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Type in the modpack name (GT New Horizons) or paste the following url into the search box.

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Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select GT New Horizons from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

GT New Horizons Version 2.6.0

created by DreamMasterXXL on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder

GT New Horizons updated to version

Version 25.06.2017

New Mods:

Chisel Tones 1.0.3
Datrev Scanner Mod 0.5 customized
GT++ 1.5.0 Beta

Removed Mods:

Binnies Patcher 1.8

Mod Upgrade:

Adventurebackpack 0.9gbeta12
AE Wireless Crafting Table Mod rv3-
Biblio Craft 1.11.7
Binnies Mods 2.0.16
Buildcraft 7.1.22
Computronics 1.6.4
Electro Magic Tools
Extra Utilities 1.2.13
Galactic Greg 0.9.6
GT New Horizons Core Mod 1.4.11
Open Security 1.0.102
Re Auth 3.5.0
Tinkers Gregworks 1.0.17
Thaumic Base 1.4.15-0
Thaumi Exploration 1.1.67
ThaumicTinkerer 2.5.550

Changed/added Recipes:

Advanced Solar Pannels(changed circuit recipes a bit because of the gt circuit update)
AE2(changed circuit recipes a bit because of the gt circuit update)
AFSU(changed circuit recipes a bit because of the gt circuit update)
Avartia(changed circuit recipes a bit because of the gt circuit update)
Better Building Wands(fixed a few machine recipes)
BoP(Fix a bucket glitch)
Blood Arsenal(remove all Blood Infused Tool parts from tico smelter and add it to GT Extruder, Blood Infused recipe moved to Thaumcraft Infusion)
Botany(removed a few items from scripts that not exists in the newest version)
Buildcraft(changed circuit recipes a bit because of the gt circuit update)
Carpenters Blocks(Add more Block recipes)
Chisel(Changed/added Endstones variants to chisel)
CoreMod(added recipes for the crafting Process for the new Molds(Bolt, Round, LongStick, Stick etc, ufired bricks now in code, circuit recipes removed(Piko and Nano Circuits and Parts, recipe change Potassium Hydroxide)
Compact Kinetic Generators(Change Shaft recipes)
EnderIO(add new Enderpearl recipes out of Ender fragments in the Autoclave)
Extra Cells(changed circuit recipes a bit because of the gt circuit update)
Extra Utilities(changed circuit recipes a bit because of the gt circuit update)
Forestry(changed circuit and Board recipes a bit because of the gt circuit update)
Galacticraft(changed circuit recipes a bit because of the gt circuit update, remove Wafers and add to core mod code)
Gendustry(changed circuit recipes a bit because of the gt circuit update)
Genetics(changed circuit recipes a bit because of the gt circuit update)
Gravisuit(changed circuit recipes a bit because of the gt circuit update, put a few recipes to the core mod code)
Gregtech(remove all Mold/Shape recipes from script and add them into Gt Code same for Solar Pannels 1 H2O instead of 2 H + 1 O -> 3 H2O)
Added a convenience method to Materials that lets you get dust succinctly Put all simplified recipe additions in a separate method, the config is still missing, advanced circuits and Transistor changings, changed some png from circuits, more high Tier circuit recipe changes, methods for pipe creation, new plastic pipes, implemented PVC Added a new plastic: Polyvinyl Chloride, currently only used for item pipes Added Polytetrafluoroethylene Fluid Pipes Fixed the number of fluid cells for polymerization, Fixed the default alpha value for the MaterialBuilder class, Oil and pollution overhaul, Added recipes for centrifuging Stone Dust
The amount of elements you get from centrifuging is proportional to their mass percentage in the earths continental crust with a tolerance of ~5-20%, Added config for simple chemical recipes and stone dust centifugation, Added molecular formulas for the new materials, added alternative charcoal recipes. Charcoal can now be made by treating Wood Pulp or Sugar with Sulfuric Acid (takes very long, doesn't scale well), Small tweak to Rocket Fuel to ensure that production cost > burn value, EBF 20000K disable auto genned recipe support, Add gem upgrading recipes, Added cableGT16 processing, all Cable recipes changes done
processing ingots= nuggets fix remove gt solar recipes and put them into core mod, Wafer and Circuits get different Textures., Enable materials if coremod is loaded, Expand low grav dimensions, move circuit recipe to core mod, added small and large Spring Shaped crafting, Fixed Gears and Rings, Implemented checkMachine for the LCR, added machine casings, Fix that so pollution is not negative., Added new textures for the LCM, using them now, Fusion Casing 2 craftable, To make Foils you need a Hammer and a Saw now, Powder barrel using Plate Wood, Modular Armor recipes changes, rounds and small spring recipe changed a bit., Added crafting recipes for the LCH, Fix oreProcessing, enable old rubber recipe in the Alloy smelter, Added a new recipe map for the LCR, expanded the API to allow for custom NEI stack positioning. Refactored the name of the Large Boiler Fake Fuels so they're in line with other names. Fixed a bug where the LCM was checking for the wrong casing type, fixed localizers, change pipe meta item id, MetalMixture need EV(Titan Level), change Bronze Multi Boiler recipe back remove Heat Vent recipe and put it in the Core Mod, a few pngs i moved to have the right icons, Enable Natura Wood for Pile Igniter, Add Meta ID check to charcoal pile igniter, added new molds for Stick, round, long stick, ring, bolt, screw, Add Blaze Block, Railcraft recipes to GT Code (alpha machines and beta), Rework Heat Exchanger for 10x boost, Enable ALL components if dreamcraft loaded, Make internal RS reciever work as machine controller cover, Update, Fix comb processing recipes, new fusin reactor texture, Cleanroom outputs in redstone its cleannes/efficiency., Moved the casing IDs for the Large Chemical Reactor: 14, 15 -> 4, 5 Limited the minimal recipe time for the LCM to 2 ticks to avoid bugs, Added new Ore processing plants 1-4, Oil Cracking Update from Johannes Gaessler, Added 6 Input slots to Assembler Change mv chemical reactor using Glass not Plastic, add Oilcracker Gui with two visual input slots, make reinforced blocks prevent monsterspawns, Made the Cleanroom optional. This disables the Low Grav option if the Cleanroom is disabled., Pollutions gives now fog, Vacuum freezer should be hv age able to crafting. Lower the circuits to advanced, Change Solar Boiler recipe, change Alloy dust recipes from Ender IO, fix vent casing recipe, LCR be cheaper now, Add new Circuit Parts for the crystal prozessor, Casings changed, rework and add the Bricked Blast Furnace and replaced it with the BBF, add Bio Gas back)

Config changes:

Ender IO(B:enableWaterFromBottles=false, change Rocket fuel in the Vat to be even with gt recipe)
EnhancedLootbags(Changes loot a bit fixing some typos)
Gendustry(changed Hell Biomes req. to Boneyards and Under garden Biomes because more common)
Gregtech(add realgar small ore to the nether for Silicon wafers(arsenic), changed Oregen on Ceres a bit too much plutonium)
Inpure Core(enable Spawner eggs and potions in Nei)
Jabba(B:reverseBehaviourClickLeft=true now behavior same then drawers)
Microblock(fix "GalaxySpace:ganymedeblocks":0-1)
Too much loot(change loot a bit in the Loot games chests 1-4)


Add a new Chapter Space Race Quests for reaching the Moon.
Fixed a lot of Quests
Balancing Coins you can get from Quests
Now all Monster Hunt Quests are repeatable. Normals all 6h(was 24h) Space Monster 12h and Wither 24h.
A Rail Quest.
Pure Tear Quest now repeatable all 7 days
DreamMasterXXL posted a changelog update for GT New Horizons 6 years ago


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