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hey, uh, Darkassasin, im Really sorry about what I said, seriously, I just hope u can forgive me.
why do u put in really good mods if it doesn't work stupid?
what is wrong with your halo mod
11Sparton11 on DarkAssassin299's profile 9 years ago
well there is a problem within my modpacks caused by the site's updates currently working on finding a solution to get all my modpacks fixed again
DarkAssassin299 liked the modpack Minecraft Half Life 9 years ago
sorry again, I think I've figured out the problem. The modpack is using an newer version of forge for 1.6.4 which for some reason does not get along with Java 1.8
shoejr on DarkAssassin299's profile 9 years ago
Hey, sorry to bother you, but when i try to download your Halo Craft modpack the launcher is telling me its a corrupt file. not sure if its the launcher, modpack, or just my internet somehow.
shoejr on DarkAssassin299's profile 9 years ago
DarkAssassin299 liked the modpack MINECRAFT HALO CRAFT 9 years ago