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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (GT New Horizons) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select GT New Horizons from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

GT New Horizons Version 2.6.0

created by DreamMasterXXL on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder

GT New Horizons updated to version

Version 08.11.2015

New Mods Added:

Biomes O Plenty
Ender IO
Ender Zoo
Flood Lights 1.0.3-116
Gravi Suite- 2.0.55u (old mod with a new style)
Not Enough Thaumcraft Tabs 1.0.1

Removed Mods:

Gregs Lightning 1.11.2

Mod Updates:

Anger Mod 0.6
BiblioCraft 1.11.4
Blood Magic
Block Limiter 0.4
Brandons Core 1.0.8
Buildcraft 7.1.13
Buildcraft Compat 7.1.2
Draconic Evolution 1.2-5
Electro Magic Tools 1.2.2fix2
Ender Core
Extra Utilities 1.2.12
GalacticGreg 0.9.4
Galaxy Space 2.6
GT NewHorizons CoreMod 1.0.3
Holo Inventory
HQM The Journey 4.3.3
IC2 Nei Plugin Version 1.0.8
IC2 Nuclear Control 2.3.2a-Butt
Iguana Tinker Tweaks-
Industrialcraft 2.2.791
Malisiscore 0.12.10
Malisisdoors 1.10.1
Mantle 0.3.2b
Mod Tweaker2
Open Blocks
Open Computers
Open Mods Lib 0.8.410
Open Printer
Open Security 1.0-66
Pam's Harvest Craft 1.7.10k-fix
Remote IO 2.4.0
Spice of Life 1.3.0
Storage Drawers Woods (different Versions)
Thaumic Tinkerer 2.5.513
Tinkers Construct 1.8.8
Waila Harvestability 1.1.5
Waila Plugins 0.2.0-23

Recipes added/changes:

Make new Recipes for this mods:

Ender IO (full mod)
EnderZoo (full mod)
Flood Light (full mod)
Gendustry (full redone)
Iron Tanks (full mod)
Remote IO(full redone)

Change/added Recipes for this mods:

Applied Energystics(Storage Cells, Quartz Fiber is now cheaper, Changing Ae Dense Cable, Covered Cables and Smart Cables)
Blood Arsenal (Adding recipes for the Blood Infused iron)
Build Craft (added Filler Builder Architekt Table, Land MArk, Path Mark, flood Gate and Blue Print, changing the Kinesis Pipe recipes)
Carpenters Blocks(Cutting Saw recipes)
Extra Cells (rest of the Mod that was missing)
Extra Utilities (rest of the Mod that was missing, disabled Peacefull Table)
Galacticraft (Added mysterious Crystal recipe to make Bacterial Sludge, Change Pulveriser Recipes from galacticraft materials to be 20 sec long and 2 eu/t)
Galaxy Space (added Tier 9 Rockets and recycling recipes)
Gendustry (Redone of the Beyond Reality and infinity pack Bees (Sheet in the XLS Goolge Doc)
Gravisuit(Adv Chainsaw and Adv Drill, Epic Lapack)
Gregtech (Added Oil, Creosote back to the Diesel Generator, Added most of the high tier metals in th EBF, Added Pump Machine Casing recipes in GT, Changed the Fluid Reactor Blocks because Blood Asp add some own recipes, Adding the Molds and Extruder Shapes to the Forming Press, Remove Enderium Dust from Gt and add it to the Ender IO Alloy Smelter)
GT New Horizons Core Mod (Added Chips for AE and GT items and Machines with new Tiers, Adv Pump 3/4, Charged Certus Quartz in the hammer, Make Coke Oven Bricks and Adv Bricks recycle able, Change Salis mundus amount to make special Wand items, Rewrote most Tooltips to be less... Weird..)
IC 2 (disabled the Miner and the Drills, Change adv Miner, change meta ids, remove gem Iridium from most processes only macerating is allowed, Adding Meta Ids to all Ic2 and Graviuisuit Backpacks and Armors, Added recipes for the Kinetic Water Generator from IC2)
IC2 Nuclear Contro (Adding missing recipe, Remove the Iridium Hammer so all Hammers are back)
Minecraft (Torches and Crafting Table)
Open Blocks (Change the Open Blocks Glider Recipes be equal with the Ender Io Glider (only different ingredients))
Project Red (using molten redstone instead of molten redalloy)
Railcraft (remove Electrical Steel out of the RC Blastfurnace)
Remote IO (Adding remote Io Recipes for PDA, Linker and Remote Acess)
Thinker Construct (Clear Glass and Pane can be made in the EBF 120 EU 1000K 100 Ticks out of Glass and Pane, Glass and Pane can be made in the EBF 120 EU 1000K 100 Ticks out of Clear Glass and Pane)
Wireless Redstone CBE (using molten redstone instead of molten redalloy)

Clean up the whole cfg Files

Config added/changes:

Applied Energystics(Make Matter Balls and Singularity more Expensive)
Blood Magic(Change Potion Id Soul Burn from 53 to 123)
Buildcraft (Added new Tool Tips to BC Pipes)
Electric Flood Light (Added new Tool Tips 32 EU)
Ender IO (Change Alloy Smelter Recipes, Added Sag Mill Recipes from Namikon, Change Slice and Splice recipes , Make the Soul Binder recipes more expensive, Make Electric Steel, Enderium and Enderium Base Craftable via GT Dusts.)
Extra Cells (Disable Ingame Wiki mod from extra cells)
Extra Utilities(Ender Pump and Ender Quarry are not peaceable in the Over world, Remove Recipes out of the QED, Remove Peaceful Table)
Galacticraft (New configs Optionsfor Ores on Asteroids and Mars. Disabled Ores on Mars only let Desh there)
Galaxy Space (Added new Dim IDs for Version 2.5)
Gravisuit(Enabled the translocation Mode)
Gregtech(change Plasma Cell Values)
IC2 (Nuclear Energy multipler to 10, Disabled IC2 Audio Engine)
Remote Io (Added nwe Tool Tips)
Ztones (Added Ztones Blocks to Sealable blocks)
DreamMasterXXL posted a changelog update for GT New Horizons 8 years ago


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