Install GT New Horizons

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (GT New Horizons) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select GT New Horizons from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

GT New Horizons Version 2.6.0

created by DreamMasterXXL on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder

GT New Horizons updated to version

Version 12.06.2020

-The update to QF4 breaks AE2 autocrafting patterns using GT components.
Re-craft the component and remove & replace them in any patterns that are affected.

New Mods:

-Better Loading Screen 1.3.23-GTNH
-Bug Torch 1.0.2
-Itlt 1.0.2

Mod Upgrade:

-Adventurebackpack 0.9-h14-GTNH
-Appliedenergistics2 rv3-beta-31
-Architecture Craft 1.7.4-GTNH
-Avaritia 1.18
-Better Questing 3.0.334-GTNH
-Binnie Mods
-Biomes O Plenty 2.1.1-GTNH
-Blood Arsenal 1.2.1-11
-Blood Magic 1.3.3-30
-Chisel 2.9.8-GTNH
-CoreMod 1.6.46
-Craft Tweaker 3.1.0-legacy
-Draconic Evolution 1.0.2q
-Electro Magic Tools
-Ender IO beta
-Ender Zoo
-Enhanced Loot Bags 1.0.3
-Extra Cells 2.4.3b3
-Galacticraft 3.0.15-GTNH-full
-GT PlusPlus
-GT Scanner Mod 1.5.7
-Hardcore Ender Expansion 1.8.6a
-Hodgepodge 1.4.2
-Holoinventory 2.1.4-beta-GTNH
-IC2 Crop Plugin Version 1.3.1
-IFU 1.7
-Iguana Tinker Tweaks
-InGame Info XML
-Irontanks 1.1.19
-Jabba 1.2.6
-Kekztech 0.4.6
-Magicbees 2.5.3-GTNH
-Micdoodle Core 3.0.13-GTNH
-Mine and Blade Battlegear
-Natura 2.3.2-dev
-Nodal Mechanics 1.1-2-GTNH
-Not Enough Items 2.0.4-GTNH
-Open Blocks 1.6.2
-Open Computers
-Overloaded Armorbar 1.0.0
-Pam's Harvestcraft Lb-1.0.1-GTNH
-Remote IO 2.4.2
-Roguelike 1.5.1
-SGCraft 1.13.7-GTNH
-Special Mobs 3.3.6
-Spice Of Life 2.0.0 carrot-beta-5
-Standard Expansion 3.0.182-GTNH
-Steves Addons 0.10.17
-Steves Carts 2.0.0.b19
-Steves Factory Manager A96-GTNH
-Storage Drawers 1.11.5-gtnh
-TecTech 3.8.3
-Thaumcraft NEI Additions
-Thaumic Based 1.4.22-0
-Thaumic Exploration 1.1.74-0
-Thaumic Horizons
-Torohealth 1.0.0
-WAILA Plugins
-Warp Theory 1.0.3-GTNH
-Witching Gadgets 1.2.12-GTNH
-Universal Singularities 8.6.1

Mod Changes:

-More work on packets
-[RFC] Increase the fuel capacity of Copter Pack. #5873
-update choper pack to 16 Buckets tank have 16 Buckets capacity anyways
-Update zh_CN.lang

-Fixed blocking mode for inventories not giving out anything
-added workaround for interface blocking mode to ignore selector circuits in GT machines
-updated ic2 dependency to
-add thaumcraft dev version
-Reentrance check in the unload event
-Added check for oversized client packet
-Update zh_CN.lang

Architecture Craft
-Create zh_CN.lang
-update gradle

-Update zh_CN.lang
-update version add libs

-fixed void miner not consuming energy
-Made API standalone (mostly)
-Made OrePrefixes lookups NullSecure
-Added Config for Metas and Tiers for Ross
-fixed GT++ compability
-Fixed ConfigHandler initiating GTValues during coremod startup
-Fixed MegaEBF sometimes overflowing
-change recipes for Void Miner using Ore Drill Tier 6
-Added VoidMiner Tiers
-Added Recipes for Void Miners
-Fixed VoidMiner Output
-added void miner localisation for achievements
-Made Void Miner Times in Assembly Line more reasonable
-fixed fermentation recipes in biovat
-Fixed Glass Checked
-buffed Oganesson
-made LoadItemContainers static
-removed force shutdown
-Merged NEI configs
-added a config option to hide any orePrefix type of my materials
-Redid CLS support
-updated fr_FR translation (#67)
-Some new featues
-Added Multiblock Updateability to BW Blocks
-Added Pollution to WaterPump
-Added new Windmill GUI
-Refactored Windmill a bit
-Added animation to windmill
-Various Development
-Added TT support to MEBF and MVAC
-Fixed Energy Logic on MDT
-Fixed MEBF not outputting fluids on bottom hatches
-added auto-export for water on the simple stirling pump
-redid glass folder structure
-added EBF / Large Chem circuit Unification
-updated TT dependancy
-Added TT support to MEBF and MVAC
-Fixed Energy Logic on MDT
-Fixed MEBF not outputting fluids on bottom hatches
-added auto-export for water on the simple stirling pump
-redid glass folder structure
-added EBF / Large Chem circuit Unification
-updated TT dependancy
-Added TT Low Power Lasers
-Fixed Circuit Logic and added bounds check
-added TT Low Power recipes
-Added TT support to MEBF and MVAC
-Fixed Energy Logic on MDT
-Fixed MEBF not outputting fluids on bottom hatches
-added auto-export for water on the simple stirling pump
-redid glass folder structure
-added EBF / Large Chem circuit Unification
-updated TT dependancy
-Added TT Low Power Lasers
-Fixed Circuit Logic and added bounds check
-added TT Low Power recipes
-Redid LuV Osmiridium Replacer
-deleted old lib
-Unified usage of .hasItemType instead of bitshifts/ .getGenerationFeatures().hasXY()
-removed a wrong cast
-fixed textures
-removed *some* duplicate recipes for tool items
-fixed voidminer
-fixed MEBF not working with LAZORS or Multi Amp hatches below UV-Glas
-fixed LAZORS not exploding when they recive too much Amp lasers
-Redid Radio Hatch Stuffs ~~~
-ItemStacks finally work properly
-Forbid insertion of a non-Rad-Material
-Update (#78)
-disabled circuit unification
-removed unused decoratePlanet on Ross128ba
-changed "splitStack" to "setStackSize"
-renamed "WorldProviderRoss128Ba" to "WorldProviderRoss128ba"
-Added specialised functions for floor ceil wrap and clamp
-Replaced old function calls
-LowPower Pipes now have the IC2 glass fibre texture
-fixed overflow on the AccessPriorityList
-fixed "NOSUCHITEM rod" error
-suppressed some warnings
-Fixed Burned Out THTR Stuff
-Fixed Cables
-fix more then 1 energy hatch on circuit assmebler
-fixed Ross128b crash
-fixed TT recipe overlap
-fixed double replicator recipes

-Update zh_CN.lang

Better Questing
-Add ability to change scrolling speed
-Wrap rewords area into CanvasScrolling. WARN: This requires reworking all BQ Packs
-Add canvas always striving to occupy less space
-Remove paginating from rewards area. WARN: This requires changes in all BQ Packs
-Wrap tasks area into CanvasScrolling. WARN: This requires changes in all BQ Packs
-Remove paginating from tasks area. WARN: This requires changes in all BQ Packs
-Fix empty space at the end of rewards list
-Add bq_copyprogress command
-Fix demo mode notification
-Add the ability to copy quests not from command sender
-Fix party quest completion sync
-Initial backport of netcode improvements and UI upgrades
-Removed IProgression interface
-Fixed GL error in scissor call
-Fixed text alignment issue in PanelButton
-Fixed theme GUI throwing a CME crash
-Added backported new icons
-Changes for the new api
-Fix copyquests command
-Fixed a few errors in partial data reading being treated as full databases
-Fixed default tooltip background texture being missing
-Backported newer translations
-Backported transparent test theme
-Fixed a few errors in partial data reading being treated as full databases
-Fixed default tooltip background texture being missing
-Backported newer translations
-Backported transparent test theme
-Fixed crash in party management screen when kicking or leaving
-Fixed missing changes in real time repeat timer math
-Removed now non-functional life share button in party screen
-Bypassed Forge bug which fired LivingUpdateEvent several times per tick
-Helps if I put the theme JSON in the right folder
-Fixed some textures still trying to render when zero or negative sized
-Backported sliced texture scaling improvements
-Fixed dedicated servers crashing on first world tick
-Add scroll positions save for tasks and rewards
-Add tab completion options
-Rework command for console execution
-Fixed party invite screen not opening
-Fixed party invite screen crashing when it did open
-Fixed item panel texture not showing wildcard variants
-Changed invite list to only show active players
-Fixed NetStationEdit using the wrong NBT tag name
-Fixed ore dictionary button in item selection changing prefix
-Changed submission station GUI to pre-filter valid quests
-Changed item and fluid tasks to use DBEntry<IQuest>
-Quick fix for BQLivingUpdateEvent re-triggering the original event
-Fixed popup not accepting no for an answer
-Added quest designer shortcut
-Removed anti-tamper code after community overreaction
-Create zh_CN.lang

Binnie Mods
-Fix fences and gates showing up wrong in WAILA
-Update zh_CN.lang

Biomes O Plenty
-Duplicate Fermenter Recipes for Biomes O Plenty Saplings #2886
-Update zh_CN.lang
-change version update gradle

Blood Arsenal
-Update zh_CN.lang

Blood Magic
-Update zh_CN.lang

-Update zh_CN.lang

-Fix world world accelerator power consumption
-If you configure the range to 1 in block mode, then switch to TE mode, HV WA consumes 1024EU/t.
-If you use the default, i.e. range max, it will consume 3072EU/t.
-commented BW ore mixes out because the dont work rn.
-add recipes for new enerd io Alloys EBf, VacF, Mixer, Crafting
-add Pink Slime to EBF and Vac
-T5 rocket allows Europium pre T1 fusion #5870
-Added a better way for the Processing Array to handle recipes.
-remove unused files from Itemlist
-[RFC] Railcraft tank gauges recipe output ×2 #5890
-add recycle recipe for gauges from RC
-fixed wrong mixer gui 9 slots
-Additional fixes to Fixes #263
-fixed CombinedBac
-add more bw vat and lab recipes
-add new cultures
-add two alter native recipes in vat with bacterial sludge and mutagen
-add more biomedium recipes
-remove on some recipes breedable
-change uv recipe to naquadria Sievert value
-add items to vat input slots
-change other bio vat recipe fluids by factor 250x
-add new ASMD Component recipe
-fixed OreDict Names
-they use unlocalised names instead of localised ones now
-fixed ganymede typo
-Suggestion: Add a recipe for leather from oil chem #5918
-add forgotten texture ArtificialLeather
-add asmd chips to the core mod recipe
-buff infinity wire #5916
-Small Collagen adjustment #5913
-[Wrought Iron ingot] Incorrect recipe? #5955
-fixed another ganymede typo
-fixed Stainless Steel typo
-UnknownNutrientAgar takes too long (Biowares) #5964
-Crystal Line needs asmds now
-Recipe conflict #6025
-GraviChestPlate recipe should work with all zpm circuits #6020
-Updated Core Mod to Java 8
-fixed ganymede typo in file
-moved VoidMiner stuff from GT to here
-Forgot to add png
-Added Cauldron nerf
-Drop Bart API pt2 electric boogaloo
-fix core ,od not building
-Incorrect mixer recipes for Energetic Alloy and Energetic Silver #6087
-Add Ectoplasma and Arcane Shards chips and fragments for bee loot.
-added Rune fragments for HEE for mob drops
-update autoclave 2 input slots
-fix low gravity recipes
-Update zh_CN.lang
-add Display to itemlist
-Added an API WA Endpoint
-added deObfs jar
-added soruces jar
-Added an API WA Endpoint
-Deluted Xenoxene should be Diluted Xenoxene #83
-T8 rocket uncraftable (again) #6208
-Recipes with ASMDs inconsistent #6224

Craft Tweaker
-Updated the ZenScript engine to the latest 1.12 ZenScript engine.
-This means that any scripting engine improvements made between the
-last 1.7.10 release and the last 1.12 release, will be in this version.
-Updated the API to the latest 1.11.2 API
-This means that any script written in 1.11.2 will (read should) work on this version,
-there are way too many changes to actually write them all here unfortunately.
-Added: pow(double, double), isNull(Object)

-Added new Crop pngs by emeraldsemerald (#35)
-ae -> ä, oe -> ö, ue -> ü

Draconic Evolution
-Update zh_CN.lang

Electro Magic Tools
-Update zh_CN.lang

Ender IO
-Fixed Conduit Filter
-Added Big Item Filter
-Capacitors, Conduits, Stellar Armor
-rename crude steel to Clay Compound
-update tooltip in lang file for stellar tools and armor
-ore dicted Endsteel nugget
-Update localization, add filter recipes
-Added Stellar Armor Textures
-Fixed basic ItemFilter
-Fixed Transceiver crash
-Added more 1.12 content
-removed unused trigger classes from bc
-Updated Deps
-update to Java8
-enabled UTF-8 encoding
-applied Java & IntelliJ plugins
-removed unused class
-Fixed capacitor bug on load
-Cleaned up capacitor loading code
-Update zh_CN.lang
-renamed constructor params for easier access
-reduced log-spam

Ender Zoo
-Update zh_CN.lang

Enhanced Loot Bags
-Create zh_CN.lang

Extra Cells
-Fix fluid interface dupe
-This dupe issue will happen when you attach two or more tanks
-to the same fluid interface and the fluid interface pushes some fluid as in some pattern
-Note to future programmers: this pushItems() logic is not as clean as it can be and can push
-1 stack per tick whereas vanilla can push all stacks at the same tick.
-Update zh_CN.lang
-gradle updated
-backported Oredictionary Export Bus extended pattern matching
-updated ThaumicEnergistics integration

-fixed method not found exception
-wrong class for get Method call... i hate reflexion >_>
-Fixed Mutation Coniditons (#5)
-reduced usage of reflexion
-inlined code
-Actually remove the debug prints

-Update zh_CN.lang

-Player crash (/corruption) with Battlegear and Galacticraft using torches #2162
-Swap dependencies directory for maven deps.
-Remove dependencies/*
-Gradle Wrapper --> 4.4.1
-Add GTNH permissions & update to direct support to us
-Remove Mekanism support [Unused in GTNH]
-Remove BuildCraft MJ support [Unused in GTNH]
-Add MicdoodleCore-1.7.10-3.0.13-GTNH-dev.jar until it's hosted for download
-Cleanup build.gradle. Still not 100% sure everything works *correctly*, but it compiles
-fix crash on invalid keybind
-Update Version everywhere.
-Remove version checker.
-Reobf partially working on planets.jar
-fix api include
-Produce one output jar (instead of two) due to reobf issues
-Point everyone to our github
-Update MicdoodleCore
-Fix mod options and planets rendering (#3)
-blacklist run folder
-lander now comes with fueled rocket
-add api to add rocket fuels and fuel tiers
-make rocket not get destroid by lightning
-make launch controller teleport rockets and other
-increse fuel cost when using launchcontroller
-fix using launch conditions couses launch to break
-add null check
-fix launchcontrolled rockerst not launching correctly
-removed enoying parachute message
-stop lander on galaxy planets with launch controller
-get rid off duble negtif
-add more fuels
-change zinc to nitrogen plasma
-remove all non rocket fuels
-add a way to remov efuels trough the api
-update zh_CN.lang
-change diesel to nitro diesel
-update gitignore
-add mic dodles core as lib

-update zh_CN.lang

-Display fluid amount in the fluid display stack.
-add new Enderi IO materials to GT
-CrudeSteel makes GTMaterial match up with EnderIO material
-add more Ender IO material properties to material list.
-change color of Crude steel and Pink slime a bit
-change ender io material
-add crafting recipes
-change Melodic Alloy space in Name
-add Pink Slime to EBF and Vac
-add shapeless recipe for Clay Compound
-Commented texture paging
-Texture paging implemented
-Move to proper id's out of GT++ space... but they are still unused on hatches... so does not really matter...
-Added a better way for the Processing Array to handle recipes.
-add missing Packer machines back
-add missing printer back
-add missing ids to processing array
-Set textures and adjust casing block register range
-put all Oil and oredrill recipes to Assembler/assline
-Removed T5 & T6 Miners
-Added BW Compat for easier use of BW Materials in code
-Removed DD Veins
-Added all Ores to Voidminer in DeepDark
-removed Infinity Ore
-Void miner adjustments (#262)
-Added all Ores to Voidminer in DeepDark
-removed Infinity Ore
-renormalize line endings
-UHV fixes
-updated tritanium color
-replaced magic numbers with string identifiers
-add additionl recipe changes to the fix
-change recipes for Growthmedium and Bio Medium
-Fix non GT tileentities should still propagate
-remove recursion depth limit and nullcheck on instanceof
-Tried to make Mogballs Optimisation properly threaded
-Named the thread
-actually use the right method (and not the old one lol)
-Interrupted the Thread onServerAboutToStop
-Made use of Thread.wait() + shortened "causeMachineUpdate" method
-shortened the code + by using toUpdate as sync object
-Added a new Thread every time a world is loaded
-Refactor to fixed thread pool executor
-Use actually something made for this task...
-disable threaded caching of mUpdate values
-Shutdown properly
-Add more logging to shutdown
-Use ThreadLocalRandom for RNG
-remove ore and oil drill from gt and put it into core mod.
-remove unused materials
-add gears to Cobalt and the Blue, Black and Red Steel (for the Oil Rig Recipes)
-More Polybenzimidazole (PBI) Uses in Higher Tier Recipes #5928
-CLS support
-OpenGL is a bit of a pita, wants only to be used in main thread.
-The easiest solution was to trigger CLS screen updates from GT.
-It is a soft dependency, if CLS isn't present, nothing breaks.
-Nerfed replicator
-added a config option
-made TankSize of Replicator a bit nicer
-Refactored CLS support into an own Compat
-add ArtificialLeather to more recipes
-Reduced log
-removed "isNice" easter egg
-reduced loglines to log every 5% instead of every 1%
-replaced Iterator for loop with enhanced for
-Over-Generous LV Conveyor maceration recipe #5896
-Quantium Wires have no wiremill recipe #5888
-IV electrolyzer for GT++ multi seems like it might be using a mistiered material #5883
-changed missing recipes to asmd components
-fix stainless steel naming in large cells
-Buff infinity turbines #5970
-fixed Adv. Seismic Prospector off-by-one error
-simplified calculations
-some code cleanup
-Factor 1.2 for now (UUM)
-Fixe IV Electrolyzer used some non existing HSSS Wires
-fix mistakes from lv centrifuging
-Recipe conflict #6025
-Clean up the fluid display thing.
-Added cover guis for pump/filter
-Fix integer loopback in scanner averages
-3x3 pattern does not work in a packager
-Cover gui: Right click to open instead take.2
-Cover GUI: added fluid regulator, finished open on shiftrightclick.
-Start to add new HEE Bees for Ender Dust, Ectoplasma and Arcane Shards
-Fix/Nerf cleanroom
-more HEE bees and some fixes
-Changed drilling plant tooltip to be more clear about drilling area
-Fixed NPE during Worldgen
-buffed drilling area in chunk mode for it to be not smaller than in the block mode
-fixed scanner info & tooltip
-fix spawner egg from combs
-Refactored drilling area center to be in the corner of the chunk, so that miner would be digging whole number of standard 3x3 veins (if placed properly)
-Add Fire Essense bee
-set hidden bees now to hidden Tag. Before it dont't work
-FluidRenderer Fixes
-Made GT_FluidDisplayItem.getIconFromDamage NEVER return null
-Made GT_FluidDisplayStackRenderer reset its OpenGL calls before returning
-Naquadria combs give naquadah ore #6120
-Debug recipe errors
-Autoclave get a new input slot
-Add new Autoclave Texture
-fix recipe map autoclave
-Update zh_CN.lang
-Made Flask icon handling more flexible.
-Unified Large Chem reactor OC related #294
-add Borosilicate Glass recipe for petri dish
-A simple new vein for higher tiers (LuV+) for solving Niobium shortage at these higher tiers #6142
-Only modify aStack when doDrain == true
-Centrifuging Rubber Wood only outputs Methane Gas #5243
-Added gui's for the rest of em covers.
-Unified Large Chem reactor OC
-coverguis: Cleaned up text.
-change the tatalite mix to show up in nei
-MachineBlock runnable toggle
-Fixed NEI time value for Replicators
-Phtalic Acid name wrong #6232
-Nitric Acid name wrong as a fluid #6231
-Phthalic Acid change breaks things #6242

GT PlusPlus
-Added more 'Special Behaviour' items for my multiblocks as Examples.
-Added '/gtpp hand' command.
-Added TungstenSteel & Neutronium tool variants to NEI while in dev.
-Added Large Semifluid Generator and a crafting recipe for it.
-Added Placeholder for Adv. Assembly Line.
-Added Distillus Upgrade Chip and a crafting recipe for it.
-Added some new food items.
-Added a new casing block class for special handled multiblock casings.
-Added locale for Naq Fuel Cells.
-Added Boric Acid.
-Added Hydrochloric Acid fluid & recipes if it doesn't exist.
-Added code to remove GT recipes for rocket_fuel and 1,1dimethylhydrazine.
-Added recipe for processing Red Slurry.
-Added IsaMill.
-Added Milled ores.
-Added Milling Balls.
-Added Custom NEI Handler for IsaMIll.
-Added Death by IsaMIll.
-Added NitroBenzene to the Gas Turbine fuel list. (Up for balance)
-Added recipes for both grinding balls.
-Added more milling chains.
-Added two advanced recipes for obtaining Nitric Acid.
-Added Nitric Oxide and recipes if it doesn't exist.
-Added Nitrogen Dioxide and recipes if it doesn't exist.
-Added Carbon Disulfide.
-Added Hydrogen Sulfide if it doesn't exist.
-Added Sodium Ethoxide.
-Added Potassium Hydroxide.
-Added Sodium Ethyl Xanthate.
-Added Potassium Ethyl Xanthate.
-Added recipe for Sodium Ethoxide
-Added a Pine Tree.
-Oredict BoP Pinecone if it exists.
-Added support for Custom Machines being registered to the PA. (If GT is up-to date)(Try a Simple Washer!)
-Added a way to automatically refill advanced muffler hatches for the LRE.
-Added more milled materials.
-Added proper structure for Flotation Cells.
-Added all milled materials to flotation cell recipes.
-Added Human meat drops for dead players.
-Added Slicing mode for ICM.
-Added some localization for the new milling products.
-Added Dehydration of Flotation Slurries to the Vacuum Furnace.
-Added an Advanced Hazmat Suit.
-Added a T3 circuit for recipe selections.
-Added the Volumetric Flask Configurator.
-Added a recipe for the Egg Box.
-Added a Book for the Chemical Plant.
-Added a Large Steam Macerator.
-Added steam tier I/O buses & input hatch.
-Added recipes for the custom steam hatch, buses and Macerator controller.
-Added a recipe for the catalyst bus.
-Added two new Alloys. (Botmium and Laurenium)
-Added four new Maching Casing blocks.
-Added new Machine casings to the Chemical Plant code.
-Added new Volumetric Flasks. (8k & 32k)
-Added custom Flask Renderer.
-Added ability for the Volumetric Flask Configurator to handle the new Flasks.
-Added basic TC transformer to try debug the StackOverflowError caused by TC/ExU/GT.
-Added advanced production method to obtain Fluorite.
-Added recipe for pine saplings.
-Added low tier basic turbines for Pollution Scrubbers.
-Added capability for Scrubbers to be automated.
-Added recipe for Zyngen.
-Added recipes for 2 new volumetric flasks.
-Added tier info into Chemical Plant NEI handler.
-Added custom NEI handlers for Reactor Fuel Processing Plant recipes.
-Added framework for Elemental Duplicator.
-Added custom Data Orb bus for Elemental Duplicator.
-Added recipes for basic turbines.
-Added Item Overflow Valves.
-Added more types of armour to the Hazmat list.
-Added recipes to convert GT++ Plutonium239 into normal Plutonium.
-Added recipe to convert GT Phthalic Acid into GT++ Phthalic Acid.
-Added recipes for Laurenium and Botmium casings.
-Removed Alloy Smelting recipes form the Alloy Blast Smelter. (Obsoleted by the Multi Alloy Smelter)
-Removed weird dependency on CofhCore.
-Removed VFCs ability to handle flasks with fluid in them.
-Disabled Thaumic Tinkerer Hazmat additions.
-Disabled Item Overflow Covers.
-Adjusted recipes for lower tier charge packs.
-Reworked a few recipes.
-Adjust process for obtaining Thorium-232.
-Changed Fission Fuel Processing Plant to Reactor Fuel Processing Plant.
-Moved Rocket Fuel production to the Chem Plant.
-Buffered Kerosene output from Coal Tar processing.
-Made Formaldehyde Catalyst handled correctly in Chemical Plant.
-Moved debug mode switch to AsmConfig.
-Changed recipe for Nitrogen Tetroxide.
-Adjusted recipe for Th232 again.
-Changed Rocket Fuels slightly once more.
-Renamed Chemical Dehydrator to Dehydrator for clearer logic in NEI.
-More adjustments to Vacuum Furnace NEI handler.
-Adjusted use/creation of Pine Oil in recipes.
-Buffed Outputs of Froth Processing.
-Changed a heap of recipes to use the new circuits.
-Changed the Tooltip for the Egg Box.
-Made the Volumetric Flask Configurator tooltip better.
-Moved some logic internal to the SteamMultiBase class. (Handling of output buffering, bus/hatch handling and recipes)
-Changed Steam Multi recipes to use Tumbaga instead of Potin.
-Changed some tooltips so that it's more obvious that steam things are ONLY for steam.
-Changed colours of the two new alloys.
-Rebalanced some Chemical Plant recipes.
-Adjusted output of Fluorite ore production recipes.
-Finished Work on Chemical Plant user manual.
-Made Green Rocket Fuel more expensive.
-Made Purple Rocket Fuel use less copper, give more output.
-Rebalanced some Chemical Plant recipes.
-Fixed lafium compound being zpm instead of LuV.
-Fixed Large Extruder not counting back center casing.
-Fixed algea pond forming issue on servers.
-Fixed ULV Overflow Covers using 0L Water in assembler. (
-Fixed Integral Encasement I using 0L Steel in assembler. (
-Fixed Thaumcraft based FakePlayer's triggering Fluorite drops. (
-Fixed bad handling of hatch textures on a few multiblocks.
-Semi-Fixed Distillus.
-Fixed Semifluid Generator recipes.
-Fixed Semifluid Generators crashing the game when mined.
-Fixed bad handling of calls to
-Fixed Distillus handling for Distillery recipe handling.
-Fixed a minor bug in the update checker.
-Fixed Hydrochloric Acid generating at the wrong time.
-Disabled Hand-pump pumping from non-GT tile entities.
-Fixed handling of custom OrePrefixes.
-Fixed OreDict registration of MetaFoodItems.
-Improved handling of Core Classes being static initialised too early.
-Fixed client-side bug in Distillus which would cause an infinite loop.
-Fixed bug in ForgeEnumHelper.
-Fixed bug in setField methods from ReflectionUtils.
-Fixed Algae Farm controller recipe.
-Fixed OOB when changing Energy Tier. (Creative Buffer)
-Fixed GUI of adv. muffler not working correctly.
-More work overhauling GT/IC2 Hazmat system.
-Stop the Cape Renderer from cancelling the event unless they're invisible. Should fix Held Items being invisible. (Hopefully)
-Adjusted how Fusion MK4 injects power, it now pulls the voltage of the hatch.
-Fixed Fake Player Handling.
-Fixed Vacuum Furnace controller recipe.
-Made certain TileEntities blacklisted against the World accelerator in both GT++ & GTNH.
-Fixed handling of Fluid Name handling on Custom Fluid Hatches.
-Fixed spelling of Maintenance in most multiblock tooltips.
-Fixed Robinators not returning the correct block when mined.
-Fixed Electric tool recipes not consuming the original tool.
-Redid handling of all shaped crafting recipes.
-Fixed recipe handling for the last few multiblocks.
-Fixed handling of Giant Eggs.
-Fixed obscure crash caused by Dingos.
-Fixed handling of Spawn Eggs and entities registered to the global list.
-Potentially fixed NEI not working correctly for GT++ recipe maps.
-Fixed milled byproducts not using the correct texture.
-Fixed handling of IC2 EnumHelper code.
-Fixed Industrial Cutting Machine defaulting to slicing mode.
-Fixed shaped recipe creation.
-Minor adjustments to the Volumetric Flask GUI.
-Fixed crash due to multiple key listeners running. (codechicken.nei.guihook.GuiContainerManager.lastKeyTyped(
-Fixed TC dependency within the Fake Player checker.
-Fixed StackOverflowError caused by TC/ExU/GT.
-Added another safety catch to the VFC GUI.
-Fixed the last few minor NEI issues.
-Fixed TC dependency within the Fake Player checker.
-Fixed TC CraftingManager Transformer. (Fixes an infinite loop in TC)
-Fixed minor oversight in RC ASM.
-Fixed bug where PSS would generate power due to an integer overflow.
-Fixed unlocal name of GT++ Super Chests, to prevent GT's Language Manager re-using the Localised String.
-Fixed handling of large recipes in GT_NEI_multiCentriElectroFreezer.
-Fixed Automation of Pollution Scrubbers.

GT Scanner Mod
-add new fluid colors for underground fluids
-changed colors a bit

Hardcore Ender Expansion
-update zh_CN.lang

-Detect Thermos/Bukkit and don't load incompatible plugins.

-Create zh_CN.lang

IC2 Crop Plugin
-Improved: Nei Crop Simulation got improved. (Before: 50 seconds using 4 cores, After: 1 Second using 1 core)
-Added: Crop Simulation level config so you can make the waiting game not impossible.
-(With 155 crops it can take hours to simulate all possibilities because its a 155x155x155x155 cases)

-redid logic to work propperly with any type of material as input
-refractored code (a bit)
-fixed GUI
-restricted the wand to OW, Nether and TF (configurable)
-removed damage bar from Item
-added build wrapper

Iguana Tinker Tweaks
-Update zh_CN.lang

InGame Info XML
-Update zh_CN.lang

-bump gradle & forge
-optimize imports
-run idea inspections
-revert Normalize block and item names
-remove missing things
-fix textures and lang
-change silver to steel
-back to old textures, but improving them
-fix silvertank/topbottom texture color
-improve /v2
-improve the obsidian tank texture to look more like the minecraft obisidian texture
-add hardness to tanks
-chaned blast resitance on tanks
-Update zh_CN.lang

-Update zh_CN.lang

-New Content
-added Ichor and Thaumium Reinforced Jars
-added Lapotronic Supercapacitor
-Updated Content
-added TFFT I/O hatch auto-output function
-TFFT Structure check fixed
-TFFT auto-void not working through TFFT I/O hatch
-TFFT I/O hatch not remembering it's state
-Kekztech GT blocks now use the correct mining tool

-Update zh_CN.lang

Micdoodle Core
-Make Micdoodle core buildable by itself
-Gradle wrapper 4.4.1
-Bump source compat, forge version, and add
-Remove version checks based on specific filenames
-Add IEntityBreathable

Mine and Blade Battlegear
-Update zh_CN.lang

-using java 1.6 to build it will help to avoid crahses. Need a fix later
-More new config options
-Quick cleanup of
-Add missing Ore Dictionary tags to berries
-Register more wooden items to the Ore Dictionary
-Update zh_CN.lang

Nodal Mechanics
-Update zh_CN.lang
-Change attuned Matrix Recipe to fit thematically
Changed aspects and recipe items(sloth shards and balanced shards).
-Old Infusion recipe did not make sense.
-Lust? Mining? Added Pride, Sloth, Aura, and Magic aspects instead.
-Possibly a slight nerf but requires the same tech level
-Fixed error spiked difficulty
-Fixed issue where amber was used in place of balanced shards,
-Replace energy crystal with lapotron crystal
-swapped one Sloth Shard for the more difficult Pride shard

Not Enough Items
-Update zh_CN.lang
-Parallelize recipe handlers
-Use a dedicated ForkJoinPool
-Add TaskProfiler back
-Reuse the ForkJoinPool in ItemList
-Mark itemlist dirty after adjusting ItemInfo (hidden, overrides, etc).
-Should fix craft tweaker item hiding.

Open Blocks
-Update zh_CN.lang

Open Computers
-null check & a bit cleanup
-a weak table does not need its keys removed
-also, this apparently increases the chance for obscure edge case bugs in lua gc
-closes #3225
-closes #2999
-close handles on procs in reverse order
-also explicitly close stdout in cat. proc closes it, but this is cleaner
-barcode-reader: Oops, turns out if you try and scan literally anything else, it'll break the scan.
-fix shift+back in /bin/edit - it should backspace normally
-[OpenOS] Tiny ls manual fixes
-Removed unnecessary characters in the OpenOS manpage for ls
-pass errors back to shell.execute. it seems reasonable for only interactive shell to assert (and thus print stack) on failed commands)
-fix hologram.copy - we weren't sending the full dirty region on updates in some cases
-closes #3254
-Add Cortana (from Halo;
-fix \27[6n response, it should write [ before the coords
-improve motion sensor check both feet and eyes
-fix a couple of devfs adapter issues
-gpu: remove screen link when there is no screen
-modem: remove max packet size, as this method no longer exists
-tiny cleanup in shell for crashed scripts
-remove unknown error message
-put 5.3 above 5.2 so it is the first selected architecture
-fix cpu to use default lua arch (5.3)
-fixing and old unicode bug
-the openos io buffer in utf8 mode can splice inside a utf8 sequence
-this code prevents that by reading the next chunk to complete the sequence
-in the case the stream actually has bad utf8 sequence, the io buffer decides to return
-more data than it was asked, rather than corrupt the stream
-closes #1207
-GPU speed up: Writing to the gpu buffer outside the viewport is free. no budget cost, no power cost, (also, writes are already direct calls)
-We've discussed a large variety of options for the gpu
-I've reviewed our options and suggestions. Ultimately - users want faster graphics.
-Most of the ideas are relating to what api is meaningful to the user.
-The core issue we have in making graphics faster is an increase load on the server.
-closes #779
-fix openos crash when setViewport is called without args
-remove packet sync for invisible gpu change - make free more free
-gpu video ram with allocate, free, bitblts
-writing text and color data to a gpu page is free and server side only
-bitblt to screen cause an update and has more budget and power cost
-vram: added a couple more defaults for buffer api and fixed client sync code for dirty buffer updates
-gpu budget cleanup - made the vram bitblt budget and energy cost far more reasonable and logical
-note: dirty page bitblts to a screen are increasinly expensive for larger buffers
-bitblts to vram are "free" (no budget, no energy)
-note that any direct component call has a minimum .001 budget cost
-api rename for get/set buffer, it is now {get/set}ActiveBuffer
-this breaks previous build, but this is dev stuff, so it's okay :)
-no release is broken here
-Added VEGA AI name (Doom 2016)
-small adjustment to bitblt perf
-also, temporary changes to minimum callback data for perf testing
-openos improvements
-if /home is readonly, a helpful message is displayed tell the user to run install
-remove -i from `cp` alias because a bunch of people complain about it
-install` now does not clobber /etc/rc.cfg nor /home/.shrc
-significant change, and carefully tested - read/writes to vram is now free, no budget cost
-This change required removing our minimum budget cost (the cost for a component invoke) which was .001 (budget limits are ~1)
-This affects a number of cheap component api calls, so that they no longer have a .001 minimum call budget. From tesing it appears that tight loops caling these api don't experience a different behavior, they still fail with "too long without yielding" just the same. Additionally, these api are safe to call without forcing a budget cost. This should have a small quality of life improvement in many places, being able to call some api ever so slightly faster.
-also, added better config options for vram settings
-gpu vram api return change - freeAllBuffers returns the number of buffers freed
-increase timeouts on bitblt after further server load and network load testing
-added budget costs for bitblt that allow a dynamic indirect callback behavior, while being direct by default
-this also increases the budget cost for bitblt for dirty pages. this new calibration is more server friendly
-update settings.scala to match defaults in application.conf
-insure minimal bitblt cost when writing to screen
-add tooltip to trading upgrade.
-diable rack "relay mode" by default when crafting a new rack
-add better descriptive text to debug card connectToBlock
-some tooltips and a fix for possible install code path (nil ref)
-fix support for multiple gpu vram access to a screen
-optimize color write and increase bitblt limits
-the color write improvements appears to give clients a 90% speed up on loading color nbt
-fixed mixed tier gpu and screen bitblt
-use rawequal for internal table checks in machien.lua
-allow process exception handler to print error to stderr - as in some cases the user wants to know about these crashes; such as out-of-memory
-closes #3308
-pass wget user-agent, in a special opencomputers way
-closes #3305
-Update zh_CN.lang
-fixed the floppy gui to update its buttons
-and cleaned up the packet handler to make sure reads are done regardless of outcome
-Rewrite the ru_RU translation of a manpage
-Added Seismic Prospector data reading support
-GT Assembly line recipe reading

Overloaded Armorbar
-promoting to non beta version

Pam's Harvestcraft
-Initial 1.7.10 commit: decompiled pam's hc code
-Reformatted missed parts
-Update gradlewrapper to 4.4.1
-Update thaumcraft API
-Prevents crash when loading up the game.
-Make enabletofuasmeatinRecipes control the listAllfishraw tag on Firm Tofu
-Replace unintended tab with spaces
-Add the listAllseed tag to seeds that were missing it
-fixed some bugs maybe we can buil this later agains 1.8 again

Remote IO
-Gradle updated to 4.4.1
-AE2 dependency updated to rv3
-Update zh_CN.lang

-Fixes negative buff levels some people use as markers?
-update gradle and version

-update forge 1614
-update gradle
-add libs
-try fix mystcraft integration (we dont use it anyways)
-Create zh_CN.lang

Special Mobs
-Update zh_CN.lang
-fix crash with tainted magic foci

Spice Of Life
-Update zh_CN.lang

Standard Expansion
-API Update: Add canvas always striving to occupy less space
-Rework PanelRewardChoice
-Rework PanelRewardCommand
-Rework PanelRewardItem
-Rework PanelRewardXP
-Rework PanelRewardScoreboard
-Prettify GUI
-Rework all tasks gui
-Retrieval tasks now no consume as standard
-All tasks now ignore nbt as standard
-Almost done backporting new netcode. Remaining work:
-Retrieval Task
-XP Task
-Scoreboard Task
-All Rewards
-Redoing task event handlers
-Finished remaining files needing backporting
-Api update
-Changed LivingUpdateEvent to use the new fixed bypass in base mod
-Fixed meeting task not handling partial sync
-Fixed crafting task not handling partial sync
-Fixed loot chest defaults using newer ID names
-Fixed missing localisations for backported features
-Fixed score database not using thread syncronisation
-Changed score database to use TreeMap over HashMap
-Fixed issue with retrieval tasks ignoring submission attempts
-Fixed dedicated server crash in location task
-Fixed dedicated server crash in interact task
-Fixed item and fluid tasks still using old IQuest parameter
-Fixed existing location tasks loading with biome ID check of 0
-Create zh_CN.lang

Steves Addons
-Create zh_CN.lang

Steves Carts
-Create zh_CN.lang

Steves Factory Manager
-Close GTNewHorizons/NewHorizons#5861
- Crashes when loading an existing world #5908
-Create zh_CN.lang

Storage Drawers
-Update zh_CN.lang

-Block nerf (#24)
-put Irontank mod to the withelist of BlockNerf
-Add recipe for IV-ZPM high amp energy hatches #25 (#26)
-Attempt to upgrade gradle to 4.8.1
-Null check this stuff
-Fix pipes, implement ExtendedFacing, bump version
-Refactor to provider and add another helper method for compatiblility
-Revoctor Structure util to new package, fix typo
-compat for new advanced smd parts (#27)
-If you just edit DreamCraft recipe loader you can push yourself @Dream-Master
-new structure api
-Finish example implementation on transformer
-Add hint blocks and fallbacks
-Drop element provider by reworking T into calls properly
-Refactor old api for fully static context
-Fix pollutor localization
-Add helper method for on check pass
-add on element fail
-Optimize navigation
-move adders to new package
-Refactor instance of for isNavigating method
-Remove more old api, add compat, fix typos,add hint only
-Implement new api for collider
-Add optional hatch adders
-Cleanup struct util
-Fix navigation, move handles to util
-Update struct writer
-Tweak the api some more, fix bugs
-Add IIcon hint particle
-Fix loss, to be max instead of min...
-Refactor thaum spark
-Added config Option for Block Nerf (#28)
-Fix laser logic
-Cleanup, add debug print, fix hatch adder optional
-Buck Converter from TecTech #6179
-Add recipes for some hatches
-Uncertainty Resolver has no recipe #6217
-REsolve some bugs
-Add offline temp reading
-Add missing machine type
-Fix sound loops

Thaumcraft NEI Additions
-Create zh_CN.lang

Thaumic Based
-removed fortune for seeds
-Update zh_CN.lang

-Crafting card support for Essentia Export Bus
-Cache search string in the terminal GUI

Thaumic Exploration
-Everfull urn - Gregtech compatibility
-Reworking fluid container filling on right click.
-Fix GTNewHorizons/GT-New-Horizons-Modpack#1442,
-Update zh_CN.lang

Thaumic Horizons
-Fixed Renderer
-fixed gradle version replacement
-added idea plugin
-Create zh_CN.lang
-Fix client crash due to ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

-Update zh_CN.lang

-add always show config option
-promoting to non beta version

-Attempt to fix NewHorizons #5810
-Band-aid fix for makeGlyphBranches getting called when height and size are not set
-This should be properly fixed at some point, but I have not been able to find the root cause to do that.
-Fix a null check in TFEventListener.
-build changes
-Added Source and Dev Jar
-Increased Java Build version Java6 -> Java8
-Enabled UTF-8 encoding
-Added idea plugin
-Tree related business
-renamed dev version to deobfs
-Added Drops to magical trees
-Fixed Ore Magnet breaking TileEntity Based Ores
-Added some Javadoc
-removed a magic number for a speaking static final variable
-Update zh_CN.lang

WAILA Plugins
-Update zh_CN.lang
-Add progress info for basic machines.
-Code from 4Gname.
-Update en_US.lang

Warp Theory
-Prevents vanilla warp events after warp cleansing
-Update zh_CN.lang
-Warp effect blink - Avoid suffocate player in a wall

Witching Gadgets
-Update zh_CN.lang
-Fixing stove

Universal Singularities
-Create zh_CN.lang

Config changes:

Advanced Solar Panels
-Suggestion: a MT recipe for graphene #5903

Applied Energistics
-Applied Energistics (and related mods) bugs/comments #6080

Better Loading Screen
-new better loading screen cfg

Blood Magic
-Add AE2MatrixFrame to teleposer blacklist
-AE2MatrixFrame is a non-destructible transparent block of storage cell Dim.
-#6186 Added avaritia chests to teleposer blacklist

-add bugtorch cfg

Core Mod
-tooltip emerald tank
-update config pack version
-add text for new bee combs

Draconic Evolution
-add dim 100 (Deep Dark) to remove DE ores

Ender IO
-update ender io recipe and cfg
-fix derp change rf cost of items

Extra Utilities
-fix(extrautils): missing bottom texture for trading post
-Due to bug in closed-source ExtraUtilities, it is not possible to fix the broken
-resource referrence of the Trading Post's bottom texture:

-more up todate file for forestry backpakcs

Galaxy Space
-Fix misspelled crystal

-liquid dna from gendustry only obtainable from sapplings #5911

-remove deep dark ores because we have now Void miners
-Unknown water as an underground fluid #5963
-fix gen on some planets/dims
-add unkown water will move it tomorrow to the right planet
-updat gt configs
-fix dimesnion name
-added new underground fluids and values
-fixed io dim naming
-change the amounts bart suggested
-lower natural gas spawn as gee8e suggest
-commented phosphoricacid out since it not working yet
-remove phosporic acid
-now io uw fluids works
-A simple new vein for higher tiers (LuV+) for solving Niobium shortage at these higher tiers #6142
-fix vein name
-remove recipe big egg from gt++

IC2 Nei Plugin
-add missing cfg for ic2 nei addon. It need to be 2 because 4 will need houres for calculation each start up.

Ingame Info XML
-improve(temperature): add celcius and kelvin

-add itlt cfg and icon

-fix(planks): use vanilla asset

Server Dat
-update server dat
-Change to My Server's IPs in the official server list #5855
-New Stone huts Server #6169

-remove all starter books and give them as quest reward

Script changes:

Advanced Solar Panels
-Hybrid solar helmet recipe broken #6063

Better Questing
-remove rf mod so long it isnt compatible for new BQ3 api
-new Betterloading Screen cfg

-Binnies Mod
-fix(extra-bees): dyes
-fix Add missing extractor dyes recipes
-imp Change dyes recipes to output Gregtech dyes

Biome O plenty
-fix(biomesoplenty): dyes recipes
-fix: add missing florer to dye extractor recipes
-imp: replace BOP specific dyes (black, white, blue, green, brown) by
-Gregtech dyes and hides BOP unobtainable dyes from NEI

Cat walk
-pulverisator receipt for catwalk receipt #5942

Core Mod
-Missing recipe on MP : Casting Form (Coinage Mold) #5723

Electro Magic Tools
-Glue Balls #5921

Ender IO
-add new ender io recipes to script
-fix overseen recipe errors in Ender io
-add missing capacitor recipes
-fix existing Filter recipe was wrong
-Dimensional transceiver recipe #5931
-The Big Item Filter from EIO has two recipes, one of which probably shouldn't be there #6036
-Recipe Question/Change? #6223

Forbidden Magic
-fix(forbidden-magic): dyes
-fix Add missing extractor dyes recipes
-imp Change dyes recipes to output Gregtech dyes

-remove bacterial sludge recipe (will be add to BW later)
-More Polybenzimidazole (PBI) Uses in Higher Tier Recipes #5928

Galaxy Space
-Placing a GalaxySpace Hybrid Solar Panel corrupts the world #4858
-Hybrid Solar Panel Crach #5936
-More Polybenzimidazole (PBI) Uses in Higher Tier Recipes #5928

-feat(gregtech): dyes conversion recipes
-Adds shapeless workbench recipes to convert oreDyes to Gregtech dyes

-Fixed a bug with the bucket dup

Iron Tank
-new emerald tank recipe
-update recipe. No one need this tanks after lv so reduce recipe costs
-Iron Tanks is uncraftable #6010
-iron tanks works before i add only a control circuit

-added more microblocks done with the help of Tedtricks

-oredict the assembler crafting table recipe
-Oredict the crafting table recipe to support modded logs in the assembler

-fix(natura): dye recipes and unification
-fix Add missing extractor recipe from blue dye
-imp Change natura blue dye for gregtech blue dye and hide natura one
-Don't register Natura fruit to the ore dictionary, Natura now does that itself
- Natura registers its fruits with the same tags that the Natura.zs script does.

-remove RC blastfurnace recipes they not belongs there
-recipe have now a EBF recipe

Tainted Magic
-More Polybenzimidazole (PBI) Uses in Higher Tier Recipes #5928

-Arcane Stone Bricks recipe #5887

Thaumic Energetic
-Fixed recipe for Arcane Assembler: now it select wands only by correct nbt tag

Thaumic Tinker
-Update ThaumicTinkerer-01.zs Fix #6191

-craftweaker legacy support
-update Artificial Leather recipes fix script bugs

Quests changes:

-update zh_CN.lang to
-Add Pumpkin Pie Quest
-change 4x EBF Steel requirements
-add Kill quests for neutral mobs
-add kill quest for aqua creeper
-remove nbt data on mobs quests
-adjust BBF Quest need more clay
-make LV Piston a or quest to make Pump crafting first
-LV chemistry quests not marked as main quests #5818
-Description of Quest "Get ready for Tier 3"
-Fixed description to match numer of items
-Invalid requirement on sensor/emitter quest in IV #5859
-Quantum Star quest in IV wants wrong amount of radon #5858
-Osmiridium ore from quest useless #5857
-#4032 #4851 #5457(two items) Adjust whole PBI questline so there's no leftover PBI fluid.
-Fix namesx2, fix spacingx1, add more text to PBI start quest to explain better
-#5854 Adjust tier 6 quest req becuase of reasons stated in issue, change size of icon
-#5528 Made chemical bath main, XOR for the two radon quests, box is secondary to decay quest
-#5408 Added simple stirling water pump quest
-#4742 Added quest for getting electrotine before workstation quest.
-Mentioned cetrifuging for electrum. Added quest reward for pump quest I forgot
-#5457 Added text on how to obtain magnetic iron rods, removed mention of durability bar
-#5457 Changed text for lv brewery quest
-#5457 Swapped energium and lapis amounts
-#5457 Delete desh 1461 quest
-#5457 Adjusted epoxid quests so there's no leftovers
-#5457 Adjusted 2309 Another Acid to worry about amount
-#5457 Quest 290 Ninja style split book into two actually usable ones
-#5457 Deleted 1652 (Power of a jet engine) as it's a dupelicate
-#5457 Change text of 1012 (Rutile Dust) to indicate you can centrifuge it either way.
-Also remove unnecessary machine reqs. Changed name of tetrafluoroethylene quest to polytetrafluoroethylene,
-since that's what you're actually after
-#5457 Quest 1492 (Assembling Line) changed number to 26
-#5457 Quest 1493 (Tier 7) change text to the new ingot.
-Quest 1715 (On your way to Tier 4 DIMs) removed first task
-Replaced chrome with the new ingot at 1/2 rate, since it's harder to get
-#5457 Quest 1154 (Magnalium Crossbow Bolts) Adjusted text
-#5457 Adjusted all heavy duty plate quests to have the right amounts, and be before schematic quest. -
-Made recycling rocket quest optional so you don't recyle it before you can make the T2.
-Adjusted layout to be more aligned. Removed text about centrifuging lava for tungstate in the T2 plate quest, since you can't anymore
-update questbook to
-#2994 #3522 #5130 Create quest that tells you what to scan to get all the aspects for thaumcraft
-Adjust PTFE quests so there's no extra fluid.
-Change to require plates instead of bars at the end, since that's what you use
-Turn ignorenbt on for quest 1440 oxygen bubble distributor
-Remove lapotron prereq for the ev laser engraver, add lapo prereq to quantum crystal
-Change required mars materials in quest 186 from dungeon brick to planet blocks to match similar quests
-Added EV quests for making higher tier (tungsten/platinum) cables, and the polyphenylene sulfide you make them with.
-Also fixed hazmat typo in 1656, and added text to ABS quest about smelting tungsten faster.
-Quest 1727 NBT issue #5881
-Outdated Fluid Overview - Quest 1743 #5875
-Update en_US.lang
-update BQ file for newest version (3)
-Quest bugs on #5933
-Quest 1197 - NBT issue #5944
-Quest 1200 NBT issue #5925
-Quest #1511 and #504 in Bee Chapter cannot complete #5909
-No recipe for small steel turbine #5905
-Remove quest 1689 (LuV Laser Engraver) or make it optional #5882
-Quest NBT Issue #5971
-Changed BM quests from 3 tabs to 1, to make it less confusing, and more organized.
-Reorganized quests based on actual requirements.
-Added quests for blood letters pack, demon blood shard, glass knife, orb of armok,
-imperfect ritual stone, ritual compressor, ritual dismantler, transparent orb,
-tiered sigil quests, teleposer, and weak activation crystal. Also fixed stuff from #6001.
-Resaved with dev2 version (dev4 is even more different) so the formatting is fixed
-duct tape fix for the location task set range from -1 to 0 need to be tested
-duct tape fix for the location task set biome from 0 to -1 need to be tested
-Adjust mistake in Ascended quest requirement
-Added note to labeller quest about bug
-Added note you can't place slime liquid back down
-Added note you can automate lead lined box
-Fixed #5808 (it'll probably break again though)
-Adjusted deep dark quest text as mentioned in #5797
-Adjusted #5525 to have the proper metadata on the books
-Added text to explain multifarm circuits better
-Added quests for EC2 item cells, EC2 crafting storage, fluid cells, essentia cells, and spatial cells and related quests
-Finished AE2 quests. This includes AE2, EC2, AE2 Stuff, TE, and WCT.
-Fixed #6076. Also fixed the number asked for in the text for this+similar quests
-Removed planet block requirements from Tier 5 and Tier 7 quests. Fixes #4790
-Hardcore Ender Expansion & Quests #6086
-Also edited Q2538, since the item has changed to be not worthless. Also fixed icon and item detection (AE stored)
-#5620 Added text. Previous commit also changed #6091, altering commit messages is hard.
-#5368 Moved+Changed text from saltwater and chlorobenzens quest to new quest in tips and tricks tab
-#5368 Moved RS Latch quest. Also adjusted quest locations a little on multiblocks tab
-#5368 Added more text to same quest
-#5979 Changed text, made non-main
-Also edited Q2538, since the item has changed to be not worthless. Also fixed icon and item detection (AE stored)
-Add BactericalVat Quest
-Fix BacterialVat Quest and Add Glass-Tier Quest
-Fix BacterialVat Quest sentences
-Move The Clean Lab Quest to IV Tab
-Add Glass-Tiers Quests
-add new Bio lab and petri dish quest.
-Translation update to
-Endgame Goals Tab #6172 thanks to @GTNH-Colen
-Translation update to
-#6123 Turn IgnoreNBT on
-#6181 Readded the requirement
-#6188 Explained you need the EBF to make the Aluminium
-#6115 Cleaned up text
-#6161 Added LuV quests. Also added book rewards (Quest, OB, Tinkers) to early quests
-rearrange Quests and color the headlines
-#6161 Completed between 1/2 to 3/4 of the quests
-#6161 Finished ZPM-UHV quests. Needs testing however
-#6161 Updated to be more complete
-#6161 Fixes, adjustments, etc.
-#6161 Added rocket fuel quests! Also attempted to explain Tectech better and other things
-#6161 Fixes to imprints, changes to main/nonmain quests for rockets+fuels, added note about imprints and LV/HV bug,
-added note about chemical plant book and added to book quest
-add pumps and conveyors to the coke oven quest back
-Update QC text, and add another Q for about chaining/extending
-Change elite circuit board amount
-Added note about variable amps needed in RS
-Fixed Quantum series quest amounts
-Mentioned rockets keep fuel
-Mention that rocket fuels can be used for power
-Mentioned that bee traits are Dominant and Recessive in addition to Active/Inactive. Imagine that!
-#6158 Fixed amounts, also fixed amounts in T2 quest
-#6255 Adjusted
-#6205 #6250 Changed battery quests to be ult/really ult
-#6250 Hid the Teleporter quest, because you can't craft it
-#6250 The rest of the stuff mentioned-xenoxene+radox
-#6251 Altered LQ and LTX a bit
-Improve Rocket Fuel and Rocket Quest
-Improve rocket fuel quest line design
-Scale up some rocket fuel quests
-T6-T8 Rocket quests to be arranged similarly to other rocket quests.
-Add some quest reward
-Fix T5 Heaby Duty Plate Quest
-It's still a work in progress.
-Update Enceland-Plut Planet Dungen Quest
-Change Rocket Tier 6-8 Requirements Quests
-rename to Heavy Duty Plate Quest
-Change the text to the same one as the other Heavy duty plate quests
DreamMasterXXL posted a changelog update for GT New Horizons 3 years ago


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GT New Horizons was updated to version 2.5.1