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Hey guys.. it's been a long journey thats reached its end. I hope you do understand,there is no point. However, I will be playing it on my youtube channel
Well everyone am I very happy! This update might have lag so the final will be everything fleshed out. I have tried my best having unique classic mods we love. Remember to TECH ON!
well everybody. Heres the reasons: I have been visiting relatives and no internet is available and so it will be 2 more weeks of this and then the modpack will be done!
sir can i be whitelisted on infinity pack server my ign is catlover1904
Carson1904 on Command_green's profile 8 years ago
Cant download your infinity pack please fix soon
Sector7Gaming on Command_green's profile 8 years ago
Yes, im back and better than ever! Cleaner and fresher as ever i could be! Lets finish this modpack, baby! (im serious this time!)
im back and im assembling a quick pack for the ultimate mc mindblown pack for u guys to play it will be ready by 2:00Pm today
Command_green liked the modpack The 1.7.10 Pack 9 years ago
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hello guys well looks like i wont be using dropbox for a while i found a webstie and it works the same slightly different and alo the mc minblown pack willl also have some adventure mod
Keep calm, as always and tech on! B)
i have checked my mail and dropbox has temporarily banned me from using the public link and public links help me get the modpack working so i have replied of how long is my suspension and hope to get a reply back
Hello guys im back for more info looks like i wont need a new laptop (maybe in the future)
when i click play it doesn't open the mod it just says error. Iv'e tried restarting my computer and it doesn't work, i downloaded it again and it didn't work but all the other modpacks do! What should i do?
Command_green liked the modpack Venom Modpack 9 years ago
Hey um i have a problem just till now MY downloaded Modpacks on technic launcher they launch then come back to the technic launcher screen please help i'll never be able to finish my modpack at this rate