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Type in the modpack name (GT New Horizons) or paste the following url into the search box.

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GT New Horizons Version 2.6.0

created by DreamMasterXXL on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder

GT New Horizons updated to version

Version --- 09.01.2018

New Mods:

Berries ++ 1.0.2

Mod Upgrade:

GTNewHorizonsCoreMod 1.5.17
GT-Scanner-Mod 1.4
Hunger Overhaul 1.0.2
Loot Games 1.0.16
Tec Tech 3.6.2b
Thaumic Exploration 1.1.72-0
Tinkers Construct
Utility Worlds 1.0.9d

Changed/added Recipes:

AE/Extra Cells(Changing the new storage component recipe back to pre 1.5/2.0 recipe. #2333)
Avaritia(Infinity wires madness #2364)
Buildcraft(Disable Water springs)
Chisel(Add Black Granite to Abyssal Stone Chisel Variants)
Extra Utilities(QED too expensive #2344)
Forestry (In NEI recipe, Irradiated Comb centrifuge and produce nothing. #2356)
Galacticraft(Frequency Module isn't craftable anymore #2342)
Gregtech(Add tool tips for batteries, add tooltip for ZPM Module too, Add Tooltips to Seismic Prospectors)
GT++(Field Generator have different recipes #2332 thats why i disabled Component Assembler)
IC2(Change IC2 Water Generator recipes, Add more mining pipe recipes)
Magic Bees(Jade material for GT Tools #2365 and Moon Dail)
Open Blocks(remove dev 0)
Random Things(remove bloodstone recipe)
Railcraft(remove different ingots from RC Blast furnace(GT++), Railcraft Energy Loaders way too expensive #2347, [suggestion] force track emitter recipe #2349, fix creosote wood slabs duplication,)
Tainted Magic(Void metal is not auto craftable if void essence is researched #2362)
Thcumcraft/Gadomany(Ancient Stone -> Slab #2369)
Thaumic Tinker(Cannot perform Bottomless Pouch infusion #2323)
Twilight Forest(Ironwood rework #2316)
Witchery(Cant make witches oven for a quest because ''block of steel fence'' cant be made or found in NEI #2327, Fix Wormwood recipe)
ZZ-Client(change coin recipes)
Many Mods(When creating watches, electric tools are not used #2373 oredict gt tools in recipes)

Code changes:

Core Mod(Ore washer needs a pump in recipe, i18n placeholder config, Code cleanup, revert if breaks shit., update dependencies Add a com recipes for irradiant comb, Add two new Chunk loader coins)

Gregtech(commented out old and deprecated chem. recipes, remove Acetone and Calcium Acetate Solution smelting recipes. There are machine recipes for it., reduce fluid heater recipe to max 30 EU/t from 32 EU/t
Acetone to Ethenone fluid heater recipe need now 160 eu/t like the distillery recipe, Ethenone recipes using now mv to make tetranitromethane, remove light fuel as Cetan Diesel source,
Change high octane gasoline recipe to be balanced, revert Tetranitromethane time and set it to 120 eu/t, Remove all 32 eu/t recipes and replace them with 30 eu/t recipes, Cleanup materials list,
Optimize imports an add molten cells, remove smeltable into gems, Add Fluid Canner recipes for missing molten recipes materials, remove Concrete and change to 1000L per cell,
Fix molten cells, add samarium/magnetic samarium properly..., Change to 144mb molten cells, change samarium color, change manually added recipes to 144l, Ore washer needs a pump in recipe,
Redstone Alloy Wires can use rubber now for cables (in the assembler), Allow use of wire cutter/soldering item on the tile entity, as well as the wire, for a connect/disconnect, Add Redstone Alloy Wire to wire mill recipes,
GT6 cable quality of life improvements, revert soldering tool behavior, lang file typos, Added missing overlays, made the passtrough of wire cutting/connectiong trough gt machine blocks work only if the player is isneaking.
And because of that, added back the soldering iron support.Typo fixes, Config to disable placeholder "%material", Solar panel fix, Make solar panels always look connected, and allow energy injection from
unknown directions, Localization bugfix & improvement, Added Soldering Iron for MV, HV, fixed Silicon to Silicone, Make AE2 GT-p2p tunnels connect to gt cables (#73), Save/load NBT data for Large Turbine - HP STeam
(#74), Adjust pollution levels on BBFs 50-->200, Add tier based range change method., Added MV,HV Seismic prospector, change recipes for seismic prospectors, change the range, Add stepping changes to prospector.
change size of Seismic prospector, Fix UO blacklist, change Adv prospector to 16x16 chunks radius 128 (server limit 8 chunks radius), Make the description more accurate on Soldering Iron, ADD MORE TOOLS,
Extruder cell recipe #2331, changed recipes using 32 eu/t to 30eu/t, Cells produced from nothing when placing rutile into chemical reactor #2339, Arc Furnace uses now 30 instead of 32 eu /3 amps,
NEI page access of Primitive Blast Furnace, Fix iridium neutron reflector behavior, patch a render issue Nei, Fix that the main facing of basic machines can be set to top/bottom, Fix #1039,
Add new Multiblock chem recipes for Fuel and Cetan Fuel, Change old ones in the mixer, New Diesel/Cetan Diesel nerfs/buffs, Change Gasoline and high Octane Gasoline recipes MV-->HV , HV ---> EV,
Change burn value Gasoline 576K and High Octane Gasoline 1152k, Add recipes to large chemical reactor, Jade material for GT Tools #2365, try to add recycle recipes to all NC sensor cards,
Some tweaks to oil rig - test some, Output bus pipe fix take two (#85), Update drain/fill to take into account pipe connections, Fix derp (output vs input), Make flint more durable for Mortars,
Hydrogen and Nitrogen quality of life alternate recipes #2378, Update drain/fill to take into account pipe connections,

Config changes:

Core Mod(Add chunk-loader coin Tooltips, Add 2 Chunk loader Coins Tooltips)
IC2(make Wind (5x) and Water (10X) Generators better,)
Loot Games(New loot games config)
Railcraft(Add 2 Chunk loader Coins Tooltips)


Change nbt data for seed bags to work now in quests, bee breeding quest 1116 retrieval issue #2306, fixed amount of drones needed for one quest, Add Gt++ Advanced Steam Boiler to Tier 2 Quest,
Add Lossless Wire Quest for LV, add new hv battery Quests and Buffers, Kinetic Wind and Water Generation Quests, Gt 6 styled pipes and wires Quests, Update quest file and change a bit MV Quest is access able,
new XBow Quests, Bow Quests, fix Ender IO Armor and Tools Quest #2317, Ironwood and Steeleaf Quest, Suggestion for the Coins quests #2326 Quests #2320, change LV crafting to retrieval quests,
remove dependencies on QED Quest, make Quartz quest optional, change Sodium and Lithium Quests, Alveary quest requite wrong amount of casings #2340, Bee Quests #2338,
Add more Quest for coins. Soap and Salt for warp, Damascus steel, A lot of quest changes and coin addition, fix advanced electric jetpack quest #2351, add Thaumium Ingot quest add info to crucible quest,
Batteries not can filled without Battery Buffer in quest after Bat Quests, fix some quests for new Diesel recipes, Twilight boss quest suggestions #2363, Food Can #2367, Add Information's panel quest,
OreDict recipes and quests using Advanced Circuits #2377, fix pile igniter quest bronze plates now retrieval quest
DreamMasterXXL posted a changelog update for GT New Horizons 6 years ago


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