Install Aetherwars: Infinite

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Aetherwars: Infinite) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Aetherwars: Infinite from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Aetherwars: Infinite Version r0.5

created by Darkmega on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder

Aetherwars Infinite Cinematic Intro: A visit from the unknown.


Welcome to Infinity. A world from the beginning of time; before giant biomes, rivers and strongholds where masses of land encapsulated by glass known as biospheres and their moons existed.

This world was inhabited by a number of highly technologically and magically adept Minecraftians who’s forgotten techs, machines, spells, incantations and ways are only just being reinvented in the present (normal) worlds.

It was here that a Steve from the old days and his friends stayed for a large majority of their lives, as the novel terrain provided them fuel for their adventurous needs, danger to test their skills and hardship to push them to their limits…

Atleast, that was until the first steve was overcome with the need to do “everything”. He saw what the various peoples were capable of from his wanderings and he was determined to experience not just one side of the coin he was faced with, but both.

The Magisters and Machinists as they were soon called often had skirmishes against each other, but combat was expensive, as lives were lost forever as Infinity was never meant to house people in it's state so only their spirits could hold them in the world between deaths. People often fought for control over the moons, to harvest their riches, and some of the people had to search far and wide for the ingredients to fulfil their crafts, but Steve built the foundations of a city and invited both to join together in their struggle for survival against the mobs. But also so he could interact with both sides without being held in contempt with the other.

After the initial negotiations and tension filled agreements it was soon apparent that both sides wanted what the other wanted, “survival” and so together they built the biggest multi-biosphere cities of the new nations and shared their knowledges between each other.

It was from this sharing that they realized they had both noticed something was unique about the world they were living in. Both sides had noticed that everything in the world resonated energy, and the release of this energy would provide power, usually from the obvious burnable sources. But other less fuel related objects also had the potential. This energy was called aether, and after months of research they had a break through.

Using hybridized tech/magical machines the people found that they were finally able to destroy objects in a way to release the aether sealed within, and the resulting energy became a green liquid that had no form that would simply vanish into thin air when it was taken out of specialized containment fields.

Then, the day that changed the face and future of Infinity forever. Objects were finally able to be scanned into a machine which was then able to fabricate other objects using the power of aether alone. In their excitement these machines were mass produced, and after the announcement nearly every person who lived in the now life filled world of Infinity had aether extraction and condensing machinery in their households.

It was at this point that their once limited existences were set free. Industry started booming, Magicians got stronger and smarter and Steve soon had his fill of it all… But if this was the end of the story, it wouldn’t be called Aetherwars would it?

As the people become more reliant on Aether while building their citadels, cities, factories, laboratories and temples, they become more desperate. Sure aether could infinitely be farmed from mass resource sifting, efficient processing standards and simple farming, but the people wanted more. Industry continued to grow, building projects became bigger, magicians went mad with power and were tormented by the things they had been better off not knowing and eventually… Lets just say aether became easier to farm over someone elses dead body...

So by and by a war broke out as the people soon had enough of each other and got greedy. A war that seemed like it had no end. Steve, wracked with guilt, seeing that his bringing together of the people had eventually caused this, built a ship he called “The Sanctuary” and flew away, leaving behind his once beautiful but now war stricken world. (no, it’s just in the story. Sorry. You can’t has the sanctuary. Make your own. :P)

He grew old toying around with the knowledge he had gained on his travels and his final chronicles and fragments of the old world stored away in his chests and drives are now
all that’s left. So he has now stored it all inside an enchanted AE Disk with transcribed holographic images (imagine them. :P) imbedded in an impervious book. This book was eventually found in the void and then given to you, by the unknown.

But it seems others have somehow found out about this data aswell and have come to claim the prize of infinite power for themselves and their followers. The biospheres have reformed and time has continued, but not everyone can be a god.

And so, the endless war continues in…!

What kind of modpack is Aetherwars Infinite?

Aetherwars Infinite is a large variety modpack made to be played on the new biospheres terrain generation mode. Created by myself after getting an idea from playing a little bit of planetary annihilation and supreme commander it’s meant to allow groups of players to rapidly tech up and fight each other in battles where one loss in hardly the war! Of course you don’t need to pvp as you can always just team up and conquer the world. :)

Aetherwars takes use of HQM to provide starting gear that is practically vital to starting a game along with a stylized story in the form of written monologues from the original Steve whos records are stored in the embedded drive of the book.

Aetherwars also contains an optional Soundtrack of assorted game musics. If you’d like to enable it you can find it in the resources pack list, this contains songs for the title screen, overworld day time, Overworld night time, sunrise, battles with various and specific bosses, music for all the different dimensions, battles with mobs, battles with endermen and pvp battle themes.

Unfortunately I’d advise against using it in videos unfortunately due to the majority of them coming from other games and hence being copyrighted. :< But as most if not all these songs can be found and listened to on youtube and hence downloaded personally I figured it couldn’t hurt for peoples optional personal use as I wanted to make good use of music choices by tmtravlr. Please don’t be salty. :<

Finally, but also most importantly, as the name suggests, Aethercraft is also in the modpack and most resources required to make things from mods such as Thaumcraft, Thermal Expansion, Witchery, Ars Magica and applied energistics (and many many more) can be forged using the power of aether thanks to the procedural or manual config additions to aethercraft allowing other objects to be made.

Wage war with autospawners, soul shards, genetic super soldier players, magic, guns, technology or even Archimedes ship bases better portals, transporters, TNT cannon broadsides and platforms or be peaceful and learn the mysteries of the thaumic universe, become the strongest that ever lived so you can protect everything, Shield your base with high tech security from pneumaticraft (no forcefields unfortunately), explore, hide or thrive in other dimensions or even turn your biosphere into a paradise with chisel blocks and decocraft! Even if it’s not war that you’re into Aetherwars Infinite will have something for you!

I’ve spent several months developing and testing this modpack with others so I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I have! It’s completely hosted using technic solder graciously provided by Amaxter from endermedia, who's website you can find here: .

Solder also procedurally makes a modlist which you can find on the Technic modpack page to explore whats in the pack.

also, due to people liking different types of minimaps, and journeymap being salty about technic modpacks (so I can't have it by default) please find and install your own selected minimap mods if you'd like to use a minimap. I've also made sure that professor mobius' OPIS can work in the modpack if need arises if manually installed for the server and client.

Join Irc Espernet Channel #Aetherwars to chat with myself and others who play the modpack! Also if people could record lets plays and pvp wars of their own and recommend the pack to others so that it can grow that would be much appreciated and I can display your lets play videos here on the modpack threads on minecraft forum or technic forums for all to see.

Thank you for reading! :)

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