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xXAsianFTWXx liked the modpack Super Modded Survival [SMS] 9 years ago
Seeing some SOF modpacks that are very lack luster. Ill go fix em and make em awesomer!
THought blood and bones were hard? Think again ;)
xXAsianFTWXx liked the modpack Dig 'n Explore 9 years ago
Wanted to play an official technic pack in 1.7.10? contact me!
how many mods are in dig 'n explore
killindabeast on xXAsianFTWXx's profile 9 years ago
To the modpack authors, To attract more people, put some time into your pack, like some art ,icons ,title, i suggest textcraft which is amazing
xXAsianFTWXx liked the modpack Majestic Tech Survival 9 years ago
Hey guys working on quests for modpack Nirvan ;)
Now making custom mod packs for youtube let's plays and servers