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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Tekkit Legends) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Tekkit Legends from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Tekkit Legends Version 1.1.1

created by CanVox on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder
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Can someone help me?, I was smelting some iron in the furnace, when the game glitched, and by the way i couldn't pick the smelted iron and even my inventory and chest items, I really don't want to restart the map, so, I need help... 0_0
Matshusco 8 years ago
The Treecapitator mod. would be a nice addition to the existing forestry mods.
737Flyer 8 years ago
hello, is that the next update could have the thermal expansion because of big reactors that fouls the liquid enderman making cool the reactor and fix the bug when you create map in singleplayer chunk bug and map of crash
pedroso256 8 years ago
Wheres the AE? im disappointed...
bobamiji 8 years ago
Is it possible to get Scrap Metal? If so, how? I can't make any rotary macerators.
zappy907 8 years ago
Put metal into a recycler
Posted by Nuclearsniper 8 years ago
Please start posting change logs on updates! Would help us server owners a lot!
TheJbone 8 years ago
This pack is really great! just missing a couple mods... like MFFS and matmos would put the cherry on top for this pack. (it would make it even more like tekkit classic)
Fabstream41 8 years ago
It wont open for me. It keeps saying invalid login or shutting down internal server.
Atalophobia 8 years ago
Hi tekkit team! Can I enter in your team...... I can make better this modpack.... if you want. I fyou want contact me [email protected].
nato3623 8 years ago
does anyone know why the solar panels from ic2 wont work?
Demonslayer428 8 years ago
Me to turn on and off
Mirko12314 8 years ago
I am not sure but Authors may have included Power Convers 3 mod instead of Thermal Expansion. I can play with power EU and RF without problems. It is a little old way but I like this way. Universal Charger connected to Energy Bridge block can charge Redstone Armors or Tools (Flux-infused) and Quantum Armors from IC mod. Since Industrial Craft Classic is added from last version and has nuclear power (EU), as Nuclearsniper below mentioned, we don't need Big Reactor mod anymore. I like this Tekkit Legends because The way game play is like playing a really, I mean REALLY OLD minecraft game in latest MC environment (v1.7.10). Thanks guys. Keep it up.
jsden 8 years ago
Also, there are very little RF based blocks anyway. HV solar arrays can power all power needed blocks in Legends game using PowerConverters 3 mod anyway. If Thermal Expansion mod is included, it will definitely involves lots of items and will also become whole new gameplay. As I mentioned if author did keep in mind that this Legends is sequel to Tekkit Classic, Thermal Expansion should not be in the game. Why do we need RF power? It wasn't in the Classic game. Extra mods will take up resources and may lag. Currently it loads like Tekkit Classic, very fast not like other heavily moded packs which takes forever to load. I don't mind if author decided to add extra mods. It's just my opinion.
Posted by jsden 8 years ago
i posted this in the latest changelog update but i will post it here. yes another request for the thermal expansion mods "Thermal expansion needs to be added anyone who is trying to use Buildcraft mods has no way of moving power without using teleport pipes or using an energylink to convert the power to EU and then back to RF thermal expansion would solve alot of these issues as well as adding some more Tech to Tekkit if you dont add thermal expansion big reactors may aswell be removed as nothing requires that amount of RF unless you are going to convert it to EU but in that case you could make a standard nuclear reactor i hope you take my opinion into account as so far this pack may as well just be Tekkit Classic 2.0 when an optional update for Tekkit classic could have been made available instead"
Nuclearsniper 8 years ago
Quote "..moving power without using teleport pipes or using an energylink to convert the power to EU and then back to RF.." then use pipes and energylink (power convers 3 mod) included.
Posted by jsden 8 years ago
I don't care if authors include Thermal Expansion mod later on but I like the way I used to play with powers in Classic using energylink etc, the good old ways. Thermal Expansion will be too easy to play with powers. I have no problem converting EU to RF visa versa. It's little tedious and hard but old habit and old ways playing Classic feel is great. I like it.
Posted by jsden 8 years ago
We are Tekkit Classic people. We have just opened Server of this Tekkit Legends. Come and enjoy. IP: Web:
jsden 8 years ago
If the authors are aimed this mod pack to be Upgrade to Tekkit Classic then should not add anymore mods as current version of Legends looks and feels good old Classic. Otherwise, then it would be as an another plain new mod pack among tons of them out there,
jsden 8 years ago
"This pack will remind you of what you've always loved about Tekkit, while bringing you new mods to discovery and enjoy!" I doubt it it looks like they are getting the old mods working properly "remind you of the tekkit you have always loved" and then they will add new mods slowly "New mods to Discover and Enjoy" otherwise why not just upgrade tekkit classic to 1.7.10 in the version selector and there is no point having 2 virtually identical packs
Posted by Nuclearsniper 8 years ago
I said "If the authors...." if they did not aimed to be upgrade of Classic and to be another minecraft mod packs then I don't care if they add extra more mods.
Posted by jsden 8 years ago
what about tinkers too and if you want to make it hard try to put inguna tweaks, and yes chisel sounds very nice to have in the pack too
jdanner95 8 years ago
How do I use the server download?
Micheal_Moone 8 years ago
Modular PowerSuit addons is available for 1.7.10
Alteryx 8 years ago
cool, flatronez, are you hosting a server on this, definitely downloading now.
RazeOblivion 8 years ago
Yes we do. Since release :)
Posted by FlatronEZ 8 years ago
We updated our server IP: >>> More info can be found here:
FlatronEZ 8 years ago
Latest version 1.0.8! Have fun!
Posted by FlatronEZ 8 years ago
FlatronEZ, is your server a survival surfer because its confused me, how come there are designated minig area's
Posted by RazeOblivion 8 years ago

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Tekkit Legends was updated to version 1.1.1