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Technic Platform v2 and Technic Launcher v3 Released!


We appreciate your patience with the outages. If you have a modpack you curate be sure to edit your modpack on the resources tab to re-apply your art in the new sizes. Your modpack will be artless until you do this.  


Welcome to the new Technic Platform.


This new site, together with the new Launcher, are more than just a design refresh, it’s a leap forward toward bringing content curators and users together.


Now users have the ability to comment, like, follow and post about modpacks. As a modpack owner, you now have the ability to post status updates and news posts to users who are following you.

The Launcher now integrates with the Platform heavily, allowing searching for modpacks within itself, seeing news posts from modpack curators, and lists likes, runs, and installs. Portable mod is back, and we have an actual Mac client for those among us that run Apple. The Launcher also has language support for German, Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil) Chinese (China and Taiwan), Italian, French and English.

We have a vast upgrade to usability, features, information, and tools.  From customizability to interactions with your users to elasticsearch, we hope you enjoy the work we’ve put in to make the Technic Platform look, feel, and most importantly perform well.


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Technic launcher staff but i speak for everyone here the new launcher and web sight is not as good as the older launcher and web sight so please we want to go back to the old launcher and web sight please go back.
thejosh01 8 years ago
How do I get to the launcher bar?
a_res 8 years ago
Xx_NikeKid_xX 8 years ago
I can't find any of my mod packs and I can't install any new one I don't like the new one
daimac16 8 years ago
I Can't login on the new one, He say error!
joaovale 8 years ago
Reading all these comments and the most of them are saying negative things like, 'You've just unimproved it'. Come on guys, chill. These are the same people that created tekkit.
CaptianSlurpee 8 years ago
try attack of the bteam guys
jcmeredith 8 years ago
galera alguem me ajuda meu technic não esta baixando os ativos para eu jogar
Uminezika 8 years ago
Please add the Twitch auth. Livestreams are not available yet ! I want to Livestream my Modpack :D
Still_PvP 8 years ago
Where Is Crundee Craft??????
TigerQuiney 8 years ago
Achei melhor essa mais, a antiga era mais pratica. voto positivo
caiostart27 8 years ago
Scoobz2013 8 years ago
New launcher and website is soooooooo much better, but I dont like the search bar
FIN123123 8 years ago
I can't sign in to the launcher, it says invalid username or password but it's the right password and username.
Oswaldo24 8 years ago
I like this one too
rainbowbatman30 8 years ago
I want the old one!
I am stuck at login screen help
fatikhburst 9 years ago
ImDerpTurtle 9 years ago
ImDerpTurtle 9 years ago
ImDerpTurtle 9 years ago
I agree to the=at its confusing
HaseebTech 9 years ago
Kilian 123321 9 years ago
DamonDbug 9 years ago
where do I add a mod pack
monkay60 9 years ago
where do I add a mod pack
monkay60 9 years ago
Xell TGD 9 years ago
Wow, so many negative comments. I actually find this to be really easy to use. If the modpacks won't work, that's the modpack's fault, not the launcher.
DarkraiSpeed 9 years ago
uxyguagstdgsugdyuhsd dsssscsdfs sdfsfsfssd
jasperdemmers 9 years ago
its so fucking confusing