Install GT New Horizons

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (GT New Horizons) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select GT New Horizons from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

GT New Horizons Version 2.6.0

created by DreamMasterXXL on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder

GT New Horizons updated to version

Version 23.12.2020

-After the update the "one Ring" will give you over time a lot of perm warp. Better not wear this ring for a longer time in the future.

New Mods:

-Forgelin 1.8.4-GTNH
-Modmixins 0.0.3
-Witchery Extras 1.0.1.jar

Removed Mods:

-Aquacreeper 1.0.1

Mod Upgrade:

-Adventurebackpack 0.9-h15-GTNH
-Appliedenergistics2 rv3-beta-35
-Bartworks 0.5.14
-Better Questing 3.0.337-GTNH
-Binnie Mods
-BOP 2.1.2-GTNH
-Blood Magic 1.3.3-43
-Carpenter's Blocks
-CoreMod 1.7.00
-Craft Tweaker 3.2.2-GTNH
-Electro Magic Tools
-Ender IO beta
-Enhanced Loot Bags 1.0.4
-Eternal Singularity-1.0.4b
-Extra Cells 2.4.6b9
-Galacticraft 3.0.22-GTNH-full
-GT Scanner Mod 1.5.9
-Hardcore Ender Expansion 1.8.7
-Holoinventory 2.1.5-beta-GTNH
-Iguana Tinker Tweaks
-Infernal Mobs-1.7.2-GTNH
-Irontanks 1.2.0
-Jabba 1.2.7
-Kekztech 0.5.2
-Magicbees 2.5.5-GTNH
-Natura 2.4.1-dev
-Nodal Mechanics 1.1-4-GTNH
-Not Enough Items 2.0.6-GTNH
-Open Blocks 1.6.3
-Open Computers
-Open Glasses-1.1-GTNH
-Open Modular Turrets-2.2.11-245
-Pam's Harvestcraft Lb-1.0.2-GTNH
-SGCraft 1.13.8-GTNH
-Special Mobs 3.3.7
-Spice Of Life 2.0.0 carrot-beta-6
-Standard Expansion 3.0.183-GTNH
-Steves Factory Manager A97-GTNH
-Tinkers Construct-
-TecTech 4.10.0
-Thaumic Based 1.4.23-0
-Thaumic Exploration 1.1.75-0
-Thaumic Horizons
-Travellers Gear-1.16.7
-Universal Singularities-8.6.2
-WAILA Plugins
-Warp Theory 1.1.0-GTNH
-Wireless Crafting Terminal-
-Witching Gadgets 1.2.13

Mod Changes:

Adventurebackpack 0.9-h15-GTNH
-fix Forestry Worktable + Traveller's Backpack crashing game

-mobs don't explode on spikes

Appliedenergistics2 rv3-beta-35
-Update cards.recipe
-Add recipes for Pattern Capacity Card. The recipe matches the existing one written through the code.
-Crafting only extract energy when it was able to push the pattern.
-Fixed Waila header
-fix Interface should not try to craft negative amounts
-GT EU P2P support. Partial credits to Ultramine author.
-Simplified GT EU P2P, to be ampere/voltage transparent
-Added ability to rename AE blocks/parts in-place
-P2P may be renamed and the name is visible in Waila
-Write p2p name to the memory card
-GT power sink added
-Energy buffer sizes increased with usage multiplier
-Experimental timing support for some AE tiles
-Network tool shows wrong power drain in tooltip
-GT power sink was returning left amperes instead of used
-Formation plane fixed for parts and fireworks

Bartworks 0.5.14
-Added Special interface
-fix(Bartworks)recipes fixing two recipes Formic Acid Creates Sodium/Sulfur Positive Loop #6437
-Renamed Casings
-added GT++ warning
-updated TT
-fixed forestry capsules
-fixed eic
-Split WerkstoffLoader into seperate Files
-Fixed overclock underflow
-Fixed TT debug code
-Fixed autogenerated Casings
-Change max height to 56 Since 5x11(max DT outputs)=55+1(for bottom)=56. Unless I'm missing something. Or did it wrong.
-Repaired FloodGate
-ompletely overhauled flood-gate
-UpdatedGradle to 5.6.4
-Fixes Server Crash
-Fixes a bug where only 1Item is in stack
-Quick render crashfix
-Should Fix CAL Overclocking issues

Better Questing 3.0.337-GTNH
-Changed scroll to zoom logic to be more practical
-Improved scroll to mouse
-Add mod option to zoom in/out to cursor. Setting these to false will make zooming behave more like the normal BQ version, except with multiplier zoom.
-Fit designer view to quest line upon opening
-Don't lerp X/Y in designer either (zoom becomes weird with it)
-Fit view to questline contents on opening designer (as normal gameplay questline does)
-Add button to zoom to fit in designer as well, in case you get lost
-Possible fix for wrong time
-Add tooltip warning while edit mode enabled
-Add new visuals for quests that can be repeated
-Fix typo in en_US.lang
-Add confirmation dialog to claim all button
-Add claimAllConfirmation to config
-Add "Yes, always" claim all option
-Fix config entry description
-Quick fix for crash with repeatable quests with lines attached
-Extend quest api
-Fix for tooltip

Binnie Mods
-correct item name

BOP 2.1.2-GTNH
-5% fps increase. It is not useful to calculate 1600 times per frame only to get newest fogx and fogz. 10% chance of this calculate per frame in another thread will be fine.
-makes giant fir tree plantable and 5 fir sampling to grow. It is a BOP fix mod content but that mod uses asm and is a coremod.

Blood Magic 1.3.3-43
-added a way to define meteors in json in config/BloodMagic/meteors/ - added BM meteor 'cost' to MineTweaker API
-try to update BM to newest Craft tweaker version

Carpenter's Blocks
-Fix server crash when safe is broken by another player during usage. [vagola]

-Add missing localizations
-Remove chiseling to 2nd type
-Add more durable chisel (Netherstar)
-fix name
-add scrolling to chisel gui when variants do not fit screen

CoreMod 1.7.00
-Added remaining Bacteria from Binnie's to GT Brewing machine
-Confirm the recipes are working and crafted fluid is accepted by Binnie's Machines.
-Changed voltage to be a more suitable number?
-info(Core Mod) add info Text
-add Quest Book info text to starting menu
-put the un nerfed recipes in Core Mod Code
-feat(Core Mod)add more Autoclave recipes
-add new Autoclave recipes using molten void and a output of 100%
-Adjust distilled water amount crystal #6405
-Add deploader functionality
-1. Load stuff to download from config/dependencies.json. Format is as below.
-Add ore dictionary for sand and red sand to craft unfired coke bricks. Issue 6623.
-feat(iron Tanks)add gt recipes into code
-fix(iron Tnaks)recipes
-fix LUV-UEV Scanner recipes
-addition(IC2)add recipes for Neutron Reflector
-Add alternate recipes for reflector parts for mass crafting #6719
-Chlorine cleaning of pistons
-Fix name of α Centauri Bb dust, there is no A, regardless of what the internal name is
-Add oredict tag to CentauriASurfaceDust
-I'm not sure if this just add the dustSpace, or the planet one as well, but it's a step forward if it works? See
-Hide some items in NEI
-Nerfed PRS Blast Resistance
-Added warning about FQ and PRS
-fix wrong PA meta
-fix the wrong meta range for thermal centrifuge and centrifuge cousing the there recipe maps to be switched when using LuV+
-Reuse warding focus when crafting warded glass
-forge bus not needed
-100 -> 144 for pico wafer
-addForestry) Info Text
-Things that need fixing in the dev version #6887
-Add ore registry handling for new Enceladus Ice
-move coble imlosion recipe
-line wrap change, add details
-make growth medium cheaper on higer tier fluid
-Added ardite ingot to block recipe in the compressor
-make some agar recipe cheaper
-make bio processor assline recipe better
-some time improvment on neuro circuits
-Add macerating recipe to encel ice for slush, rename ice dust to slush
-Check for GT++ jar properly, also fix DEgg enderium #4410
-#6401 Add oxygen
-Try to move TC metals to Core Mod
-Try a fix for Tinkers Aluminium Brass.
-Witchery integration first step
-The Large TinkerScript move
-Fix cauldron NPE
-change kettle recipe for Infusion of Otherwhere
-Add new chest loot to tf chests
-add(TF)add loot to Hill and Tower chests
-changed where the loot tables are loaded
-feat(Gravisuit)Relocator got Ass Line recipe
-Fix cauldron recipe addition
-Add helper methods to remove kettle recipe
-add(Witchery)Kettle and Spinning Wheel recipe
-fix(Witchery)Chalk Cauldron recipes change
-Change multi TT to new format
-add(Tinkers Construct)Gel to rubber ecipes
-added Gel to rubber recipe for Gren and Blue Slime Block
-Fix Aluminum Brass in AlloySmelter
-change(IC2)fix electric Tree Tap recipe
-change elecric Hoe to LV
-add(Steves Carts, Translocator, DE)implossion compressor recipe to code

Craft Tweaker 3.2.2-GTNH
-Remove other versions & Add java 8 compat
-Remove MFR support; Bump version & add GTNH
-Speedup - Inspired by the 1.12 version
-Added Overloads
-This is why i should init submodules.

Electro Magic Tools
-change(EMT)disable the one ring as chest loot
-change(EMT)change text in config
-Makes the One Ring add warp to the player as well
-Adds a better tooltip.
-wings don't boost if you sneak
-mirrored change for infused chestplate

Ender IO beta
-After performance profiling I found
-is computationaly expensive. It occupied almost a cpu core forever, because NEI starts a task thread every few seconds and this line of code keep iteraing through all the furnance recipe in GTNH.
-Besides, usually the result of this computation is not useful.
-Add thread name check will help performance and will not influence the player.
-if (!Thread.currentThread().getName().startsWith("Client Thread")) return false;
-Greatly increase Client Side ItemConduit performance. (20% fps increase if have 100 - 200 item conduit in render area, these are lag-spikes.)
-EnderIO Conduits are very laggy, partly because Redstone/fluid/gas Conduits causing RenderChunks re-render back and forth. But if there is only one ItemConduit in the bundle, it is pretty sure that we only need to re-render ItemConduit near the player , because only player's behavior range (5) can change the shape of ItemConduit.
-But if there is another conduit in the bundle, the re-render is not sure because Redstone conduit in the bundle might needs to re-render in any time. So in this case I left to default.
-Hide in NEI
-Change fused quartz blast resistance 2000 -> 20
-Ignore dead entities
-Added forestry sapling support to farm station Cherry picked & backported from 1b242dc2d786b8c1fb545845768faa1f6c15818a
-Initial support for channels on EnderFluidConduits
-This is pretty basic support for channels. There's plenty of room for optimizations in the network logic.
-Add round-robin button to ender conduit
-Update * Fix missing } after merge
-Make icons explicitly reference the fields from ItemConduit.
-Sync settings layouts for fluid conduits and item conduits

Enhanced Loot Bags 1.0.4
-Fix above max stack size ItemStack being given

Eternal Singularity-1.0.4b
-Fixed: easyMode. Compound Singularities.

Extra Cells 2.4.6b9
-review fix
-fix ec2 voiding some part of items when inserting in more than one slots
-Enable early regex detection, so that split would not break them.
-fixed driver detection code
-fix fluid terminal scroll event
-backported Oredictionary Export Bus extended pattern matching updated ThaumicEnergistics integration downgrade ae version for build in jenkins
-Update zh_CN.lang

-Added IC2-Crop-Module (Uranium)
-Changed Lang repo
-updated lang submodule

-Fix research needed for armor disguise
-commented out laggy code

Galacticraft 3.0.22-GTNH-full
-feat(Galacticraft)New Oxygen Tank
-first attemp to add new bigger Oxygen Tank
-fix(Galacticraft)adding missing Container item texture
-fix(Glacticraft)Tanks, Capacity
-fix rendering Oxygen Tanks left, right
-change Canister capacity 900 to 1000
-After performance profiling, this is an important Server Lag spike
-(Server totally no response for ~3s in every ~30s, even in SSP),
-because of the function it calls has many for's and IOs, and this kind of file-saving for should be fine in another thread.
-I used this modified version for about 1 year and no problem happened.
-After performance profiling ,this reflection here occupies 3% of all the cpu time of Client Thread, resulting ~3% fps drop. So this change makes fps increase by ~3%.
-This is a code fragment of ancient version of GC and should be removed.
-fix(Gradle)exclude planet files
-now planet files should be added to dev build
-After performance profiling, this change makes fps gain by 2%.
-it is not useful to iterate through all the tileentities in the world in every frame, just renew it once per second is OK.
-fix(Galacticraft)add import
-adding missing import class
-removed recipes handled by GalaxySpace
-removed registration of schematics
-change Moon Buggy, Cargo Rocket and Astro Miner recipes
-fixed Astro Miner
-reintegrated Moon Buggy, Cargo Rocket and Astro Miner recipes with chest back into the NASA workbench
-NEI integration for Moon Buggy, Cargo Rocket and Astro Miner
-made text in NASA Workbench visible
-made setting the dimID of celestial bodies without providing a WorldProvider possible
-remove setDimensionID again, did not work
-Makeshift solution to bypass isCalledBy
-This will drastically speed up sun brightness calculation
-Remove isCalledBy. Same function moved to ModFixes

-[fix] added missing TileEntittySolarPanal and TileEntitySolarWind classes
-[fix] moved assets to the correct folder & fixed decompiling errors
-made dungeon-chests and -keys tiering inline with GC3
-implemented custom recipes
-added "Rocketadded temporary schematic backgrounds for rockets T1-T8
-added remaining Control Circuit recipes
-added/updated NASA workbench temporary backgrounds
-replaced System.out.println() with proper logging
-massic rocket overhaul
-removed all Moon Buggy, Cargo Rocket and Astro Miner related classes
-reintegrated all rocket recipes with chests back into the NASA workbench
-updated schematic/control computer recipes
-added recipes for Solar Wind Panel and Hybrid Solar Panel
-fix game crashing on loading an Evolved Fire Creeper
-shearing Seaweed drops also all above Seaweed (fixes #3084))
-host iron chests on GTNH page
-Lander items and Small Fuel Canister are now stackable
-replaced "galaxyspace" String with GalaxySpace.ASSET_PREFIX
-reworked schematic recipes
-added Robot Arm item
-made spacesuit stronger (#6550)
-fix some planet blocks not mineable with a pickaxe (#1014, #2820)
-maybe fix "Actual version Galaxy Space: 0.0.0" in logs
-added textures by Housten NASA Workbench
-various texture adjustments/additions
-NEI Integration
-fixed Rocket T6 NEI recipe Booster missalignment
-made texts in NASA Workbench better visible
-made texts in NASA Workbench better visible
-texture(GS)change Robot Arm texture
-Fix enities crashing on load (#6714)
-Fixed game crashing on loading GS entities (working)
-added all Future Glass variants to blockGlass
-adjusted voltages for Circuit Assembler recipes
-achievements rework [WIP]
-adjust ingredients for Control Computer items
-FluidRegistry.getFluidStack -> Materials.*.getFluid
-boss class name unification
-micdoodle8.mods.galacticraft.core.util.GCLog -> galaxyspace.GalaxySpace
-added achievements for death by thermal and by rocket crash
-added atmospheric pressure as damage source
-added achievement logic
-localizations for achievements
-achievement icons for bosses
-replaced FMLLog.log calls
-adjusted boss health values
-Enceladus surface generation adjustment
-changed the name of Enceladus Ice to Enceladus Snow
-added a new Enceladus Ice block
-changed second generation layer of Enceladus from Packed Ice to new Enceladus Ice
-3.141592653589793 -> Math.PI
-Added ability to actually create Space Stations
-made config classes more readable
-recipe balancing of T2 & T3 Control Computer
-moved CC recipes to assembler
-Add textures by AceMuffins
-Disable Mars and Venus Space Station again
-Add batch of textures by Spluff
-Add new Control Computer textures by Spluff

-Transformer not change visually when mode changes to step up
-Fixed average EU input/output display
-Rework clientside pollution (#302)
-Rework clientside pollution
-Pollution rework
-feat(Gregtech) add Raw DD Portal Block for DD Infusion recipe
-remove DD Portal recipe and put it into Tec Tech research Station
-fix(Gregtech)add localizer
-add missing localizer for assembly line/tt research station
-fix(Gregtech)Obsidian recipe remove unbalanced Obsidian recipes [Cutting Machine] Obsidian Plate (not profitable) #6430
-feat(Gregtech)New Boiler Fuels
-Add Cactus and Sugar Fuesl from gt++ to the single Block Boiler burn list
-Allow for Cactus/sugar coke/coal to be used as fuel in coal boilers. #6438
-nerf(Gregtech)Autoclave recipes
-change unkown Crystal and Ae2 Crystals recipes
-Autoclave recipe with water gives 80% output change and with distilled water 90% crystal #6405
-change T1 heavy Duty ingot recipe from crafting to Assembler HV
-change Iridium Alloy Ingot recipe from crafting recipe to Assembler IV
-feat(Gregtech)add more Autoclave recipes
-add new Autoclave recipes using molten void and a output of 100% Adjust distilled water amount crystal #6405
-fix(Gregtech)T1 Ingot recipe change compressed bronze to compressed steel
-fix(gregtech)piston uev texture UEV Electric Piston has 2 pixels miscoloured #6443
-fix(gregtech)machineparts uev fix texture UEV Electric Piston has 2 pixels miscoloured #6443
-Simple optimization to GT_Utility.moveOneItemStack
-Better optimization for moving items between inventories.
-Fix batteries in machines chugging cpu to look up recipes.
-Fix full size pipes restrictor textures.
-Added Recycling recipes for EBF Coils
-Mica foil is basically Ash or Quartz Sand as it is a composite and I feel like you should not get it back. I am not adding coils to the disassembler recipes. Verified all recipes in game
-Attempt at improving chest buffers, also slowing down lower tier ones.
-Redstone, power, strong, signal, cover
-Move neighbour update to BaseTileEntity
-GT p2p tunnel was added to AE itself
-A simple cache for the furnace recipes, to avoid linear iteration
-Fix GTNewHorizons/GT-New-Horizons-Modpack#6586
-This makes it waste the extra fuel value, give the optimal output advertised on tooltip and always have an efficiency of 100%.
-replace HashMap with a (bounded) Guava Cache
-fix horibe tps lag on multie smelter
-fix energy consumption on OC past tick limit
-fix the energy consumption of the large chemical reactor where it would reduce the energy consumption if the it OCd past the tick limit
-fix to much power on non perfect OC
-fixed data bank achievement
-fix furnace recipes with 2+ output
-fix multi smelter only given 1 item if the even if the recipe gave more then 1 item
-Fix AE2 compat to be independant at runtime
-Fixes problem that may cause explosion on Thermos servers with load-chunks-on-request: false
-When machine stays at the edge of loaded chunk (where siblings is not loaded) worldObj.getPrecipitationHeight will return -1 (cuz chunk wont be loaded on request). Machine will explode even if there is a roof.
-worldObj.getPrecipitationHeight moved to variable
-add QoL for flasks add the option to set the capacity of flasks trough a assembler and circuit
-add 720L valua and turn 1000 to circuit 24 add 864 and make circuit numbers better
-fix(GT)add missing NBT Imort
-Invalid Muffler Hatch Facing
-Added the ability to change the invalid facing orientation on the Muffler Hatch
-add overflow voiding to digital chests
-Make cleanroom workspeed based on height and tier
-It is now 225 second per block height. A standard 3x4x3 cleanroom will take 7.5 minute to fire up (down from 8.33 minute).
-Any wider will not cause it to slowdown. The cleanroom will be overclockable (not perfect).
-better localisation handeling
-Fix ganymede bee drop
-allow to pull items from input bus allow only from input side
-Bee Definition Cleanup (#326)
-Removed a Lot of boilerplate code, by using Consumers instead of Overrides
-Made Use of Static imports
-use "Color" class for better IDE integration & readability
-parameterised some Generics
-reroute some Method overloads
-Lift checks out of Stripped Methodes to prevent NoSuchMethodErrors
-Actually hide filled volumetric flask in NEI Previously this is called too early that many fluid are simply not yet registered.
-Move the hide to proper place & use proper api
-fix acidental perfect OC on all multies (#332)
-Fix ore not synced to client in some cases
-Added IV HOG only LCE
-add(Forestry)Uranium Tube assembler recipe Things that need fixing in the dev version #6887
-fix(Forestry)change tube recipe gated uranium tubes behind endereye plate
-make NT fusion viable a viable option
-Cleanroom Callback Rework
-make stem sell cheaper
-Allow Plumbilia to multiply galena as well, since it contains it as well
-LCR was forming w/o energy and maintenance hatches
-Single block miner optimization Handle restart and radius change
-Miners may actually detect ores by the oredict
-Disable amber dust->crystal crucible recipe for now, make comprehensible
-Added fuel rod recipes to code+add circuits
-Clean up Extreme Diesel Engine
-add moveMultipleItemStacks to utils
-use moveMultipleItemStacks to variuos functions
-GT ore blocks in world are not recognized as an oredicted stack
-Fix wrong fuel consumption in extreme LCE
-Extreme LCE now uses LOX
-Add new method of displaying MB tooltips. LCR as example for now
-Fix extreme LCE fuel loading
-add suport for drawers and barrels
-Change all the multi tooltips over. Also changed tooltip class a bit
-Fixes boosting not working. Also getInfoData too
-Remove unnecessary stuff/comments. Change meta #
-fix(GT)change Color of the Extreme Casings
-change(GT)Texture change
-Intank texture changed
-Titanum Gearbox changed
-Change comments to english (#350)
-Change jade range for TF generation
-fix(GT)rename Field Generator Tiers
-isRecipeInputEqual optimization (#351)
-Optimize GT_Recipe.isRecipeInputEqual
-Used HEAVILY to catch duplicate recipes during game startup. Worst-case, it would result in 5 GT_OreDictUnificator.get calls for each pair of inputs.
-Instead, this is closer to 1 + 1/N, and as an added bonus, the modified unification it now uses doesn't copy its output only for it to be discarded immediately after comparison.
-Apart from inproved startup times, this might make a small difference when machines switch recipes.
-I am making an assumption that GT_OreDictUnificator.get(true, GT_OreDictUnificator.get(false, stack))
-is equivalent to a just GT_OreDictUnificator.get(false, stack), and the original code only double-unificated because it was easier to code.
-If this turns out to be false, there's still some performance gain from factoring out the tStack unification, but some of the optimization here would be lost.
-Changed method visibility according to PR feedback
-fix porention infinit while loop wit barrels/drawers
-feat(gregtech): visual programmed circuit (#355) feat(gregtech): visual programmed circuit
-Add: Feature a configuration display for the programmed circuit (integrated circuit).
-Address feature request
-fix(bug): potential out of bound index
-add caching to boxinator + other optimazation
-fix(itegrated_circuit): starts at 0
-add(BloodArsenal)add blood infused iron to metal and add fine wires for the vampire ring
-fix over filling quantumchest
-fix(integrated_circuit): mask comparison mode bits from damage (#359)
-ony set to max if it has to much
-Non-GT ores support for the seismic prospector (GT++, BW(?))
-This makes batteries drain/charge their tier loss extra charging their contained machines buffer
-Drilling plant uses absolute coordinates where single block uses relative
-add simple allowPutStack cache
-Fix Hermetic Casing Name
-Update ECE TT
-add the option to disable input filter (#365)
-fix(rendering): UV Mapping on tiles
-Fix all faces use the same UV mapping and orientation to be same as standard
-vanilla full blocks Vanilla blocks's face rendering.
-Fix the orientation of bottom-face's arrow overlay with fixed UV of the
-GT_MetaTileEntity_Buffer` type machines (filters, buffers, regulators)
-Fix UV mapping of item pipes restrictor overlay
-Fix UV mapping of fluid pipes blocked input overlay orientation on all sides
-Fix UV mappiong of thick covers
-Remove the now useless and broken custom UVMapped vertices at the bottom face.
-added steam valve cover moved recipes to assembler add animated texture for the valve
-Cache steam fluid IDs on startup and use those instead of string comparisions everywhere. NOTE: Also drops MFR steam compat
-Fix comb drop (ganymede dust)
-Remove EU costs from covers
-make getAccessibleSlots more optimesed for pipes
-attempt fix cme on gt block update
-attempt to fix a concurentModificationexeption crash when having large gt block updates
-Change crop harvester recipe to LV/MV

GT Scanner Mod 1.5.9
-Fix small ores cannot be localized
-Replace hard code texts with language file
-use gregtech.lang as language file
-Fix small ore filter
-Add lang file for detravscannermod
-Update zh_CN.lang

Hardcore Ender Expansion 1.8.7
-Add some localizations
-Void chest fix (#2)
-Void Chest Fix and Rename
-removed unneeded call

Holoinventory 2.1.5-beta-GTNH
-holoinventory key doesn't toggle when chat is open

Iguana Tinker Tweaks
-Translation correction
-Adding numbers to mining tier names

Infernal Mobs-1.7.2-GTNH
-regen now works off tick time
-all modifiers now working from tick time

Irontanks 1.2.0
-Correction of the name of two items
-feat(Iron Tanks)Add new 3 new Tanks
-rename Emerald Tank to Aluminium Tank
-change the recipe and textures
-add new Stainless Steel, Titanium and Tungsten Steel Tank 120, 256, 512 Buckets
-put recipes into code
-Update zh_CN.lang

Jabba 1.2.7

Kekztech 0.5.2
-set hex tiling to 4
-enabled vertical hex tiling
-added textures for hex tiles, fixed hex tile name, fixed hex tile recipe
-tried to fix GTTexture, removed more deprecated code
-Started to imlements BeamTransmitter
-fix Capacitors Achivmients
-fix voiding and made fluid pos static
-removed unnecessary getNull
-Change multi tooltips to rely on GT for it instead
-Fixed build since I changed the name a little
-fix getTankInfo not geting the fluids

Magicbees 2.5.5-GTNH
-Aromatic Lump Swarmer now possible for the slot of Swarmer and has the swarm chance of aromaticLumpSwarmerRate , it is a bug since Magic Bees 2.0.0
-items go lower and don't move when close

Natura 2.4.1-dev
-Fix Blood Saplings being unable to grow above height 120
-World gen code cleanup and speed improvements
-Unneeded null checks were removed. world.getBlock never returns a null.
-More new config options
-Fix an array out of bounds exception when a berry with an invalid metadata is displayed

Nodal Mechanics 1.1-4-GTNH
-Change attuned Matrix Recipe to fit thematically
-Changed aspects and recipe items(sloth shards and balanced shards).
-Old Infusion recipe did not make sense. Lust? Mining? Added Pride, Sloth, Aura, and Magic aspects instead.
-Possibly a slight nerf but requires the same tech level
-Fixed error spiked difficulty
-Fixed issue where amber was used in place of balanced shards,
-Replace energy crystal with lapotron crystal
-swapped one Sloth Shard for the more difficult Pride shard
-Make nodal matrix unstackable

Not Enough Items 2.0.6-GTNH
-This reduce server start time for about 1 min. Very helpful to GTNH ssp player.
-Highly experimental support for backing to BQ when coming from there
-This is a highly exprimental solution to backing out of NEI's recipe view back to whatever opened it, such as BetterQuesting.
-It seems highly likely that this will break something somewhere, but extremely quick testing did not find any such case.
-Too many ingredients, and apparently an empty fuel?

Open Blocks 1.6.3
-Change elevators so players don't end up in walls
-This changes elevators so that if the player was to end up (partially) inside a wall after using the elevator, they instead end up on center.
-If there's no wall at target location, it should behave like before.
-Could potentially be improved to only move the player away from the wall on one axis when possible.

Open Computers
-send palette change update
-vt ABCD default is 1 closes #3320
-allow numbers in gsub pattern, as lua does closes #1999
-data stick may have null nbt
-AE Pattern editing
-alow nbt reading from research station
-allow the reading of data sticks generated with the reasearch station
-fix selecting fluidhandler
-fix if you picked a fluidhandler that is not the first one will still transfer the firsts fluid instead of selected fluid
-Wand aspect list display added
-Add some localizations
-Apparently blood orb may have null NBT
-Network items iterator

Open Glasses-1.1-GTNH
-Added Bauble support to Open Glasses
-Server crash fix

Open Modular Turrets-2.2.11-245
-fixed: exploit enabling cheaters to destroy random blocks
-fixed: a few more possible exploits regarding turrets and their bases

Pam's Harvestcraft Lb-1.0.2-GTNH
-Fix Gooseberry Yogurt recipe. Was just typo in source. Issue 6320.
-removed recipe presser: log>paper
-Add some localizations
-[FIX] Corrected Mochi, Jam roll, Paneer, and Paneer tikka masala recipes. Issue #6928
-Typos in code were corrected. Tested and working in Minecraft 1.7.10 with Forge
-[FIX] Missing texture from Chocolate roll added. Issue #6928
-Typo in code was corrected. Tested and working in Minecraft 1.7.10 with Forge
-[FIX] Corrected typo in item name. Issue #6928
-Corrected typo in localization file, item name now displays properly in game. Tested and working in Minecraft 1.7.10 with Forge
-Register salt ore as oreSalt and use trapdoorWood rather than Blocks.trapdoor

-Update zh_CN.lang
-Change sendConnUpdate() -> onMaskChanged() in transportation module
-(This is a backport of the only functional change introduced in the transportation module by MrTJP's commit
-Fixed routing pipe bug that broke Overflow Chips
-More unified way of handling network pipe events
-Slightly tweaked how passive routing works
-Unified all routing pipes to conceptually work the same
-Eventually all functionality passed the network layer will be moved to services. All routers will be able to run services.
-There is planned abstraction to make the network work with any type of payload through any type of conduit. (I.E. One could create a liquid
-network, a wireless network, etc with extreme ease)
-Fixed item miscount for active requests
-Fix pipes sometimes dispatching an extra stack
-To recreate the bug: place two chests 10 blocks apart, connected by pipes.
-Place an extractor chip in the interface pipe that was placed first (the order
-is important), and a responder chip in the other interface pipe. Both chips
-should be configured to blacklist nothing.
-Fill all slots of the responder's chest. Have at least two stacks of stuff in
-the extractor's chest. Now, remove a stack from the responder's chest.
-If you did it right, you should see a stack being sent to the responder's chest
-to fill up the single empty slot... then, once it has arrived, a second stack
-gets sent, even though the chest is already full! This results in a stack of
-overflow in the pipe.
-The bug was caused by the PayloadArrivedEvent being sent too early. It was sent
-as soon as the item enters the final pipe, even though it hasn't entered the
-target chest at that point yet. Since the event removes the stack from the
-transitQueue, if the extractor pipe ticks shortly after, what it will see is
-that the target chest has an empty slot (since the item still hasn't entered it
-yet), but there isn't any item in the transit queue, so it thinks the stack
-wasn't sent yet. So it sends it again!
-Delaying the PayloadArrivedEvent until the item has actually entered the chest
-fixes this bug.
-The reason the bug didn't happen all the time was that it requires both of the
-1. Within one tick, the extractor pipe needs to tick before the responder pipe
-2. The extractor pipe's operation delay must reach 0 before the item enters the
-chest, but after the PayloadArrivedEvent has fired
-Only fire PayloadArrivedEvent if passing to inventory is successful
-passToInventory is called (and returns false) even when passing a stack into a
-pipe, so firing PayloadArrivedEvents at that point was a mistake.
-This fixes extra stacks being pushed into the network when a stack bounces back
-from a destination that's the wrong one for that stack.
-To recreate this, create a T-shaped pipe network with 1 extractor and 2
-responders, but no junction pipes.
-Add StorageDrawers compat
-Fixes request pipes only seeing up to one stack of items in drawers.

SGCraft 1.13.8-GTNH
-#3193 Disable SG core crystal trade
-Add localization for villager

Special Mobs 3.3.7
-Feint Ghast Retexture

Spice Of Life 2.0.0 carrot-beta-6
-Change Food to Half-Shank for clarity

Standard Expansion 3.0.183-GTNH
-Update api dependency
-Experimental fix craftingCountFix

Steves Factory Manager A97-GTNH
-fix liquid setting for more then 1024 different liquids
-removed unneeded MENU_FLUID_ID_OLD
-fixed bad tab indent
-fix liquid setting for more then 1024 different liquids

Tinkers Construct-
-Add support for binding a key to toggle the Travellers Belt toolbar in inventories
-This adds support for swapping the toolbar in inventories. For now, no key is assigned by default, so one must be added from the NEI options for this to take effect.
-Fix possible packet hacking
-Fixed a lot of NPE's and few duplication glitches
-Fixed few issues:
-#3593, #2760, #1795
-Potion effect from Battleaxe can be added only by server
-Revert to slowly killing mobs in smelteries, so regen enders are once again an endless source of enderpearls

TecTech 4.10.0
-Added Support for MetaBlocks
-Added Build Support for MetaBlocks
-Cleanup code style, rename interface, unimplement default method to force user to implement it. rework to eager evaluation of instanceof check
-Fully mark old api for deprecation
-Add Plasma Boosting to Tesla Towers
-Plasma range boosting now helps with loss
-Very generous imo, might need to be scaled back
-Expand Tesla tiers
-We now have ZPM Tier primary coils and LuV and ZPM tier capacitors, props to the madlads at the BigFlex MegaPlex for planning on using it with their fusion reactors
-Patch ZPM Tesla Primaries missing from NEI
-Lots of Tesla Tower work
-Reworked power loss
-Fixed Tesla Tower exploding when already powered off
-Added and reworded some comments
-Added plasma consumption values to config
-On demand static import
-Created Global Tesla List
-Implement big float, transition to molarity
-Up atom counts by AVOGADRO_CONSTANT for more smooth compute
-Tweak tesla range and add more config
-Update decay logic
-Safeguard collide
-Cleanup DEBUG scanning of EM
-Adjust some logic IDK
-fix the recipe Really Ultimated Batterie
-change Neutronium wires(which not exists) to Superconductor Wires UHV
-feat(Extra Utilities, TecTech)Deep Dark Portal (#36)
-Add new raw DD Portal Block recipe to Tec Tech TT Station
-update GT dependencies
-Repackage Tesla code into interfaces and util class
-Currently bugged, Tesla Towers always drain power from Energy Injectors
-Fix Tesla draining energy when disabled
-add check only block without meta (#37)
-Meta 0 will be used to build and display the hologram.
-For example, you can make 16 kinds of glass blocks, and check only the block, without meta.
-Add block with any meta structure utility
-Cleanup structure iterator code
-Renamge Generic parameter
-Remove boxing
-fix division by 144 #6649 and ^ required soldering for higher circuits (#39)
-fix nanocircuit /144 fluid divided by 144
-molten soldering divided by 144, and it is required a little more than in previous tier recipes
-Add getters for translating relative coordinates to world
-Invalidate machine on rotation
-Change FG recipe for UHV and UEV (#40)
-Add items for consistancy
-Change to nano for consistency number
-Add the COFH Core Dep back as runtime Needed for Thaum stuff
-Fix disconnect on Tesla Lightning
-Now properly getting the world from player
-Fixes ConcurrentModificationException on Tesla Connected Cleaning
-Now just removes nulls if any
-Fixes tesla covers
-Looks like GT5 covers are behaviors and not discrete objects, go figure! This is a horrible fix, but it works.
-Fixed Tesla hysteresis function
-fix 16 length computer not forming (#43)
-fix that a computer of 16 blocks length will not form
-Tesla Speedup
-Switched from sorted HashMap to ArrayListMultiMap
-Fixed issue where interface lacked proper methods
-Thaum Lightning fixes
-Less spammy lightning bolts
-Still has duplicate code and stuff
-Optimised Tesla Energy Injection
-Small refactor in RendererMessage
-Implement anti-laser target hatches!
-Changed lightning
-Now a constant once every half second
-More robust Tesla covers
-Fix power sending logic
-Fix MultiMap sorting
-Fix Duplicate Tesla Connections with covers
-reduced file saving frequency
-Update zh_CN.lang
-Ender Covers
-Added Ender Fluid Link Resources
-Ender Fluid Covers Recipe GTNH Recipe
-Fixes Tesla Server-Side
-Added Client-Side annotation to the relevant methods

Thaumic Based 1.4.23-0
-Add some localizations
-Revolver damage fix remove damage

-Crafting card support for Essentia Export Bus
-Cache search string in the terminal GUI
-fixed wireless terminal
-updated libs & gradle to able to run under debug
-Added proper NEI overlay
-NEI overlay crash with arcane recipes
-Null check against world access while unloading

Thaumic Exploration 1.1.75-0
-Make CLing a config instead

Thaumic Horizons
-Check to see if item is actually repairable first
-changed vortex attenuator hardness from 0 to 10
-ensure a block is placed on the top layer
-change the portal need more advanced Blocks (Poket Plane)
-update texure for Portal
-change(Thauic Horizons)recipes cahnges around The Pocket Plane
-add GT item to recipes via code because it cant be done vie Minetweaker
-add GT lib
-added null check
-fix(ThaumicHorizons)Gated Keystone Recptacles behind Enderium Plates

Travellers Gear-1.16.7
-add shortcut buttons for 3 abilities and command to bind buttons to specific items /travellersgear bind

-Add localization for (de_DE, en_US, zh_CN)
-Add localizations for trophy-blocks (de_DE, en_US, zh_CN,zh_TW) glowredman
-Add itemstack null check to TFTreasureTable add() and addEnchanted() voids.
-TFTreasureTable was missing add(ItemStack itemstack, int rarity)
-Change some things to public for DreamMaster
-Remove the uncrafting table from lootlisr
-Please. Dont use ==false or ==true.

Universal Singularities-8.6.2
-Change from TC to GT block of ender

WAILA Plugins
-Progress info basic machines.
-Add progress info for basic machines. Code from 4Gname.
-Update en_US.lang
-Update ru_RU.lang

Warp Theory 1.1.0-GTNH
-Change impure tear to be nonrandom, remove 5 warp, and be usable at50+
-Update Thaumonomicon to reflect changes
-warp reduction doesn't depend on worn gear tearFix

Wireless Crafting Terminal-
-disable logistic pipes because we dont use it in GTNH
-Batch crafting recipe cache

Witching Gadgets 1.2.13
-Make recipe oredict aware

Config changes:

Architecture Craft
-Update ArchitectureCraft.cfg
-Allow chiseled stained glass to be shaped

-change cfg file

-Bw config update+change (#6287)
-#6279 Updates BW config file. Also removes specified items from the Ross128b worldgen list
-Update bartworks.cfg
-Remove useless line, change LESU to 20x
-Remove the rest of the IV loot

Better Loading Screens
-[BetterLoadingScreen] "It's NEI, not JEI"-tip fix
-add BLS Backrounds to resources folder
-fixing background pics path
-fix(betterloading Screen)remove sound
-remove finished startup sound
-Actually updating the tips file
-This file actually doesn't update as long as the old stays in config. Might as well update this one. Ran this file through Grammarly too, in order to reduce grammar and spelling errors

Blood Magic
-Unignore folder, reignore subfolder for BM in git. Added needed files to make meteors work the way the do currently, otherwise, none are defined. Temp until further BM changes

-fix(BugTorch)to prevent Mytown and Vault on MP Servers crash

-Allows arcane stone chiseling again
-Added config and recipe for new chisel
-fix arcane

Custom Main Menu
-added a discord button on the main menu
-ressource files for the discord button in the main menu
-Committer: Dream-Master
-add(MC) new Music to Main Menu Thanks to Houston

Custom Mob Drops
-add(TF)animal drops
-add venison to Deers and raw rabbit to rabbit
-add turkey to the BoP Rosester
-add(TF)loot to TF Mobs
-add loot to Fire and Slime Beetel
-add loot to Kobolt and Druide
-add loot to Redcap and RedcapSapper
-add loot to swarming Spider
-change the drop chance a bit swam spider

Custom Tooltips
-Add FQ and change PRS
-Add tooltips for the new tanks as well

Ender IO
-#6535 Disable backported materials alloy smelter recipes

Electro Magic Tools
-fix(emt)disble One Ring cfg
-add png file to ignore list
-config(emt)re enable the one ring
-set Ring Loot chance to 5

-Fix issue 5865. All meats into Hunter's Pack.

-fix(Gregtech)Obsidian recipe
-remove Obsidian recipes
-[Cutting Machine] Obsidian Plate (not profitable) #6430

In Game Info
-fixed #6544

Loot Bags
-add new content to Luv-ZPM Lootbags
-adjust IV Lootbag tables
-Thanks to @Cleista

-Disabled overworld natura clouds

Magic Bees
-Added missing options, changed thaumcraftNodeMaxSize to 512

Quest Book
-config(Better Questing Quest Book) enable starter Book

-Flipped setting for RTG Strongholds
-patch(config): patch RTG config for issue #6986

Server Dat
-add multiple MC Servers to the MP menu

Thaumic Exploration
-Update config to match

Witching Gadgets
-Add items to list

Script changes:

Advanced Backpack
-Update Advanced-Backpacks.zs
-Added recipe to revert Adventure Backpacks back to the original style. Also fixed code so items inside the backpack are not deleted when making bat, squid, and iron golem backpacks.

-Add shaped recipe from AE
-Fix issue 2439, no recipe for brown smart cable in AE2.

-feat(Automagy)start with recipe nerfs

-#5732 Added new recipe, removed old one
-#6553 Changed metadata so wand can be crafted
-#6072 Add wildcards to quantum and gravi stuff. LIA set to 0, it works regardless of whether you charge it anyway, but * doesn't work
-fix(Avaritia,GC) remove Dire Table recipe
-remove Nasa Workbench to Dire crafting table

Biome O Plenty
-Fixed Water Bucket Dupe with Mud Balls

Blood Magic
-fix(Blood Magic) Thaumcraft Tab
-rename localizer from bloodmagic to tc
-fix #6426
-Removes infinity requirement because the device is no longer broken as shown in #5675.
-add a shappeles craft telep focus
-Add a recycling recipe for Blood Runes
-fix(BM)orb recipes not shown in Nei

-Added config and recipe for new chisel

-put the un nerfed recipes in Core Mod Code
-remove old recipes in a new Computronics.zs file
-[Computronics] Drone Docking Station and Upgrade not Craftable #6432

Core Mod
-#5732 Added new recipe, removed old one
-change(Extra Utilities)Deep Dark Portal
-change the Deep Dark Portal recipe for balance (Void Miner)
-nerf(Galaxyspace)Autoclave recipes
-change unkown Crystal recipes
-Autoclave recipe with water gives 80% output change and with distilled water 90% crystal #6405
-fix(GS)add SDHC recipe back
- and above Bug List #6714
-addition(IC2)remove recipe that id now in code
-Add alternate recipes for reflector parts for mass crafting #6719
-fix(extra Utilities)Deep Dark Portal
-fix recipe
-change(AE2)Spatial Tier to IV
-change to IV Tier 7680 Eu/t

Draconic Evolution
-fix(Draconic Evolution)recipes from Charm of Dislocation
-and Enhanced Charm of Disloctotion

Electro Magic Tools
-#2607, #3609 Should be already fixed? But also made it so quantum traveller boots recipe is wildcarded
-#6474 Fixed most of them, the rest are not MT
-Update Emt.zs

Ender IO
-#4661 Now more balanced Dense ME Conduit
-fix telepad

Extra Utilities
-#6494 Change to GT Bedrockium Ingot
-move(extra utilities)Implosion recipes now in the core mod code

Forbidden Magic
-fix(Forbidden Magic)Reserach position
-fix reserach position because of possible Botania addition
-#5834 Change to pickaxe

-add(Forestry) new uranium Tube to script
-fix(Forestry)change tube recipe
-gated uranium tubes behind endereye plat
-#7088 swapped frames with bee houses. Also removed duplicate entries, and did some formatting

-change and add new recipes for bigger oxy tanks
-fix(Galacticraft)Oxygen Tanks T4 and T5
-change recipe using T4 large Iridium Cell and T5 large Osmium Cell
-removed recipes handled by GalaxySpace
-Removed ExtremeCrafting recipes
-fix battery charge #6730
-Did you know you can pass nulls in assembler recipes to have them be greater than 2 items but still not use fluids? Now I know, so I'm fixing these

-move all recipe to code

-#6916 Change to LV from LuV+ Also scoop too

Gravi Suit
-feat(Gravisuit)remove Relocator
-Recipe is now in the core mod

-Fix issue 3556. Remove normal beet but add sugar beet to mortar.
-Update Gregtech.zs
-Remove scripts mentioned in

-Add Tumbaga Frame non-assembler recipe
-So you can actually make the steam grinder multi before the LV assembler.
-#5012 Until Alk fixes it on her side
-change(GT++)Boiler recipes
-change the steam Boiler recipes

-fix(IC2)Iridium Drill
-remove Iridium Drill recipe from ic2
-minig pipe - conversely
-Update IC2.zs
-#3696 Remove useless recipe, as it caused the actually useful one to not work
-Preserve NBT tags when repairing rubber boots #6858
-Preserve NBT tags when repairing hazmat suit
-Follow up of 01fffb4 and #6860
-#6607 Add circuit, also SI, because MT is Not Great
-Remove scripts mentioned in
-Did you know you can pass nulls in assembler recipes to have them be greater than 2 items but still not use fluids? Now I know, so I'm fixing these
-Fix NPE in hazmat suit repair
-Fix bucket dupe in hazmat repair
-remove from script sisne now in code (Electric Tree Tap)
-remove(IC2)electric hoe recipe recipe now in core mod

Iron Chest

Iron Tanks
-change(Iron Tanks) remove zs file
-moved all recipes in code

Malis Doors
-change val Stick to oredict all stickWood

-Removed mortar + Pam's Beet to Sugar recipe. Issue 3556.
-added new non-zero aspects for books and enchanted books

Pams Harvestcraft
-Added recipe for cooking rabbit. Issue 6499.
-Fix issue 6320, no recipe for gooseberry yogurt.

Project Red
-Remove chiseling fake ruby into real

-Return accidentally removed recipe for "Electric Shunting Wire"

Remote IO
-#4884 Fix

-Nerf warded glass
-Reduce cost and output back down because of fix
-#6376 Fix
-replaced multiple instances of 0 essentia and corrected spelling of telum

Thaumic Bases
-#4745 Remove easy recipe

Thaumic Horizons
-add(Thaumic Horizons)start to change Thaumic Horizons script Planar Gateway
-fix(Thaumic Horizons)Planar Conduit rework

Thaumic Tinker
-#4937 Use correct crystal

Tinkers Construct
-Remove Ardite compression recipe
-Added in Core mod with my other pull request
-Remove added to NH Core mod metal block recipes
-Remove Extruder Recipes
-Added to CoreMod

-remove old ruby slippers recipe and chnage vis amount a bit

Witching Gadgets
-Fixes the WG transmutation list not working in all cases

Changes in different mods
-feat(Ae2, Extra Cells, Open Blocks, Thaumcraft)add more Autoclave recipes
-add new Autoclave recipes using molten void and a output of 100%
-Adjust distilled water amount crystal #6405
-feat(Telepoert)rebalanced Teleporters
-remove(Steves Carts, Translocator, DE)implossion compressor recipe
-recipes are now in the core mod

Quests changes:

-Fix for database failure to load
-Fix reward
-Fix Tier 4 booster Quest Icon
-Modified Rocket Quests to be more even
-Also fixed some text, and fixed Proteus quest missing tasks
-#6290 Turn NBTignore on
-#6269 Change spelling
-#6278 Change requirements
-#6270 Added quests explaining how to copy cultures, and how to make the general purpose one
-#6250 Added bow quest
-#6250 #5049 Added Xenoxene+Radox quest, also adjusted quest placement
-#6250 Added lame SC quest for infinite stuff
-#6302 Changed
-#6309 Fixed, hopefully
-#6341 Changed
-#6369 Fixed
-#6219 Fixed other GBGW quest
-Removed wetware circuits from fusion quest reward in LuV
-#6390 Reduced complexity of LuV SC quest
-#6392 Added quest
-#6403 Turned nbtignore on
-#6395 Added quest that explains coking
-#6297 See the ticket for details
-add T4 and T5 Oxygen Tank Quests
-adjust T1-3 Oxygen Tank Quest
-Update QB without doing anything, because weirdness.
-#6548 Changed req to RP-1 RF. Also removed green RF reward, and updated text.
-#6476 Changed nbtignore to on, removed fill battery req since 2 and 3 would complete at the same time anyway with it on. Did same for sunnarium batteries
-#6464 Changed number
-#6463 Changed nbtignore to on
-#6462 Changed nbtignore to on
-#6461 Changed nbtignore to on
-#6459 Changed nbtignore to on
-#6455 Fixed block req, also slightly adjusted text
-#6444 Changed req to actual req
-#6433 Changed nbtignore to on
-#6417 Fixed ratio
-#6283 Changed nbtignore to on for all the solar quests, since they probably all need it
-#6429 Adjusted quest text to be clearer
-#6517 Changed dragon kill type to chaos guardian
-#6509 Adjusted text
-#6475 Adjusted text (and item) to NOT recommend something that will blow up your generator
-#6555 Added text to EBF quest, AwDr Coil quest, and UHV quest. Also make related quests require each other to direct the player to do the UHV SC quest first so they don't get stuck
-#6549 Edited Name Edited names of Kami-related quests (capitalization and making the powered up tools and equipment have distinct names).
-Adjusted text of Celestial Quests to be more accurate. Added quests for the Ichor+Ichor wand. Adjusted positioning too.
-#6460 Added a bunch more text to explain AIHs and such
-#6411 Added note to LV pump and conveyor quest
-#6581 Changed text
-#6585 Made note in existing quest more scary. Please pay attention when reading things, there's no refunds on backpack voiding
-#6594 Turned nbtignore on
-#6603 Added text to remind people to wear the SpaceSuit. Also made quest available on T&T tap
-#6264 Changed quest a little. Also made it a req of EG tab
-#6606 Added quest on farming tab
-#6448 Made primary quests for rocket T3+ not require all the parts in case you craft the rocket beforehand because you stored the parts in the DCT or something
-Added LSC+Capacitor quests, tied BS glass quests to LSC, BV and MEBF quests as an OR. Added Laser Hatch and Active Transformer quests as well in UV
-#5305, #6159 Adjusted according to suggestions (mostly). Also move quest positions around a little
-#6659 Edited text
-#6658 Made tasks for the neutronium and black plutonium trigger quests an OR based on ore/ingot/dust
-Added quest to explain food -> hearts mechanic. Also readded food journal to quest that said it was giving it to you (right before previous)
-BQ3 Weirdness
-#6617 Changed DD quest, because it got Super-Nerfed
-#6663 Removed assembler req, it doesn't need it. Also make you craft it instead of checkbox task
-#6408 Fix CP series quests
-#6107 Changed bolts until Bart fixes his stuff properly
-#5403 Adjusted beginning quests a little
-#5401 Added notes about cleanroom and low gravity where needed
-Fix Sodium Sulfide Quest
-fix bacteria cell
-Fix Peat Fired Quest #6738
-fix Coin Conversion quest #6740
-#6701 Changed from -1 (no repeat) to 24000 (20 min)
-#6749 Added text
-#6679 Removed OR from glider, so it won't show up until EBat is made, also moved EBat behind canner since you need that. Also adjusted battery quests a little
-#6697 Adjusted quest
-#6704 Adjusted quest text
-#6675 Added reward
-#6764 Changed Q reward because of potential crash :(
-#6763 Added repeatable quests for skystone, dragon heart, and fire jet+smoker blocks (also updated hydra egg quest to need both since you can buy them). Also edited text and layout a little
-Added coins quests for BM slates (up to T3)
-#6742 Adjusted space race tab quests to account for change in nasa workbench (now used), schematics (also now used, change over your chips), control computers (new), and pollution (lots)
-#6742 Readjust heavy plate numbers back
-Combine the LQ and LTX tabs since they directly follow, and there aren't that many. Also reduces confusion
-Moved the Legendary Infinity quests (which are neither legendary nor infinite) over to the Kill all the things tab, also moved quests around a little
-Removed the to grind tab and moved the quests to related ones: HEE, kill all the things, to bee, cooking, building better bases. Also adjust reqs for a few to match
-Combined to bee and slice and splice tabs, since they're both about managing bees
-Further bee tab changes
-Change order of quest tabs in the lower half. Also change alignment of quests if they went out of the positive range in terms of position X, Y.
-This only matters when you look at the quests in the designer, and is purely due to my OCD, but causes a bunch of small changes
-Minor changes to LQ, also I seem to have forgotten to commit some of the bee tab changes, so they're in here too
-Combined the armor+jetpack and transportation tabs, they're now the 'getting around without dying' tab
-Combined Steve's Carts and ProjectRed tabs into Basic Automation tab
-Combine SFM and OC into Advanced Automation tab. Also #6796 fixed while I was at it
-#4519 Added quests to explain how to use basic AE2 functions like autorcrafting or P2P
-#4424 Added missing GT++ multis (that work anyway)
-Added quests for TFFT and DEHP
-#5307 'Move eggs quest from using survivor to using food coins' like moron wanted, also unbroke #6690 which PanSzelescik unfixed after I already fixed it, so I had to fix it again
-#4856 Added note to quest until bart fixes the problem. Also added reqs to BM Qs so it's clearer if you can progress based on tier
-#5766 Add text and such
-Adjust EV planet dim ore quests so you can grab the crushed ore instead among other things
-Like before, adjusted IV tier planet dim quests
-Adjust kinetic quests. Also adjust text on redstone quest
-Modify some LV quests' text
-Updated info for bee frames and alvearys to be complete
-Adjust space race tab layout
-More text changes, including to crop quests
-Adjust crops tab layout
-Further adjust text on crop and bee quests. #6853 and #6849 were fixed in a previous commit too
-Minor changes. Also, #6872 was previously done
-Remove supreme pizza gloves quest from HV tab
-Move PA quest, rearrange others over by 1
-#6889 Made a note
-#5339 Added. Also updated text about MF change, and stuff. Also rearranged tab.
-Added copies of weapon quests to the how not to die tab
-#6934, #6924
-Added a new tab, the generating power tab, to help people better keep track of their generation options
-ignorenbt on for #6967. Adjusted superconductor quests text. Added quest for IV energy hatch. Rearrange IV quests to match, especially the platline stuff. Should look better now
-Rearrange some LV quests along the left side
-Rearrange some ZPM quests
-rearrange some LuV quests
-Rearrange some EV quests
-Rearrange HV quests
-Rearrange some MV quests
-Rearrange some LV quests
-fix(Quests)rearraged witchery quests a bit to looks more nice
-addition(Quest)Add Nickel Quest to TF Tab
-add(Quests)new neutral TF Mob Kill Quests
-add(Quests)add hostile TF Mob Kill Quests Druide, Swam Spider, beetle, Kobolt and Redcap
-add(TF)two missing Kill Quests Wraith and Pinch Beetle
-Search+replace of sounds for quest update/completion fix
-#6903 Added text to first machine hull quest
-#7045 Addd quest to explain how to charge the SS, and the options
-#7033 Added text to tell you to progress a bit to get glass
-#7034 Delete 490 and add 1926 to the getting around without dying tab, after editing the text
-Adjust nuclear quests, delete extraneous, add new. Still down by 4 though. Also change adept TC icon to potentially fix BQ bug
-Added ECE quest. Also removed more easy iridium from quest rewards
-change(IC2)change electric hoe and electric tree tap Quest
-moved them into the LV Quest Tab
-change(GT++)Boiler recipes
-change the steam Boiler recipes
-add new Boiler Quests to Mv and Hv
-#7070 Made it so you can get quest progress on quests before unlocking them for most crafting quests
-Chinese translation of quest book for
-fix(Quests)minor bugs
-add dependencies to use the fluid canner to make ic2 batteries
-fix diamond tank need glass pane not clear glass pane
-add(Quest)info RC Tank output rate
-add info to Steel tank also
-add(Quests)LV Steam Valve Quest
-remove(Quest)Aqua Creeper kill quest
-#7108 Adjusted text
-#7118 Made quest optional
-#7109 Changed text
-#7104 Changed hatches/busses
-#7131 Made carbon parts not rely on composite vest (it doesn't use it anyway) so it can be an OR with the mentioned quest. Also made you actually make carbon plates in that quest too
-Fix icon changing to placeholder

Now i am much older :( DreamMasterXXL 24.12.2020
DreamMasterXXL posted a changelog update for GT New Horizons 3 years ago


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Holy shit man. This exact day I decided to return to GTNH after 6 months* of not playing and I see these patchnotes you posted ~5hrs ago. Thanks for your EPIC dedication and work
Posted by Ginnudi 3 years ago

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