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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (GT New Horizons) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select GT New Horizons from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

GT New Horizons Version 2.6.0

created by DreamMasterXXL on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder

GT New Horizons updated to version

Version 26.08.2018

Mod Upgrade:

Core Mod 1.5.36
GTNH-TC-Wands 1.0.2
GT Scanner Mod 1.5.1
Tec Tech 3.6.6a

Mod Changes:

-Comb Time and Voltage Adjustments
-Dragon egg crafting items
-Alternative Primitive Circuits for MV #3438 (NAND Chips)
-Superconductor dusts mixing fix #3440
-nerf Nichrome to 480eu/t vac freezer and make EBf burn time longer
-marshmallow recipe change
-nerf bee comb time to 300. Its a compromise between 1200 and 128
-re enable op bees. Bees get a rework anyways
-Unable to make the Blank fuel tank for the Small fuel canister #3459
-add 10K Coins for later use
-Suggestion: wild carrots ore dictionary #3485
-Suggestion: Extract fluid fire resistance potion from pam's ignis fruit #3484
-Suggestion: Flesh Root to mincemeat #3483
-Suggestion: Extract coconuts into coconut milk #3482
-Suggestion: Mixer recipe for Red Alloy #3491
-[RFC] Uses for Natura nether trees #3435
-added Trophy recipes for dream
-changed World Accelerator check for solars
-Recipe to turn empty hydration cell back into normal cell #3381
fixed cell hydration cell recipe

-[Suggestion] Change Blood Magic Life Essence Cell recipe to use Regular cell rather than Universal Cell. #2215
-Alternative Primitive Circuits for MV #3438 (NAND Chips)
-Fix for issue 3399
-Conflicting/Unusable recipes in Large Chemical Reactor #3450
-duct taped fix. remove gt++ recipe for cetan
-Seismic prospectors changes:
-Do radius in blocks. Clean up printouts. Add in chunk information for located ores.
-Added powderbarrels to usage. Added recipes to make Adv Seismic Prospectors. Removed recipes for the old ones.
-boronsilicate fix mixer recipe
-fix dimethylbenzen derp
-Fixed Mufflers and Large Boiler Fuels. (#1319)
-Adding new Textures for GT Coils Textures by @LogicFalls
-fixed GT Teleporter
-improofed readability a bit (in dependencies in GT_Mod & GT_MetaTileEntity_Teleporter)
-alkalus' fix to improve performance on the typefilter...
-Change to use an ObjMap
-Missing LCR recipe for CrO2 + O -> CrO3 #3510

GT Scanner Mod
-Fixed basic prospector behavior.
-Changed to display summary of ores found and distance from player.
-Adjusted range down overall. Increased success chance slightly.
-Increased durability
-added simple scanners
-added UHV Electric Prospector's Scanner
-removed unnecessary classes
-disabled debug build

Tec Tech
-Push some collider work and change plasma nerf behaviour
-Change fusion behaviour a bit

Config changes:

AE+AE2 Stuff
-add oredict to inscriber for dia and gold plates

-Bee adjustments and OCD cleanup

-added fluids to planets (charon not exists)

Loot Bags
-New lootbags and balanced the old ones #3469
-LuV Quest merge #3471

Tinkers Construct
-Stone Duplication With Fortune / Auto-Smelt #3497

Server dat
-Add Wabulabudaba russian gtnh server

-Missing Plasma #3427

Recipe changes:

AE+AE2 Stuff
-Add Inscriber recipe #3477
-Wireless Setup Kit #3441

Extra Utilities
-Quarry use now Europium Plate. Approved bei 0lafe

-Idea - Decending Name GenDustry Comb Ore Directory Names. #3509

Iron Chest
-recipe conflict world anchor #3475

Loot Bags
-LuV Quest merge #3471

Project Red
-Have Null routing chips use vacuum tubes instead of LV circuits, up output #3407

Quests changes:

-Suggestion Portable Quest #3493
-fix kill enderman quest
-[RFC] Uses for Natura nether trees #3435
-fix a few quest rewards
-Fixed a bunch of issues from tickets. Added redwheat, tin pipes, brass pipes(restricted pipes too)
-farming station, large combustion engine quests
-Quest Error Brew of Love #3488
-Cleaned up quests. Added new SpaceSuit quests for Venus PPE.
-update fusion quests lootbags
-Rotor and watermill quest outdated/incorrect #3406
-Quest #1495 #3197
-Making gallium easier to get #3455
-Add Mineral Sands to the Orefinder purchase quest #3463
-Suggestion: Make the feather duct-taped wings quest optional #3466
-Move seeds quest from behind mattock? #3476
-More Space race quests (tier 5 Rockets)
-more circuit quests and stuff Luv/ZPM/UV
-LuV Quest merge #3471 Add polybenzimidazole quests
-Manualy merge 0lafes Quests. Add a few more (IV so far) LuV follow later
-Add Synthetic rubber quests
-Updated seismic prospector quest to new advanced seismic prospector and added more information.
-more quests like chemical dehydrator and nickel quest
-marshmallow quest added
-Update/move basic prospector quest #3456
-duct taped fix. remove gt++ recipe for cetan
-Nuclear reactor quests #3443
-Suggestion: Alternate Radon Quest #3449
-update coins coins Quests by 0lafe
-The big fluffy crybaby quest 905 #3437
-Dragon egg #1499
-Completed Quest Inaccessible #3436
-Check unlock for Empty Epoxid Board, in EV #3426
-Quests #3511
-Fix hv food quest
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