Technic News

Technic Thursday: Camera Feed Online

Our Camera feed from cry-pod JA-EXCCS-004-01 is now transmitting live!  Check back in each day to see the latest developments!

In the meantime, the launcher has been updated to version 4.310:

  • Added community updates for Polish, Hungarian, and Czech languages.
  • Added a community optimization for launcher PNG image resources.
  • The launcher's main frame now has a window title. This isn't visible (because the launcher window uses a custom skin) but various things like OBS occasionally list processes by window title.
  • Added teaser splat over the discover tab.
  • Twitch streaming auth data will now be properly passed to minecraft. A bug was preventing users from being able to consistently stream from Minecraft.
  • Some minor changes were made to the way we authenticate users with Minecraft at startup.
  • There is currently a bug which causes some users who have not used the Technic launcher since migrating their user accounts to have a hard time logging in from Technic without doing some sort of complicated dance with the vanilla launcher. We believe this minor change will fix that bug, but please alert us if you cannot log in from your Technic launcher.
  • The launcher will now delete Technic logs older than one week on startup.

This is a short update, but the only real news is that we're finally ready to start unveiling our packs. We hope you enjoy this teaser, and stop by and tell us what you're up to on IRC, the forums, or Reddit!  See you soon, when we make landfall!


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when i try and download Blightfall, it still says install next to the delete pack button
AceOfSpades__ 8 years ago
when I click play on any modpack it downloads it but doesn't load up the page to play on please help
YawningTripod82 8 years ago
hey guys im trying to download a mod pack and it always says im out of memory how do i fix that
konner2013 8 years ago
I know it's Blightfall I don't exactly understand it but if you're having GalacticCraft can you have the updated version? I've been playing B-Team for a while wanting a new GalacticCraft update.
skullmaster1708 8 years ago
I really wish Galacticraft is going to be included in Blightfall, but I'm almost certain in my feeling that it won't be, I wish that you needed oxygen tanks to breath outside of domes, it would add more of the space explorer feel to traveling around the planet
Posted by Swat_Raptor 8 years ago
From what I understand Galacticraft is not expecting much of an update, but there may be a Galacticraft Planets update. Also, on Blightfall, I don't think Galacticraft will be used much or at all, since it doesn't revolve around the Overworld. and since this is (was?) a map, the moon or mars may not be a map, the only possibility is a space station of some sort.
Posted by Wildhero 8 years ago
If it is used.
Posted by Wildhero 8 years ago
Are you still planning to release the new versions of Tekkit and Hexxit this summer too?
IanJ642 8 years ago
Posted by CanVox 8 years ago
Posted by AtoZgamer 8 years ago
Guys, the modpack is called Blightfall, an amazing pack that I assume is going to be official. It's where you colonize a planet literally covered in Taint. Like COVERED in Taint. It was on the front page a while ago, and due to its totally amazing map and riveting gameplay, was a huge hit. So be on the lookout for it.
Wildhero 8 years ago
It's definitely going to be an official pack very soon. I can tell because in the source code of the teaser it mentions "blightfall.js" at the bottom, which was the giveaway
Posted by Paint_Ninja 8 years ago
this is not about the update but could you make test pack plz ignore pack work
You should probably go talk to the TPPI guys, then. And bring more information than "it doesn't work".
Posted by Melfice 8 years ago
Planet fall in 4.5 days
Swat_Raptor 8 years ago
If when issued Mods Packs Hexxit ?
MrHsony21 8 years ago
it was Friday for me
jivespark4 8 years ago
what the hell is this
DARKHEART01337 8 years ago
i think the modpack will go down like this: the world has been fighting against flux for the past few years, so they hyposleep 1-3 (or however many players you got) in space in fear of earth's lost, you wake up in a space station to see the earth covered in Flux/taint. Thats just my guess
chopchop15 8 years ago
if it is a modpack that is
Posted by chopchop15 8 years ago
it explains it on the modpack description
Posted by Swat_Raptor 8 years ago
so its a teaser splat but what is the teaser for will there be a new modpack? i hope so
AtoZgamer 8 years ago
what is this for?
In_The_Vortex 8 years ago
technic people I cant launch my modpacks when I launch them then I click play then I starts up but it crashes plz HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
EnderQuake 8 years ago
Posted by EnderQuake 8 years ago
My launcher will not even open now.
Zasaco 8 years ago
Still not fixed for me...
Jean2034 8 years ago
Every time I launch a mod pack it stops loading at "Installing Minecraft Assets" and redirects me to the launcher... Help me PLZ!
Posted by Jean2034 8 years ago
yup, still not fixed for me too
Posted by WomTheDom 8 years ago
Can you join us in IRC? it will be easier to help you there.
Posted by CanVox 8 years ago
every time i try to use a pack it takes me immediately back to the launcher
VaultDweller171 8 years ago
This should be fixed now, restart your launcher.
Posted by CanVox 8 years ago
Since the update, the modpacks don't launch. The page just closes and reapears everytime I click play. I tried reinstalling the pack, reinstalling the launcher and nothing works. Help
Crafting1Ender. 8 years ago
yea im having the same problem too
Posted by VaultDweller171 8 years ago
yeah my brother has the same problem i dont have it happening on my computer but he does on my dads ive tried looking around but havent found a way to fix it yet
Posted by OneWhiteWolf 8 years ago
Yea me too
Posted by WomTheDom 8 years ago
This should be fixed now, sorry!
Posted by CanVox 8 years ago
It still doesn't work for me.
Posted by Crafting1Ender. 8 years ago
Can you join us in IRC? It will be easier to help you there.
Posted by CanVox 8 years ago
yupp it works now thanks
Posted by OneWhiteWolf 8 years ago
I'm having the exact same problem idk what to do
Posted by EnderQuake 8 years ago
whats this guys i don't understand
antonis2018 8 years ago
yeah mee neither... can someone explain?
Posted by blaze vongola 8 years ago
Its a teaser for a new official modpack
Posted by whitepyros 8 years ago
or to be more precise, a mudpack becoming official
Posted by megatiger78rules 8 years ago
That is one ugly "splat" on the discover tab. >.
JustSomeChick 8 years ago
yes me too its show ugly
Posted by antonis2018 8 years ago
That.... my friend.... is Taint... I have dealt with that thing many times, I settled in an infected village to further find out about it... but getting food, and building close to it, only proved infection and decay, there were spires jetting out hostile spores, killing me many times, settling near taint is a terrible idea.
Posted by Herobrine brofist 8 years ago