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Love Luckyblocks too. its funny to have a 50/50 chance to become a good or a bad thing
DunklesNichts liked the modpack Complex Gaming - Pixelmon 1 year ago
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hope that my favorite modpacks are always kept up to date with a lot of different contents, both in star wars and in the pokemon and hexxit modpacks, I love the variety that you have with it so that you can build in addition to the variety of building 1/2
options also has many possibilities to experience different things while exploring the worlds, it's quests, npcs or dungeons or randomly spawned buildings, the variety of different things in the same topic makes the fun in my opinion 2/2
To Chill and play alone nice mods to get away from the daily life ^^... love nice dungeon, looting and star wars and pokemon things, not so the full mechanic boy :3
German Pixelmon, Star Wars and Hexxit Singlemode player