Install Fallout-Craft: Arkansas

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Fallout-Craft: Arkansas) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Fallout-Craft: Arkansas from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Fallout-Craft: Arkansas Version 2.03

created by mensrea on Minecraft 1.12.2

This pack uses a lot of mods but most of them are lightweight and many are included for the users convenience. All of the mods have liberal public usage policies.

Mod Breakdown

-tech mods: agricraft, MTS (expanded UNUniverse, immersive vehicles, UNU parts pack, mtlib), immersive engineering, open modular turrets, project red base & integration, TE series (dynamics, expansion, foundation, innovation, cofh core, cofh world, chicken chunks, codechickenlib, refined storage, mrTJPcore, OMlib, infinity lib, forge multipart = 22

-performance mods: better fps, fast workbench, foamfix, reauth, optifine, vanillafix, placebo = 6 (you could remove these mods but it's not recommended)

-quality of life: better invisibility, callable horses, controlling, FTB backups, hurt animation remover, JEI, lockdown, noFOV, smoothfont, the one probe, treechopper, worldedit, bnbgamingcore = 13 (you could remove these mods but it's not recommended)

-essential to the core game: custom NPCs, athenaeum, dropt, corpsecomplex, crafttweaker, deuf, dropt, expandable inventory, fallout-craft series (5), flans mod, FTB lib, FTB quests, FTB utilities, gamestages, incontrol, itemstages, journeymap, lootbags, lycanites, mob sunscreen, modtweaker, modular machinery, OTG, orestages, potioncore, prospectus, recipestages, redstoneflux, scalinghealth, scavenge, scavenge gamestages, seteffect, bookshelf = 37

-aesthetics: custom main menu, PVJ, resource loader = 3

Mod List

Mods - What it adds/does.

Agricraft - Crops.

BetterFPS - Performance improvements.

Bookshelf - Coremod/requirement.

Charset Lib - Custom fonts.

ChickenChunks - Chunk loaders.

CleanView - No potion effect particles.

CodeChicken Lib - Coremod/requirement.

CoFH Core - Coremod/requirement.

CoFH World - Ores and blocks for Thermal series.

Controlling - Makes setting up controls easier.

CorpseComplex - Respawn effects.

CraftTweaker - Adding custom recipes and scripts.

Custom Main Menu - Self-explanatory.

Custom NPC's - Add custom NPC's.

FastWorkbench - Performance improvements.

Flans Mod - Guns, vehicles, and other stuff.

foamfix - Performance improvements.

Forgelin - Coremod/requirement.

Forge Multipart - Coremod/requirement.

Gamestages - Allow items/blocks to be restricted.

Immersive Engineering - The main tech mod in the pack.

incontrol - Fine tuning mob control.

infinitylib - Coremod/requirement.

Inventory Tweaks - User convenience.

ItemStages - Allow item/blocks to be restricted.

itlt - Coremod/requirement.

JEI - Viewing recipes.

Journeymap - Minimap.

lunatrius core - Coremod/requirement.

Lycanites Mobs - Mobs. Actually 7 mods packed into one, with mobs for each sub-mod.

Mantle - Coremod/requirement.

Minecraft Transport Simulator - Cars, truck, and planes.

Fallout-Craft mod series - Mods I made to add the character sheet, blocks, items, and a lot of miscellaneous stuff from the fallout universe.

mob sunscreen - Prevents mobs from burning in light.

modtweaker - For letting crafttweaker affect certain mods.

Modular Machinery - For adding and managing custom machines.

Mouse Tweaks - User convenience.

MrTJPCore - Coremod/requirement.

MTLib - Core mod/requirement.

MTS Official Pack - Models for MTS.

NoFov - Removes effects which limit the FOV.

omlib - Coremod/requirement.

omlib - Coremod/requirement.

open modular turrets - Adds turrets.

open terrain generator - Custom terrain generation and dimensions.

OreStages - Controls visibility of ores and blocks.

PotionCore - Adds many potion effects.

potioncraft - Adds many potion effects.

Project Red - Only for signal wires and logic plates but had to include core mods as well.

Project Vibrant Journeys - More interesting stuff to spice up terrain.

reauth - User convenience/allows you to re-enter your credentials if you get timed out instead of having to restart the game.

RecipeStages - Restricts recipes.

RedstoneFlux - Energy system.

Refined Storage - Simplified clone of AE.

ResourceLoader - Loads some things for the custom main menu.

ReWIRED - Addons for the cybernetics mod.

Ruins - Spawns the random structures throughout the maps.

Scavenge - Right/left click on blocks to perform effect functions.

Scavenge Gamestages - Allows staging of right/left clicking of blocks.

seteffect - Armors have effects if certain pieces are worn.

ShadowMC - Coremod/requirement.

Smoothfont - Adds custom fonts.

theoneprobe - See what you're looking at.

Thermal Dynamics - TE series for all kinds of odds and ends.

Thermal Expansion - TE series for all kinds of odds and ends.

Thermal Foundation - TE series for all kinds of odds and ends.

Thermal Innovation - TE series for all kinds of odds and ends.

VanillaFix - Performance improvements.

worldedit - User convenience.

Latest Update

Fallout-Craft: Arkansas was updated to version 2.03