Install Slaskcraft Pack vol. 1

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Slaskcraft Pack vol. 1) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Slaskcraft Pack vol. 1 from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Slaskcraft Pack vol. 1 Version 1.3.1

created by einarjh on Minecraft 1.7.10

UI and utility mods

NEI (Not Enough Items) - Searchable recipies, we would be lost without it, by ChickenBones
NEI Addons - Extends the functionality of NEI to support Forestry, Botany, Buildcraft and others, by bdew
NEI Integration - Integrates new handlers for NEI for BuildCraft, Forestry and MineFactory Reloaded, by Tonius
WAILA (What Am I Looking At?) - Tooltip for things you're looking at, by ProfMobius
ChickenChunks - Improved chunk loading, by ChickenBones
TiC Tooltips - Shows more info in the tooltips for Tinkers' Construct
Inventory Tweaks - Automatically sorts inventories and automatically refills stacks on the hotbar, replaces tools etc, by Kobata
What's This Pack (WTP) - Adds a customisable title text to the main menu of Minecraft, by Robosphinx
VoxelMap - Adds a nice and smooth minimap in the corner, by MamiyaOtaru
ServerTools - Adds some lightweight server tools, especially MOTD which allows us to disable cavemode and radar for VoxelMap (server only), by MattPrengerMC

Content mods

Biomes O'Plenty (BOP) - Adds a lot (A LOT) of new biomes, and a good many new trees and plants, by TheAdubbz and Forstride
Thermal Expansion - Adds machines for ore processing, automation, the RF power system and much more, by TeamCoFH
MineFactory Reloaded - Adds farming and more automation, by TeamCoFH
Redstone Arsenal - Adds Redstone Flux powered armour and weapons, by TeamCoFH
Tinkers' Construct - More and better tools, smeltery, credits listed in thread
Applied Energistics 2 - Advanced item storage, crafting and retrieval. Also some new tools and such, by AlgorithmX2
Autopackager - A simple mod to provide automatic crafting using RF power, by smbarbour
ProjectRed Integration - Allows miniaturised redstone circuits, by MrTJP and ChickenBones
ProjectRed Lighting - Many different types of lamps, by MrTJP and ChickenBones
ProjectRed World - Adds volcanoes and marble to the world, by MrTJP and ChickenBones
Wireless Redstone Chicken Bones Edition (WR-CBE) - adds wireles redstone to ProjectRed, by ChickenBones
OpenComputers - Adds programmable, modular and persistent computers, by Kethtar
Ender Storage - Improved storage in Ender Chests, by ChickenBones
DecoCraft - Adds a whole bunch of craftable, decorative items, by RazzleberryFox
Carpenter's blocks - Adds a lot of new shapes for building in Minecraft, by Mineshopper
Chisel - Adds many, MANY new block types for building, originally by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, now maintained by TheCricket26
Buildcraft - Adds pipes, auto-crafting, quarries, engines and stuff like that, by the Buildcraft team
Iron Chests - Adds multiple tiers of chests (thread is outdated, download here), by cpw (possibly others)
Simply Jetpacks - Adds Redstone Flux powered jetpacks and a few other things, by Tonius
Enhanced Portals - Just what it says on the box. Better portals. Simple as that, by Alz454 and others
Bibliocraft - Adds bookshelves and other functional furniture, by Nuchaz
Bibliowoods Biomes O'Plenty edition - Extends Bibliocraft to support trees and blocks from BOP, by Nuchaz
Bibliowoods Forestry edition - Extends Bibliocraft to support trees and blocks from Forestry, by Nuchaz
Bibliowoods Natura edition - Extends Bibliocraft to support trees and blocks from Natura, by Nuchaz
Forestry - Adds automatic farms, bees, new trees, backpacks, a mail system and energy production, by SirSengir
Binnie's Mods - Extends Forestry with more bees, trees as well as botany and genetics, by Binnie (d'uh)
Ore Dictionary Converter - Adds a tool to convert between the various ore types and their derivates, by EXTER7
Solar Flux - Adds solar panels for Redstone Flux power production, by Nauktis
EnderIO - Adds compact conduits, machines, farms, powered tools and armor. Oh, and stuff and things, by CrazyPants
Ender Zoo - Adds some new and innovative mobs, by CrazyPants
Morph - When you kill a mob, you can morph into it, and for some cases acquire some of the said mob's abilities, by iChun
Jabba (Just Another Better Barrels Attempt) - Just another better barrels attempt, by ProfMobius
OpenBlocks - Adds a lot of different stuff, including multiblock tanks, graves, paints, trophies as well as the super important hangglider, by the OpenMods team
Big Reactors - As the name suggests, it adds some big reactors for Redstone Flux production, by Erogenous Beef
Natura - Makes worldgen more interesting by adding new trees and plants, by progwml6
Lots o' Mobs - Adds a lot of new mobs, plus a couple of new dimensions and some items, by TheLarsinator
Malisis' Doors - Adds animations to doors, plus a whole lot of new doors (and a force field!), by Ordinastie
Roguelike Dungeons - Adds more challenging dungeons, inspired by super-hostile maps and roguelikes, by Greymerk

Framework, compatibility and libraries

Minecraft Forge - The main modloader, without which none of this would be possible, by the Minecraft Forge Team
LiteLoader - Supplementary modloader, used to add VoxelMap, by Mumfrey
CodeChickenCore - Core lib used by NEI, ChickenChunks, Ender Storage and WR-CBE, by ChickenBones
CoFHCore - Core lib used by Thermal Expansion, Minefactory Reloaded and Redstone Arsenal, by TeamCoFH
Thermal Foundation - Required for Thermal Expansion and related mods, by TeamCoFH
Mantle - Core lib for Tinkers' Construct, credits listed in thread
ExtraTiC - Adds support for Natura, AE2 and BOP to Tinkers' Construct, by Glassmaker
ProjectRed Base - Core lib used by ProjectRed, by MrTJP and ChickenBones
ProjectRed Compat - Adds ProjectRed compatibility with Thermal Expansion and Tinkers Construct, by MrTJP and ChickenBones
iChunUtil - Required for Morph, by iChun
OpenModsLib - Required for OpenBlocks, by the OpenMods team
MalisisCore - Required for Malisis' Doors, by Ordinastie

Latest Update

Two years after updating the client pack, the server pack has also been updated. You can download the server here: - remember to read the README!