The hardcore survival pack

by Command_green | Created on 2014-05-18 | Last Updated 10 years ago

Admit this, Minecraft Isn't too challenging. All you can ever expect is a creeper blowing up or Endermen picking up blocks. Minecraft pretty peaceful. Well, in this modpack everything is the opposite. Natural disasters can occur! Tornadoes! Earthquakes, Volcanoes , sinkholes, and even Meteorites! Yikes! But, there are some mods to aid you through this modpack. Like Tinkers construct create your own tools! Harvest Craft to make some food so you want starve. Even the chisel mod to build more varieties. Also, Bibliocraft if you like organizing. Plus, Reis minimap so you don't get lost and even damage indicators! Did I forget to mention that there's also Statues mod and Hats mod! Worried about lag? Don't worry, we have optifine for better performance! So, if your ready for a challenge, this modpack is right for you! (oh, did I forget to mention Archimedes ship and craft guide, backpack mod, and Simple ores?) Silly me.

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The Lone Wanderer

by Command_green | Created on 2015-11-01 | Last Updated 3 years ago

Welcome to the Wasteland lone wanderer. We hope Vault-Tec has taught you everything. Study your S.P.E.C.I.A.L daily.

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