file for the following mod pack: Tekkit Legends Failed to download Please consult modpack author. And I have disabled all of my anti-virus software and firewall AND defender. So please PLEASE i need help!~!
Orion_Random 7 years ago
Do a search for "tekkit". You'll find there is a "Faster Tekkit Legends" that is available.
Posted by Phoenyx33 7 years ago
se provo ad aprire un qualsiasi mondo in single player mi dice : (copiate questo link nella barra di ricerca) e se tento di andare in un server mi dice errore riavviare il gioco...mi aiutate vi prego?
terry3000 7 years ago
i can't connect to the servers Failed to login: the authentication are currently down for maintenance why?
8Troller8 7 years ago
same in all the modpacks
Posted by 8Troller8 7 years ago
that means that the mojang (company behind mc) servers are down. Just wait some time
Posted by paulleicht 7 years ago
Where's the old thaumcraft? (>T.T)>
Nackha1 7 years ago
Is there anyway to set waypoints so I don't lose my base while I go out exploring?
RJViking 7 years ago
Press the map key (M by default). On the map, the red arrow is you. Right-Click anywhere on the map where you want the waypoint. Type in the name and you're all set. It's only visible on the map, though, maybe you can mess around in the options to make it visible in the world.
Posted by DrTrex 7 years ago

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Tekkit Legends was updated to version 1.1.1