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Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Cosmic Rebirth) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Cosmic Rebirth from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Cosmic Rebirth Version 4.0.0

created by ShackOfWhack on Minecraft 1.18.2


Version 4.0.0


Improvements all around, the ultimate experience is here!

+ Added Better chunk loading[Forge/Fabric]
+ Added Canary
+ Added Cupboard
+ Added Dungeons Plus
+ Added Embeddium
+ Added Embeddium/Rubidium Extras
+ Added Entity Model Features
+ Added Entity Texture Features
+ Added FerriteCore
+ Added Hardcore Revival
+ Added Industrial Foregoing
+ Added It Shall Not Tick (ISNT)
+ Added Just Enough Mekanism Multiblocks
+ Added Let Me Despawn
+ Added Lootr
+ Added ModernFix
+ Added Oculus
+ Added Radon
+ Added Saturn
+ Added Server Performance - Smooth Chunk Save[Forge/Fabric]
+ Added Structure Gel API
+ Added TimeoutFixes
+ Added Wastify
+ Added Complementary Shaders
- Removed Applied Energistics 2
- Removed Applied Mekanistics
- Removed Biomes O’ Plenty
- Removed Optifine
- Removed Serene Seasons
- Removed TerraBlender
- Removed DrDestens MCShaders
# Updated Adaptive Performance Tweaks: Core to adaptive_performance_tweaks_core_1.18.2-10.2.0
# Updated Adaptive Performance Tweaks: Items to adaptive_performance_tweaks_items_1.18.2-10.0.0
# Updated AppleSkin to appleskin-forge-mc1.18.2-2.5.1
# Updated Architectury API to architectury-4.12.94-forge
# Updated Cloth Config API to cloth-config-6.5.116-forge
# Updated CodeChicken Lib 1.8.+ to CodeChickenLib-1.18.2-
# Updated CoFH Core to cofh_core-1.18.2-
# Updated Collective to collective-1.18.2-7.7
# Updated CoroUtil to coroutil-forge-1.18.2-1.3.6
# Updated Create to create-1.18.2-0.5.1.f
# Updated CreativeCore to CreativeCore_FORGE_v2.6.17_mc1.18.2
# Updated EnhancedVisuals to EnhancedVisuals_FORGE_v1.6.4_mc1.18.2
# Updated Fastload to Fastload-Reforged-mc1.18.2-3.4.0
# Updated Framework to framework-forge-1.18.2-0.4.3
# Updated Healing Campfire to healingcampfire-1.18.2-5.2
# Updated Improved Mobs (Forge) to improvedmobs-1.18.2-1.12.1-forge
# Updated In Control! to incontrol-1.18-6.1.12
# Updated Jade to Jade-1.18.2-forge-5.3.2
# Backdated Just Enough Items to jei-1.18.2-
# Updated Lightspeed - Launch optimizations to lightspeed-1.18.2-1.0.5
# Updated Mantle to Mantle-1.18.2-1.9.50
# Updated Scaling Health to ScalingHealth-1.18.2-6.3.1+6
# Updated Shutup Experimental Settings! to shutupexperimentalsettings-1.0.5
# Updated Simple Storage Network to SimpleStorageNetwork-1.18.2-1.7.0
# Updated TenshiLib (Forge) to tenshilib-1.18.2-1.7.4-forge
# Updated The Lost Cities to lostcities-1.18-5.3.25
# Updated Thermal Dynamics to thermal_dynamics-1.18.2-
# Updated Thermal Expansion to thermal_expansion-1.18.2-
# Updated Thermal Foundation to thermal_foundation-1.18.2-
# Updated Thermal Integration to thermal_integration-1.18.2-
# Updated Traveler’s Backpack to travelersbackpack-forge-1.18.2-7.1.47
# Updated Xaero’s Minimap to Xaeros_Minimap_23.9.7_Forge_1.18.2
# Updated Xaero’s World Map to XaerosWorldMap_1.37.8_Forge_1.18.2
* Changed Minecraft Forge version to 40.2.18
* Changed biome generation to fit a wasteland theme

Will you survive and escape the desolate wasteland?

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Version 3.2.3


Planeteer - Core caused any block that needed a pickaxe to be mined to lose the ability to be mined.

- Removed Planeteer - Core
* Included a Lost Cities preset named 'rebirth' that is tailored to the modpack

It's go time.

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Version 3.2.2


Spring cleaning (it's summer)

- Removed Game Stages
* Fixed default configurations not taking effect
* Decreased saturation for DrDestens MCShaders

What are you waiting for?

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Version 3.2.1


Small optimization patch. Also prevented Zombie spawns during the day to encourage the player to touch grass and not huddle in a shack.

+ Added Memory Leak Fix
+ Added Starlight
* Stopped Zombies from spawning in daylight

Now's the time...

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Version 3.2.0


Fleshed out the space aspect of the modpack, which was quite lacking beforehand.

+ Added Beyond Earth: Giselle Addon
+ Added Champions
+ Added Collective
+ Added Healing Campfire
+ Added Planeteer - Core
- Removed Enhanced Celestials
- Removed Infernal Mobs

Are you the interdimensional adventurer you dream to be?

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Version 3.1.0


Mainly a visual update, loaded with a shader pack and various resource packs to make your journey a beautiful one.

+ Added Tinker’s Planner
+ Added Tissou's Zombie Pack
+ Added Enhanced Audio (Sound Pack)
+ Added Fresh Animations
+ Added Unity
+ Added Unity: Dark Edition
+ Added Embellished Stone (Advancement Plaques)
+ Added DrDestens MCShaders
# Updated Xaero’s Minimap to Xaeros_Minimap_23.5.0_Forge_1.18.2
# Updated Xaero’s World Map to XaerosWorldMap_1.30.6_Forge_1.18.2

Don't be scared, will you conquer the galaxy?

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Version 3.0.0


Release 3.0.0 is out for Minecraft 1.18.2! This release overhauls the previous 1.12.2 Cosmic Rebirth into a new and improved 1.18.2 technology and space exploration experience.

+ Added Clumps
+ Added Create
+ Added Embellished Stone (Advancement Plaques)
+ Added Legendary Tooltips
+ Added Mob Grinding Utils
+ Added Prism
+ Added Thermal Integration
- Removed Tough as Nails
* Nerfed mobs
* Minimap changed to a circle and moved to top left
* Jade tooltip moved below minimap
* First Aid health moved to bottom right and are shown as hearts
* Infernal Mobs are twice as rare

Will you take to the stars?

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Version 0.0.1


1.18.2 Test

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Version 2.1


Downgraded Galacticraft Core, Galacticraft Planets, and MicdoodleCore from build 281 to build 280.

An issue with build 281 is that bosses on Mars and the Moon will fail to spawn and therefore completely stop the player's advancement through the game.

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Version 2.0


Added Weather2
Added CoroUtil

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Latest Update

Cosmic Rebirth was updated to version 4.0.0