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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (GT New Horizons) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select GT New Horizons from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

GT New Horizons Version 2.6.0

created by DreamMasterXXL on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder

GT New Horizons updated to version

Version 05.03.2017

New Mods:

Open Peripheral Addons 0.6-249
Open Peripheral Core 1.4-280
Open Peripheral Integration 0.6-95

Mod Upgrade:

Adventurebackpack 0.9fbeta27
Apple Core 1.3.8
Asie Lib 0.4.7
Avaritia 1.1.3
Avaritiaddons 1.3b
Cofh Core
Cofh Lib
Computronics 1.6.2
Core Mod 1.3.25
Ender IO
Gravitation Suite 2.0.68u
Open Blocks 1.6-753
Open Computers
Open Mods Lib 0.10-464
Open Mudualr Turrets
OpenSecurity 1.0-99
SG Craft 1.13.3
Spice of Life 1.3.8
Tinker's Gregworks 1.0.15
Thaumic Based.1.4.1-1710-8
Thaumic Exploration 1.1-60
Thaumic Tinkerer 2.5-540
Tincers Construct
Tinkers Defense 1.2.1d
Universal Singularity 8.4
WAILA Plugins 0.2.0-25
Wireless Crafting Terminal rv3-

Changed/added Recipes:

Avaritia and many other Mods(Added Creative Item recipes to Avaritia 9x9 crafting Table, Singularities completly rewritten)
Biblio Craft (Nerf the whole Mod and wood addons)
Binnies Mod("Fluorescent Dye" recipe not working, and not showing in NEI, Growth medium recipe works with distilled water too)
Chisel(Clauds can be chiseld now)
Core Mod(EXP recipe fix, Soy/Tofu now in the mixer. myterious Crystal macerator recipes and other Core mod item conflicts)
Enhanced Lootbags(Added Fortune Bags to the missing Bags)
Forestry(Stamps added to Client recipes because other servers not hve our plugins)
Galacticraft(Added to most of the GC items Thaumcraft Aspects, Sealbale ME Cable)
Galaxy Space(A bug about the Crafter )
Gravisuit(Advanced Jetpack are in Titanium Tier)
HEE(Suggestion: GT processing of HEE items,Decomposition Table remove because you can cheat with it, Added a Ghost Amulet recipe to the Infusion Table on GTNH Page)
IC2(Added to some items Thaumcraft Aspects, change ic2 values on Tools because * not works well, Change Composite Vest recipes, add a shaped recipe to weeding towel, change Cropstick recipe )
Iron Chests(Added Upgrade recipes)
Minecraft(Pressure Plate Recipe -> Shaped)
Open Blocks( Glider now in the Steel Tier LV, Auto Enchantment Table now Thaumcraft only recipe)
Open Modular Turrets(Change fence recipes a bit)
Open Peripheral Addon(nerf mod)
Pams harvestcraft(Add Cornmeal recipe for the macerator)
Project Red(Electrotine now compatible with Nikolite)
Railcraft(Remove Coal recipe from Adv Furnace because of a bug Charcoal can be made into coke coal, Only Blocks works, Engraver now have a recipe, HS Track recipe fix)
Thaumcraft(Try to hide most of the wand caps and wands in NEI)
Thaumic Tinker(Bottomless Pouche recipe fix)
Thaumic Exploration(fully nerfed now)
Tinkers Construct(Mutton Jerky add recipe)
Tinkers Defense(Aeon Steel , Dogbearium and Queens Gold Arrow Head are move to Extruder recipe only because of a nasty crash)
Diverse Mods(Recipes with enchanted books fixed to choose only this Book)

Code changes:

Avaritia and Addons(Added new Singularities, change eteral singularity, Change Matterball be have a bigger size now)
Core Mod(Field generators rework and add to the core mod, S and Q Tank rework, Glove rework, Adding "The Chemist" and "The Cook "Coins, ordict harvestcraft Flour, Added Mechanist and Sojourner Wand caps for Thaumic Exploration support, added GT Color item recipes, set Unification to Salt from Pams Harvestcraft, , added Railcraft Tanks and stuff to core mod recipe for better reverse recipes)
Gregtech(Field generators rework and add to the core mod, rename Fieldgenerators to Tier 1-8, Added Steelleaf Block, roving all 32, and 128 eu recipes and change it to 30/120/480 eu recipes, change a few Material levels like Black Steel, HSAL, Meteoric Iron and Steel, Reinforced, Stainless Steel, Shadow Iron and Steel, Black, Red, Blue and Dmaskussteel, Realgar, Add Ironwood Rollling Pin, langfile Ore fixes, Energetic and Vibrant Alloy now a Tier down, Add support of reactor chambers in GT transformers , Fix charcoal pit accepting wood planks, fix turbine check in large turbines , rework Rail recipes a bit, Carbon Fiber need now Epoxid, change Biogas recipe to 1000l out at mv, add plastic out of BioMass back , Make the game crash on wrong config with Orgen, fix big diesel EUt with oxygen, making an impregnated stick out of a wood stick now, fix ASS line , change BioGas a bit because it was over-nerfed)
Thaumic Base(We using the fork from KryptonCaptain, Fix Tobacco NPE )
Thaumic Exploration( add this recipe to code because i cant make the construct recipe visible)
Thaumic Tinker(Added forbidden dimension config)

Config changes:

Adventure Backpacks (Backpack Death Place=false so the Backpack is inside your grave now)
Core Mod(Add more Tooltips to the Carbon Parts for the Nono Armor, Tooltip Nitro Diesel works only in MV Dieselgens and up)
Ender IO(Cornmeal in Sag mil recipe)
Enhanced Lootbags(Added new Transportation Backpacks)
Gregtech(Added 60 Ormixe to the Deep Dark Dimension(Need to add that to the Google Sheet), Now Pams harvestcraft Salt is the standart type of salt, Obsidian Plates recipe changed, Haumea Orgen fix, Infinity Catalyst Small Ore now on VegaB not on Venus, New Plutonium 244 Ore Mix )
Galaxy Space(Added many Blocks to Forge microblocks now)
Infernal Mobs(config cahnges because this file on the server was messed up)
Open Computers(Change Max shapesize to 64)
Open Peripheral Addon(add configs)
Thaumic Tinker(Add Bottomless Pouch to the Blacklist in Dim 55 )
Tinkers Contruct(Autosmelt remove from Autoupdates on Tools, Disallow Travelers Belt in Dim 55)
Tinkers Gregworks(Changed many materials in durability, attack, draw speed, wight etc)
Universal Sigularities(Added a burn value to Charcoal Singularity)
Warp Theory ( Warp Rain Effect now set to 25)
Twilight Forest and DE(remove Draconium Orgen in TF)

Serverdat (Added Bacon Gaming Server and Dirthuts 2 GTNH Server)


Jetpack Quests, Armor Quests, Food Quests, Spear, Shield and Qiever Quests, Fast Steel Production with Arc Furnace, Trasportation Quests, Anvil Quest, Add two Automation Quests for the Tico Smelterry, More BBF Quests, Coke Oven Automation Quest, Quartz Quest and Good Circuit Quest, add crop Quest , Alloy smelter Quest in LV Tier,

Fixes: Change Quests rewards/tasks to one kind of cells, fixed Nether Quest reward 14 Obsidian instead of 9, Watering Can Quest move, changed most of the Tier 2 Quests to retrieval Quests, Typo fixes
DreamMasterXXL posted a changelog update for GT New Horizons 7 years ago


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