Install Tekkit Legends

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Tekkit Legends) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Tekkit Legends from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Tekkit Legends Version 1.1.1

created by CanVox on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder
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I see there is EMC, but no Equivalent Exchange mod. What mod is the EMC for?
FreakyBro 8 years ago
Its called ProjectE mod now. Use Transmutation Tablet, it has completely revised. It's now excellent to use.
Posted by jsden 8 years ago
I would like to see Open Peripherals and Thermal Expansion/Dynamics here maybe....
Captain ComeT 8 years ago
and maybe Ender IO
Posted by Captain ComeT 8 years ago
It launched but when its supposes to be where you select where you want to go like server and single player its just a little cube the the corner showing a terrain of the world someone help plz :D
Poptart07 8 years ago
Unitedworldminers server is updated to Modpack version 1.0.10 --> IP:
FlatronEZ 8 years ago
There must be applied energistics, it's really hard without that
Petch010 8 years ago
I pretty much have a super computer but my modpack isn't launching, can soneone help?
KcimGaming2000 8 years ago
Is there any way to get power from reactors? Because I've wasted resources building a reactor that just sits in my basement looking pretty, without any function whatsoever.
M_Dragon4 8 years ago
Use a wooden power pipe on the power tap. I'm
Posted by Rue82 8 years ago
Trying to play, but i sort of can't when my screen is always stuck zoomed in.. Anyone know how to fix it? I've tried looking through controls to find any type of zoom button, and tried it. It doesn't work...
Watermelon_Tourmaline 8 years ago
I love this pack, just seems like I can't find ANY diamonds, i've done many hours of mining on singleplayer but nothing at all
m8b9d 8 years ago
Love the pack! It is absolutely incredible! I see people complain about the absence of some mods, but for me, that is what makes this pack so unique and enjoyable!
BrachiateCub 8 years ago
Would it be possible to add a furniture mod to this pack? :)
Sammy4468 8 years ago
I can't craft a saw from the Microblocks mod for some reason, help would be appreciated. This is on my server btw
Jamsoir 8 years ago
Maybe I am missing something, as there are a few mods in here I haven't played before, but when I die and re-spawn I lose all of my inventory. As I go back to the location I died and it isn't there anymore. ex: I was in my home in a fairly enclosed space, had to go answer the door. A skeleton spawned in the house and shot me. I was gone no longer than 15 mins. I could see my items floating in front of me before I clicked re-spawn. Spawned upstairs, made a sword and ran down. My items were all gone except for some of my armor the skeleton was wearing. In a controlled test, I blocked myself in with dirt, and killed myself by sand suffocation. I had 3 pieces of armor, 1 wood, 5 arrows, 62 dirt. Respawned and was only able to recover 3 arrows, 1 wood and 3 dirt and 2 pieces of armor. actually I found the 3rd piece on the hill side out side the house. Any idea what is happening? would the Tombstone mod help here?
uhaneikaao 8 years ago
Have you used the cheat command KeepInventory?
Posted by M_Dragon4 8 years ago
No, I don't have cheats turned on currently in survival mode. I didn't realize it before when I posted, but I never recover any lost XP either. I always start over. Could this be a server/game setting I'm just not used to?
Posted by uhaneikaao 8 years ago
Some one help me!! I have been playing on this modpack for a while and then it starts to lag insane it says minecraft don't answer i have reinstalled the modpack twice still not work it also lags in the menu HELP PLEASE!! ~Jesper
jesper4war 8 years ago
Methinks that AE2, Thermal Expansion and Galacticraft be added to add to the old tekkit feeling! I am sad that they were not implemented in this pack :(
DreadStone1009 8 years ago
Hello everyone , Im new to this ModPack and i dont like soloing "Being a Lone Wolf" So im wondering if some one would like to start a server with me? If u wanna get to know me my name is Sarah and im 16 i got Skype and Steam but still dont get a camara getting one soon... So comment your skype name or steam name and ill contact you thanks
GermanT 8 years ago
Hi Sarah! My name is Alex and i'm also 16. I live in Havre De Grace, Maryland and go to HDGHS. I've been playing minecraft here and there for a few years (but i just got a technic account because i never commented on a post before) and I know a lot about the game. The reason why I only play it here and there is that its gotten so boring with being on a server that only considers you for your possibility of "Donating" and being thought of as a seven year old. My preferable contact for communication would probably be instagram. I'm not very active on steam, but IG is at my fingertips all day. My name on instagram is @_beam_the_dream_ ("beam the dream" is just my high school nickname) and if you dont have instagram then my steam name is AEB058. I'd really like to start playing the game again and i believe i could be a valuable asset to your server.
Posted by AEB058 8 years ago
Added you im Pingu
Posted by GermanT 8 years ago
Hey Sarah, maybe check out our, our primary goal is to provide our players with the best possible gaming experience for free (100% free), no pay to win, nothing. Most servers these days mistaken donations with buying things... That really makes us sad. Minecrafter should not be about money, it's about community. More about our server can be found here: --- We have our support ticket system where you can contact us any time. About our server, it's there since the release of Tekkit-legends & it's free of real money and will always be :) Best regards, Bent
Posted by FlatronEZ 8 years ago
Hi Sarah I'm matt and I'm 15. I need someone to play this ModPack with my Skype and steam are both LyfeMatt so if you want to play sometime just add me on either one and message me.
Posted by yeoviltown 8 years ago
Hey there, we updated our server to the latest version 1.0.9 - --- More infos can be found here: --- Have fun and let us know anything via a ticket.
FlatronEZ 8 years ago
What the hell do you do in this modpack
Zerolizer 8 years ago
glacticraft is needed urgent PLZ
TheFlashCW2 8 years ago
glacticraft is needed urgent PLZ
TheFlashCW2 8 years ago

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