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Type in the modpack name (GT New Horizons) or paste the following url into the search box.

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Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select GT New Horizons from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

GT New Horizons Version 2.6.0

created by DreamMasterXXL on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder

GT New Horizons updated to version

Version 15.02.2020

New Mods

Thaumcraft NEI Additions

Mod Upgrade:

-Appliedenergistics 2 rv3 beta 22
-Avaritia 1.17
-Better Questing 3.0.322
-Binnies Mod 2.0.26
-Bartworks 0.5.10
-Core Mod 1.6.31
-Ender Zoo
-GTNH TC Wands 1.2.0
-Mine and Blade Battlegear 2 Bullseye
-Not Enough Items 2.0.0-beta-6-GTNH
-Special Mobs-1.7.10-3.3.4
-Standard Expansion 3.0.174
-Storage Drawers 1.11.1-gtnh
-Thaumic Horizons
-Thaumic Tinkerer 2.5-557-GTNH
-Twilightforest 2.3.8dev
-Universal Singularities 8.6
-Witching Gadgets 1.2.10-GTNH

Mod Changes:

-Duct tape fix for HEE replacing the Dragon Egg
-Revert "Moved the cache up a level, so that pattern terminal also would use it."

-Added Impure Tear to Avaritia.

-Minor fixes
-reworked LuVTierEnhancer
-use of isAir() instead of block.equals(air) in base layer check method
-circuitassemblyline balance
-refractor of code
-Fixed air offset for multis

Binnies Mod
-fix(tile): remove useless meta nbt
-fix(fruitdrop): remove 5x multiplier
-fix(lang): osange orange and sync lang keys
-fix(doors): up max stack size from 1 to 8
-Align Max stack size to 8 same as MC Door Item.

-Don't allow chiseling of TileEntity

-Fluxed electrum no mixer recipe, only shapeless #5366
-add damuscus steel to 9 slot mixer
-feat(oredict): add fenceWoodRegistration
-Added EndSteel recipe
-redstone alloy weak exploit #5560

-Added Grinding Balls and End Steel
-Added EndSteel Armor
-Added Capacitor
-Added Empowered 5
-Added more 1.12 content
- Added Generators
- Added Fluids
- made grindingBalls seperate Items
- Added solar Panel 3
-Fixed missing localization

Ender Zoo
-Update forge version
-Remove WAILA build requirement
-Add WAILA dependency lib
-Remove CONIFEROUS from biome filter
-Update direwolf howl behavior
-Add custom drops for Dire Wolf
-Fixed sceptre has wand rod name instead of staff rod name
-Fixed sceptre has wand rod name instead of staff rod name
-added Thaumcraft NEI Additions to development workspace
-added auto uncommenting 'required-after:dreamcraft' while building jar
-Fixed custom crafting rods are not applied for sceptres.

-Fluxed electrum no mixer recipe, only shapeless #5366
-Fix textures of Pyrolyse Oven
-962 is texture of 8 page and 66 ID.
-New GT Mixer texture need to be corrected #5467
-Set correct mass fabricator recipe map amperage
-(Massfab recipes are fake, so no one except NEI actually uses it's amperage)
-Suggestion for Distilled Water uses #5520
-Added EndSteel
-Added ability to lock output hatch with a cell or any IFluidContainerItem if it was locked but fluid was not set yet.
-(Basically use screwdriver to set mode 8 or 9, and set the fluid with a cell)
-Iron Electron Tube recipe #5554
-Ender Electron Tube missing CA recipe #4502
-Crash shortly after loading world (probably caused by pyrolyse oven texture change) #5577
-removed unused imports changed subversion to 33

-Improved readability, fixed some warnings
-Improved readability v2
-Initial refactor commit
-Added gregtech sources...
-Moved to working gregtech...
-Fixed error with empty String
-moved Items so they are not null
-Reviewed, fixed and removed some FIXME tags

Mine and Blade Battlegear 2 Bullseye
-Upgrade Gradle
-RM jars
-Don't choke on null items -- unclear why it is null...

Not Enough Items
-Add back in ItemPanel.items as static
-Fixes crash in ThermalDyanmics [probably]
-Avoid divide by zero error
-Fix clicking on items in the bookmark panel. Thanks @monatann for contributin
-Slightly better fix.
-Fix the underlying problem -- Bad X!

Special Mobs
-First working commit of Lava Monsters incorporated into Special Mobs
-Adjust spawning algorithm. Adjust for better defaults.
-Remove trolling BS.
-Fix spawn egg issues.
-Add START_FIRES option
-Added some nicer loot options on superRare drops.
-Fix model/texture issues
-Basic drop now prefers coal, then firecharges, then lava buckets.
-Added new "healing when in lava" abilitiy.
-Adjusted attack to be a little faster.
-Added back in decreasing age in bright areas - otherwise they despawn too soon.
-Basic Loot option added.
-Upped damage from snowballs to 1/3 of the entity health.
-Fixed healing so they properly heal 1/4 of their damage when in lava.
-Default health increased to 24.
-Ember modified to do 2 hearts of direct damage using normal mechanism so that graves spawn.
-New fun damage source with death chat provided.
-Redo how Pain works.
-Add custom damage for blazes on named blaze Conflagration from snowballs and Frost Wand Focus.
-Move class detection function into Properties file. Add support for Twilight Forest ice sword and ice bow.
-Add strong/weak attack tweaks to vampire pigman, conflagration, unholy ghast
-Stick now effective against vampire pigman
-Implemented first pass of snarky/super effective messages
-Add localized chat messages per mob.
-Update required Java version for proper static interface support.
-Handle mod classes not present.
-Use client side checks for server play.
-Check against null in case player is not holding anything and attacks like a moron
-Add snark for empty handed attacks
-Reduce the number of chances for a jolt teleport
-Change name is something a little less stupid
-Skip obvious damage sources not from the player.
-Block chats being sent to FakePlayers
-Block chats sent from dispensers etc in mobfarms.
-Jolts only teleport now when hit by a projectile.
-When hit, they take 1/5th the damage from projectiles.
-This has no minimum, so if you have a weak arrow, it takes 0 damage just like before.
-Melee does not teleport the Jolt, but it does still cause a lightning strike.
-Remove unneeded classes

Storage Drawers
-new(integration): storagedrawers gtnh recipes
-Integrates StorageDrawers with gtnh recipes.
-Config change
-Deprecate script
-Remove Gregtech assembler recipes map spam
-Move wood variants of drawers to chisel
-Save on load and server join time
-fix(crash): gtnh integration returning null modid
-now returns "gtnh" string that is comparable to another string.
-fix(integration): gtnh recipes not loading
-Fixed the MOD_ID String conditioning the gtnh module initialization to "dreamcraft" that is the GTNH-Core MOD_ID.

Thaumic Horizons
-A very very cheap way to remove all permanent warp 2 #5404
-remove gregtech dependencies
-fix recipe
-reduce aspects on recipes

Thaumic Tinkerer
-Quest Suggestion: Bedrock Dimension #5476
-Ores that exists in GT not working
-Cleaned gradle up and made it buildable
-Fixed TTResearchItem.setPages calling twice

-Fix textures that make the max mipmap level drop
-Compress armor textures (lossless)
-Compress item textures (lossless)
-Compress block textures (lossless)
-Compress model textures (lossless)
-Update forge version to
-Organize imports (removes a large number of unused imports)
-Only save the biome ID config if it has changed
-Change several "else if" statements to "switch case" statements
-Don't use Byte.valueOf() on something cast as a byte
-Don't use Integer.valueOf on an int or something cast as an int
-Format code so I don't go insane trying to read it
-Improve onCrafting event listener in TFEventListener
-Fast render mode for magic leaves
-Misc formatting and more if else to switch case
-Fix for Timewood Clock chunk corruption bug
-I was unable to do extensive testing, but 15 minutes with six of them going followed
-by switching my render distance, flying around, and save reloading did not cause issues.
-More formatting cleanup and if else to switch case
-Split classes out of (like later versions of the mod) to make debugging easier
-Fix errors from last commit and format said code again (No idea why Eclipse stopped showing errors)
-Fix final dungeon calling random.nextInt with a zero
-Small improvement to last fix
-Update english lang file (some things are still missing from it)
-Ice bomb damage source
-Update en_US.lang
-Fix water check in TFGenRavine
-Add missing breaks to a swicth case in TFGenSmallLog
-More code cleanup and small optimizations
-Use String.valueOf rather than adding to an empty string + other cleanup
-Improve TF event listener performance significantly
-Optimize TFGenerator surroundedByAir, hasAirAround, and nearSolid checks
-Make some Firefly and Cicada checks much faster
-Use equals over == when possible
-Turn off seeker arrow debug logging
-Add missing localization
-Comment uneeded code out of BlockTFPlant updateTick
-Remove updateTick and tickRate from BlockTFFirefly
-Make blank magic and maze maps only work in the Twilight Forest
-Replace tabs with four spaces
-Comment out unneeded code from BlockTFPortal
-Add more missing localization
-Further optimize TFGenerator surroundedByAir, hasAirAround, and nearSolid checks
-Clean up some log code
-Limit placements from TF misc biome decorator to between 20 and 75 height
-Remove minimum placement limit from TF misc biome decorator, it is not needed

Universal Singularities
-[Suggest]Fine tune the number of singularities for automation #5567
-update gradle

Witching Gadget
-it is now possible for spinwheel automation.
-Before this commit I can't get the output slot of spinwheel other than by hand.

Config changes:

Better Questing
-Update readme with better information on how to do quests.

Core Mod
-add all solar pannels to blacklist of the worldaccelerator

Ender IO
-Free platinum from nickel ore #5433
-update ender io recipes and config files
-add recipes to enderIo by Zoko
-add value for new armor
-add Gdiode to Endsteel Armor
-add Melodic Capacitor to Dimensional Transceiver
-fix Grindball info
-add dark steel rod recipe

Ender Zoo
-Update Enderzoo Dire Wolf config per #5485

-Update railcraft settings from Gt++ #5481
-update gt++ config

Holo Inventory
-HoloInventory: Added Nuclear Info Panel & Advance Panel to Blacklist
-Just to prevent this from happening lol:

Infernal Mobs
-Makes all blazes Special Blazes, so that snowball damage works when they are infernal.
-Vanilla spawn ratio set to 20 so that special blazes are rarer.
-Make jolt blazes have 50% more health since they got a little easier.

Special Mobs
-update special mobs cfg
-Makes all blazes Special Blazes, so that snowball damage works when they are infernal.
-Vanilla spawn ratio set to 20 so that special blazes are rarer.

Storage Drawers
-update(config): storagedrawer
-Adapt to new custom version of StorageDrawers

Script changes:

-feat(tconstruct): move chiselling decorations to chisel2 mod

-fix #5517 Conflicting recipes for leather and gold dust change recipe from shape.

-Quest #810 doesn't accept rocket with storage #5533

-"Sharpness: Over... 5..." quest issue. #5384

-Add a use for HEE Sphalerite #5426

Storage Drawers
-obsolete now. Thanks to leagris modified version of Storage Drawers

Thaumic Tinker
-Fixed wrong recipe of Ichorium Ingot in Thaumonomicon

Tinkers Construct
-feat(tconstruct): move chiselling decorations to chisel2 mod

-some witchery books recipes are a little expensive #5436
-Earmuffs have no recipe #5484
-request to change the new witchery quartz crystal recipe #5369

Many Mod
-feat(ordict): add all wooden fences to fenceWood
-Forestry mod already provides the fenceWood oredictionary name.
-Adds all other wooden fences to
-Use the oredict in recipes to reduce the number of same output recipes
-Recipes updated to the :
-Carpenter's Barrier (Carpenter's Blocks)
-Builder's Backpack (Forestry)
-Piston (Minecraft)
-Bed (Minecraft)
-Firework Display (Steve's Carts 2)
-Stencil Table (Tinkers' Construct)
-remove(oredict): fenceWood registration offloaded to coremod
-Returned back old research keys for rods and wands to fix the issue that NEI can't show some wand recipes.
-Removed en-localizations that duplicates standard ones (tested)

Quests changes:

-Quest #1243 - Pitchblende only accepts "Mars" Pitchblende #5439
-Energetic Alloy quest #5438
-Cannot complete oredrill quest due to nbt on second task #5434
-HEE quests require you to collect large amounts of useless stuff #5428
-Flower Power quest change suggestion #5424
-Medium Fuel Canister Quest not detecting #5422
-tier 5 rocket stuffing quests #5442
-Fresh Soft Mallet not recognized in retrieval task #5418
-Quest 839 not recognized (NBT issue) #5417
-#5456 Added Drawer Controller quest
-#5471 Added Rare Earths quest
-#5476 Added Bedrock Dim quest
-#5478 Added LM quest, and LM hint quest
-#5479 Added Deep Dark Quest
-Not sold on the name of the quest though, The Deepest Darkness or Just How Dark? could also be used for example
-The quest rewards are a joke, if anything is added to the UV lootbag, remove it from the rewards for this quest. Currently it gives a diamond.
-Has LM quest as a Req to show up, so keep that in mind when testing
-I'm not sure what the real reqs are though. Infinity catalyst + UV Tier? There's no quests for those either.
-#5483 Added text to quest
-Also fixed incorrect text in the names of the valid materials for the CP
-Added what the machine casing are to prevent confusion (the thing you make hulls out of)
-#5487 Added Void Upgrade quest
-#5341 Added Quest that points at witchery for biome changing on FFC and be(e) tab (and explains other options)
-Added ghetto biome changinq quest on be(e) tab
-Added mention of NC to tropical bee quest, not gonna find all the appropriate biomes to list though
-#5341 Added biome changing questline for witchery
-fixing a few Quests have to be hidden untill triggered
-fixing DE Questline use Ichorium
-move Deep Dark Quest to Magic Adept tab
-Gallium Arsenide quest wrong info #5549
-Tantalum quest #1835 not oredicted #5544
-adding Nether Quest
-advanced fermenter for Fermented Biomass (MV) quest isn't detected #5551
-I can’t complete quest # 908 #5543
-Quest #1404 Electric Pump(MV) cannot be recognized. #5541
-Retrieval Quest Detection: Quest #169 #5448
-plunger 2.0 The Hand Pump - quest wrong #5170
-#5576 Completely hide old familiar quest
-#5576 Delete the old familiar quest because dream said to
DreamMasterXXL posted a changelog update for GT New Horizons 4 years ago


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