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Attention Modpack Authors!

As some may be aware, Java 8 does not play well with versions of forge after Minecraft 1.6 but before Forge 1230.  Since updating a pack to 1.7.10 can be a lot of work, some pack owners have ignored this issue for a little while now.  However, there has been a mod available for a little while called LegacyJavaFixer, which allows older versions of forge to work with Java 1.8 properly.  You can get it here.  Putting that mod into your pack will allow Java 8 users to play your pack.

Packs that are not compatible with Java 8 generate a lot of frustration for Platform users, they produce a lot of reports to clear for us, and we want them to update.  It's easier than ever now, just add the LegacyJavaFixer to  your pack, or update to Forge 1230.  Either of these will work.

For this reason, beginning on February 9, we will be treating packs that are not compatible with Java 8 as nonfunctioning.  That means that if we get a report from a Java 8 users saying that your pack doesn't work, your pack will be disabled until you address the issue.  During that time, users will see your pack as Offline in the launcher, your pack will not appear in search or the trending list.  If you're interested in getting your pack popular, being disabled can be very damaging.  That is why you need to address this issue before February 9.  If you have any questions about how to fix your pack, please ask here, or join us on reddit or IRC.


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it was easy to add the the modpack.
slayer1189 9 years ago
The Walking Dead Returns On Feb 9 Lol
The Walking Dead Returns On Feb 9 Lol
I hate my pack i don't care
Goemon101 9 years ago
thanks this is for my first modpack
calvin1500 9 years ago
thanks this is for my first modpack
calvin1500 9 years ago
I have a 1.6.4 modpack. Should I put this in the pack or no? Also, do I need to put it on the server for my pack?
Coyotepelt220 9 years ago
Sounds good, I'm glad there's finally a fix for the Java 8 incompatibilities. Thanks for posting this! I will update my pack ASAP.
Gryph0nnn 9 years ago
For some reason my modpacks wont upload and i dont use java 8, im a noob at modpacks so idk much stuff. :P
Slapshot4018 9 years ago
javafixer doesnt work
slyp 9 years ago
It doesn't work for me either and I did a little research and it's only 1.6.4
Posted by PinkSheep 9 years ago
Thank you, this fix also works (of course) for regular minecraft. I can finally play Life in the Woods now :)
Cheese108 9 years ago
the api ro the packs keep going down and the it does this quite often can you fix
kylem1928 9 years ago
why don't you just fix the modpack's that don't work.
marcusfin42 9 years ago
because there are thousands of modpacks and it should really be up to the modpack creators to maintain and update them
Posted by whitepyros 9 years ago
We don't have the power to fix other peoples' modpacks.
Posted by CanVox 9 years ago
You also probably don't have the time. There's a lot that needs sorting without doing modpack makers jobs for them.
Posted by AspieMum 9 years ago
what if we tell them how to install/downgrade to java 7 in our help page with a link to the java 7 installation website as well as a runtime environment to minecraft vanilla-forge/vanilla would my modpack be disabled ?
jollygoodboy 9 years ago
will the mod work for both java 8 and java 7?
CoffeeSips_ 9 years ago
Java 7 doesn't need it.
Posted by IRONTEMPLEMAN 8 years ago
I honestly dont get why people are complaining all there asking is that you include 1 extra mod that just allows more users to play your pack, is it really that much of a problem to do?
whitepyros 9 years ago
Exactly what I was thinking! It's a tiny mod which you just drop in, it doesn't need any configuring etc, I really don't see why anyone would have a problem with it, especially as it is potentially beneficial to some players who otherwise might not be able to run your pack.
Posted by DiggyWig 9 years ago
im complaining because this update broke my modpack i cant update it anymore and i don't know why when i try i get this The Modpack Location you entered is not a valid location.
Posted by DarkAssassin299 9 years ago
Yes, it has compatibility issues with some packs. I think Technic is unfairly addressing this.
Posted by mc_dragonSlayer 9 years ago
i tested that... in hexxit 3.0.0a, any player from another language (like germanish and turkish) game crashes by untextures. when you are using english, you go a dungeon and... lynances mobs destroys your RAM and better dungeon entitys makes you ''fatal error''
Ender_T5 9 years ago
Well, looks like it is time to move to the AT / FTB Launcher :D Beyond the technic website not working when you want to login. Ignoring the 3 weeks before Christmas 2014 that the website did not work and absolutely no response from anyone within Technic, putting aside that is the technic launcher cannot communicate with the website when the website is down and the launcher just sits at it's logo for a few minutes and even then you can't play the packs..This has got to be the most idiotic thing I have seen. You are requiring people to use a mod to fix a java 8 compatibility problem with their modpack; for which their pack was never designed. Where was the support when we had problems? I have sent over a dozen requests in for support for different things, not one answer back. You might as well ban all modpacks as you ignore this comment as well. Go ahead, respond, defend yourselves. It would be the first time.
MyasisDragon 9 years ago
what are you talking about?
Posted by CanVox 9 years ago
My only problem with Technic has been that since they updated the site, I could no longer log in with my old username. Which means I lost my 2 previous packs. There were no help sections or emails to contact at the time. So i had to make a new account and create a new modpack for an update.
Posted by Sarfured 9 years ago
Honestly give the guys a break. You try coding a Minecraft Launcher at this scale, make a website, pay for it yourself, make very little money from donators and see how well you do at the end of the day with support. Not to mention all the hate mail they get from people like yourself. This is the big issue in the world today and that is why I am risking my life to protect others. Thank you sir.
Posted by Opee_ 9 years ago
@OPEE_@ re-read my post. I have asked for support on a dozen occasions. Not 1 answer back. I have never sent the Technic guys a single hate mail. You may want to check your facts before spouting erroneous propaganda. I am not here to flame war. I am simply stating an opinion.
Posted by MyasisDragon 9 years ago
We get hundreds of support requests a day and we are only a couple people. It's easy for things to get lost. As for the site we have been working day in and day out to get things stable and I think it's safe to say that it has paid off at the point as the sites uptime is much better than it was a week or two ago. I really don't understand the hatred, but then again the people enjoying the platform don't post about it. You usually just see the people complaining.
Posted by sct 9 years ago | Technic Staff
if you don't like the technic launch don't use it. simple!
Posted by johnfg12 9 years ago
you realise of course this means anyone can make a false claim to disable a pack. how will that issue be addressed?
catanamu 9 years ago
We actually investigate reports before acting on them.
Posted by CanVox 9 years ago
update to java 1.8,try the pack :)
Posted by Epicminerzx 9 years ago
Why Not Just Update Forge?
louisw22 9 years ago
Cool, I like this. Good job Technic!
The_Doctors101 9 years ago
Until java fixes the problems with java 8 of creates a solution to have both Javas and the programs will choose i am staying on 7.
CoffeeSips_ 9 years ago
I used to have both sorts but Minecraft including technic used to insist on using Java 8 whether it worked with the mods or not
Posted by AspieMum 9 years ago
Well Java 8 may be all good new and well but it has allot of problems with other programs and web browser sites i would recommend downgrading to java 7 because everything works with it where as i couldn't even open the launcher using java 8 on my Machines.
CoffeeSips_ 9 years ago
We are not telling everyone to install Java 8, we just want modpacks to support it.
Posted by sct 9 years ago | Technic Staff
If you use NetBeans you have to have Java 8. It doesn't work with Java 7.
Posted by AspieMum 9 years ago
So if my modpacks are in 1.7.10 im safe from the disabling?
Posted by xXAsianFTWXx 9 years ago
this means if your pack doesn't support Java 1.8 then it will be shutdown until it down,i just fixed my pack hopefully it works
Posted by Epicminerzx 9 years ago
until it does support it I meant, typo
Posted by Epicminerzx 9 years ago
I've also discovered if you use the Java checker it says the latest version of Java 7 is out of date and you should download Java 8. Many less technical people will just download Java 8 seeing that but still want to play the modpacks on technic launcher potentially.
Posted by AspieMum 9 years ago