Install Dungeon Delvers

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Dungeon Delvers) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Dungeon Delvers from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Dungeon Delvers Version 1.3.2b

created by TRMiles on Minecraft 1.7.10
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OK, i really want this bug to be fixed with the launch, its effecting a lot of people and we arent even able to play your pack now, which is kind of a big deal. Please reply so we know its at least being worked on, thank you :)
lovestospudge 8 years ago
Have the latest java installed.
Posted by TRMiles 8 years ago | Modpack Creator
When i try to download a server for me and my friends, it leads me to a page that says: error page is not found. Can you please help me by maybe giving out a link with the download? I hope to get a reply soon :)
Sharugan 8 years ago
Having the same crash issue here too.
Dragoon0789 8 years ago
Seems like I have the same problems as others. I have 7 gigs allocated too
Thebae123 8 years ago
Redownloading the modpack fixes the issue.
Posted by Dragir 8 years ago
I have the same problem
reshadow500 8 years ago
Yep Me too
Posted by [email protected] 8 years ago
ok since the update im now unable to launch the game. Once i finish loading all the mods, it closes and goes back to the launcher.
lovestospudge 8 years ago
I open the modpack whens its almost done it Closes
[email protected] 8 years ago
When i open the modpack, it immediately closes once its done loading
zerobillion 8 years ago
Hey ZeroBillon Im SuperExokill
Posted by [email protected] 8 years ago
Posted by zerobillion 8 years ago
Posted by [email protected] 8 years ago
Grave stones isn't in the mudpack yet. wouldn't you have put it in the mudpack before you put It in the server? just a suggestion
Thebae123 8 years ago
Keeps crashing. I load it up, go a few steps, maybe open and close a door and then it freezes for a moment and crashes, forcing me to start over. Not sure if there is anything to be done about that. Just some feed back for ya.
Kroohak 8 years ago
Did the server just get corrupted? did we just get rekt?
Thebae123 8 years ago
I have a proplem Launching the game When it's at "LanguageManager" It Stops And Won't Load The Rest. How do i fix this? :/
thiasulv 8 years ago
Allocate more than 1gb of ram.
Posted by TRMiles 8 years ago | Modpack Creator
Could You Guys add Mutant Creatures? Or is that not 1.7.10 If not that another suggestion Chicken Bones or Chest whatever it's called (:
TheWildJason 8 years ago
Do you know when the server download option will be fixed?
Krakseos 8 years ago
Not sure, but I can start working on that. Sorry that it has been down.
Posted by TRMiles 8 years ago | Modpack Creator
But take into account Dragir's update message 21 hours ago from this post.
Posted by TRMiles 8 years ago | Modpack Creator
Also I LOVE the server and all you guys are doing. Keep it up!
Thebae123 8 years ago
Excuse me, But the protection ay spawn is messed up.
Thebae123 8 years ago
when I try the server download it says HTTP 404 Not Found
cowboyup_wirth 8 years ago
Why would you remove the cheeseburgers :'c But I really did like the Pam's mods why were they removed?
Austindj3 8 years ago
It was clutter. It wasn't really too useful.. Sorry. You can readd it to specifically your clientside if you wish to do so.
Posted by TRMiles 8 years ago | Modpack Creator
i think you guys are trying your best keep going :D
deathkid11 8 years ago
Download seems to be up RN I am having no trouble with it.
Thebae123 8 years ago

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