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OneDrive supports direct download links now. Please make it a valid download on Technic Launcher!
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Hello everyone, I've decided to remove Yao Pack Extreme to instead focus on the normal Yao Pack. This means that the packs will get merged, thus leaving some things from the normal Yao Pack. For more info follow me. ~Henriko
I will update the Yao Pack later today. It will bring some more challenge that's for sure :)
Make sure to make a new world first though! It won't work on old ones.
Okay, so. It has been quite some time since the last update of the YaoPack. And I'm happy to announce that the whole new, 2.0 version of the YaoPack is now released! I have removed some mods, added some (Thaumcraft for example!).
If you don't know about it yet, my Twitter is at https://twitter.com/henrikothegreat or @henrikothegreat. See what I'm up to!
Pheew! I made it work. Have fun!
Done? Done.
Technic Launcher down.
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