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AxelVoss liked the modpack Sonic Rising 5 months ago
I've been really getting into the groove of modpack updating lately. Just dropped one for Mario, and the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy packs are picking up steam! I hope you enjoy them all, and let me know how you're faring on your adventures!
AxelVoss 5 months ago
AxelVoss liked the modpack Worlds of Aeonia - PokeMagik 5 years ago
The Artiux server is great! i love the resource pack and the mods meshed togther its a lot less laggy then most modpacks with magic stuff but i recommend adding NEI its very helpful! and whats your other modpack i'd love to know!
biVampire on AxelVoss's profile 5 years ago
I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised with how much attention my two packs have gotten, Atriux especially! I'm working on a server for Atriux; hopefully everything goes well and plenty of players join up to learn the ins and outs of the Magic Mods!
AxelVoss 6 years ago