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Type in the modpack name (ARTHALOS - Eternal Realm) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select ARTHALOS - Eternal Realm from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

ARTHALOS - Eternal Realm Version 1.3.0_patch

created by TscheyDee on Minecraft 1.12.2


Version 1.3.0_patch


Patch: We had to make a correction to the modpack content.

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Version 1.3.0


Announcement: RELEASE of Version 1.3! CONTENT-REWORK!

Server Version was updated to v1.3.0 as well.

Config changes:
-> Vampirism:
- less villages will spawn
- vampires do not infect players anymore
-> Nether Ores:
- lowered diamond ore spawn chance

Mod changes:
-> added Bountiful Baubles (handful of useful items)
-> added Dawn Of Time: Builder Edition (more building blocks)
-> added Shoulder Surfing (third-person camera view)
-> added JJ Races (adds races to Minecraft: Human, Dwarf, Elves, Kull, Orc, Grell, Vinska)
-> added Reliquary (collection of magical items and blocks)
-> added Thaumic Tinker (adds thaumcraft items to tinker)
-> added AppleSkin (shows how much hungher is filled)
-> added Iron Chest (chests with varying sizes)

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Version 1.2.9


Information: Updated all mods to the newest version possible.

Server Version was updated to v1.2.9 as well.

Config changes:
- Ice And Fire config
-> blacklist dimension ids for dragon nests
-> only in overworld & tiwilight available

Mod changes:
-> ReAuth Mod (switch user while ingame)
-> new content in Version 1.3.0

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Version 1.2.8


Announcement: There is now a server hosted by the BananaCraft server chain. On that server you can play ARTHALOS - Eternal Realm!

Server Version was updated to v1.2.8 as well.

Config changes:
- Custom Starter Gear config
-> new inventory
-> removed missing item (lvlup2 book)
- itlt config
-> removed standard localhost server
-> added BananaCraft-Server as Default
- Morpheus config
-> changed language to English
- CSG config
-> backpacks were linked in multiplayer,
backpacks have to be crafted individually

Mod changes:
- added Memory Tester (Checks for min amount of RAM)
- added Storage Drawers Extension (BOP Support)
- added Chisel & Bits (Ultimate Building Tool)
- added Inventory Tweaks (Inventory/Chest Sorting)
- added Fast Leave Decay (Leaves Decay Instantly)
- removed Colored Chat Mod

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Version 1.2.7_patch1


This is just a patch.

General changes:
- changed textures
- changed bop config: bop world generation as default
- changed custom-main-menu config
- changed mkultra config: removed restricted armor

Mod changes:
- removed levelup mod (not balanced)
- removed optifine mod (no usuage permission)

Download OPTIFINE yourself my Minecraft MAIN MENU.
I added a link there which leads you to the download page.
Then go to your ".technic" folder and drop the mod in the
mods folder of the corresponding modpack.

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Version 1.2.7


Updated the server version to 1.2.7.

I'm planing to integrate the mod Better Questing into the modpack to initially guide the player a little.

A mod has been added which adds a few useful things to the inventory. It should help the player to find their way around the world of Arthalos!

New mods:
- Custom Starter Gear Mod (control exactly what items players start with when they login for the first time)
- Several Better-Questing-Mod Addons (Standard Expansion, CustomNPC, Blood Magic)

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Version 1.2.6


Changed some mod configs, in order to make the game more balanced.
Updated the server version to 1.2.6.

Updated the following mods to the newest version:
- astralsorcery-1.12.2-1.10.27
- Atum-1.12.2-2.0.20
- future-mc-1.12.2-
- levelup2-1.5.7
- mahoutsukai-1.12.2-v1.19.28
- mowziesmobs-1.5.8
- rustic-1.1.7
- TheBetweenlands-3.7.1-universal
- twilightforest-1.12.2-3.11.1021-universal

New mods:
- Cooking For Blockheads (Make Cooking Easier)

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Version 1.2.5


-added Custom Loading Screen
-added Cathedral Mod (Extra Blocks With Cathedral Theme)
-added Garden Stuff Mod (Flower Arrangements)
-added Addtional Structures Mod (New Strcutures)
-aded Ido Mod (1.12.2+ Movement like Swimming)
-added Double Doors (Simply Allows To Open Double Doors)

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Version 1.2.4


- added VanillaFix (prevent minecraft from crashing)
- removed Gargoyles Mod (no config available)
- updated Future MC (to include 1.16.1 content)

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Version 1.2.3


- some config changes
- added new mods:
Astral Sorcery
Blood Magic
Floo Craft
Escapee's Wizardry
Mahou Tsukai

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Version 1.2.2


- config rework
- added Thaumcraft
- added Rustic
- added TheBetweenLands
- added FoamFix

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Version 1.2


-removed incompatible mods (The Midnight)
-removed unnecassary/too annoying mods (Weeping Angels, Hunger Overhaul)

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Latest Update

ARTHALOS - Eternal Realm was updated to version 1.3.0_patch