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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Anduins Wrath) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Anduins Wrath from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Anduins Wrath Version 2123

created by AnduinsWrath on Minecraft Version 1.7.10
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My hunger bar never indicated that it went down, and I could seemingly infinite amounts of food. I also could not access the server as I was told I was not whitelist on the server.
AnAnonymousUser 1 month ago
Only 50 mods in this modpack, this is a complete mess, lagging over time and not optimized.
KilMibay 2 months ago
pls unban me all I did was blow up Herald's house this is bullshit bro pls
BaronVonVoidMaster 5 months ago
What's your in game name? Also I don't remember any of my houses blowing up in the past year... You could have been banned for griefing a players base on the server.
Posted by Herald_King 5 months ago
link down
grillo78 1 year ago
Posted by AnduinsWrath 1 year ago | Modpack Creator
Love the mod, but it crashes on me a lot. Any ideas how to make it more stable?
BadWolfGrl 2 years ago
Adding more ram is always useful. And please use our discord to contact us as we don't visit the Technic site often.
Posted by Ibumetins 2 years ago
should be fixed
Posted by arnarorri6 1 year ago
So... i have to say a few things. Take this with a grain of salt, this is just me. This is the best modpack out there... or at least it was. "Why?" you might ask. Because of these reasons: 1. Some mods that were very nice (Decocraft, Journeymap ecc...) have been removed or replaced with other mods (i'm looking at you, Reis minimap) that weren't necessary better. 2. My main survival world has been 98% corrupted and my inventory is a mess. Also it crashes after a few seconds of light blue. This is because of IDs being the same (Some Ars Magica 2 items now appear instead of my normal LOTR items) as some other mods. 3. (This one is really personal, so unless you agree with me on this one, just ignore the 3rd reason) The menu is very different from the original one. That's all i had to say. Now, as i started this comment with a sentence, i will end it with the same exact sentence: Take this comment with a grain of salt. Many people still like this modpack, and i won't argue about that. I'm not trying to insult anyone in anyway. I'm just pointing out some facts that might annoy some people as much as they can make some other people happy. Thanks for reading this (unnecessary long) complain. - NP -
NokePoke 2 years ago
Ty for your Honesty i will take this into consituration
Posted by arnarorri6 2 years ago
Is the server down?
enderpea12 2 years ago
I just updated to version 2047 and the server says I have a bunch of rejected mods. If somone could help that would be great.
DabDaddy51 2 years ago
Fixed and server up again
Posted by arnarorri6 2 years ago
did you removed Ancient Warfare mod and if so why ? thanks for you answer
WinkyOnixCz 2 years ago
Yes we did sorry for late answer
Posted by arnarorri6 2 years ago
did you removed Ancient Warfare mod and if so why ? thanks for you answer
WinkyOnixCz 2 years ago
We removed it because of its ID issues. Sorry for the late awnser but please use our discord server for asking questions!
Posted by Ibumetins 2 years ago
The Server files link still hasn't been re-uploaded. says the ad fly link has been suspended, could you please fix the link so I can play with friends. Thanks.
kington80 2 years ago
We dont provide server files but i have removed the button because its been there for a while now.
Posted by Ibumetins 2 years ago
And if you want to play i would suggest you finding on how to make a forge server and just take the mods from the modpack and add them to the server
Posted by Ibumetins 2 years ago
Any chance that the server files can be reuploaded? Thanks
Raikiri123 2 years ago
The link should be fixed now
Posted by Ibumetins 2 years ago
I would have to speak to the main owner about it. Sorry for the long response as we are using discord for these sorts of questions.
Posted by Ibumetins 2 years ago
When i try to join a server, it comes up a message: This Server Requires FML/Forge to be installed. Contact your Server Admin for more Details.
chris24680 2 years ago
Please join the discord server so we can fix your problem. Thanks!
Posted by Ibumetins 2 years ago
Hey I just wanted to say that there isn't a join discord button here.
MR.heli 3 years ago
The Discord button has been fixed.
Posted by Ibumetins 2 years ago
Hey Guys If you have problems Join the Discord so that we can help you with your problems our Discord link is the just to the right of the page.
Piouspoppy41355 3 years ago
Can you please fix the FML? It prevents us from getting onto the server.
Beast459 3 years ago
Did you completly Reinstall pack and our you using the IP:]
Posted by Piouspoppy41355 3 years ago
Um, I can't join the server.. Help?
snowgirlza 3 years ago
Are you Using the IP: Also make sure you are using the latest version of the ModPack
Posted by Piouspoppy41355 3 years ago
Um, I can't join the server.. Help?
snowgirlza 3 years ago
thank you it downloaded
Wolfboom 3 years ago
modpack wont download please fix
DragonAlbert 3 years ago
Srry For late response, Try agin if you would still like to use the pack we have had no isses lately
Posted by Piouspoppy41355 3 years ago

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Anduins Wrath was updated to version 2123