Arcane Carnage

by FrankCG | Created on 2014-10-21 | Last Updated 2 years ago

In a world where your survival depends on your magic skills, wizards are the elite class. Discover what happens when FTB meets PVP/Raiding, not for the faint of heart.

318K Installs
1M Runs

VoidPack 2 Skyblock

by FrankCG | Created on 2015-09-09 | Last Updated 2 years ago

VoidPack 2 is a super fun Skyblock modpack which will work on almost any computer, due to being so much less bloated than other Skyblock modpacks. We also host a dedicated server where you can hang out with our lovely community!

554K Installs
2M Runs

Advanced Wizardry

by FrankCG | Created on 2017-02-12 | Last Updated 1 year ago

Start of with little to no resources and build you empire together or alone. Experiment with all of our added mods for a tech and magical experience! Join the server to play with friends and battle it out with foes!

191K Installs
820K Runs

Complex Gaming - Pixelmon

by FrankCG | Created on 2018-02-09 | Last Updated 1 year ago

The Fastest way to install Pixelmon + Other Essentials! - 4GB Ram Recommenced for best experience! Automatically equipped with server(s) so you can play with others and friends!

1M Installs
12M Runs

Terra Nova - The New World

by FrankCG | Created on 2019-11-26 | Last Updated 3 years ago

Terra Nova is a brand new land-based modpack with a huge variety of unique mods and quests where danger lies around every corner! Join us now at

11K Installs
35K Runs

Complex Gaming - FossilTech

by FrankCG | Created on 2021-12-26 | Last Updated 2 years ago

Build your own Dinosaur Park! Collect 75+ dinosaurs and progress through the Dino Tamer ranks to build the biggest dinosaur zoo!

2K Installs
5K Runs