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Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Enchanted Oasis•) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Enchanted Oasis• from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Enchanted Oasis• Version 2.9.24

created by mjra007 on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder
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Fixed the download problem
mjra007 9 years ago
I know that this is nearly impossible... But I still would like to voice my opinion. And that is updating the modpack and server to 1.7.10. I know that this is a big jump, and the sever/modpack will take much, much more longer. However the mods are getting outdated, mostly witchery and botania. I can see that a quick change won't be possible; you may just want to keep it 1.6.4. All I'm saying is to consider it...
[email protected] 9 years ago
In my opinion I think it's fine as it is.
Posted by ShadowNinjaXoX 9 years ago
I can't download the update.... :/ Any help? I really want to use the modpack, and I can't until get the update....
GamerGirl_612 9 years ago
when will it be fixed roughly??
annalies_o 9 years ago
unable to download keeps showing an error.
Evangi 9 years ago
MJRA Is fixing it.
Posted by ShadowNinjaXoX 9 years ago
It keeps giving me an error message when I try to install the pack. It says there was an error downloading file
ClownQueen 9 years ago
MJRA is fixing it.
Posted by ShadowNinjaXoX 9 years ago
it wont let me download it it keeps saying error ; - ;
curlydaling 9 years ago
when will the server be released to the public? if at all? its been so long
Megagriffinrider 9 years ago
I would like to see some sugestions on how to improve the server.What things do you want the new server to have?What can we improve?It would be really great if you could leave a sugestion. _Reis_
mjra007 9 years ago
You can add sides but it can still be survival but a little twist for example the nice side the neutral and the bad side
Posted by jacjerm 9 years ago
What would be the difference between the sides?The bad side could have pvp enabled and keepinventory off, the good side is the "normal" where everything stays the same as in the old server, but I am not sure about the neutral.
Posted by mjra007 9 years ago | Modpack Creator
Thank you for the suggestion ;)
Posted by mjra007 9 years ago | Modpack Creator
Well there doesn't have to be neutral
Posted by jacjerm 9 years ago
I dislike the idea of having sides from experiences on another server. I would like to suggest a keep inventory pvp arena though as it would be fun to try and kill people without anyone getting upset about losing their stuff. I already said most my ideas about a mini market and my prison idea. Other than that the server is perfect as it is.
Posted by ShadowNinjaXoX 9 years ago
You should make a place for other people to make their own shops. So that way there can be a main shop, and if there is nothing you need in the shop you can go to other people's shops and find it.
Posted by Spongeprice123 9 years ago
Error downloading file;
lopetyy43 9 years ago
I´ll fix that soon
Posted by mjra007 9 years ago | Modpack Creator
Guys Remember me, i am EnchantedLove, the Moderator..Mj/Reis the owner we have been asking him when is the server gonna be ready but we all think he is busy with still don't know when will the server be back again...SOON just SOON Please be patient..if anything we will update it here...don't worry guys Enchanted Oasis isn't dead just asleep or something xD So yeah guys Stay Well and Hope to see you when we launch the server..Bye
StrawberryJr 9 years ago
I'm okay with the server being delayed. School is approaching exams, and I'm okay if the server wakes up some time later. I'll benefit more from studying than playing games. Honestly, the wait is understandable, and I wish you guys luck on the server...
Posted by [email protected] 9 years ago
This thing still exists? (Only kidding) I'm just glad to know it's slowly waking up from its hiatus and this hasn't just become a ''Shadow of israphel.''
Posted by ShadowNinjaXoX 9 years ago
Neither the server or the modpack are abandoned, at the moment I just have a lot to do in school and don´t have time but as soon as I can (it shouldn´t be that long) I´ll return to work and my number one priority will be to put the server back up.
Posted by mjra007 9 years ago | Modpack Creator
Thank You so much for creating this ModPack
MiMiMinecraft 9 years ago
Anyone have a server for me to go on while I'm wating for the server to go back up
jacjerm 9 years ago
I can't download this modpack....
EsotericVision 9 years ago
Is everything with the server okay?
MCPCqueen 9 years ago
It Wont Let me Download the Modpack :/
TwoHawtForChu21 9 years ago
Minecraft Comes Alive?
Thistlefang222 9 years ago
Server download is unavailable ?
Gureen 9 years ago
Is there also a date when the server will be up becasue im so excited for it
Gingerguygamer 9 years ago
No just be patient.
Posted by ShadowNinjaXoX 9 years ago
okay thanks :D
Posted by Gingerguygamer 9 years ago
We're all excited but these things take it's time especially when the modpack owner is mostly busy. It shouldn't be much longer though.
Posted by ShadowNinjaXoX 9 years ago
Thankyou ShadowNinja you have been here every single second waiting for hope! We Appreciate your help, thankyou, thankyou so much.
Posted by StrawberryJr 9 years ago
is there anychance you could add mo creatures to the pack i know it wasnt in ihascupquakes but i think it would fit in with the theme. And maybe necromancy since its magical
Gingerguygamer 9 years ago
Those are both good mods, but I don't think Mo creatures is ever going to be added. Mo creatures mod have previously been denied, the sheer amount of mobs will lag the entire server(when it comes out, of course) Not sure about Necromancy though...
Posted by [email protected] 9 years ago
What he said. Necromancy sounds like a good idea but most likely won't be added for a long time.
Posted by ShadowNinjaXoX 9 years ago
i know mo creatures would lagg the server but you could always edit the spawn rates and thanks for reading my comment
Posted by Gingerguygamer 9 years ago

Latest Update

2.9.20 adds foamfix which mitigates the log4j vulnerability.